book Back Forty


Back Forty

Farm Life in the Ottawa Valley
by Steve Evans
with B. Sibbard

Table of Contents
Chapter One
From Sunrise to Sunset ……..
Chapter Two
I Farmed All My Life …….
Chapter Three
I WouIdn’t Do Anything Else
Chapter Four
After the Day’s Work ………
Chapter Five
Beyond the Farm Gate ……

About the Author ………

Adams, Norm
Agnew, Bill
Ann Spratt
Auction Sales
Barr, Morris
Beach, Theodore
Beggs, Eric
Bekkers, Cherry
Bennett, Cib
Bissonnette, Kathy
Boyd, Hilliard
Briscoe, Raye-Anne
Brophy, Michael and Meredith
Brownlee, Harry and Lors
Bryan, Carl and Fern
Bryan, David
Campbell, Eric
Campbell, Ray
Campbell, Willard
Campbell, Willmer
Castleford Women’s Institute
Coady, Dom
Comba, Russell
Consitt, George
Cook, Ray and Butch
Crabb, Stewart
Craig, Cordon
Curry, Art
Dagg, Wesley and Mina
Dellaire, Joe
Dick, Barclay
Donohue, Ozzie
Duncan, Dave
Eady, Ralph and Nobel
Farquharson, Donald
Faught, Orville
Felhaver, Martin
Ferguson, Bob and Doris
Ferrier, Art
Floyd, Kieth
Foster, Allan
Fraser, Nelson
Cillan, Dale
Graham, Malcolm and Marion
Greene, Cyril
Hamilton, Clelland and Ruby
Hartin, Ken
Hass, Martin
Havey, Tom
Hawthorne, Archie
Hazelwood, Alex
Hodgins, Basil
Hutchins, Bill
Hyland, Lloyd, Elsie, Jennifer and Jason
Hyndman, Lanson and Murray
James, Mack
Kilby, Walter and Edna
King, Jack
Lanark County Plowing Match
Lunney, Hugh
MacLaren, Campbell
McCoy, Ron
McGrath, Alex
McNeill, Norval
McRoberts, Bill and Ada
Merrickville Fair
Miller, Don
Munro, Wilbert
Murphy, Joe
O’Neill, Leo and Mary
Pacquette, Henry
Perth and District Old Time Fiddlers
Pilatzke, Edgar
Pirie, George
Ralph, Donald
Richmond Ladies Orange Benevolent Association
Richmond Quilting Bee
Richmond Royal Black Perceptory
Ruiter, Bert and Theresa
Russell, Alex
Saar, Earl
Sack, Ab
Scheepers, Peter and Alida
Schroeder, Clarence and Lee Ann
Seabrook, Wilkie
Shaw, Jack
Siegel, Lorne
Smith, Carl
Smith, Emery
Spratt, Bert
St. Louis, Ernest
Stanley, Wendell
Stewart, Bill
Storey, Albert
Streight, Lloyd
Streight, Marion and Ransford
Suddaby, Hillais
Templeton, Bill and Helen
Timm, Eric
Timmins, Bert
Wade, Lorne
Walsh, Gerald
White Lake Women’s Institute
Wickens, Carmen
Williams, Clarence
Yantha, Barry and Eva