book Windows of the Soul

Windows of the Soul
Stories of a Generation
Jayne Campbell


Table of Contents

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Chapter One: Mae McCallum
Chapter Two: Catherine McGregor
Chapter Three: Ken Voldock
Chapter Four: Margaret Barber
Chapter Five: Tom McDowell
Chapter Six: Mary Riddell
Chapter Seven: Bernadette Lacourse
Chapter Eight: Gerry Quinn
Chapter Nine: Patricia (Pat) Dicker
Chapter Ten: Rita Coulas
Chapter Eleven: Dorothy Cooke
Chapter Twelve: Dorothy (Dot) Cardiff
Chapter Thirteen: Sylvia Smith
Chapter Fourteen: Liala Gilchrist
Chapter Fifteen: Shirley Eady
Chapter Sixteen: Maizie Hawthorne
Chapter Seventeen: Hilda Martin
Chapter Eighteen: Frank Blimke
Chapter Nineteen: Agnes Mask
Chapter Twenty: Earle Fevez
Chapter Twenty-One: Jessie Stubinsky
Chapter Twenty-Two: Gloria Hamilton
Chapter Twenty-Three: Barry Craig
Chapter Twenty-Four: Idena Durocher
Chapter Twenty-Five: Andrew (Andy) King
Chapter Twenty-Six: Lillian Bole
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Harvey Boucher
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Theresa Surnoski
Chapter Twenty-Nine: William (Bill) Hamilton
Chapter Thirty: Marcella Cybulski
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