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book Founding Bromley – Heritage Renfrew

book Founding Bromley


Carol Bennett McCuaig

Part I: A mini-history of pioneer Bromley
Settlement of Bromley Township
The churches
Extracts from the agricultural census of 1852

Part II: Founding Families of Bromley Township
Some questions and answers
Location of settlers
The families (arranged alphabetically.)
Additional persons appearing in the 1851 and 1861 censuses
Reference books



Ager Agnew Airth Allard Allen Allison Andrews Angus Atkinson Austin

Banning Barber Barnet Barr Barrie Beach Beahen Beal Behan Becker Beckett Bell Bennett Bethune Billings Black Blackburn Blackwell Boissey Bolger Bolton Bordeau Boston Bowes Bowlan Bowland Boyd Brady Breen Bremner Brennan Bresnahan Bridgeman Brieter Brill Briscoe Brooker Brother / Brouder / Brogan Brougham Brown Brownell Buchanan Buckley Bulger Bullis Burgess Burke Burns Burrows Burt Byers Byrne Byrnes

Cadigan Cairns O’Callaghan Camley Cameron Campbell Cardiff Carmody Carney Carroll Carson Carruth Carswell Carter Carty Casey Cathro Chamberlain Charbonneau Checkley Churchill Clancy Clark Cleary Cloan Code Coffey Cokely Coleman Collins Comrie Conlon Conn Connan Connaughan O’Connell Connery Connolly O’ Connor Connors Contway Conway (Contois) Core Corkery Corrigan Costello Coughlin Coumbs Courcy Couvrette Coyne Crawford Crogie Cross Culbertson Culhane Cull Cullen Culligan Cunningham Curran Currie Curry Cutchaw

Dagenais Daley Darcy Dare Davidson Delorme Deloughery Dennison Dempsey Desermond Devine Devlin Delaney Devon Dewar DeWitt
Diamond Dick Dicker Dillabough Dillon Dixon Dolan Donaldson Doneaud Donlevy Donohue Donovan Doolan Dooling Dooner Doran Dorsey Dreforte Driscoll Dougherty Dourley Doyle Duffy Dufour Dunbar Dunfield Dunlop Dunn Dunnigan / Donegan Durack Durrell Drysdale Dwyer

Eady Echlin Edgars Edmunds Edwards Egan Ellis English Enright Ewing

Fallon Farrell Faughnan Ferguson Fetterton Fillator Finlan Finnigan Fisher Fitzgerald Fitzhenry Fitzmaurice Fitzpatrick Flanagan Fleming
Flint Flynn Fogarty Foley Foran Forrest Francis French Frood Fuller

Gallagher Gannon Gauthier Gee Germain Germundson Gibbons Giff Gilchrist Glancy Glen Glover Goodridge O’Gorman Grace Graff Graham
Grant Gray Greene Gregg Grenier Grenville Grier Griffiths Groves Guthrie

Hackett Haig Hall Halstead Hannah Hanratty Harding Harris Harrison Hart Hartnett Hartwick Haryett Havey Hazelton Hazelwood Hay Heffernan Helferty Henderson Hennessy Hickey Hicks Higgins Hill Hogg Holliday Hollinger Holmes Holly Hoover Horcey Houlihan Howard Hudson Hughes Hume Hutton Hynes

James Jeffries Jennings Johnson Johnston Jones Judd Judson

Kane Kavanagh Keamey Kemp Kennedy Kennelly Kelly Kenny Keon Kerr Keyes Kilby Kilgour Kinsella Knight Koss Kotrba Kruger Kurts

Lane Langdore Laronde Laundreville Laurie Lavallee Leahy Lebeau Lee Leeck Legris Lemieux Lemke Lennon Lesage Lett Levaire Lewis Lindsay Lirgan / Loque Little Livingstone Long Loughrin Lowry Luke Lunney Lynch

MacGregor Mackay MacPherson Madigan Maher Mahon Mahoney Malloch Malloy Maloney Maney / Meaney Mangan Manson Marion Martin Mayhem McAllister McBride McCabe McCaffrey McCann McCart McCarthy McCauley McConeghy McCormick McCourt McCrea McCuaig McDermott McDonald / McDonnell McDougall McEachen McElligott McEmeny McEwan McEwen McGaghran McGarry McGee McGinley McGrath McGregor McGuinty McGuire McHale McHugh Mclnerny Mclntomney Mclnirey Mclnnis McIntyre McKay McKee McKenna McKenzie McKieman McKim McKinnon McLachlan McLaren McLaughlin McLean McLennan McLeod McLure McMahon McManus McMillan McMullen McNab McNamara McNeil McNiece McNulty McPeak McPherson McRae McSorley McTavish McQuitty Meehan Merritt Menach Mick Miller Miskimmons Mitchell Monahan Moneghan Monteith Mooney Moore Moran Moriarty Morris Moulton Morrow Muffet Mullen Mulligan Mullins Mulvenna Mulvihill Murchison Murphy Murray

Nagle Neal Nelan Neville Nevin New Newton Nicholson Nolan Noonan Nowlan Nugent

O’Brien O’Donnell O’Gorman (see Gorman) O’Hara Olson O’Malley O’Meara O’Neill O’Reilly (see Reilly) O’Shaughnessy ( Shaughnessy) O’Toole (see Toole) Ouellette Owens

Pallister Palmer Paradis Pappin Patterson Paul Payette Peden Percival Philbin Phillips Pierce Pierson Pigeon Poff Pollock Potter Poupore
Powell Power Pratt Price Prince Purcell Purvis Putnam Pyshee

Qullty Quinn

Rainville Rajotte Rathwell Ratchford Ready O’Reilly Reynolds Rice Richards Richardson Riche Ring Ritchie Roache Robertson Robinson
Rodden Roddy Rooney Rosamond Ross Royal Ruddy Russell Ryan

Sadler Sagador Sammon Sauve Savoie / Sevaile Schabant Serson Sexton Shanahan Shanley O’Shaughnessy Shaw Shea Sheahan Sheedy Sheehan Shields Shirley Shulist Simpson Skippen Slattery Slavin Sleith Smith Soards Soucy Sparrow Spence Spillane Squires Stanzel
Steele Stevenson Stewart Stiff St. John St. Michael Stokes Stone Story Strain Sullivan Summors Surcilly Sutherland Sweeney

Taylor Templeman Thom Thomas Thompson Thrasher Tierney Timmins Tompkins Toner O‘Toole Tough Trudell Traveller Tucker Tuffy Tunn Turner Tyndall

Valliquette Vanier Vaughan Villeneuve

W Wallace Walsh
Warburg Wark Warnock Watt Wellman West Whelan Wilkie Willet (see Ouellette) Wilson Windle Winters Woodlock Woods

Yott (Yourt?)