book Story of Renfrew Vol 1



William Elgood Smallfield, b.22 Oct 1861 d.21 Apr 1926, was publisher of the Renfrew Mercury newspaper. From a series of articles in the newspaper and from material written by Rev. Dr. Robert Campbell, minister of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, ‘The Story of Renfrew’ was started. Rev. Dr. Campbell contributed the early history of Renfrew as well as biographies of early residents interviewed by him.

After Rev. Dr. Campbell’s death in 1907, Mr. Smallfield completed the task with articles to the 1880s. The book was published in hard cover in 1914.


The First Settlers, from 1820 to 1830
How the People Fared in 1830
. . The population in 1830
The Coming of the Settlers
. . The population in 1840
1840 to 1850
. . The wise policies of Xavier Plaunt
. . The mercantile growth of the community Development of the County as described by W. H. Smith in 1850.
The Early Roadways
. . Roystering shantymen fined £10 apiece build first Bonnechere bridge at Renfrew.
The Early Churches and Preachers
The Early Schools
The Early Mills
Early Lumberers
Early Marriages
Early Postal Facilities
Early Municipal Affairs
Survey of Horton Township
The First Fraternal Society
The Agricultural Society
The Freemasons
The Schools from 1850 to 1870
Biographical Sketch of Rev. Dr. Campbell
Introduction by Rev. Dr. Campbell
1850 — 1860 Period: Who and What Manner of Persons the Citizens of this Period were
The Fifties Period Political, Municipal and General
Local Political Affairs — 1852 to 1861
County Affairs and County Problems
Separation of the Counties Agitated
Efforts to Secure Railway Communications
Other Counties Council Data
. . Improving the roads
. . Forest fires from Horton to Westmeath
. . Patriotic Funds of the Crimean War
. . Petitioning for Prohibitory Liquor Act
. . Hudson s Bay Territory incorporation with Canada.
Township Municipal Matters from 1849 to 1858
. . Ross and Horton, including Renfrew, a united township
. . Timorousness about going into debt to rebuild Smith’s Creek bridge and build roadways
. . First tax rate l¼ cents on the dollar
. . The method of licensing taverns
. . First auctioneer licensed
. . Proposal to grant aid to Crimean War Patriotic Fund defeated
. . Early roadbuilding policy
. . The erection of Renfrew into a village 105
Village Municipal Affairs
. . Electing the first Council
. . Choosing the municipal motto
. . George Ross appointed Clerk-Treasurer
. . The laying of sidewalks
. . Economists oppose improvements
. . Social relations and conditions
. . An early Literary Society
. . Organization of the Renfrew Mechanics Institute and Library Association
. . Athletic sports of the 1850-1860 period
. . The early Church socials
. . The services of the Church of England
Period 1860 — 1869 – Those who Joined the Pioneers
The Schools from 1870
. . Commencement of the Free School System
. . Building of a new Public School
. . Establishment of Model School in Renfrew
. . Engagement of Charles McDowell as Headmaster of High School
. . Purchase of land for and erection of High School
. . Wing built to Model School
. . E. Newton Jory engaged as principal of Model School
. . Sale of the original Grammar School
. . Public School grounds enlarged
. . Skating and Curling Rink on High School grounds
. . Council converts Mechanics Institute into Free Public Library
. . Proposition for Agricultural High School
. . Hugh W. Bryan engaged as teacher
. . Purchase of site for and building of Victoria Ward School
. . Proposition to organize company of volunteers in High School
. . First proposal for Collegiate Institute
Municipal Events from 1860 to 1894
. . Robert Morgan appointed Village Clerk and John Munro, Sr., Treasurer
. . Renfrew s First Lock-up
. . The selection of the County Town
. . Purchase of the Orange Hall as a Town Hall
. . H. Airth, Sr., appointed Treasurer
. . Resignation of Town Clerk Morgan; Henry Bellerby appointed in his stead
. . Payment of salaries in decimal currency for first time
. . Appeal for telegraph communication
. . First proposal for Fire Brigade
. . Enforcer of Bylaws appointed
. . Difficulties in paying small tax rate
. . John Burns appointed Treasurer
. . Town Hall fitted up as a school
. . Reeve chosen by ratepayers for first time
. . Special census in 1868 shows population of 844
. . Construction of Lock-up
. . Construction of Bonnechere Bridge for $1,400
. . No election in 1871 because of absence of ratepayers
. . Corporation votes money to bring Canada Central Railway to Renfrew
. . John D. McDonald appointed first Town Solicitor
. . George Eady, Jr., appointed Treasurer
. . Condolence with members of families of James McAdam and James Tierney, who lost their lives in fire
. . Hand fire-engine purchased
. . Fire Company organized
. . First offer of bonus to industry
. . Grant for Fair buildings
. . First bylaw for licensing places of amusement
. . Robert Drysdale chosen Clerk
. . Andrew Frood appointed Street Inspector
. . Two polling divisions created
. . James Kearney appointed High Constable
. . Proposition for planting of shade trees
. . Proposal to relieve Renfrew from C.C. R’y bonus
. . Sinon O’Gorman appointed Collector
. . Provincial Subsidy to Kingston & Pembroke R’y urged
. . Repayment of taxes to Separate School
. . Erection of Roman Catholic Separate School
. . K. & P. R’y asks for bonus
. . First Main Street sewer built
. . Bylaw passed restraining animals from running at large
. . John Scott appointed first Chief Constable
. . First Board of Health appointed
. . Wing built to Model School
. . Request for hospital
. . The first wire bridge across Bonnechere
. . The Public Square in North Ward
. . Petition for first electric street lights
. . Preparation of plan of the village
. . First suggestion of waterworks
. . Reconstruction of Burwell’s bridge
. . Organization of Company No. 5, Volunteers
. . Special census taken in 1888; population 2,624
. . Proposal to sell old town Hall
. . B. J. McDermott as policeman
. . Henry Leggett appointed Chief Constable
. . Incandescent electric lighting installed
. . Bylaw prohibiting cows from running at large all year
. . Final settlement of Hincks Public Square
. . First Deputy-Reeve chosen
. . Proposal to purchase steam fire-engine
. . Willis Chipman reports on sewerage
. . Establishment of three polling places
. . Sons of Temperance donate Fire Hall lot
. . Fire Hall erected
. . Fire limit bylaw passed
. . Bylaw to erect village into a town
. . J. K. Rochester appointed Clerk
. . First dumping ground arranged
. . Proposal for a Union Station
. . Second electric light company given license
. . Renfrew’s first Finance, Fire and Light, and Relief Committees
. . The founding of the Creamery
. . First hook and ladder truck purchased
. . An iron bridge over the Bonnechere
. . Incorporating Renfrew as a town
. . The famous wire bridge
The Voters at Renfrew s First Municipal Election
The County Council (by S. E. Mitchell)

Airth, David
Airth, Sergeant Henry
Airth, James
Airth, William
Allan, James, P.L.S.
Almeras, Rev. Father L.
Archer, Richard
Band, Renfrew’s first
Bannerman, Wm.
Barnard, J.
Barnet, Alex.
Barr, David
Barr, William
Beattie, Dr.
Beauchamp, Antoine
Beaudry, Baptiste
Bell, Captain
Bellerby, Henry
Berlanguets, the
Berlanguet, John
Billings, Elkanah
Blackwood, Dr.
Bonnington, George
Bouvier, Rev. Father
Bremner, John
Brennan, Rev. Alex.
Brill, John
Bromley, Jas.
Brousseaus, the
Browns, the
Brunette, Antoine
Brunette, Joseph
Bruyere (Blair), Oliver
Burns, John
Burton, Wm.
Burwell, Wm.
Byrne, Rev. Father
Cameron, Donald
Cameron, John
Cameron, Peter
Campbell, John
Cardiff, George
Carswell, Dr.
Carswell, James
Carswell, Robert
Cayley, Hon. Mr.
Charbonneau, Joseph
Churchill, John
Clarks, the
Code, Dr.
Cole, Ezekiel
Colvins, the
Costello, John W., W.N.
Costello, Miss
Costello, Thomas
Coumbs, Sampson
Cranston, Dr.
Creek, the (McCrea’s, Farquharson’s, Smith’s)
Creighton, Rev. Wm.
Dale, John
Descheau, Antoine
Devines, the
Devine, Andrew
Devine, Felix
Devine, Felix M.
Devine, John
Devine, Matthew
Devine, Patrick
Devlins, surveyors
Dickson, Richard
Dickson, ‘Wm.
Dominion House, the
Dougall, Peter
Dougherty, James
Drysdale, Robert
Dunlops, the
Eadys, the
Eady, George, Jr.
Edwards, Frank
Evans, Dr. David
Faichney, W.N.
Farrell, Edward
Ferguson, Archibald
Ferguson, Duncan
Ferguson, John
Fitzmaurice, James
Fitzmaurice, Michael
Forrest, John, Jr.
Forrest, John, Sr.
Forrest, Robert
Francis, Samuel
Fraser, Abram
Fraser, Rev. Simon C.
Freemont, Rev. Father
Freer, Dr. Thos.
Fremeau, Louis
French, Francis
French, Francis, Jr.
French, Michael
Gibbons, Jas., William, John B., George
Gibbons, James
Gorbys, the
Gordon, Robert
Gravelle, Joseph
Groves, the
Groves, Henry
Hall, John
Halpenny, Wm.
Hannah, Rev. Thos.
Harkness, Robert
Harris, Wm.
Hazelton, John, William
Henderson, Thos.
Hincks, Sir Francis
Holland, Charles
Horton, R. J. Wilmot
Hughes, Dr.
Humphries, Francis
Huntingdon, Rev. Silas
Hynes, Thos.
Jamieson, Alex.
Jamieson, Alex.
Jamieson, Wm.
Jamieson, Wm.
Johnston, James
Jourdin, Nulbeir
Kelly, Patrick
Knight, Joseph
Knight, Thomas
Knight, Thomas
Leacy, Thomas
Leitch, Archibald
Leggett, Henry
Lester, Ben
Lewis, Wm.
Lochead, Rev. W.
Logan, Wm.
Lynch, James
Lynch, Jeremiah
Lynn, Dr.
Mair, the brothers
Mann, Rev. Dr.
Martin, William, Alex., John, Thomas
Mason, Samuel
Masson, Rev. Jas.
Mayhew, Charles, Joseph, Edward, Peter
Mayhew, Elkanah
Mayhew, Ira
Mayhew, Joseph
Mills, John
Mills, R. C.
Minard, Gabriel
Montgomery, Wm.
Moore, Dr.
Morris, James
Morris, James, William, Peter
Morris, Thomas
Muir, T. B.
Munro, John, Jr.
Munro, John, Sr.
Murphy, Joshua
Mackay, Wm.
McAndrew, John
McCallum, John
McConeghys, the
McCrea, Gerard
McCrea, John
McDonald, A. R.
McDonald, G. W.
McDougall, Alex.
McDougall, Campbell
McDougall, “Grannie”
McDougall, John Lorn
McDougall, J. L., Jr.
McDougall, Samuel
McGill, David
McGregor, Peter
McInnes, John
McIntyre, Duncan
McIntyre, John, Peter, Gregor, Duncan
McIntyre, Malcolm
McIntyre, Robert
McKay, Wm.
McKerracher, Duncan
McLarens, the
McLaren, James
McLaren, Robert
McLean, John
McLean, Thomas
McNab, Dr. John
McQuitty, David
McTavish, Adam
New, Jacob
O’Connors, the
O’Dea, John
O’Gorman, Simon
O’Harro, John
O’Neills, the (Horton)
O’Reilly, Laurence
O’Reilly, Peter
Patterson, Archibald
Paynes, the
Philion, Joseph
Plaunt, Xavier
Plaunt, Xavier (his gift of sites)
Poff, John
Pomeroy, Rev. Mr.
Portuguis, Peter
Prices, the
Quinn, Owen
Raglan Street named
Raney, Rev. Wm.
Rankin, John, Ross
Reid, James
Reynolds, James
Richards, Wm.
Richardson, John
Ritchie, Equire Joshua
Roberts, William
Roffey, James
Ross, George, Roderick
Rougier, Rev. Paul
Russell, Calvin F.
Saddler, Joseph
Scott, John
Sim, Robert
Seeley, Guy
Smallfield, Albert
Smallfield, W.
Smiths, the (Horton)
Smith, Archibald
Smith, Dr.
Smith, John
Smith, John (Exchange)
Sparrow, Rev. Mr.
Stevensons, the; John, Henry
Stewart, David
Stewart, Donald, and family
Stewart, Donald (teacher)
Stewart, Donald
Stewart, Donald
Stewart, Duncan F.
Stewart, James, Sr.
Stewart, James
Stewart, John
Stewart, J. R.
Stewart, Peter S.
Stewart, Robert
Stirling, James
Sullivans, the
Thompson, Archibald
Thomson, Rev. George
Vance, John, 10
Walford, Stephen
Walker, Rev. Jas. A. K.
Walker, Rev. Thos. A.
Ward, James
Watt, James
Watt, William
Watt, William
Williams, Henry
Wilson, Robert Rule
Wright, A. A.
Wright, Orange