book Windows Volume 2

Volume 2
Sequel to
Windows of the Soul, Stories of a Generation

by Jayne Campbell


Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Chapter One: Howard Popkie
Chapter Two: Ken Voldock
Chapter Three: Doreen Dagenais
Chapter Four: Irene Rekowski
Chapter Five: Bruno WilI
Chapter Six: Bernard “Bernie” Vincent
Chapter Seven: Ruth King
Chapter Eight: Rita Graham
Chapter Nine: Yvonne ”Vonnie”Grice
Chapter Ten: Elsie “Wayne” Haramis
Chapter Eleven: Howard Foster
Chapter Twelve: Mathilda Veldman
Chapter Thirteen: Noreen McGregor
Chapter Fourteen: Heather WilI
Chapter Fifteen: Jack Partridge
Chapter Sixteen: Jean Miller
Chapter Seventeen: Marie Smith
Chapter Eighteen: Christina Edgar
Chapter Nineteen: Cathy Vandervelden
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