cemetery Mt. St. Patrick and Holy Well


MT. ST. PATRICK CEMETERY (old) is located on Lot 5 Con 15, Admaston Township at the rear of the Roman Catholic Church in the village of Mt. St.Patrick. It is an old pioneer cemetery and although many of the stones have long disappeared the cemetery is quite full. A newer cemetery called the Holy Well cemetery is now being used for burials. The cemetery is well kept up and many of the stones date back to the early 1850’s. Most of the pioneer settlers buried there came from various parts of Ireland.

There are still some burials being done in the old family plots in the cemetery. The earliest burials took place in 1846 according to the Church records.

HOLY WELL CEMETERY is located on Lot 1 Con XIV in the Village of Mt. St. Patrick, Brougham Township up along a side road about a mile from the old cemetery. Here there is a holy well that has been blessed by some of the older priests. Father McCormac a well loved and respected priest who died by drowning is buried in the cemetery, as are other priests who served in the parish of Mount St. Patrick as well as other parishes in the area.

At the back of this book there is also a section that has all the records of burials according to what was in the church records. Unfortunately the years 1851 to 1866 the records were kept at St. Francis Xavier church in Renfrew and most of the records are in French and very few records of burials in Mt. St. Patrick cemetery were kept. The records that were available have all been transcribed into this book. The church burials records starting in 1846. Some of the burials that took place from the church were of parishioners from another area close by and they were buried in the cemeteries closer to home. For example, there was a cemetery at Griffith and some of the people buried from the church at Mount St. Patrick were buried in Griffith, some in Douglas and some in other cemeteries.

Recorded by Olga Lewis
May 2000

This cemetery record contains a map with the location of the headstones shown. It also contains headstone inscriptions. See also ‘Mt. St. Patrick’s Church and Cemetery‘ by Geraldine Kuehl & D. Allen and ‘The Holy Well Cemetery‘ by Hank Legris – both publications have tombstones inscriptions, stone locations and map.
Contact information (2021) for Holy Well Cemetery: Our Lady of Fatima Renfrew 613-432-8525
See also Find a Grave link https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/2291344/hillcrest-union-cemetery

NAMES LIST for Mt. St. Patrick Cemetery (old)
Allen, Elizabeth
Arteau, Louisa
Bolger, Martin
Bolger, Wm
Bradley, Patrick
Brady, Anne
Brady, Bridget
Brady, Patrick
Brady, Thomas
Brennan, Bridget
Brennan, Dan
Brennan, Edward
Brennan, James
Brennan, Lawrence
Brennan, Lawrence Jr.
Brennan, Lawrence
Brennan, Michael
Bridgman, John
Bridgman, Martin
Bulger, Martin
Callahan, Alice
Callahan, Johanna
Callahan, James
Callaghan, Michael
Carmody, Bridget
Carroll, Patrick
Carty, Bridget
Cleary, John
Clemen, Joseph
Clemen, Virginie
Collins, Bridget
Coulas, Doris Bernadette
Coulas, Mr & Mrs John
Culhan, Mary A
Culhane, Bridget
Culhane, Daniel I
Culhane, Daniel
Culhane, Johanna
Culhane, Maggie
Culhane, Margaret
Culhane, Thomas
Culhane, Veronica M
Culhane, William
Curnan, John
Cuman, Margaret
Curtain, Martin
Curtain, Mary Jane
Curtain, Patrick
Curtain, Patrick
Curry, Elizabeth
Danford, Catherine
Dee, Ann
Deslaurier, Charles
Deslaurier, James
Deslaurier, John
Deslaurier, Joseph
Deslaurier, Rennie
Devereux, Mary
Dillon, Ellen
Dillon, Elizabeth
Dillon, James
Dillon, Johanna
Dillon, John
Dillon, Lizzie A
Dillon, Michael
Dodge, Susan
Donavan, Patrick
Donohue, Alice
Donohue, John
Donohue, Thomas
Doolan, Thomas
Dooley, Maggie
Dore, Margaret
Dubriel, Alexander
Duggan, Daniel J
Duggan, Daniel
Duggan, Dld
Duggan, James
Duggan, James
Duggan, Johano
Duggan, John
Duggan, Timothy
Duffy, Margaret
Duffy, Mary
Dundin, Mary
English, John
English, John
English, M
Enright, Bridget
Enright, Cornelius
Enright, Dennis
Enright, Dennis
Enright, Francis
Enright, Hannah
Enright, Johannah
Enright, John
Enright, John
Enright, Julia
Enright, Kate
Enright, Owen
Fellator, Hanorah
Fenucane, Jennie
Finnel, Catherine
Finucane, Elizabeth (Kelly)
Fitzgerald, Anne
Fitzgerald, Gertrude
Fitzgerald, Honoria
Fitzgerald, John
Fitzgerald, John J
Fogarty, Honorah
Foran, Rebecca
Gaunio, Ellen
Gorman, Johanna
Gorman, John
Gorman, Mary
Gorman, Simon
Grogan, John
Grogan, Margaret
Grogan, Michael
Grogan, Sarah
Grogan, Patrick & Mary (Foy)
Guiney, Cornelius
Guiney, Daniel
Haney, David
Hanrahan, Michael
Hawley, Catherine
Henderson, Kathleen
Henderson, Mary Ann
Hogan, Hugh
Hudson, Charles & Margaret
Hudson, Edward James
Hunt, Anne
Hunt, Con
Hunt, Cornelius
Hunt, Cornelius
Hunt, Daniel
Hunt, Dennis
Hunt, Ellen
Hunt, Ellen
Hunt, Honora
Hunt, Johanna
Hunt, John
Hunt, John
Hunt, John Joseph
Hunt, Margaret
Hunt, Margaret Ellen
Hunt, Michael
Hunt, P Leo
Hunt, Thomas
Hunt, Rev. T J
Hunt, Thomas J
Hunt, Thomas
Hunt, William
Jervais, Charles Edward
Jewais, Lewis
Jervais, Margaret Ann
Jervais, Mary Jane
Kane, John
Kane, Matthew
Kein, Patrick
Kein, Patrick
Kelly, Alma
Kelly, Bridget
Kelly, Edward
Kelly, George
Kelly, Jeremiah
Kelly, Mary
Kelly, Patrick
Kelly, Patrick
Kelly, Peter
Kennedy, Ellen
Kennedy, J K
Kennelly, Catherine
Kennelly, Daniel
Kennelly, Harry
Kennelly, Henry
Kennelly, Jeremiah
Kennelly, John
Kennelly, Joseph
Kennelly, Kate
Kennelly, Margaret
Kemielly, Margaret
Kennelly, Martin
Kennelly, Martin
Kennelly, Mary
Kennelly, Michael
Kennelly, Michael
Kennelly, Mortimer
Kiely, Alice
Kiley, Bridget
Kiley, Ellen
Kiley, Francis
Kiley, Johanna
Kiley, Mary
Kneba, Mary Ann
Lacourse, Emma
Lacourse, John
Lacourse, Joseph & Mary
Laderoute, Francis
Laderoute, Nora Eshel
Lane, James Leo
Lambert, Francis
Lane, John
Lane Michael Francis
Lane, Patrick
Legree, Alfred
Legree, Alfred Thomas
Legree, Johanna
Legree, Joseph
Levigne, Catherine
Lynch, Bridget
Lynch, Bridget
Lynch, James
Lynch, Rev, John Joseph
Lynch, Joseph
Lynch, Joseph
Lynch, Martin Joseph
Lynch, Mary
Lynch, Michael Lawrence
Lynch, P & Elizabeth
Lynch, Timothy
Lynch, Timothy
Lynch, Thomas P
Lynch, Thomas
Lynch, Thomas
Madigan, Bridget
Madigan, Dennis
Madigan, Hannah
Maher, Catherine
Mahon, Onner
Maloney, Bridget
Maloney, Catherine
Maloney, Daniel
Maloney, Edmond
Maloney, Elizabeth
Maloney, James B
Maloney, James F
Maloney, James
Maloney, James
Maloney, John J
Maloney, Michael J
Maloney, Michael
Maloney, Pte. P J
Maquio, Joseph
McCarthy, Bridget
McCarthy, Dennis
McCarthy, Johannah
McCarthy, John
McCarthy, Mary
McCarthy, Michael
McCarthy, Patrick
McCauley, John
McCanley, Sarah
McCauley, Thomas
McCauley, Zette F
McCauliffe, Alice
McCrea, Edward
McDonald, Bridget
McDonald, Margaret
McGrath, Elizabeth
McGrath, Ellen
McGrath, Johannah
McGrath, Julie
McGrath, Mary
McGrath, Michael
McGrath, Peter
McGrath, Phillip
McGrath, Philip
McGuinty, Maurice
McKelvey, Hanna
McNaughton, Mary
McNulty, Anthony
McNulty, Catherine
McNulty, Ellen
McNulty, John
McNulty, Martin
McNulty, Mary
McNulty, Patrick
McNulty, Patrick
McWilliams, Mark
Moloney, M
Moloney, Michael
Moloney, Patrick
Montgomery, Wm
Moriarity, Honora
Moriarity, Patrick
Mulvihill, Daniel
Mulvihill, Daniel
Mulvihill, James
Mulvihill, Johanna
Mulvihill, John Joseph
Mulvihill, Margaret Ellen
Mulvihill, Margaret
Mulvihill, Mary Catherine
Mulvihill, Mary
Mulvihill, Mary Ann
Mulvihill, Mary
Mulvihill, Martin
Mulvihill, Martin Joseph
Mulvihill, Michael C
Mulvihill, Michael T
Mulvihill, Michael James
Mulvihill, Michael
Mulvihill, M
Mulvihill, Thomas Patrick
Mulvihill, Thomas
Munhall, J R
Murphy, Ann
Murphy, Christopher
Murphy, James
Murphy, John
Murphy, Mary Jane
Murphy, Mary
Murphy, Nancy
Murphy, Patrick
Murphy, Patrick
Murphy, Timothy
Murphy, Thomas
Naughton, Bartholomew
Naughton, Charles
Naughton, Honorah
Naughton, Mary
Naughton, Patrick
Naughton, Philip
Naughton, Wm
Nevil, Mary
Nolan, Harvey C
Nolan, John
Nolan, Peter
Nolan, Peter
Norton, Honoria
Norton, Margaret
O’Brien, Catherine
O’Brien, Charles
O’Brien, John
O’Brien, Maurice
O’Connor, Catherine
O’Connor, Jessie
O’Connor, John
O’Dea, Catherine
O’Gorman, Ellen
O’Gorman, James
O’Gorman, Mary
O’Grady, Alice
O’Hair, Hugh
O’Hare, Bee
O’Hare, Edward
O’Hare, Hannah
O’Hare, Joseph
O’Hare, Patrick
O’Hare, Patrick
O’Kane, Catherine
O’Shay, Margaret
O’Sullivan, John
Pearo, Francis
Perrault, Francis
Perrault, John
Perrault, Mary
Pershick, August
Pershick, Marguerite A
Pershick, Nicholas
Pleunt, Tophield
Potvin, Bridget
Potvine, Bridget A
Quilty, Mary
Quilty, Thomas
Quilty, Thomas
Reddan, D H
Rodgers, Ellen
Ryan, Ann
Ryan, Catherine
Ryan, Edward
Ryan, Edward
Ryan, John
Ryan, Michael
Ryan, Michael
Salmon, Daniel
Sammon, James Sr
Sammon, John
Sammon, Rev. John Joseph
Sammon, Joseph
Schollard, Johanna
Scully, Cornelius
Scully, D
Scully, Ellen
Scully, James
Scully, James
Scully, Johamiah
Scully, John
Scully, Maurice
Scully, Michael
Scully, Patrick
Shanahan, James
Shanahan, Hannah
Sheedy, Catherine
Sheedy, Dennis
Sheedy, John
Sheedy, Mary
Sheedy, Mary
Sheedy, Michael
Stack, Bob
Stack, Marjorie
Stack, Michael
Stroud, James
Stroud, Linda
Sullivan, Catherine
Sullivan, Comelius
Sullivan, James
Sullivan, Johannah
Sullivan, John
Switzer, Margaret
Teeple, Agnes
Toohey, Michael
Valiquette, J R
Vaughn, Mary
Welch, Julia
Whalen, Johanna
Whalen, Thomas
Whalen, Thomas
Whalen, Ann
Whalen, Daniel
Whalen, Elizabeth
Whalen, Hannah
Whalen, John
Whalen, Mary
Whalen, Nellie
Whalen, Patrick
Whalen, Patrick
Wilson, John
Windle, James
Windle, John
Windle, John
Windle, Mary
Windle, Patrick
Wren, Ellen
NAMES LIST for Holy Well Cemetery (new)
Berg, Elizabeth
Blemkie, Carl J
Blemkie, Joseph
Blimkie, Albert John
Blimkie, Alfred Michael
Blimkie, Annie M
Blimkie, Clara
Blimkie, Gregory Francis
Blimkie, Josephine
Blimkie, Rita A
Blimkie, Rose M
Bolger, Annie
Bolger, Bridget
Bolger, John R
Bolger, Kevin
Bolger, Thomas
Bolger, Wilfred
Bolohan, Katherine
Boudreau, Bernard
Boudreau, Joseph
Boudreau, Lawrence A
Brady, Rev. T
Bradley, Howard J
Bradley, James, Shawn, William, Mark
Brennan, Ann
Brennan, Ellen
Bruce, James
Bruce, Robert
Bruce, William
Brunke, Michael
Brunke, William F
Brydges, Goldie M
Cannon, Alice
Carter, John J
Chenard, Sylvia
Cherwaty, Michael G
Coady, Margaret C
Collins, Catherine
Collins, Charles
Collins, Ernest
Collins, Irene A
Collins, James
Collins, Rev. J Joseph
Colterman, Alice
Colterman, Clarence A
Colterman, Henry N
Colterman, Hubert
Colterman, John
Colterman, John P
Colterman, Joseph A
Colterman, Lawrence
Colterrnan, Lorreta
Colterman, Martin
Colterman, Martin J
Colterman, Patrick J
Colterman, Paul
Colterman, Robert Anthony
Colterman, Vincent
Colterrnan, Vincent
Colterman, Zita
Conway, John
Cotter, John
Cotter, Lawrence Peter
Cotter, Marie P
Cotter, Mary Ann
Cotter, Robert L
Coulterman, Francis J
Coyne, Elizabeth A
Coyne, Elizabeth Nicholson
Coyne, Julia Veronica (Cole)
Coyne, Margaret Cruise
Coyne, Maurice J
Coyne, Patrick J
Coyne, Phineas
Coyne, Theresa
Cruise, Francis
Cruise, Kerry (Poff)
Cruise, Michael J
Culhane, Dan
Culhane, Ellen
Culhane, Margaret
Culhane, Margaret C
Culhane, Patrick G
Dahl, John
Dahl, John
Dahl, Martin
Dahl, Martha
Danyluck, Paul
Decareau, Francis W
Decareau, Nancy M
des Rivieres, Mabel
Desormia, Mary Doris
Deyell, Catherine A
Dillon, John
Dillon, Loretto
Dillon, Mary Ann
Dodge, Elizabeth
Dodge, Jeremiah
Donavan, Margaret
Donavan, Patrick
Dowdall, Rev. Father
Dubois, Meryl B
Dubois, R Edmond
Duggan, James Daniel
Duggan, John Joseph
Duggan, Margaret B
Earl, Ethel
English, Kathleen C
English, Joseph
English, Mary
English, Mary Rita
English, Patrick
English, Stella
Enright, Dennis J
Enright, Dennis J
Enright, Donald
Enright, Gerry Michael
Enright, Glen Joseph
Enright, Jerome
Enright, Jerry
Enright, Johannah
Enright, John
Enright, John
Enright, John Lawrence
Enright, John Thomas
Enright, Kathleen M
Enright, Mary Agnes
Enright, Mary
Enright, Michael
Enright, Owen
Enright, Patrick
Enright, Patrick John
Enright, Ronald
Enright, Violet
Enright, Wilfred
Finucane, B
Fleming, Linda R
Fournier, Annette
Fournier, J Alex
Frier, Agatha T
Frier, Bertha
Frier, Maria Hedwid
Friske, Alice
Friske, John
Friske, Mr and Mrs Albert
Frost, James Keith (Budd)
Frost, Melville
Garskey, Joseph
Garskey, Mrs Joseph
Garskey, Mary
Garskey, Paul S
Garskey, Rudolf
Gervais, Angela
Godin, Salome
Gorman, Ann & Phil
Gorman, Catherine A
Gorman, Eileen
Gorman, Patrick
Gorman, Philip
Gorra, Sylvester J
Gough, Charles V
Granger, John
Green, Anne
Grooots, Rev. Father
Guiney, Ann
Guiney, Cornelius
Guiney, Daniel
Guiney, Dan
Guiney, James
Guiney, Maiy
Guiney, Michael P
Guiney, Thomas
Haley, Catherine Ann
Hanniman, Albert
Hanniman, Albert P
Hanniman, Anna M
Hanniman, August J
Hanniman, Barry J
Hanniman, Cheryl Ann
Hanniman, Constance Josephine
Hanniman, Francis Lionel
Hanniman, Harry J
Hanniman, James Gregory
Hanniman, John P
Hanniman, Joseph P
Hanniman, Joseph F
Hanniman, Judy
Hanniman, Julia Mary
Hanniman, Kenneth Cecil
Hanniman, Lawrence B
Hanniman, Martin John
Hanniman, Martin
Hanniman, Paul
Hanniman, Rosella F
Hanniman, Stella
Hanniman, Sylvester J
Hanniman, Theo Catherine
Hanrahan, Josephine
Hanrahan, Mary
Hanrahan, Patrick
Hanrahan, Patrick Francis
Hanson, Ellen J
Harrington, Rev. J P
Hartney, Michael I
Hass, Allan
Hass, Andrew B
Hass, Martin
Hass, Michael J
Hisko, Anne
Hoare, Marilyn Joan
Hoy, Hugh J
Hunt, Bernadette
Hunt, Rev. Bernard F
Hunt, Catherine
Hunt, Con P
Hunt, Cornelius R
Hunt, Cornelius
Hunt, Desmond
Hunt, Eva
Hunt, Hannah
Hunt, John Patrick
Hunt, John J
Hunt, Joseph E
Hunt, Leonard
Hunt, Margaret
Hunt, Mary
Hunt, Mary Ellen
Hunt, Mary Ann
Hunt, MLouise
Hunt, R Stanley
Hunt, R Thomas
Hunt, TeresaM
Hunt, William
James, Hannah M
Johnson, Corene
Katchuck, Effie
Kazor, William
Kearns, Dora
Kehoe, Elizabeth
Kehoe, Elizabeth
Kelly, George
Kelly, James
Kelly, John
Kelly, Lucy A
Kelly, Martin
Kelly, Mary
Kelly, Mary Dorothy
Kelly, M Teresa
Kelly, Thomas Patrick
Kennelly, Beasie
Kennelly, Catherine
Kennelly, Catherine
Kennelly, George
Kennelly, Helen
Kennelly, John H
Kennelly, John
Kennelly, June M
Kennelly, Margaret Ellen
Kennelly, Mary
Kennelly, Mary
Kennelly, Patrick
Kennelly, Patrick Thomas
Kennelly, Philip
Kennelly, Thomas J
Kenopic, Francis
Kiely, Alice
Kiely, John
Kiely, JohnP
Kiely, Josie Pengally
Kiely, Margaret
Kiely, Mary JE
Kiely, Mary
Kiely, Michael P
Kiely, P
Kiely, Patrick
Kiely, Rev. Thomas P
Kiely, Violet
Kiley, Elizabeth
Kiley, Harold M
Kiley, John A
Kiley, Kevin J
Kiley, M J
Kiley, Patrick
Kiley, Thomas A
Kitrongy, Sadie
Kluke, Mary
Kolzor, Olena
LaBerge, James
Lane, Emmett
Lane, John T
Lane, Leonard
Lane, Patrick
Lane, Thomas
Lefebrve, Jane
Legree, Alfred W
Legree, Bernadette
Legree, Samuel
Legris, Henry A (Hank)
Legris, John J
Legnis, Kaireen
Legris, Mary Lola
Legris, Michael Henry
Lepack, Mary
Leroux, Alfred
Leroux, Bernard H
Lorrain, Alice
Lorrain, John
Lorrain, Louis
Lorrain, Louis
Lorrain, Philomen
Lynch, Ellen
Lynch, Patricia M
Maloney, Alice
Maloney, Anne Teresa
Maloney, Bridget Ellen
Maloney, Catherine Mary
Maloney, Donald J
Maloney, Ellen Bridget
Maloney, Patrick
Maloney, Rebecca
Malouin, Bernard J
Marchand, Emelie Clipher
Martin, Charles W
Mayhew, Marion M
McAdam, James
McArthur, Mrs A
McCarthy, Ellen
McCarthy, Mary
McCarthy, Norah
McCormac, Rev. John
McCormac, Father John
McCrea, Clare
McEachen, Margaret
McEvay, Hanorah
McGarry, Mary Ann
McGregor, Terrance John “Terry”
McNulty, Bernard
McNulty, John
McNulty, Margaret
McNulty, Margaret
McNulty, Martin
McNulty, Michael E
McNulty, Michael
McNulty, Mickey
McNulty, Patrick
McNulty, Teresa Ann
McNulty, Tommy
McPhail, Rev. Father
Mhusk, John A
Moore, Cecil James
Moore, James Howard
Moore, Kathleen
Moore, Mary I
Moore, Thomas H
Morin, Lillian M
Mulvihill, Anna Mary
Mulvihill, Anastasia
Mulvihill, Con
Mulvihill, Daniel Patrick
Mulvihill, Daniel
Mulvihill, Eileen T
Mulvihill, Johna
Mulvihill, Kate
Mulvihill, Katherine T
Mulvihill, Martin
Mulvihill, M Teresa
Mulvihill, Michael K
Mulvihill, Michael D
Mulvihill, Thomas
Murphy, Beatrice
Murphy, James
Murphy, Jeny P
Murphy, Joseph Daniel
Murphy, Margaret
Murphy, Patrick
Murphy, Thomas
Murphy, Sarah
Nolan, F
Nolan, John F
Nolan, Teresa S
O’Connor, Catherine
O’Connor, Mary Ann
O’Gorman, Alexander
O’Gorman, Ellen
O’Gorman, James V
O’Gorman, James Joseph
O’Gorman, James Joseph
O’Gorman, James & Elizabeth
O’Gorman, Margaret
O’Gorman, Margaret Mary
O’Gorman, Mary
O’Gorman, Simon
O’Gorman, Thomas Francis
O’Hare, Anne
O’Hare, Margaret E
Olechowski, Agnes Stubinsky Skriptchuck
Pasco, Carman E
Pasco, Francis
Pasco, Lawrence & Marion
Pasco, Lawrence A
Patt, Bridget
Patterson, Mary
Pershick, Anna
Pershick, Bernard F
Pershick, Ella M
Pershick, Joseph T
Pershick, Lillian V
Pesca, Catherine
Potvin, Felix C
Potvin, James
Potvin, James Budd Jr.
Potvin, Sarah (Sadie)
Preen, Elizabeth Ann
Quilty, Aileen
Quilty, Alphone P
Quilty, Gordon
Quilty, Johannah
Quilty, Leonard
Quilty, Margaret
Quilty, Michael
Quilty, Michael
Quilty, M Patricia
Quilty, Nicholas
Quilty, Patrick
Quilty, Thomas
Riopelle, Patricia A
Roberts, Joseph R
Rose, Susan D Lee
Ruddy, Edward J
Ruddy, Kevin
Ryan, Alice
Ryan, B
Ryan, Bridget
Ryan, Bridget
Ryan, Catherine
Ryan, Ellen
Ryan, John J
Ryan, Michael Gordon
Sammon, Alice Teresa
Sammon, Elizabeth
Sammon, Edwin J
Sammon, Frances Ellen
Sammon, Hannah
Sammon, James Jr
Sammon, John James
Sammon, Margaret
Sammon, Mary E
Sammon, Patrick
Sammon, Stephen Sr.
Sammon, Stephen Jr
Sammon, Thomas
Sauve, Celina
Schollard, John
Scully, Catherine
Scully, Catherine
Scully, Cornelius
Scully, Cornelius
Scully, L/Cpl. Daniel
Scully, Daniel
Scully, Dan “D”
Scully, Daniel B
Scully, Elizabeth
Scully, Hannah
Scully, James
Scully, John
Scully, John B
Scully, John B
Scully, Margaret A
Scully, Margaret Alice
Scully, Mary
Scully, Mary
Scully, Michael J
Scully, Michael Joseph
Scully, Michael
Scully, Rita
Scully, Teresa C
Shanahan, Bridget
Shanahan, Elizabeth
Shanahan, James
Shanahan, John
Shannon, Alice
Sheedy, Alphonse J
Sheedy, Leo M
Sheedy, Martin
Sheedy, Michael
Smith, Mary Gladys
Skriptchuck, Tony
Soucy, Helen D
St Louis, Anita
Stroud, Jessie S
Stroud, Mary A
Stroud, Sylvester (Wes)
Stubinsky, John J
Sullivan, Daniel Joseph
Sullivan, Ella May
Sullivan, James Edward
Sullivan, Rev. John
Sullivan, Michael
Tallon, Kathleen B
Thompson, Douglas C
Wadsworth, F Irene
Welsh, Anna Mabel
Whelan, Edward
Whelan, Elizabeth
Whelan, Ellen
Whelan, James
Whelan, James
Whelan, James
Whelan, Johanna
Whelan, John
Whelan, Katie
Whelan, Margaret
Whelan, Michael
Whelan, Thomas J
Whelan, Thomas
Windle, Darrell Martin
Windle, Henry
Windle, Henry J
Windle, Henry P
Windle, John J
Windle, Margaret
Windle, Mary
Windle, Michael Joseph
Windle, Patrick
Windle, Patrick
Windle, Patiick
Yerich, Agatha M
Yerich, Alex F