cemetery Martin Road

Martin Road (Whitton Rd ‘78) Cemeteries

The gravel pit is very close to the graveyard. Some of the graves & stones have been removed from the Catholic side. Some names have been inscribed on stones at Thompsonville Cemetery, e.g. Archibald Leitch age 67 -1848. His wife Ann Shields age 76 -1866 from the Martin Cemetery.

Catholic side of road (Costello Cemetery)
The deed for the Catholic side, dated 18 Jul 1857, shows Thomas & Mary Costello sold to the Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of the of Bytown for five shillings one acre of land. Measurements are in degrees, chains & links.

Other side of road (Martin Cemetery)
Across the road on 07 Apr 1864 John Martin & George Gibbons, executors of the last will & testament of Thomas Martin transferred to the trustees appointed by a burial company known by the name of Martins Burying Ground Company and their successors in office who shall be appointed as follows namely, Calvin F Russell, Robert Mills and Wm Gibbons, one acre of the west half Lot 6 Con 4 in the Township of Horton for a sum of one pond as a burial place for their dead.

Survey taken by Heritage Renfrew 06 Nov 1979
By Dorothy Skinner (edited by Doug Fraser 2019)

This cemetery record contains a map with the location of the headstones shown. It also contains headstone inscriptions.

Beauchamp Anthony
Blair Janet
Childerhouse Margaret
Childerhouse William
Coumbe Elizabeth
Coumbe Grace
Coumbe Sampson
Edwards Jennie
Foster Georgina
Frood William H.
Gibbons Catherine
Gibbons Elizabeth
Gibbons John
Gibbons John B.
Gibbons Marian
Gibbons William
Halliday Jane
Honeywell Charlotte
Jamieson Catherine
Jamieson Catherine
Laventure Beryl Bernice
Laventure Campbell Vaughan
Laventure Gladys Elizabeth
Laventure Janet McNab
Laventure Laura
Laventure Lydia Russell
Laventure Martin L.
Laventure Maude Isabella
Laventure Peter
Leitch Archibald
Martin Alexander
Martin Catherine
Martin George
Martin Isabella
Martin Isabelle
Martin James
Martin James
Martin James
Martin Janet
Martin John
Martin Lizzie
Martin Margaret
Martin William
Mayhew George
Mayhew Henry William
Mayhew John
Mayhew John Lewis
Mayhew Joseph
McGregor Duncan James
McLachlin Elsie
McLachlin James
McLachlin James
McLachlin Jean
McLachlin Margaret Jane
McLachlin Marian
McLachlin William
McLachlin William
McLaren Margaret
McLaren Mary Ann
McMillan Catharine
McNab Elizabeth
McNab Janet
McNab John
McNab Margaret
McTavish Isabella
McTavish Margaret
Muirhead Sarah
Ross John
Russell Annie B.
Russell Calvin
Russell Calvin F.
Russell Catherine
Russell Cyrus P.
Russell Elizabeth McNab
Russell Isabella
Russell James M.
Russell Martin Luther
Russell W.
Shaw Caroline
Shaw John
Shaw Margaret
Shields Ann

Allen Isabella
Allen Margaret
Allen Michael
Allen Stephen
Cairney James
Cairney Michael J.
Charbonneau Joseph
Collins Mary
Conway Michael
Corbett James
Corbett Mary
Costello Julia
Costello Mary
Costello Nanno
Costello William
Dennighen Patrick
Doyle B.
Doyle Elizabeth Mary
Doyle James Richard
Doyle John
Doyle John Joseph
Doyle Richard
Doyle Robert
Doyle Thomas Patrick
Dunne James
Dunne Margaret
Enright John
Enright John Bernard
Enright Micahel
Enright Michael James
Enright Patrick
Frauley Margaret
Gilles John James
Gilles Patrick
Gillies Margaret A.
Hanrahan Catherine
Hanrahan Patrick
Harty Anatasia
Harty Denis
Harty Denis James
Harty Johanna
Harty Michael
Harty Michael
Harty Roger
Hennessey John James
Hennessey Julia
Hennessey Kathleen
Hogan Marci
Houlihan Mary
Kennelly Cornelius
Kennelly Martin
Lester Benjamin
Lester Christine
Levy Bridget
Maddagan Mary
Madigan Annie
Martin James
McCarthy Margaret
McCrea Mary
McDonald Sarah Ann
McElhearn Margaret
McMahon Annie
McMahon Catherine
McMahon Cornelius
McMahon James
McMahon Johanna
McMahon John
McMahon John
McMahon John
McMahon John
McMahon John Maurice
McMahon Margaret
McMahon Maria
McMahon Mary
McMahon Maurice
McMahon Morris
Mulligan John
Murphy Jeremiah
Murphy Thomas
O’Brien Maurice
O’Brien Maurice
O’Brien Micheal
O’Connor Cragie A.
O’Connor Dennis
O’Connor Edward Joseph
O’Connor James
O’Connor James Jr.
O’Connor James Jr.
O’Connor Maggie J.
O’Connor Mary
O’Connor Mary Enuncietta
O’Connor Mary Florence
O’Connor William
O’Dea James
O’Dea John
O’Dea John
O’Dea Margaret
O’Dea Thomas
O’Farrel Maria
O’Farrel Marie
Pershik A.
Pershik Andrew James
Pershik M.
Ryan Elizabeth
Ryan Ellen
Ryan John
Ryan Margaret
Ryan Patrick
Sammon Catherine
Scully Lawrence
Shannahan Margaret
Stafford Dorothy V.
Stafford Joseph J
Stafford M.E. Celstine
Stafford M.T.
Stafford Tobias
Stewart J.R.
Sunstrun John
Wait John
Wait Mary Jane
Windle Elizabeth