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cemetery Our Most Precious Blood – Heritage Renfrew

cemetery Our Most Precious Blood


The cemetery is located at the corner of the Whalen Road and Highway 508 at Calabogie. Several of the old headstones have been removed, unfortunately, and so all that we have been able to record are the stones that are in the newer part of the cemetery. Word has it that the older stones are to be replaced, and hopefully they will, but there is no confirmation on this.


This cemetery record contains a map with the location of the headstones shown. It also contains headstone inscriptions.

Amell, Edwin
Amell, Gilbert
Amell, Wilfred
Belanger, Edna
Boldt, Andrew
Boldt, Cynthia
Boldt, Edward
Boldt, James
Boldt, Kevin
Boldt, MKenneth
Boldt, Nancy
Boldt, Raymond
Boldt, Sandra
Bolger, Catherine
Bovair, James
Bovair, Jerry
Bovair, Teresa
Brennan, Eileen
Brennan, Felix P
Brennan, Michael John
Brosseau, Claire J.
Brune, Hans H.
Brydges, A Delia
Brydges, Adrian
Brydges, Allan
Brydges, Emmerson R
Brydges, J. Lloyd
Brydges, Katherine Ann
Brydges, William Lloyd
Cain, Rose-Arm
Cameron, William J.
Carthy, John L.
Charbonneau, Anna Claire
Charbonneau, Donna Maureen
Charbonneau, James A
Charbonneau, Louis Gerard
Charbonneau, Melvin George
Charbonneau, Patrick E.
Charbonneau, Robert Vincent
Charron, Jeanne D’Arc A.
Cipiclowski, Maria
Clemen, Domonic
Clemen, Evelyn M.
Clemen, Raymond J.
Closs, Mary Ellen
Coghlan, Bridget
Commanda, Angele
Conrod, Bev.
Conrod, Dale
Conrod, Sharon
Conrod, Major Warren Samuel
Cookson, John Alexander
Coulas, Veronica J.
Craig, John M.
Culhane, Anna Mary
Culhane, Beatrice
Culhane, Bernard J.
Culhane, Daniel J.
Culhane, Daniel J.
Culhane, Gordon O.
Culhane, John
Culhane, John
Culhane, John K
Culhane, John M
Culhane, Kathleen E.
Culhane, Margaret
Culhane, Margaret
Culhane, Mary
Culhane, Mary
Culhane, William J
Danyluck, Dwight Michael
Danyluck, Michael E.
Dannyluck, Mary E.
Demers, Beatrice A.
Dempsey, James H.
Dempsey, Michael O.
Desjardine, Leonard A.
Deslaurier, Anna Mary
Deslaurier, Daniel J.
Deslaurier, Edward
Deslaurier, Gerald A.
Dillon, Allan J.
Dillon, Bridget
Dillon, Donald
Dillon, Helen C.
Dillon, John
Dillon, Mary E.
Dillon, Michael
Dillon, Robert
Dillon, Thos. Clarence
Dillon, William
Dodge, Alice C.
Dodge, Angeline
Dodge, Annie
Dodge, Frank
Dodge, Margaret Jane
Dodge, Martha Rose
Dodge, Veronica
Dolan, Anna Mary
Doolan, Margaret H.
Doyle, Robert P.
Doyle, Terrence
Elliott, Daniel Joseph (Joey)
Elliott, Jessie K.
Elliott, Vincent Lloyd
Eyamie, Laurence G.
Ferguson, Rita C.
Fillator, John B.
Fillator, John
Fillator, Jack
Fillator, Mary B.
Fillator, Minnie
Fillator, Raymond
Fillator, W. Lawrence
Filleter, William
Fitzgerald, Lucy M.
Fitzpatrick, Gerald J.
Fitzpatrick, Margaret E.
Foster, Clifford G.
Foster, Hazel
Foster, Joseph K.
Fougere, Monica
Fraser, Marion Dowdell
Gagne, Edward J.
Gagnon, Anne Veronica
Gagnon, Anthony
Gagnon, Francis B.
Gagnon, Genevieve
Gagnon, Joseph A.
Gagnon, Octavie
Gannon, W. Vincent
Geddes, Burton Henry
Gervais, John Lawrence
Gervais, Patricia M.
Gorman, Bernice A.
Gorman, John
Gorra, Catherine
Gorra, James
Gorra, Joseph Robert
Gorra, Mary Ann
Gorra, Mary Ellen Closs
Gorra, Michael Thomas
Gorra, Olive May
Gorra, Phyllis A.
Groves, Marion “Madge”
Hawthorne, S. Burton
Headrick, Isobel M.
Hellard, May
Hillock, George R.
Hisko, Grace M.
Hisko, Jean Mary
Hosier, Harry
Hunt, Alice
Hunt, John J.
Hunt, Mary
Hutt, Alexander F.
Inglehart, John G.
Jacko, John P.
Jacquot, Samuel J.
Jacquot, Willard J.
Kafenzakis, Costas
Kafenzakis, Nick
Kelly M., Noreen
Kennedy, Annie
Kennedy, Rev. L.J.
Kennedy, Wilfred T.
Kennelly, Ellen
Kennelly, Elsie
Kennelly, Kathleen
Kennelly, Katie
Kennelly, Mary
Kennelly, Mona C.
Kennelly, Patrick J.
Kennelly, Vincent J.
Kenopic, Margaret Ellen
Kilby, Kathleen E.
Killoran, Michael Joseph
Killoran, Robert James
Kubiseski, Elizabeth Marjorie
Kubiseski, Frank E.
Kubiseski, John Joseph
Kubiseski, Julia A.
Kubiseski, Martin
Kubiseski, Stella A.
Kubiseski, Thomas L.
Kubisheski, Lillian
Kurkowski, Ann
Lafrance, Emelia
Lafrange, Kenneth
Laplante, Jane
Latendresse, Kenneth Francis
Latendresse, Yvette Catherine
Laviolette, Ann Rita
Laviolette, Charles J.
Laviolette, Charles
Laviolette, Leslie J.
Laviolette, Mary C.
Law, George H.
Lazenby, Thomas W.
LeClaire, Anna M.
LeClaire, Andrew
LeClaire, Emelie
LeClaire, Francis A.
LeClaire, Francis E.
LeClaire, Frank
LeClaire, John F.
LeClaire, Joseph Fabian
Leclaire, Yvonne K.
Legree, Francis Robert
Legree, Genevieve
Legree, James H.
Legree, James
Legree, Lois M.
Legree, Martha
Legree, Roy
Legree, Sarah Ethel
Legree, William H.
Legris, Maurice James (Joey)
Lefebvre, Roy E.
Lesk, Mary Cordelia
Lesk, Thomas A.
Leveck, James A.
Leveck, William H.
Logan, Monica
Logan, Robert I.
Magill, Ryan Andrew
Mahusky, Joseph Robert
Main, Elizabeth
Maloney, Catherine
Maloney, Con
Maloney, Daniel
Maloney, Mary Ellen
Maloney, Nellie V.
Maloney, Patrick
Martinson, Murray William
Maw, John Arthur
Maw, Marshall C.
McCann, James
McCann, Mary
McCann, Veronica Quilty
MacDonnell, Angus
McFarlane, Anna M.
McGuinty, Con
McNamara, Edmund T.
McNulty, Daniel P.
McNulty, Kathleen (Kay)
McNulty, Mary E.
McNulty, Mary Stella
McNulty, Thomas Patrick
McNulty, Thomas P.
McNulty, W. Edward
McNulty, William E.
Merkley, Mary T.
Moore, Mary Margaret
Morgan, Ambrose
Moran, Daniel J.
Moran, James Thomas
Moran, John Patrick
Mulvihill, Glenna A.
Mulvihill, Francis J.
Mulvihill, Francis J.
Mulvihill, Martin J.
Mulvihill, Mary (Molly)
Mulvihill, Michael J.
Mulvihill, Shirley M.
Mulvihill, Thomas Patrick
Murphy, Charles T.
Murphy, Irenus G.
Murphy, M.J.
Murphy, Peter
Murphy, Sheila D.
Mutka, Michael
Naughton, Anna Teresa
Naughton, Bridget A.
Naughton, Daniel John
Naughton, Gertrude M.
Naughton, Mary Teresa
Naughton, Michael A.
Neely, Kathleen
Newton, Donald G.H.
Nichols, Colleen
Nichols, Gordon F.
Norton, Catherine E.
Norton, Charles B.
Norton, David John
Norton, Michael Joseph
Norton, Shirley E.
Norton, William X.
O’Brien, Elizabeth
O’Connor, Linda
O’Grady, Cecelia
O’Grady, James
O’Grady, John Thomas
O’Grady, Marion
O’Nanskie, Bemadette G.
Oreskovich, Kata Katherine
Oslifichuk, Helen
Ostroskie, Dorothy M. (Dollie)
Ostroskie, Orphelia
Pasco, Peter James
Pasco, Thomas P.
Peddie, George Lee
Pershick, Rita Marguerite
Pickering, Beverley C.
Pinkham, Hazel Dowdell
Popkie, Frederick Herbert
Pulcine, Rita J.
Quilty, Bernadette
Quilty, Daniel Joseph
Quilty, Gertrude M.
Quilty, Joseph Leo
Quilty, Mary
Quilty, Regis
Quilty, Thomas J.
Reddy, Charles F.
Reddy, Gerald E.
Reddy, Isaiah M.P.
Reddy, Josie & Martin
Reddy, Martin John
Reid, Ellen
Riopelle, Arthur
Riopelle, Arthur J.
Riopelle, Diana Margaret
Riopelle, Florence Mary
Riopelle, Gerald
Riopelle, Lois A.
Riopelle, Lucille M.
Riopelle, P. Leon
Riopelle, Walter
Riopelle, Wilired V.
Riopelle, Willard C.
Robbins, Joan H.
Roy, Andrew
Roy, Derek
Roy, John M.
Ryan, Hannah
Sabatier, Angele
Salter, Gerald T.
Sammon, Bridget E.
Sammon, Clara V.
Scerba, Frank J.
Scerba, Wendy R.
Schurmans, Louis H.
Schurmans, MaryH.
Scollard, Bridget E.
Scully, Comelius
Scully, Joseph
Scully, M.H. Stella
Shanahan, Elizabeth A.
Sharbot, Jerome
Sharbot, Thomas
Sheedy, Rhodena M.
Slobodzian, Filip
Slobodzian, Janina
St. Michael, Kenneth
St. Michael, Helena
St. Michael, Rene
Smith, M. Alex
Stoughton, Iva R.
Stoughton, Mary Freda
Stoughton, Shirley M.
Stroud, Rachel Emily
Stubinsky, Albert John
Stubinsky, Albert Thomas
Stubinsky, Bunkie
Stubinsky, Marion Ruth
Stubinsky, Mary Celina
Sullivan, Anna Mary
Sullivan, Kathryn
Sullivan, Mary
Sullivan, Patrick
Swiderski, Doris Ella
Tiberio, Doreen A.
Thompson, Doris C.
Utronkie, Francis M.
Valiquette, Bernard J.
Valiquette, James B.
Valiquette, Julia M.
Valliquette, Ambrose W.
VanBridger, Joan M.
Vick, Minota M.
Virgin, William Nathan
Voldock, Jean F.
Wall, Mary Iva
Warner, Peter
Whelan, Elizabeth M
Willis, Lorne H.
Windle, Anne
Windle, Bishop J.R.
Windle, Catherine
Windle, Daniel Clair
Windle, Edward P.
Windle, Helen M.
Windle, James S.
Windle, James D.
Windle, Margaret