cemetery Calvary Baptist

Calvary Baptist Cemetery
Conc. VI, Lot 9
Hagarty Township, Renfrew County


Recorded 1991 by
Delores M. Allen & Geraldine Kuehl
Computer input by
Delores M. Allen
August 1997

The first church at Killaloe Station was a Presbyterian Mission church. In 1895 it was deeded to Rev. Robert CAMPBELL, Rev. John CROMBIE and James BRESNAHAM. The church became known as the Union Church when it was used jointly by the Presbyterians and Anglican congregations. In 1902 the Anglicans branched out on their own, and the Presbyterians carried on alone until 1917 when they disposed of their mission and cemetery to what is now known as the Calvary Baptist Church. (From The History of Killaloe Station by Martin Garvey, 1967).

Evidently there were five known burials in this cemetery. At one time the Calvary Baptist Church decided to sell the property, but this could not be done unless the bodies were removed elsewhere, which proved to be too costly, so the Church still owns the property but do not use it. (Garnet KRANZ and Geraldine Kuehl)

The cemetery is off Highway #60, east on Hagarty Road #15 on a lonely road in Hagarty Township, a very level property with shrubs growing on the edges; the grass had not been cut.

Geraldine Kuehl.

This cemetery record contains a map with the location of the headstones shown. It also contains headstone inscriptions.

BREASNAHAM, James Arthur
Two Infant Children
TIMM, Carl Friedrick
August Friedrick