book Draw Up A Chair


Draw Up A Chair:

A Treasury of Renfrew County Storytelling
edited by Susan Code.

Table of Contents

The Canada Gazette, June 8, 1861

Out From Home
Bronis’ Team, by Bronis Visutskie as told to Barney McCaffrey
The Road, by Garry Ferguson
Charles Macnamara on Renfrew County Roads, c. 1885
The Age of Shanks Pony or When Transportation Consisted of Your Own Two Legs
by Bernice M. Liedtke
Two Men, One Woman, Two Dugout Canoes
Joseph Bouchette on Arriving at Kinnel Lodge, 1830s
Travelling Tales, by Bernice M. Liedtke
The Sand Point-Burnstown Road, by Neil Stewart
Nicholas Garry on Chats Falls, 1821
Learning to Drive, by Elaine Mundt
Kingston 86 Pembroke Railway

Do You Mind the Time . . .
My Little Grey House, by Dorothy (DeLaurier) Miller
Mail Service, by Dolly Lenara McDonald
Life on the Farm, by Stella (Pershick) McMahon
A Day in December, by Wes Bomhower
No. 2 Fine Flake Black Donald Graphite
Shanties, by Garry Ferguson
Charles Macnamara on Shanties
A Soldier’s Memories of Renfrew County, by Colonel ]ohn Gardam (Ret.)
Tobacco Farming in Renfrew County, by Guy Jamieson
The Old Ice House, by R. Ernest Jukes

Have You Ever Been To . . .
This Cabin, by R. Ernest Jukes
Dreams of Golden Lake, by Gail Mills
Observations on the Ottawa River, by David Thompson, Explorer, 1837
Observations on the Ottawa River, by Dr. john ]. Bigsby, 1821
The O’Grady Settlement, Hagarty Township, by Tom and Shirley Connolly
The Opeongo Road
Petawawa Waterfront at the Turn of the Twentieth Century,
by Ann Mclntyre, Chair, Petawawa Heritage Committee
Observations on the Petawawa River, by Alexander Shirreff, Explorer, 1829
The Military Camp at Petawawa, by Colonel John Gardam (Ret.)
Chevalier de Troyes on the Ottawa River, 1686
Was Wilno Once Called Princetown? By Shirley Mask Connolly
Barry’s Bay-Preserving Our Past, by Marion Atchison, Secretary-Treasurer,
The Barry’s Bay Railway Station Restoration Committee
Pembroke, by Bill Higginson
Samuel de Champlain on Muskrat Lake, 1613
Dominion Forestry and the Petawawa National Forestry Institute, by Jennifer Mercer
The Atomic Age, by Jennifer Mercer
History of Mons Rebekah Lodge No. 203, Arnprior,
submitted by Mrs. Audrey J. Taylor
Lines to Mount St. Patrick, by Charles Mair

Thems That Be About
The Scrapper, by Garry Ferguson
The Shanty Cook, by Garry Ferguson
John McGregor on Lumbering Life, 1832
The First Devine Family, by Pat Devine
The Chanonhouse Family, by Isabel Hargreaves
A Town Crier, by Shannon Lee Mannion

It Was This Way, So It Was
Out on the First Concession, by Wes Bomhower
The Gathering of the McNab Settlers, by Neil Stewart
Archibald McNab Documents, 1823 & 1825
Old-Time Stuff – Recollections of Charles Naughton, Calabogie
T.C. Mulvihill on Lumbering, 1917-25
Lads, by Garry Ferguson
Prize-Winning Cucumber, by Season Osborne
The Eye of the Beholder, by Phoneas Barbutt
Canadian Folk Songs, by Garry Ferguson
Thomas C. Keefer on the Dangers of The Drive, 1854
Strange Mists on the Madawaska, by R. Ernest Jukes