cemetery Private

CONC. 3, LOT 34

Recorded, researched by Geraldine Kuehl October l, 1990.
Typed by Dolly Allen, November 4, 1990.

This cemetery is on private property now owned by Hazel Neiman. It is fenced around with chicken wire 4 feet high and surrounded by mature balsam trees.

This single grave was behind the farm home in the apple orchard, the stone is well preserved due to the shelter it receives from the evergreens. It is cracked at the base, but has been repaired with wooden slats, wired around the stone. There are no more buildings here. The property is now used as hunting grounds.

I was directed to this stone by several people; Jane Jessup and Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Phannenhour of the area. The farm driveway is passable only by a 4 X 4 truck although I drove right to the area with my car.

The grave is approximately one mile from the main road – Boundary Road, between Brudenell and Raglan Townships. Other members of the Pilgrim family are buried at the Zion Evangelical United cemetery, about half a mile north of this driveway.

Hier Ruhet Wm.