About Us

HERITAGE RENFREW is an incorporated Ontario not-for-profit organization and a registered charity.
Its purpose is:

  1. To bring together people interested in the Heritage and History of Renfrew and the surrounding area.
  2. To discover and collect documentation that may help to establish and illustrate the history, heritage and culture of the area.
  3. To co-operate with the National Archives and the Archives of Ontario to collect and preserve documentary materials of historical and cultural significance so that these may be available to students, scholars and researchers.
  4. To provide archives for the preservation of such materials and for their accessibility, as far as may be feasible, to all those who wish to examine and study them.
  5. To disseminate and create interest in our past by:
    a. Publishing such materials.
    b. Holding meetings with addresses, lectures, papers and discussion.
    c. Promoting the marking of historic buildings, sites and roads, after their official designation by the proper authorities within Federal, Provincial or Municipal Councils
    d. Using media for public interest.
    e. Organize bus tours of historical interest.
  6. To utilize all profits or benefits accruing to Heritage Renfrew in the promotion of its objectives.
  7. To ensure that Heritage Renfrew shall be carried on without the purpose of gain for its members and any profits or other accreditations to the Corporation shall be used to promoting its objectives.

It is governed by a Board of Directors and a Constitution and Bylaws and invites all interested parties into its Membership.

Directors are Darlene Mask, Laurie Mask, Patti Brydges, Earl Kuseler, Audrey Green, Earl Martin, Doug Fraser, Jim McGregor

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Research assistance, in person or through our email channel, is available without charge for simple searches (less than 1 hour) of volunteer time. You may continue to search at our Archive location for yourself or by others on your behalf.

Use of a camera is prohibited unless authorized by the Heritage Renfrew volunteer on a limited basis to facilitate the recording of small extracts from materials or when material can not be scanned due to size.

Reproduction Services

Images that appear on our website are shown at low resolution. Copies of the higher resolution images are available. Reproduction services are provided but can be limited at the sole discretion of Heritage Renfrew because of privacy concerns.

Personal Use

Individuals may be required to sign a Material Release Agreement wherein the intended use is declared. Images cannot be reproduced in any manner for the purposes of sale for profit, given as gifts, distributed electronically or to be used for advertisement outside of its stated intended use.

Rates for personal use

Excepts or extracts from newspaper microfilm or pdfs, Family Histories*, Books* or Collection materials:
photocopy on plain paper – $1.00 per page

photocopy on plain paper – $4.00 per image
digital copy on memory device – $10.00 for first image
additional digital images – $5.00 per image

All payments are in advance and can be submitted via cash, cheque or e-transfer. Minimum order of $10.00 required for online purchases.

* subject to copyright and privacy issues

Commercial Use

All non-personal uses are considered commercial in nature. Prices for commercial use can be obtained from Heritage Renfrew.