book Short Histories of Renfrew

1908 – 1923 – 1858


Detailed Table of Contents

1. Municipal Information of Renfrew Village
Village of Renfrew 1871
Municipal Nominations 1871
Council Meeting 1871
Fixed Appraisal Asked for Opeongo Street Mill 1937
Oddfellows to Move to Fraser Block 1924

2. Celebration of the First Fifty Years of Renfrew 1908
The Past
The Proclamation of 1858
The Present
The Future
Alexander Barnet
P.S. Stewart
James Carswell
David Barr Sr.
James Clark
M.J. O’Brien
James Ward
James Stewart
George Eady Jr.
James H. Walford
J.J. McFadden
George B. Ferguson
Duncan Graham
John Aleck Jamieson
David Craig
Thomas Henderson
Fred Hilliard
John Anderson
A.E. Spooner
W.A. Moore
August Ritza
W.A. Smith
Frank Libera
Joseph Rouselle
W.M. Roberts
D.S. Coules
George Thacker
Thomas Airth
Henry Pulcine
George Antoni
John Stewart
Syd Jennings
Michael French
George McArthur
Andrew Frood
John MacKay, Mayor of Renfrew
Arthur Gravelle, Councillor
Adam Lindsay, Councillor
Alfred Hough, Reeve
A.A. Wright, MP
T.W. McGarry, MLA

3. Renfrew’s First Election
Renfrew’s Civic Progress

4. From Confederation Onward 1927

5. The Renfrew Mercury Supplement Old Home Week 1923
Where Renfrewites Worship
The Baptist Church
Church of St. Francis Xavier
St. Andrew’s Church
The Church of England
The Salvation Army
The Newpapers of Renfrew
The Renfrew Union
The Renfrew Journal
The Renfrew Leader
The Renfrew Mercury
Renfrew’s Part in the Great War
Renfrew Pipe Band
Public Cemetery
Interesting Incidents in the Development of Renfrew8
Brief History of the Agricultural Society
Parliamentary Contests in Renfrew County
A Short History of Renfrew
.. From Dense Forest to One of the Best Towns in the County
Heads of the Municipality From the First Organization
The Growth of Population in Renfrew
Men, Women and Events in Renfrew’s Social Life
Public School and Its Buildings
The Separate Schools
Renfrew’s Industrial Expansion
.. Electric Power Development
.. Hon. Thomas A. Low
.. The Renfrew Power Co. Ltd.
.. The Renfrew Refrigerator Co.
.. The Renfrew Electric Products Ltd.
.. The Renfrew Flour Mills
.. Renfrew Manufacturing
.. Ottawa Valley Flour Mills Ltd.
.. Renfrew Textiles Limited
.. M.J. O’Brien Limited
.. Renfrew Machinery Company Limited
.. Logan Mills Limited
Renfrew Fraternal Societies
.. Renfrew Division No.151, Sons of Temperance
.. The Free Masons
.. The Sons of England
.. St. Thomas Court, C.O.F. No. 282
.. The Maccabees
.. Canadian Order of Forresters
.. The Oddfellow’s Lodge
.. The Orangemen

6. Heritage Buildings on Raglan Street
The Handford Building
The Renfrew Bowldrome
Renfrew Mercury Building

7. Town Boasts Mud – The Renfrew We Knew
Article by Harry M. Moore 1958

8. Two First for Renfrew Town
Article by Bernie Bedore 1958

9. Renfrew Hums With Development
Article by Fred Inglis 1952

10. Landmark Passes From Main Street
First Temperance Hall Headed for Oblivion 1938
The Wright Block Under re-construction 1909
A Fourth Drugstore Opened in Renfrew 1927

11. Renfrew of the Past
J.H. Walford’s Address to Rotary Club 1928

12. The Town in the Hills
By Charlotte Whitton, C.B.E.