book History of Admaston

History of
Admaston Township




History of Local Women’s Institute
Geography and Topography of the Institute District
Pioneer Days in Admaston
John Campbell, John Bremner, Duncan Campbell, Patterson, Ferguson, Box, George Cardiff,
John Farquharson, Robert Brown, shanties, potash, James Brown, Charlotte Munhall, James
Graham, Riddell, Cherry, Hodgins, Saunders, Kusuler, Faichney, Thompson, Moore, Carswell,
McDougall, Holley
Family Sketch of some of the Pioneers
“ Storm of Flame “ 1853 fire in Renfrew County

Growth of the Community
Admaston Township Fairs
Admaston Cemetery
Post Office – New Settlements and Settlers – Stores
Murphy, Brisco, Kusuler, O’Dey, Campbell, Brule section, Wilson, Weir, Miller, Pender, Naismith, Dickies, Black, Bain, Bowes, McDonald, McIntyre, Leckie, Potter, McDougall, Forrest, Walker, Jeffrey, Brown, Livingstone, McCready
Mills and Factories
Reid, McArthur, Miller, Lynch, Dalgleish, Hodgin, Hanniman
Admaston Store and Post Office
Brown, Dalgleish, Campbell
Rural Mail – Telephone – Jitney Service
Ferguson, Lafleur, Lynch

Our Schools
School Section No. 5, Admaston
Lammont, Brown, Cardiff, Crozier + Summary of Attendance 1916
School Section No. 2, Admaston
Edmunds, Brown, Scott, MacNabb, Lees, Hollingbrooke, Lyons, Munhall
+ Class photo 1900

Our Churches
General History
Gleanings from Church Records
Holiness Movement

Mechanic’s Institute

Sons of Temperance
Chosen Friends
Farm organizations:
United Farmers of Ontario
Maple Hill United Farm Women of Ontario
The United Farm Young People of Ontario

World War I
The Home Front
Members of Armed Services

Paving a Highway
Renfrew County Bus Lines

Basketball, Hockey

World War II
Home front, Red Cross, Salvage, Blood Donors, Rationing
Members of Armed Forces, Meritorious Awards, Peace celebrations

The Story Leading Up to the Organization of the Balsam Hill Women’s Institute
by Mrs. Earle Hodgins

Brief History of Some Farms in Admaston 1952
Irwin Jeffrey’s Farm
Sullivan, Riddell, Levesque, Jeffrey
W.T. Briscoe’s Farm
James Fulton’s Farm
John L. Foy’s Farm
Wm. Pettigrew’s Farm
Wallace McGregor’s Farm
Farm – Lot 22, Con S.B.R., Township of Admaston
Stokes, Hodgins
Farm – Lot 21, Con S.B.R., Township of Admaston
Farm – Lot 20, Con S.B.R., Township of Admaston
Passeau, Wilson, Lyons, Johnston
Earle Hodgins Farm
Proctor, Weir, Forrest
Farm – Lot 5, Con 5, Township of Admaston
Lyons, Box
Farm – Lot 18 West, Con 5, Township of Admaston
Brown, McNicholl, Donovan
Farm – Lot 18 East, Con 5, Township of Admaston
McNaughton, Box
Farm – Lot 16, Con 4, Township of Admaston
South Bonnechere Range, Lot 15, 16, 17 Henry A. Gibbons
Potter, McAndrew, McDonald, Pickens, Miller, Hutton, Lyons, Lavalee,
The Edmunds Farm
McCormick, Campbell, Scott, Pullen, Leitch, Jamieson, Seeley
General Store and Post Office
McDonald Farm History
Watson, Ross, O’Brien, Willard
The Ferguson Farm
Mayhew, Bromley
Farm – Lot 12 West ½, Con 4, Township of Admaston
Cedric Reid, Cardiff, Mayhew, Box, Headrick
Farm – Lot 12 West ½, Con 5, Township of Admaston
O’Dea, Cochrane, Mayhew, Phillips, Walker, Headrick, Holden

Memoirs as written by Mrs. S. Craig, formerly Euphemia Reid

Municipal Administration in Township of Admaston in 1860