book Reflections: Old Times and New

Old Times and New


A Pictorial History of Douglas


Upon first reflection of life in a country village, one gets the impression that time stands still. It is only when one can take the time to look back and reflect on bygone days that one realizes the subtle but important changes that have taken place in Douglas and the surrounding area over the last one hundred and forty years.
And this is what the book proposes to do — to capture; in pictures, the changes that have taken place in the Douglas area.

This book contains stories and many historical pictures.

Map – A Plan of the Town of Douglas 1800’s
Pioneer Days
John Moffat Ross
Judge J.G. Malloch
The Early Pioneer Loggers
Letters by Robert Ross
Main Street – Douglas
Map – Douglas during late 1800’s to mid 1900’s
locations of various business, schools, churches, banks, hotels, railway station
Glimpses of Main Street
Early 1900’s and Present Day 1980
Building highway through Douglas
Bobsledding down Queen St.
Main Street
Old Times and New Faces by Vi Dooling
Bank documents 1901 & 1900
Hotel adverts
Congress Hall Hotel, Douglas Hotel, Minto House
Douglas Hotel
Early 1900’s & today 1980
Kickapoo Indian Med. Co. advert
General Stores
Mrs. John McEachern operating telegraph and telephone exchange
Hotel Registry Ink Blotter Advertising Local Merchants c1890 – adverts
Hotel Registry Ink Blotter Advertising Local Merchants c1890 – adverts
Stewart’s Store
Stewart’s Store
Breen’s General Store
Lynch’s Service Station
Holmes’s Grocery
McEachern’s Store
Purdie’s Store
Coon house
O’Neill’s Store
Arnold O’Neill
O’Neill’s Service Station
James Murphy & Mary O’Gorman, Murphy’s Hotel
Mrs. Simon McEachern
Bill Dunne’s Blacksmith Shop
Frank Cull’s Blacksmith Shop
Bulger’s Store
Michael Bulger 1890
The Campbell and NcNab Mill
Old view
George McNab 1900
The Mill
The Balaclava Grist and Log Mill
David Dick at mill wheel
The main saw
Merrick’s Mill
Knights Mill
Union Star Cheeses Factory wagon
Union Star Cheese Factory
Cheese factory 1940’s
Factory today 1980
Douglas Creamery
Buch’s Garage
Presbyterian Church
old church
Rev. H.S. Marion
St. Michael’s Church under construction 1887
St. Michael’s Church prior to reconstruction 1925
Present day St. Michaels’ Church
Father Quilty
St. Joseph’s Convent 1878
Painting of Anglican Church
Renovated to summer residence – Mink Lake
Methodist Church, Barr Line
Converted to private dwelling
Old English Church – near Scotchbush
Zion United Church
United Church Manse
Presbyterian Church – Scotchbush
Bonnechere River
Dedication and Formal Opening of Douglas Public School

Marion School
St. Michael’s School – 1910
St. Michael’s School today 1965
1901 Roman Catholic Financial Statement
Douglas Public School — now apartments
Scotchbush School – one room
Students of St. Michael’s School
Students of Douglas Public School
S.S. No. 2 Bromley – Bulger’s Corners
Pine Valley School
Woittown School
S.S. No. 8 Bromley School – Barr Line
Bromley Community Centre
Prize List – School Fair
Opeongo High School
Planning model
Sports — Community Events
Douglas Baseball Team c1907
Douglas Baseball Team
Douglas Hockey Team 1929-30
Community Events
Bromley Girls Garden Club
Orange Hall and Temperance Hall – Barr Line
Orange Hall today
Bromley Women’s Institute 1900
Douglas Missionary Society
Snowmobile Races
Out and About
McQuitty House – ice cream palour
Stack Sister’s Palour
Examples of early dishes
‘Spooning’ Postcard 1900
Sunday drive
Joe Breen’s homemade racing car
Interior of early home
Renfrew County Council 1908
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Breen, Reeve of Bromley
Steam Traction Engine
Douglas Fire Hall
Tin-type picture
Old bridge
Present day bridge – County Road 5
Aerial Shot of Douglas 1975
Bonnechere Caves
Editors’ Note