book On Stony Ground

On Stony Ground


Brenda Lee-Whiting

from the back cover
In this, her second, book that deals with the settlement of German-speaking immigrants in eastern Ontario, Brenda Lee-Whiting has concentrated on the pictorial records of their presence, including photographs, old and new, and documents such as the ‘ship’s contract’
of the Okum family that tell the story. Residents of the area may recognize some of the last blacksmiths in the county, or such well-known people as Granny Grife of Rankin and Mud-Lake Annie of Augsburg. The photographs of the author show the tools and handmade furnishings that were crafted by the immigrants who tackled a wilderness location in the years following 1858 and made a comfortable home for themselves and their large families. The limitations of small and isolated farms made it inevitable that some family members would leave the area in the 20th century to find employment elsewhere. The story of those who went north to found another German speaking community known as Krugerdorf is told in details and there is a sketch-map of Camp Petawawa that shows the original land-holders in that area who left unwillingly when the government wanted it. The population of German descent in this county and the number of people who still speak the German language have both declined and the material evidence is dwindling fast. The author is collecting and publishing information before time erases the records.


Alles, Rev. Peter
Allum, Rev. Carl (Charles)
Antler, Charles
Antler, Emile
Antler, Rudolph
Arno, Jon W.
Ashick, Mrs. Raymond
Balsteadt, A.
Barker, John
Bartscher, George
Batz, W.
Becker, Fredericka
Behnke, August
Behnke, Fred
Berger, William
Bernt, W.
Biderman, A.
Biederman, J.
Biedermann, William
Biesenthal, Adolph
Biesenthal, Caroline
Biesenthal, Clara
Biesenthal, Della
Biesenthal, Ferdinand
Biesenthal, Martha
Biesenthal, Rev. Walter
Biggs, Cassie
Bimm, Ernst.
Bismark, Otto von
Blaedow, Fred
Blaedow, John
Blaedow, William
Blank, Doreen
Blank, Leonard
Blech, John
Blemkie (family)
Blimkie, Mary
Blimkie, Martin
Blimkie, Michael
Blimkie, Paul
Blodow, J.
Bochert, Charles
Boehme, August
Bohn, J.
Bohn, John
Born, Anistina
Born, Christian
Born, Louisa
Born, William
Borutski, Phyllis
Borutski, Ronnie
Borutskie, Antoine
Boshard, Jacob
Bowes, Charles
Bramberger, Gotlip
Brasch, Albert Carl
Brasch, Wilhelm Ferdinand
Bredlau, H.
Brindle, James
Brose, Donna
Brose, E.
Brose, Ernst
Brose, P.
Brown, Dr. Caroline
Brumm, Charles
Bucholtz, Alex
Bucholtz, Dora
Bucholtz, Gertie
Bucholtz, Minnie
Buckwald, Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand
Buckwald, Gustave
Buckwald, Henrietta
Buckwald, Otto
Budarick (Boudrick, Budarich) Martin
Budd, Wesley
Budd, Mrs. Wesley
Budd, Mr. and Mrs. Wilhelm
Budd (family)
Budder, John
Budher, Martin
Burgess, Thomas F.
Burgomeister, Friedrich B.
Burke, August
Burwash, Nathaniel
Butt, Carl
Butt, J.
Byers, Wilherlmina
Christink, Irving
Chusroskie, Simon
Cobourn, Miss Minnie
Condie, James
Cutchaw, Peter
Demand, William
Demant, Johann Carl
Denzion (family)
Digulla (family)
Doering, Paulina
Drefke (family)
Drefke, Verner
Druve, William (Wilhelm)
Egan, John
Eggert, Bruno
Eisenstein, C.
Felske, G.
Ferguson, W.
Fick, Gustave
Fick, Wesley
Fick, Mr. and Mrs. William Frederick
Fitzner, Wilhelm
Forgie, J.
Frederick, Charles
French, T.P.
Fridrick, W.
Frietag, Bertha
Frivalt, Florence
Gahr, R.
Genrick, Arthur Karl Bernhard
George, W.
Gerber, Herbert
Gerndt, Rev. Ludwig Herman
Gierman, Adeline
Gierman, Gottlip (Gotlieb)
Golberg, Martin
Goldt, Carl
Goldt, Ferdinand
Gorr, Charles
Gorr, Henry
Gorr, Johann Wilhelm (William)
Graham, Ray
Graham, Stanley
Grief, C.
Grief, Otto
Griefe, H.
Gries, John
Grife, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph
Grife, Emma
Groehl, Daniel
Groehl, John
Grohl, D.
Guenther, Miss Isabel V.
Gust, Albert
Gust, August
Gust, Fred
Gutzeit, Friedrich August
Gutzman (Goodsman) Alfred
Gutzman, August
Gutzman, Carolin
Gutzman, Charles (Carl)
Gutzman, William
Haas, Iulius
Hahs, H.
Hain, A.
Hain, J.
Hampel, Gustav
Handke, Charles Oscar
Hartwick, Mrs. Jean
Hass, Henry
Hass, Sam
Hayes, M.P.
Heideman, Christian
Hein, Robert August
Hildebrandt, C.
Hildebrandt, Karl
Hildebrandt, William
Hine, A.
Hine, W.
Hoch, Gustave
Hoelke (Hoelkie) Charles
Holly, John
Holterman, F.
Horcun, Anna
Horcun, Lise
Horcun, Maria
Horcun, Matthew
Hunt, H.
Jeffrey, Teresa
Jenson, P.
Junop, Mrs. Christian
Junop, G.
Jurgans, Mrs. Jacob
Kaija, Anthony
Kaija, Lorraine
Kant (family)
Kant, David
Kant, Ferdinand, E.
Kant, Otto
Kappele, Rev. Stephen
Karow, W.
Kelo (family)
Kelo, John
Kelo, Solomon
Kessatz, Fred
Keuhl, Glen
Kirsch (Kirk) August
Kirsch, Augusta
Kinder, Ellis
Kizell, Jacob
Klingbeil, Augusta
Klingbeil, Myles
Klingbeil, William
Kohl, F.
Kolmaier, D.
Komm, F.
Kopke, C.
Kosmack, Albert
Kosmack, Allan
Kosmack, Morley
Kosmack, Frederick
Krantz, G.
Krohn, Johann
Krone, H.
Kruger, Adolph
Kruger, Albert
Kruger, August
Kruger, Mrs. August
Kruger, Bill
Kruger, Ernest
Kruger, Frank
Kruger, Mrs. Frank (Annie)
Kruger, Joseph
Kruger, Martin
Kruger, Mary
Kruger, Paul
Kuehl, William Frederick
Kulke, Caroline
Kurth, Fred
Kutchke [Kutzcke) H.
Laman, A.
Lang, August
Lang, Charlotte
Lang, Glenda
Larose, Ronnie
Lau, Alma
Lau, Alvina
Lau, Arthur
Lau, John
Lau, Verner
Lau, Zelma
Lebeck, Martin
Leman, J.
Lemke, Mr. and Mrs. William
Lenser, Martin
Lenser, Otto
Lett, Ralph
Liebeck, Sam
Liedtke, Audrey
Liedtke, Bernard
Liedtke, David
Lindeman, Ferdinand
Lipke, A.
Lipke, August
Lipke, Eric
Lipke, Frank
Lipke, Johann, Gotlieb
Lipke, Wilhelmine
Lisk, John
Lisk, William
Lubo, H.
Lubow (family)
Luloff, A.
Luloff (Anna Wilhelmina Louisa (Mrs John))
Luloff, Bill (Wilhelm)
Luloff, E.
Luloff, Edward
Luloff, Ernestine (Mrs Johann)
Luloff, Ferdinand
Luloff, H.
Luloff, Herman
Luloff, ]ohann
Luloff, John
Luloff, Sarah
Luloff, Teresa
Luloff, Wilhelm
Markus, Martin
Mau (family)
Mau, Dora
Mau, Herman
Maves, William
McCauley, George
McDonald, Peter
McDonald, Steven
McDougall, John Lorne
McNab, Inspector G.G.
McRae, J.D.
Merrick, Charles
Michaelis, Auguste Ernestine
Michaelis, Mr. and Mrs. William J.
Michel, Bruno
Michel, Caroline
Michel, Emil
Michel, Gustave (Gustav)
Michel, Oscar
Michel, Robert
Michel, Mrs Robert
Millark, Donnie
Miller, A.
Miller, Mrs. James
Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred
Mills, R.P.
Milroy, Michael
Moffatt, Alexander
Mohns, August
Mohns, Fred
Moller, Gottlieb
Montgomery, Alex
Montgomery, Struthers
Moritz, W.
Morlock, Fred
Morlock, George
Morris, Mayor J.L.
Mueller, August
Mueller, Theresa
Murray, T.W.
Nauman, J.
Neuman, August
Noack, Albert
Noack, August
Noack, ]ohann
Noack, Matthew cover
Noack, William
Okum, Matthew
Ott, Adolph
Ott, Mrs. Adolph (Hertha)
Ott, Gusta
Otter, Major-General Sir William
Pahl, Mrs. Julius (Mathilda)
Phanenhaur, Charles (Carl)
Pilatske, Edgar
Plaunt, Xavier
Popke, Julius
Potter, Carl (Charles)
Potter. Dorothee
Prange, Gus
Psaow, P.
Quade, August
Quade, Wilhelmina
Quast family
Quast, Alma
Quast, B.
Quast, Christian
Quast, Frederick
Quast, Mrs. Frederick
Quast, Gotlieb
Quast, John
Quast, Wilbert
Raddatz, Henry
Radtke, Emma
Radtke, Sam
Radtke, T.
Radtke, William
Radtkie, Charles
Radtkie, Iohn, 98
Raeder, Roy
Raglin, C.
Reaman, G. Elmore
Reckzin, G.
Reckzine, W.
Redtman, Robert
Reeves, George
Reiche, Caroline
Reiche, Erdman
Reiche, Frederick
Reiche, Walter
Reicher, E., 47
Reinke, R.G.
Remus, Julius
Richter (family)
Richter, Mrs. Jean
Rickzen, E.
Rieglen, H.
Ringel, Carl
Ristau, Arnold Sr.
Ristau, Mrs. Arnold
Ristau, Arnold Bernhard (Barney)
Risto, Ernest
Risto, Frank
Rose, Rheinhold
Rosien (Rosin) Karl
Roy, William
Ruhs, Carl
Runtz (family)
Runtz, Charles
Rusler, E.
Ruslir, I.
Saar, Earl
Saar, Johann Frederick Ernst
Sack, Frank
Sarsfield, James
Schauer (family)
Schauer, Carol
Schauer, Grant
Schauer, Julius J.
Schauer, Kenny
Schimmen, H.
Schiscoske, F.
Schleuter, Keith
Schmidt, Rev. Karl
Schmidt, William
Schonfelt, H.
Schonfelt, W.
Schroder, August
Schroder, J.
Shroeder, Rev. C.
Schroeder (family)
Schroeder, August
Schroeder, Mrs. Ormal
Schroeder, M-r. and Mrs. William
(Petawawa Twp.)
Schroeder, Mr. and Mrs. William
(S. Algona Twp.)
Schruder, Frank J.
Schultz, Albert
Schultz, Emilia
Schultz, Ernest
Schultz, F.
Schultz, Herman
Schultz, J.
Schultz, R.
Schultze, August H.J.
Schultze, Mrs. Karl
Schunaman, E.
Schutt (family)
Schutt, Bernhard
Schutt, C.
Schutt, Christian F.
Schutt, Frederick (Friedriche)
Schutt, Gerhard
Schwanz, Paul
Schwartz, Carl
Schwartz, Caroline Wilhelmina
Schwartz, Wilhelmina
Schweig Martin
Schwegert, Richard
Scott, Inspector R. George
Sell, Elizabeth
Sell, Friedrich
Sell, Fritz
Sell, Jo.
Selkirk, William
Seller, August
Shurman, Mr.
Siegle, C.
Sill, F.
Sill, H.
Sill, O.
Sinn, William
Smith, John
Sperberg, A.
Spreeman, Fred
Springer, W.
Stashnick, J.
Stein, Charles
Stein, Paul
Sterndorf, Christian Albertina
Sterling, Karen
Sterling, Lennox
Stresman (family)
Stresman, Annie
Stresman, Gustave
Tackman, Charles
Teske, Johanna
Teske, John
Tennant, George
Thur, Frederich
Thur, Leanne
Tiegs, Mrs. Eleanor
Tierney, J.
Tierney, W.
Timm, Bertha
Tur, F.
Vankoughnet, Hon. Peter
Verch, Edmund
Verch, Mrs.
Verch, Louis F.
Verch, William
Vertlieb, Moses
Vollrath, Charles August
Wagner, William
Walther, William
Wasmund, Christian
Watson, John
Weckworth, Frank
Wegner, August
Wegner, Henry
Weisenberg, William
Whelan, John
White, C.
White, Inspector E.T.
White, Richard
Wienhols, W.
Wieland, Brenda
Wienke, Charlotte
Wienke, Elsie
Wienke, Wilhelm
Wiessenberg, Frederick
Wills, W.J.
Wilson, Andrew
Witt, Friedrich
Witzel, H.
Wodtke, John
Woermke, Mrs. Gottlieb
Woito, Fred
Woito, Martin
Wolfgram, Caroline
Wolfgram, Eliza
Wolgram, Frank
Wolfgram, Friedrich
Wolgram, H.
Wolfgram, Herman
Wolfgram, W.
Wolfgram, William Frederick
Woller, S.
Wright, H.W.
Yake, Julius
Yandt, Fred
Yant, Herman
Yante, F.
Yeas, Henry
Yeas, Mrs. Henry (Rose)
Zadow, August
Zadow, Driscoll
Zadow, Eddie
Zadow, Edward
Zadow, Mrs. Edward
Zadow, Gertrude
Zadow, Louise Auguste
Zadow, Julius Albert
Zadow, Mrs. Walter
Zadow, William
Zebel, Christopher
Ziebarth, Edward
Ziebarth, Julius Eduard
Zillmer, Charlotte Auguste Kreuger Zadow
Zimmerman, Rev. Louis D.
Zohr, Roy
Zosche, Ferdinand