cemetery Lakeside


The Lakeside cemetery is an old pioneer cemetery that is situated on the banks of Calabogie Lake near the Calabogie Lodge at what is known as the Barryvale area. There are a lot of cottages in the area and one must go by several of them to get to the cemetery. There are on about 37 stones in the cemetery and quite a few bases where stones once stood. Apparently many years ago when logging was predominant in the area woodsmen who lost their lives in logging accidents and drowned in the lake are buried there.

JULY 1999

This cemetery record contains a map with the location of the headstones shown. It also contains headstone inscriptions.

Barr, Ellen Shair
Beck, William
Bradford, Allen S
Bradford, Ethel Maude
Cavanaugh, Annie E
Cavanagh, Arthur H
Clivier, Grace V
Dodge, Jamesina
Ferguson, Annie
Ferguson, John
Ferguson, Margaret
Ferguson, William R
Ficher, Jessie
Forrest, Ruby Edna
Frazer, Elmer
Frazer, Helen Gordon
Hart, Gladys Mary
Hart, John J
Hughes, Mary Ann
Kerr, Elizabeth
Knight, Margaretha
Lee, Gilbert
Lee, John Harold
Linninger, Guy Newel
Martel, Eleanor V
Martel, Joseph
Martel, Joseph
Martel, J & M
Martel, Lena
Martel, Ruth
Martel, William J
Maxwell, Alexander
McKenzie, Margaret
McLeod, John P
McLeod, Robert John
Mitchell, William
Newmann, Mary
Nichols, Mary E
O’Neil, Harold J
Pretty, Mary
Quackenbush, Ruben
Sack, Suzan Elizabeth
Scott, J Catherine (Kay)
Stoughton, Adeline
Stoughton, Alexander
Stoughton, Douglas M
Stoughton, Gordon
Stoughton, Howard L
Stoughton, Mary J
Stoughton, Nathan
Stoughton, Nathan
Stoughton, William
Sweetman, Charles H
Sweetman, Jessie Lavina
Sweetman, John James Wilson
Vansickle, Floyd
Voy, Eleanor
Watt, Agnes
Wedderson, Ethel Noreen
Wedderson, William
Williams, George W
Wilson, Ann Gertrude
Wilson, Charles Henry
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, Eric Chester
Wilson, James
Wilson, John
Wilson, Margaret
Wilson, Margaret Irene
Wilson, Mary
Wilson, Minnie S
Wilson, Samuel J
Wilson, Thomas S
Wright, Gertrude
Yuill, Alice
Yuill, Walter