cemetery Hillcrest


Hillcrest Cemetery is an old cemetery situated on the road to Lanark and is the public cemetery for Calabogie. In it there are stones with names of the people who pioneered the area.

RECORDED October 5 1997 BY

This cemetery record contains a map with the location of the headstones shown. It also contains headstone inscriptions.

Contact information (2021): James Henderson 613-752-2747 or Wayne Cameron 613-752-2769
See also Find a Grave link https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/2291344/hillcrest-union-cemetery

Abrams, Paula A.
Anglin, Marion Ruth (Merkley)
Arrnot, James
Arnott, John
Arnott, Johnston
Babcock, Daniel A.
Babcock, Norman Stewart
Bailey, Charles
Bailey, John
Bailey, John
Bailey, Mary
Bailey, Melville Pte.
Bailey, Richard W.
Balderston, David F.
Barr, Earl
Barr, Ronnie
Barrett, Jane
Beach, Alyce Jane
Beach, Alvin
Beauchamp, Loretta
Bellil, Ellen
Bissel, Lucinda
Bowes, A. Isabell
Bowes, Walter
Box, Ambrose H
Box, Edna Mae
Box, John A
Box, John Stacey
Braden, Henry
Braden, Henry Elias
Braden, Mary Ann
Braden, William
Brash, Ruth
Bray, Graham
Bray, Mrs. Graham
Bredin, Elizabeth
Bredin, James
Bresnaham, Irene
Bresnaham, Joseph
Bridges, William
Bright, Letha B.
Brown, James
Bruce, 4 Cornerstones
Brydges, Angela Carmel
Brydges, Eleanore Margaret
Brydges, Gordon J.
Brydges, Kenneth E.
Brydges, Sarah J.
Byers, Wm. Francis
Camelon, Blanche Elaine
Camelon, Gladys I.
Camelon, Margaret
Camelon, William
Cameron, Donald James
Cameron, Phyllis
Campbell, Allan R
Campbell, Harvey F
Campbell, James
Campbell, Jamesina J.
Campbell, Jane
Campbell, Neil
Campbell, Rose M
Carswell, Harriet V.
Carswell, Zeviah
Chapman, H. Wayne
Chiddle, Cecil G.
Chiddle, William
Church, Albert
Church, Allan F.
Church, Annie H.
Church, Duncan A.
Church, Elizabeth Joanne
Church, Emily
Church, Florence Jane (Ostroski/Demarsh)
Church, Gertrude
Church, Gary Gordon
Church, Gordon M.
Church, Gordon Spencer
Church, Harriet
Church, Heman
Church, Horace
Church, Hazel R
Church, Isaac N.G.
Church, John
Church, John
Church, Joseph
Church, Kathleen Elizabeth
Church, Lydie Ann
Church, Mary C
Church, Mary Elizabeth
Church, Melinda J
Church, Norman
Church, Randolph
Church, Rebecca
Church, Robin Lyle
Church, Spencer
Church, T. Murray
Church, Thomas H.
Church, William
Clarke, Alfred A.
Clarke, Andrew T.
Clarke, Andrew T
Clarke, Andrew W.
Clarke, Delmer
Clarke, Ervin A.
Clarke, Lizzie
Clarke, Margaret E.
Clarke, Willie E.
Close, Patrick
Closs, Ethel Eva
Closs, James
Closs, Margaret Mae
Closs, Martin C
Closs, Melville Pte.
Cochlin, Thomas
Cockwell, Ernest George
Cone, Judith
Conway, Margaret
Cooper, Mabel
Coulter, Elizabeth
Cox, Four Cornerstones
Craig, Adam N.
Craig, Alberta O.
Craig, John A.
Craig, Mary
Cram, Margaret
Crawford, Bertram V
Crawford, A.R. & I.R.
Crawford, Ida W.
Croft, Rebecca
Currie, Francis J.
Danyluck, Debra Louise
Danyluck, John Patrick
Danyluck, John Paul
Davis, Annie
DeMarsh, Bert A.
DeMarsh, Florence Minetta
DeMarsh, Jane C.
DeMarsh, P. Boyd
Dempsey, William
Dempsey, William R.
Dodge, Margaret A.
Dow, Ila Pearl
Dowdall, Gertrude M.E.,
Driscoll, Willabell M.
Duff, Lila
Dufresne, Vada M.
Duncan, Wellington
Dunn, Muriel O.
Easton, John H.
Easton, Malcolm F.
Easton, Peter
Elliot, Clifford Elliott J.
Elliott, Elizabeth
Elliott, Floyd
Elliott, Harold
Elliott, Irene
Elliot, James
Elliot, James
Elliot, James
Elliot, Jane
Elliot, John
Elliot, M. Eleanore
Elliot, Pearl
Elliot, Ruby Agnes
Elliot, Thomas Erwin
Elliot, Wilfred
Elliot, William
Elliot, William J.
Emon, Anthony (Tony) Walter
Emon, Carmel R.
Emon, Connie
Emon, Debra Elaine
Emon, Earl Lewis
Emon, Ethel
Emon, Franklin (Frank)
Emon, Georgina H.
Emon, J. Nelson
Emon, James Nelson
Emon James
Emon, James L
Emon, J. Lewis
Emon, Kenneth
Emon, Janet
Emon, Janet Alma
Emon, Jessie M.
Emon, John Alexander
Emon, Kathleen M.
Emon, Margaret
Emon, Walter
Emon, Walter Roy
Emon, William E.
Emon, W. Lewis
Emon, William R.
Enouf, Mabel Effie
Felskie, Karen
Ferguson, Catherine
Ferguson, Catherine
Ferguson, Collins C.
Ferguson, Florence
Ferguson, Janet C.
Ferguson, Jessie Lois
Ferguson, Laura
Ferguson, Mary Jane
Ferguson, Matthew T.
Ferguson, Murray J.
Ferguson, Robert
Ferguson, Stewart W.
Finn, Isaac N.G.
Finn, Janet
Finn, John
Finn, Judith E.
Finn, Margaret Ann
Fischer, Dorothy
Fischer, Fred
Fischer, William
Foster, Angeline Maud
Foster, V & D
Foster, Bridget V.
Foster, Willfred
Fraser, John (Jock)
Gagnon, James A.
Gagnon, Mary Rose
Gardner, Elizabeth F.
Gardner, R.A. Lorne
Gauthier, Marjorie (Foran)
Graham, Eileen L.
Graig, David
Graig, John
Greer, Harvey
Hartfree, Gertrude M.H.
Hawley, John G.
Hawley, Mary E.
Hawley, Wm. A.
Hayward, Frederick George
Headrick, David
Headrick, Hannah
Headrick, Mary E.
Headrick, Walter
Heise, Bruce Peter
Henderson, Joan E.
Hisko, Beatrice H.
Holden, Edith
Holden, Elias
Holden, Elias
Holden, Eliza
Holden, Harriet
Holden, Henry E.
Holden, John Henry
Holden, Lucina
Holden, Russell
Holden, Sarah Ann
Holden, Sirasten
Holden, W. Allan
Holden, Zelicia
Horne, Fred H.
Howe, Martha E.
Howe, Mary E.
House, Margaret
Hunter, Effie
Hunter, Ellen
Hunter, Erastus
Hunter, Gideon R.
Hunter, Margaret F.
Hunter, Samuel
Hunter, Samuel E.
Hunter, Samuel D.
Hunter, Sarah
Hutton, Muriel Victoria
Jackson, Andrew B.
Jackson, Edith E.
James, Ernest H.
James, Horace
James, Kenneth E.
James, Marion E.
Jenkins, Mary Jane
John, Margaret
Johnston, Lenora
Jordan, William Joseph
Joyce, Leonard
Kells, Ann Jane
Kells, Catherine
Kerr, Austin
Kerr, Bertha
Kerr, John R.
Kerr, Robert F.
Kirkwood, Mary
Kirkwood, William
Knight, J. Gordon
Knox, Sheldon M.
Larone, Elizabeth
Larocque, Albert J.
Larocque, Leona (Lillian)
Leach, Louisa Belle
Lee, John
Lee, Robert
LeBlanc, Fred
Mackay, Mildred Dorothy
Majaury, Katie E.
Malone, Harcourt W.
Mann, Charles
Matthews, James
McCallum, Helena E.
McConnell, Cecil S.
McConnell, Charles
McConnell, John C.
McConnell, Stella F.
McDermid, Baby
McDonald, Elizabeth
McDonald, Sarah
McFarlane, Annie
McFarlane, Jenet
McGonegal, Adam
McGonegal, Albert
McGonegal, Andrew
McGonegal, Dorothy
McGonegal, Elias
McGonegal, Helen Pearl
McGonegal, Ida
McGonigal, John
McGonegal, Margaret
McGonegal, Mary
McGonegal, Robert
McGonegal, R & M
McGonegal, Samuel
McIntosh, Helen
McIntyre, Ervin
McIntyre, John
McIntyre, Katherine
Mclntyre, Mary Ann
McKenzie, Ellen
McLachlin, Margaret J.
McLachlin, Ruth E.
McLachlin, Shirley Jean
McLaughlin, Letitia
McMaster, Florence M.
McNulty, Charles
McNulty, Leslie
McNulty, Patrick
McNulty, Susan M
McWatty, John
Melville, Hannah
Merrifield, Wilfred (Pat)
Milks, John Gordon
Mitchell, Agnes A.
Morrison, Ellen B.
Moyle, Gertrude M
Nichol, David K.
Nichol, David G
Nichol, Franklin G.
Nichol, Isabell
Nichol, James A.
Nichol, James Isaac
Nichol, Janet
Nichol, Judith Marrion
Nichol, J.I. & M.E.
Nichol, Marion
Nichol, Marion
Nichol, Mary Jane
Nichol, Olive Ann
Nichol, Ralph
Nichols, Albert W.
Nichols, Herman
Nichols, Frederick J.
Nichols, Joseph Elmer
Okum, Esther G.
Olmstead, Jane
Orser, Eleanor Claire
Ottema, Rita
Paradis, Antonio
Parsons, Doris M.
Phillips, Mary
Pincombe, Margaret J.
Pinkham, Edward A.
Pinkham, George E.
Pinkham, Hazel M.
Pinkham, William Carl
Potter, Margaret
Prentice, William C.
Rankin, Daniel
Ratelle, Mary Evelyn
Raycroft, Margaret
Renaud, Marion L. (nee Yarnell)
Richardson, Elizabeth
Riddell, Cassie
Riddell, Cecil
Riddell, Infant Children HR STR
Riddell, James
Riddell, Samuel J
Riopelle, Agnes M.
Riopelle, Judith Ellen (Judi)
Robertson, Jennie
Rollinson, Shirley
Rose, Edith
Rose, Henry & Catherine
Rossow, Cora
Rundell, Charles T.
Smith, Alex J.
Smith, Charlotte
Smith, Francis C.
Smith, James
Smith, James D
Smith, John L
Smith, Maude
Smith M., Muriel
Smith, Walter
Sommerville, Mary
Stewart, Edwin
Stewart, James
Stewart, John
Stewart, Robert Murray
Stoughton, Adeline
Stoughton, Agnes H.
Stoughton, Agnes Jane
Stoughton, Albert
Stoughton, Alma
Stoughton, William
Stoughton, William
Stroud, Harriet M.
Thom, Frank & Charlotte
Thom, William D
Thurlow, Elizabeth
Traill, Martha
Traill, Nellie M.
Traill, Robert
Traill, William
Tubman, Ellen
Tubman, Drew
Tubman, Kent
Tubman, Lloyd C.
Vincent, June
Virgin, Edwin Lewis
Virgin, Ira
Virgin, Lawson M.
Virgin, William
Wagar, Ard W.
Wagar, Ard
Wagar, Corene
Wagar, Edith
Wagar, Infant Daughter
Waite, Barbara A.
Wallace, James A.
Warren, Stella
Wardell, R.
White, Mabel
Willis, G. Keith
Willis, Herbert F.
Willis, Helen E.
Willis, James R.
Wilson, David
Wilson, Emily M.
Wilson, Isaac
Wilson, Isaac
Wilson, Joseph
Wilson, Maggie E.
Wilson, Mary Evelyn
Wilson, William
Wilson, William D
Wright, Albert L.
Wright, Albert S.S.
Wright, Clarence W.
Wright, Ernest A.
Wright, Fern K.
Wright, Foster L.
Wright, Kenneth R.
Wright, Mary E.
Wright, Teny James
Wright, Wesley C.
Wright, Viola M.
Yohn, John Raymond
Yohn, Minnie
Yohn, Peter
Young, Rose
Yuill, Allan Joyce
Yuill, Sussanna Pearl