cemetery North Horton


The North Horton cemetery is on two sides of Concession #5 in Horton Twp. The oldest part of the cemetery is on the east side of the road going north, and the newer part of the cemetery is on the west side of the road going north. The cemetery was established in 1861.

There are two indexes for this cemetery, one for the older section and one for the newer section

Also included with this recording are names of people for whom there are no stones, but who are buried in the cemetery. These obituary notices include names of survivors of the deceased. The obituaries are for Parent, Mary and McLaren, David Henry.

JULY 1997

This cemetery record contains a map with the location of the headstones shown. It also contains headstone inscriptions. A copy of this publication is available for sale.
Contact information (2021): Bob Johnston 613-432-5000 or Dave Bennett 513-312-9056
See also Find a Grave link https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/2276246/north-horton-cemetery

Notes for the McKinnon version:
The map of the old section is a copy (not to exact scale) of a map which was drawn up in the 195Os from old records with the aid of the Ministry of Health. The list of plot purchasers, matched to this map was compiled from the original record book which does not date purchases. The name in brackets after each inscription is the name of the apparent plot purchaser according to the matching effort of the transcriber. As many of you will recognize, plot markers are not neatly arranged in rows so that there could be errors in this matching.

One acre of land, part of Lot 16 in the Fifth Concession was deeded to the Horton Cemetery Company, on 18 March, 1862 by John Burwell and his wife Elizabeth. Joseph New, William Burton the younger and James Johnstone all of the Township of Horton are the trustees mentioned in the document and William Burton Jr and James Bromley are the signing parties. According to information on the existing tombstones, the first burial appears to have occurred in 1850 (Francis Edwards). The selling price was five shillings.

One and ninety-nine one hundredths acres of land, part of the East one-half of Lot 16 in the Fourth Concession was deeded to the Trustees of Horton Cemetery on 1 August, 1906 by Christopher Burwell and his wife. At this time Robert B Eady, E Hannah, A Smith and James Humphries are the trustees mentioned. The selling price was $80.00. Louisa Humphries, wife of Donald Eady appears to have been the first person buried in the New Section of the cemetery, immediately across the road from the old part.

To reach the cemetery when coming from Ottawa along Hwy 17, turn right (east) off the highway at the last entrance (Bruce St) to Renfrew, turning away from Renfrew. The first road you come to will be the road between concessions four and five. Turn left (north). You will see the old Orange Hall on your right after you turn. The cemeteries are about 1 mile north on this concession road just after the first intersecting sideroad.

Dianne McKinnon

Airth Marion
Armstrong Helen Keitha
Bailey Mary
Beatey Mary
Blair Dorothea Mary
Bourque Dorothy A.
Brandimore Edgar C
Brandimore Frank W. J
Brandimore Sharon A
Brill Hugh U.
Brill John
Brill John
Brill Robert
Brill Wm. H.
Brydges P. Boyd
Burns Catherine
Burton Donald Smith
Burton Dorothy G
Burton Elizabeth
Burton Francis
Burton Malvin L
Burton MargaretN
Burton Stephen
Burton Theodore H
Burton Thomas
Burton Thomas
Burton William
Burton William
Burton William Francis
Burwell Ann
Burwell Annie
Burwell C & S
Burwell Elizabeth
Burwell Jennie
Burwell John
Burwell Kenneth L
Burwell Mary
Burwell Nellie
Burwell Robert
Burwell William
Burwell William
Calbeck Debora
Calbeck Henry
Calbeck Maiia
Calbeek Robert W
Campbell Angus
Chismore Sarah
Clark Campbell
Clark Francis Percival
Clark F & L
Clark Hiram Warren
Clark Reginald
Clark Robert
Clark R & J
Clark Thomas Alex
Clark Thomas
Clark Thomas
Clouston Annie
Cole Catherine C
Cole James E
Cole Janet
Cole Mary L
Cole Thomas
Cole William
Corby Lizzie
Corby William
Crozier Andrew
Crozier Ann
Crozier Christopher
Crozier Elizabeth
Crozier Harrot
Crozier Henry
Crozier John
Crozier Rowland
Crozier Thomas Hiram
Dagg Jane
Dagg Mary A
Dagg Mary
Dagg Sarah
Dagg Sarah J
Dagg Thomas
Dagg Thomas & Maria
Dale William
Dolan Lola R
Eady Alfred W
Eady Alex Smith
Eady Ann
Eady Annie B
Eady A J Irene
Eady B & M A
Eady Elizabeth
Eady Elmer R
Eady George
Eady George
Eady Harold Cowan
Eady Harold Cowan
Eady Ida Ellen
Eady James
Eady James A
Eady J Melville
Eady Jane
Eady Joan
Eady Mary
Eady Mary
Eady Rebecca Ella
Eady R C & J A
Eady Rebecca C
Eady Richard
Eady Richard Hust
Eady Robert B
Eady Robert B
Eady Robert Sr.
Eady Robert Jr.
Eady Robert C
Eady Sophie
Eady William
Eady William B
Eady W Clem
Eady William H
Eckford Robert
Edwards Eliza
Edwards Francis
Edwards Harriet
Edwards Sophia
Edwards Thomas
Edwards Thomas & Catherine
Elliott Laureen
Elliott Raymond J
Faichney Mary
Farrell Catherine Pirl
Farrell Edward
Farrell Edward
Farrell J & I
Farrell Joseph
Farrell Russell J
Ferguson Duncan
Ferrall Matilda
Finan Mary
Garvie Walter
Gibbons Catherine C
Gibbons Elizabeth
Gibbons Ephriam G
Gibbons Glema
Gibbons Hugh
Hebert Doris Mary
Hiland Samuel
Hiland Thomas
Hodgins Mary
Hodgins Maria
Holden Clinton E
Holden Meda E
Holmes Allan S
Hohmes Edgar Clark
Holmes James Bertram
Holmes Joyce
Holmes Ronald Edgar
Humphries Eliza
Humphries Francis
Humphries George
Humphries Hannah Maud
Humphries Jane
Humphries William
Humphreys Phebe
Hust Mary
Jamieson Annie
Jamieson Archibald
Jamieson Lucy
Jamieson Isabella A
Jamieson J & M
Jamieson John
Jamieson John
Jamieson John A
Jamieson Robert & Rebecca
Jamieson Robert Airth
Jamieson Robert C
Jamieson William
Johnson Ann
Johnston Albert E
Johnston Annabella
Johnston Beatrice
Johnston Brian Lester
Johnston Elliott
Johnston Jessie
Johnston J. S
Johnston John Beatty
Johnston Lila
Johnston Mabel
Johnston Martha
Johnston Nellie
Johnston Robert
Johnston William A
Johnston William Borden
Knight Joseph
Knight Thomas F
Leavons John
Lefurgey Sarah
Leitch Annie
Leitch Edythe K
Leitch Elizabeth
Luker Ella May
Lynch Mary Ellen
Lynch T & M
MacKeddie Mary
MacLeod Jessie
McCallum Alexander
McCallum Ellen
McCallum Ellen
McCallum John
McCallum John & Sarah
McCallum Matilda
McCallum Sarah
McCallum Sarah Jane
McCallum Sarah J
McConeghy John
McConeghy R & M
McConeghy Sarah
McMullin Jolm
McNab Lizzie
McNab Rachel
McTavish Hugh
McTavish Jermet
McTavish John
McTavish Margaret
McTavish Mary
McTavish William
McQuade John H (Jack)
McQuitty ?
McQuitty David
McQuitty David Alex
McQuitty Duncan
McQuitty G & M
McQuitty William
Meaghan William
Melley John
Miller Alexander J.
Miller Annabella
Miller Catherine
Morrison Ellsworth
Morrison Gwendoline
Morrison Harry W
Morrison Jane M
Morrow Jemima
Mullin J
Mullins Robert
Murphy Elizabeth
Murray Margaret
New George F
New Jacob
New John
New Joseph & Rose
New Joseph
New Richard
New Ron
New Sarah
New William
New Young
Nightingale Margaret
Obrey Elizabeth
Parker Anne
Payne Eliza
Payne John
Payne John Jr.
Robert H
Payne Susan
Payne William
Phillips Daniel Norten
Phillips George
Phillips Jane Wheeler
Phillips Sarah Matilda
Popplewell Velva F
Preston Susannah
Price Arthur
Price Charles
Price Clara
Price David
Price Frederick
Price Henry
Price John F
Quilliam Joyce V C
Remus Eva C
Richardson JohnH
Richardson William
Ritchie Robert
Ritchie H & A
Roberts Elizabeth
Roberts Marion
Roberts Martha Ann
Robinson Ann Jane
Rollands John
Rollins Francis H
Rollins Marion L
Rollins Sisey
Rollins Thos. & P J
Rorison Annie G
Rorison William D
Russell Byron W
Russell Catherine
Russell Martha & W C
Russell Myron H
Skinner Harold C
Scobie James
Scobie Kenneth E
Scobie Mary
Shields Brenda
Smith Adeline
Smith Alexander
Smith Ann Jane
Smith Anne
Smith Baker
Smith George w
Smith Isabella
Smith Katie
Smith Lucy
Smith Samuel
Smith William
Somerville William
Stack Emma
Stevenson Hugh Allen
Stevenson Marta
Stewart A Jean
Stoodley Fred
Storie Ellen C
Stretton Richard
Stretton Samuel
Thompson Eliza Jane
Thompson J & C J
Vance John
Voisey MaryL
Walsh Mervin W
Wedge Thomas Henry
Wedge T & A
Weinholdt Lenora M
Wheeler Ann
Acres Arnold G
Acres Catherine E
Cedric S S
Acres Edna Grace
Acres Florence
Acres James L
Acres Lloyd S
Acres Rae
Acres Rhoda E
Anderson Jack H T
Anderson John Wayne
Anderson Linda J
Armstrong Alice A
Armstrong Henry
Armstrong Renaldo W
Armstrong Robert
Armstrong Thomas
Armstrong Thomas Charles
Bailey D
Bailey Jack
Barbier Laurette
Barr Alice M
Barr Ella G
Barr Harold Emmerson
Barr James M
Barr Kenneth L
Barr Mary B
Barr Mary Elizabeth
Barr R Murray
Barr Sarah J
Barr Thomas
Barr Thomas M
Barr Thomas Wilfred
Barr Wm Alexander
Barr William J
Beach John
Beach Rachel
Beimers Henrietta Johanna
Beimers William Wapke
Bennett Carson M
Bennett Carolann
Bennett Cheryl
Bennett David
Bennett David L
Bennett Francis
Bennett Harry
Bennett Julie
Bennett Lana
Bennett Martin
Bennett Orman
Bennett Rilla
Bennett Ruth
Berger Arthur Donald
Bethume Susan E
Bleeker Beth & Glen
Bleeker W Craig
Boldt Frederick A
Boldt Jennifer Anne
Bole Garnet
Bourque Emma
Bovair James Raymond
Bovair Kelly Charmaine
Bradley EllenE
Bradley Ellen
Bradley Herbert
Bradley James
Bradley Ruth
Bres Jamesina Maria
Bresnahan Herbert R
Brisbain Lloyd R
Bromley Marjorie Janet
Broome Marquis W
Brown Mary
Brydges Loretta E
Burke Marion J
Burton Daisey E
Burton Ernest George
Burton Glen Kay
Burton Jessie
Burton J Elizabeth
Burton Laura D
Burton Leonard Gray
Burton Una J
Burton Walter Ross
Burton Wilson
Burrows Muriel A
Burwell Adrian James FLT SGT
Burwell Charles L
Burwell Christopher
Burwell Duncan Henry
Burwell Elizabeth
Burwell Ernest James
Calberry James Thomas
Cameron Agnes M
Cameron Edward Gordon
Cameron Gordon Arthur
Cameron Ileen E
Cameron Margaret
Cameron William A
Campbell Eldon
Campbell Annie Agnes
Campbell George H
Campbell Gordon Thomas
Campbell Isabella E
Campbell Isabella
Campbell Jean
Campbell Jessie Edna
Campbell Leslie H
Campbell Lillian Mae
Campbell Mary Jane
Campbell Minnie M
Campbell Robert John
Campbell Stanley H
Carnegie Emsley W
Chalmers Robert Hammond
Chalmers Yvonne (Bonnie)
Churchill John
Cloutier Gordon Clifford
Cloutier G Richard
Cole Agnes
Cole Elizabeth S
Cole George E
Cole Gilmour
Cole Gordon
Cole Gordon Alexander
Cole James E
Cole Jessie
Cole John Alexander
Cole John Jr.
Cole John
Cole John Charles
Cole Katie
Cole Margaret
Cole Reginald Gray
Cole Robert
Cole Thomas A
Collins A Beatty
Collins Arthur
Collins Gary Hunter
Collins Harold Hunter
Collins Margaret
Collins Olive J
Collins Orpha A
Connery Shirley
Connery William A
Cooke Allred William
Cornell Sophrona
Cotie Boyne
Cotie Evelyn M
Cotie Gerald L
Cotie Karl
Cotie Kenneth H
Cotie Laura
Cotie Lorne
Cotie William Harper
Craig Jack
Crawford Beulah H T
Cronin Nora
Cuddie Edith May
Davis Caroline
Davis Carrie Ella
Dean Marguerite
De Bruyn Cornelis
De Joode Carel S
Delarge Alice
Denniston Jean I
Deslaurier Bonnie Lee
Dodge Mildred Bridget
Douglas Erin K
Drummond Lillian D
Drummond Russell
Duckworth Ella
Duckworth Etta Leatrice
Duckworth Fred
Duckworth Frederick
Duckworth Lynn
Duff Arthur J
Duff Clifton A
Eady Andrew
Eady Austin M
Eady Benjamin
Eady Charles R
Eady Charlotte Helen
Eady Christine M
Eady Clark
Eady Donald
Eady Donald Keith
Eady Donna
Eady Flora I
Eady Gerald Allan
Eady Isabella
Eady James H
Eady James R
Eady J Clarence
Eady John R
Eady Kermeth R
Eady Kenneth M
Eady Lillian
Eady Mary Ann
Eady Murray
Eady Otto S
Eady Peter
Eady Robert R
Eady R R Stewart
Eady Russell Robert
Eady Russell N
Eady Tinswood
Eady W C (Bill)
Edmunds Pheobe
Elliot Margaret
Enright L
Farrell Bill
Farrell Isabella
Farrell Reuben
Farquharson Eva E
Farquharson Jessie E
Ferguson Annie
Ferguson Leith Anna
Ferguson Melinda
Finnegan Agnes
Finseth Alex
Finseth Florence
Fitzgerald Carrie
Forrest Allan Gray
Fraser Donald Cameron
Fraser Evelyn
Fraser Mary F
Gagnon Violet M
Gawchns Charlotte
Gayle Charles
Germon Marina (Rene)
Gibbons Alexander
Gibbons Evelyn Mae
Gibbons Norman J
Giles Mary L
Gilhooly Wm J
Gilmore Donald
Gilmore Edward W
Gilmore Twin Son
Gilmore Frances
Gilmore Humphrey
Gilmore Lori Ann
Gilmore Joanne
Gilmour Annie
Gilmour Hugh
Gilmour James
Gilmour Louisa
Gilmour Verna E
Gordon Cameron Samuel
Gordon S & L
Gore Lorna Jean
Greenshields Helen
Greer Lorna A
Griese Ormond B
Gruntz Delford F
Gundlack Karl L
Guest C Gerald S
Guyea Marjorie E
Hamilton Harry
Hamilton L
Hanneman Mildred M
Hardy Maria
Harding Jane
Harper Gordon T
Harper Thomas G
Harris Phil
Headrick Catherine
Hein Brenda L
Hickey Larry
Highland James E
Hodgins Margaret
Hoad Gordon K
Holmes Edith Theresa
Howard Helen F
Humphrey Dorcas Pearl
Humphries Arthur
Humphries A Carman
Humphries Carl J
Humphries Catherine I
Humphries Ellen I
Humphries Helen Verla
Humphries Irwin Jamieson
Humphries James
Humphries James Yuill
Humphries Joan Carman
Humphries Lois Jean
Humphries Louisa
Humphries Margaret L
Humphries Mary Maud
Humphries Sarah A
Hunt Ada L
Hunter Cynthia
Hutson Cordelia J
Hutson Della Maude
Hutton Gladys
Hutton Mildred E
Hyland Howard T
Hyland Margaret
Hyland Thomas
Hyndman Doreen M
Jamieson David Allan
Jamieson Elizabeth M
Jamieson Mary
Jeanes Claude
Jenkins Mary
Johnston Andrew F
Johnston Ethel May
Johnston Frank H
Johnston John
Johnston John A
Johnston Kenneth R
Johnston Margaret
Johnston Richard M
Johnston Roland C
Johnston Ruth Jean
Johnston W S
Johnston Rev. Wm Richard
Johnston Large Stone
Jones Leonard A
Jones Nancy
Juby Claude
Juby Evelyn E
Juby John Edward
Juby Lucy
Juby Nelson
Juby Norman
Juby William Edward
Kalbun Vincent
Kalucki Rose Marie
Keho Frances A
Kelly Shirleyl
Kerr Agnes Isabel
Keys Charlotte E
Kirk Robert
Knight George
Knight Margaret E
Knight Maria H
Lafarge C1air B
Laforce Lewis A
Lafont Albert J
Lafont Alfred G
Lafont Caroline M
Lafont Dorothy
Lafont EvaMae
Lafont Nelson T
Lafont Nelson Joseph Jr.
Lambert Harry S
Lambert Kevin R
Larooque Mary Jane
Larocque Rose
Larone George Gordon
Larone John Blane
Laporte Armeline
Latendresse Georgette
Latendresse Paul E
Lavallee Doris I
Leavons Lizzie
Le Blanc Allan I
Leersum Dirkje Jan
Leight H
Lepine Lillian T
Lewis Edward
Lewis Ellen
Lewis Elizabeth
Lieff David A
Lieff Joe & Hilda
Linnen Clara E
Logan MargaretM
Logan Robert D
Logan William J
Lorbetskie Lewis Ambrose
Lowe Bramwell E
Lowe David E
Lowe James E
Lowe Mary A
Luecke Heinz
Lynch Mary Annie
Manka Louise H
Marston Basil R
Martin James A
MacDonald Evelyn
MacDonald Malcolm
MacKenzie Alexander
MacKenzie Alexander Wilson
MacKenzie Colin Glen
MacKenzie John
MacKenzie Mary A
MacKenzie William Mackie
MacMillan Ivan H
McArthur Elsie J
McCabe Christie
McCabe Gordon
McCallum William
McCanna Clarence
McCanna Donald
McCanna James S
McCanna Kenneth S
McCanna Margaret
McCarma Roy
McCanna Ruth
McCoy Georgina
McDermid Mary A
McDonald ? Bill
McDonald F
McDonald ? Lila
McGregor Alex
McGregor John
McGregor Lois I
McGregor Mildred
McGregor Muriel
McGregor Peter
McGregor Robert
McGregor Thomas
McLaren Catherine
McLaren John E
McLaren Martha Elizabeth
McLaren Robert J
McLaren Sarah J
McLaren Sarah Jane
McLaughlin Zella
McMillan Harvey H
McQuade Herbert
McQuade Marion
McQuade William
McQuitty George
McQuitty George Oliver
McQuitty Katie Isabella
Millaire Paul
Miller Beth
Miller Bonnie
Miller Elizabeth I
Miller Glen
Miller John
Miller John Hartley
Miller Manley B
Miller Mary Ann
Mills Lorene M
Mooney Sarah Ann
Moore Mi1dred Mary
Morrison Mildred F
Mullen Eric
Mullen Sarah
Mullen Stephen
Mullin Caroline
Mullin Hugh E
Mullin Hugh
Mullin Jack
Mullin Rachel C
Mullin Robert J
Mullins James
Mullins Leonard
Munks L Alice
Newberry Lawrence J
Nichols Joyce M
Obrey Colin
Obrey Edward
Obrey Elizabeth
Obrey Emmeday
Obrey Felix
Obrey Louis Jr.
Obrey Louis Sr
O’Brien Schuyler S
Olmstead Sarah
O’Rourke Frank C
Payne Clara May
Payne John
Payne Mary Edna
Payne Matilda
Payne William Gordon
Payne William John
Peever Alfred
Peever Ernest J
Peever Harvey Allan
Peever Jessie
Pennock Dorothy Catherine
Pennock Myles L
Pettigrew Earl Douglas
Piasetzki Donald
Piasetzki George
Piasetzki Rodger
Pickens William
Pickering William
Pinkerton Gertrude Alma
Price Margaret
Price Susan
Queale R Earl
Quinlan Catherine
Quinlan Paul
Quinlan Raymond A
Quinlan Shelby
Rankin Sarah Jane
Reid Caroline G
Reid Catherine
Reid Edward
Reid James E
Reid Lawrence Ellis
Reid Thomas Henry
Richards Agnes Eveline
Richards James E
Richards Kenneth William
Richards Irene L
Richards Thomas
Riley Sarah E
Roberts Chester Forbes
Robertson Howard K
Roffey Margaret Jean
Rolfey Ruth
Rooney Teresa
Rowsome Laura Rita
Russell Alice Mary
Russell John Cyrus
Russell Lila Mae
Russell Wilmot Cyrus
Russett P M
Russo Frances Mary
Ryan Allison
Ryan Bertie
Schlievert Hugh F
Schivier Sophie
Scobie James
Scobie Willard
Seeley Archibald
Seeley Margaret Matilda
Shaw Evelyn
Shaw Iva Irene
Shaw Josiah B
Shaw Kenneth J
Shaw Willis G
Shean Charles Peter
Sheridan Gerald F
Sheridan Jane Elizabeth
Shields Samuel Andrew
Sidock Stella M
Sigurdson Patricia
Skibba Maria
Smallhorn Grace M
Smallhorn JohnH
Smallhorn John H J
Smith Douglas
Smith Eliza Ann
Smith Ida May
Smith Jessie
Smith LeonaM
Smith Lola E
Smith Mary A
Smith Mildred E
Smith Reuben J (RJ)
Smith Russell J
Smith Thomas C
St Auhin Pearl
St Louis Marie (Eva)
St Michael Arnold Hunter
St Michael Colin
St Michael Pearl
Stewart Alice
Stewart Barrie L
Stewart J Donald
Stewart T Jane
Stewart Velma A
Stewart William Allan
Storie Dorothy
Storie Phyllis A
Stratton Jane
Tackman Allan J
Tackman Andrew P
Tackman Caroline
Tackman Charles L
Tackman Dorothy
Tackman Doris E
Tackman Fred Louis
Tackman Henry
Tackman Jack Richard
Tackman Joan Carrline
Tackman Lola S
Tackman Robert H
Tackman William J
Thompson Cathy
Thompson Channel D
Thompson Colin James
Thompson Dale
Thompson David M
Thompson Debbie
Thompson Doug
Thompson Douglas Norvel
Thompson Elvan (Bill)
Thompson Marie J
Thompson Norma
Thompson Rebecca
Thompson Robert Calvin
Thompson Tammy
Thompson William A
Tippins Emest M
Toner Arthur E
Toner Harold Rene
Toner Hilda (Clark)
Toner Phyllis C
Tricht Rykje Van
Tripp Agnes E M
Tubman Edith J
Tucker Clilford
Tucker David
Tucker Pearl
Valiquette Marlaine
Vanderpleog Feikje
Van Der Kammer Wemer August D
Villneff Edith S
Virgin Clifford Burton
Wall Annie L
Wall Edward W
Wall Ina Elizabeth
Wall James Ira
Wall John Henry
Wall John M
Wall Margaret H
Wall Sarah E
Wall William
Wall William Emmerson
Wall W Thomas
Wallace Duncan
Wallace Hazel M
Wallace James
Wallace John J
Wallace Margaret Grace
Wallace William J
Walker Mary Ann
Watson Arline L A
White Rebecca
Whyte BerthaK (Stewart)
Whyte Edward Marshall
Whyte Margaret V
Whyte Peter
Wieland Milford G
Wilson Hilda Rae
Wilson John B
Wilson John Oliver
Wilson Norma Pearl
Workman Gordon W
Woodman Julia E
Wright Alonzo
Wright Louisa
Yuill Anna Lena
Yuill Clifford R
Yuill John L
Yuill John W C
Yuill Margaret J
Yuill Walter
Ziebarth Garry
Ziebarth Jerry L
Ziebarth Shirley