book Pontiac Treasures



in Song and Story


Trésors du Pontiac

nos histoires, nos chansons

Historical song book filled with stories, sheet music & lyrics and many photographs, maps & sketches of Pontiac County in English and French.
by Dickson Enterprises, Shawville 1979


Acknowledgements – Remerciements
In the beginning
Les premiers habitants
The first inhabitants
SONG – La destinée, la rose au bois
Les européens arrivent
The Europeans arrive
Forts and trading posts
The struggle for control of the fur trade
Fur trading companies build inland forts
Les postes fortifiés
The beaver hat
La traite des fourrures
The forts in Pontiac County
Le Fort William
Fort Coulonge
SONG – Le bon vin m’endort
SONG – Mon canot d’écorce
Fort Coulonge
The trading post at Rapides des Joachims
Le poste du traite a Rapides des Joachims
How Pontiac and the Ottawa got their names
A commentary on French-Canadian songs
SONG – Le p’tit cotillon blanc
Cézar Paul
How the moose got the dent in his forehead
Trois ceintures indiennes
SONG – Kokosh-ins
The longhouse people at Maniwaki
The Maniwaki Reserve
The Cadieux legend
SONG – Petit Rocher de la haute montagne
SONG – La complainte de Cadieux
La legende de Cadieux
Comment l’orignal a eu la bosse
The earliest settlers of the Grand River
Louis Brizard, un illustre pionnier
Royal tour of the Ottawa Valley
SONG – V’la le bon vent
C’est la vie in the shanties
SONG – McCool’s Camp
SONG – Chapeau Boys I
SONG – Chapeau Boys II
SONG – ’Tit Jean Bonhomme
SONG – C’était une grosse bonne femme
The Ragged Chute and the Davidson Mills
To my dear friends at the Ragged Chute
SONG – The Mill Song
SONG – The jolly crew of 1861
SONG – Conroy’s Camp
The last raft of square timber
SONG – The log driver’s song
SONG – Down by the riverside
River tales of the I.C.O. at des Joachims boom
Culbute Channel
SONG – The Lake of Cayamant
SONG – Verse, verse!
The Labine Hotel
SONG – Maloney’s Bar
SONG – Chanson du prisonnier
Push, Pull and Jerk
SONG – Prendre un verre de biére
SONG – Old Black River Song
SONG – Bald headed end of the broom
Childhood days at the Mason Depot
The romance of valley steamers
D’une rive a l’autre
Antoine the ferry man
SONG – The Pontiac Line
The circuit riders
I often think of Grandpa’s falls
The old home at Wyman
St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
SONG – The Crowning of the King
SONG – Quand je demeurais en ville
SONG – The jam off Gerry’s rock
Pioneer settlements
Pontiac Village
The Brule
SONG – O du froehliche
Smoked sausage
Old time axle grease
Polish settlement
SONG – Polish love song
Dr. Bernardo’s boys
Fred Conway’s story
Clarendon roller mill
Staff of life
The butter industry
Cheese factory at Greermount
Barnyard fashions
Outsmarted by the bears
Fred Schwartz, maple syrup king
SONG – Un soir c’était ‘tit Noir
Fashions in days gone by
SONG – Kipewa Stream
SONG – The Vinton song
Mules and road teams
SONG – Dans l’bon vieux temps
Strange electrical devices
Boxer’s return, and No Bananas
SONG – The crockery Ware
SONG – The lazy man
Portage du Fort fire
The first lady mayor accepts a challenge
Banking in the water jug
Another funny money tale
Black River power plant
Two country doctors
Just a local horse
SONG – Covered bridge at Fort Coulonge
Bees and box socials
Womens Institute
SONG – Bonne féte maman
SONG – J ’ai connu un jeune homme
SONG – The good lookin’ man
SONG – Kitty I Mooney
SONG – A Fontainebleau
Irish folkways
Ghost Hill farm
Murder on Ghost Hill
Greermount ghost story
Will o’ the whisps
Through a crack in the barn loft
Ghost stories my grandfather used to tell
Ways to tell the weather
The pedlar’s treasure
Le loup-garou
SONG – Laissez-moi dormir
Histoires étranges au sujet de la mort
The ghost that talked
Folk medicine
How to remove a hex from your cows
SONG – Crooked-legged John
SONG – Bridget Theresa O’Reilly O’Toole
Clog, jog and reel
Left once more for the good of the hall
SQUARE DANCE – Ducky dive
SQUARE DANCE – The railroad track
MUSIC – Maple Sugar
MUSIC – Crawford’s jig
The Orange picnic
SONG – Minnie Allan
SONG – The Happy Song
SONG – El Dorado
SONG – Un Coin du Ciel
Guitar chords