cemetery Renfrew Public (Thomsonville)

Concession 1 Lot 8

Recorded and transcribed
Aldene Church
Les Church
September 1985

OTTAWA BRANCH, Ontario Genealogical Society

Renfrew Public Cemetery, also known as Thomsonhill or Thomsonville Cemetery, is located southeast of the Town of Renfrew on Lot 8, Concession 1 of the Township of Horton in the County of Renfrew. It is a municipal public cemetery, still open, and is non-denominational, although a Roman Catholic cemetery exists at the northeast corner of the town.

There is good access to the Public cemetery. It can be reached by driving south-east from the junction of Raglan Street and Highway 60 along Raglan Street S for a distance of 1.5 kilometres, then turning south-west (right) at the top of the hill onto Cemetery Street and proceeding two blocks to the main gate.

The property was owned by the Rev. Geo. Thomson and was sold in 1871 to the Renfrew Public Cemetery Board. It is well maintained and supervised. Some of the people interred here were pioneer settlers of the area around Renfrew and the town itself, and the Rev. Thomson is included among them. There are a number of people interred for whom there is no visible marker.

The cut-off date for this recording was July 31,1985. Recorded, transcribed and checked by Aldene and Les Church. To the best of our knowledge and belief, the facts contained herein are correct.
The publication contains transciptions of headstones, some information from cemetery records and a names index indicating the location of headstone. It also contains copies of a Plan of the Village of Thomsonville 1873 showing the cemetery lands, a deed registry and a hand-drawn map showing the Sections of the cemetery.
Contact information (2021): Jane Smith 613-432-6263
See also Find a Grave link https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/2157531/thompson-hill-cemetery

Acton A61-B50
Adams B76-C30
Addie C118-CX1
Addison C61
Affleck B117-CL-C29-FZL-FX85
Aikenhead FX73
Airth 22-A51-A68-A72-AIOA-B17-C27-C28-C34-CL6-CL7-CL9-C55-C99-C100-D15-D24-D94-D101-E21-CX29
Alexander B13-DL8-D59-E31
Alicino F54
Allan D57-BX78
Allard B30
Allen C117-BX39
Allum D59-D60-D61
Anderson B73-B85-BQA-B100-C32-C122-D76-E9O-E91-F11-F20-BX42-BX47-BX84-BX118-CXB4-CX35
Andrews F91
Antoni C145-CI46
Archer C58-C59
Armbrust BX22
Armstrong C6-E15-E80-BX71
Ash C93
Ashdown BX68
Ashfield 85-F117
Aube C139
Austin D57
Babary E43
Baillie A66-D90
Baird A77-C37
Baker 54-A9-A10-A19-B111-E65-CX28-BX112-FX78-FX79
Baldwin B36
Ballard F115
Bannerman C31-61
Barber F61-F62
Barker C139-CX13
Barkley A1
Barnard D1-D29
Barnes C152
Barnet A67-E34
Barr 1-53-A23-A30-A31-A41-A104-B9-B42-B128-B133-C28-D25-D47-D80-E53-E82-BX29-BX41-BX105-BX120-CX1-CX3-CX14
Barrie B134
Barry A96
Barstead A108
Bartholemew~ C12O
Barton BX3
Bastedo B1
Bates B33-BX121
Beach A111-CX19
Beall D55-F34
Bean 18-D85
Beattie 6-7
Becker 56-FX69
Beckman B30
Bedour 53
Beebe F81
Beech CX36
Beeler F44
Bell A36-C77-FX18
Bellerby C9
Bennett C136-E4
Benoit F35
Benson BX27
Berlanget A16
Berlanguet A115
Bertrand BX15
Best B88
Biggs A45
Billington 24
Bilson F71
Birss BX100
Biyrs C67
Black B121-D7-D9-F26
Blackwell E7-E8
Blair C97-E79
Blaisdell D105
Blake A58
Blaney C109
Blimkie BX62
Boal B61
Boddie F8
Bohl C124
Boicey B28
Bolam D12-F31
Boldt BX32
Bolton 7
Bond F93-F94
Bonner BX86
Bossence BX45
Bowden E33
Bowditch A11
Bowes BX42
Howland A68
Box B127-C11-D91-F102-CX3
Boyd 19-F103
Bresnahan 85
Breen FX2
Brewis F18
Bricker B115-BX24
Bridgen C110
Briggs A87
Brinda B107
Bromley 23-A108-C40-C63-C83-F16-F28-F37-BX7
Brook A123
Brown B62-C123-C131-F5-F94-BX50-FX45
Brownlee L9-A2-A110-C91-F35
Broyden B66
Brundt C137
Brunskill 39-B110
Bryan B86-C37
Brydge A83-A91-B15
Brydges B98-B131-F114-CX10-FXS2-B83
Buchan D110
Buchanan D125
Budd D128
Buffam C41
Buffett A8-E69-E70-FXS0-FX51
Bunke BX84
Bunting F8-FX28
Buntlin FX28
Burgess A37-A38
Burke F115
Burlangette D98
Burlanguet D99
Burleigh D65
Burnham E31
Burns D45-D106
Burrows FX76
Burt 14
Burton C141-D103-E44-E91-F53-B137
Burwell A83-B15-B137-F67-F68-F74
Butler CX33-FX79
Butson BX24
Butt A1
Byers A109-D58-D87-D88-F47
Byron A14-A15
Caldwell BX88-FX41
Call F15
Cameron 11-57-A70-A111-C15-C16-A56-D35-D36-D83-D124
Campbell 14-32-43-50-71-A68-A86-A101-A107-B34-C36-C39-C71-D5-D6-D7-D8-D10-D11-D16-D24-D33-D77-D93-D108-F107-BX12-BX88-BX98
Cardiff E14-F104-FX49
Carey E47
Carley CX39
Carmichael D117-F45-F46-F47-F48
Carriere FX16
Carroll F60
Carruth D67-D68
Carson B99
Carswell A32-A67-A80-C60-C66-C79-C81-D124-F86-FX13
Carter 37-33-48-F56-BX57-FX21
Cartwright C30
Cashmere 43
Cavanagh 88
Chabot B65
Chalmers D127-CX6
Chamberlain A88-A89-B131-BX30
Chamberlin D116
Chatson 10-F5
Childerhose F23
Church D92-F72-FX62
Churchill 5-C50-C67-C68
Chown A84-CX41
Chrisley A98
Clark A56-F1
Clarke B55-B139-F92
Cleary B2-B12
Clement B66
Cleroux D108-BX48
Clifton B63
Coade F99
Coates B39
Cochlin BX43-BX44
Cochrane A105-B5-C124
Cockburn BX72
Cole 15-16-A31-B84
Coleman C22-C130-C62
Collins C114-C133-F52-BX95
Comba B91-F80
Comrie D34
Conley D41
Conn E48
Connor F46
Cook E4
Cooke B94-FX83
Coolican D81-BX26-FX34
Cooper B97-FX31
Cornett 25-D118-F32
Cotie 3-E5-E6-E27-E28
Coumbs B9-E49
Court A9
Cowan A25
Cox D39-D124-BX96
Craig B136-C57-D93-BX89
Cram B75-B79-C11-C80-D35-F16-FX77
Crane D25
Crawford BX1OO
Crogie B86-B96
Crooke A53
Crosbie D25
Croskery B70
Crowder BX21
Crowe C107-C109-C115-C116-C117-BX99
Crouse C95
Crozier CX3
Cruickshank E76
Cuff BX5O
Culbertson D67
Culhane D37
Curtis A67-C79
Cuthbertson A63-E37
Dagg E6-E7-E87
Dahl BX63
Dale B48
Dalglish C28
Dalton B46
Dargue B47
Darrah C92
Darroch C92
Davidson F22-FX42
Davis BX108-FX3
Deacon A4
Dean A17-E23
Deane F17
Debenham E1
Deitz D18-F3-BX125
Delaire BX95
Delarge D116-E61-F87
Delyea F99
Demarce AL8-BX129
Dempsay A112
Dempsey 17
Denniston 47
Denovan FX43
DePencier B138
Derry FX29
Deschamps B116
Deslaurier D62-D77-E9-F39-F40-F56
Devenny E30
Dewey A11-B138
Dick E45-F19-BX122
Dickey A54
Dickson 11-B10-B11
Dick A50
Discher D128
Dobson B68
Donald C81
Donaldson CX18
Donnelly BX69
Dougall C53
Douma 91
Dow F70
Dowd F21-F23-F105-F112
Dowsett C133-BX52
Draper 9-BX115
Drefke BX25
Drummond A107
Drysdale B9-C78
Duff A106-B100
Duncan A42
Dunfield C71
Dunkley 30-31
Dunlop A89
Durbrow CX41
Duscharm F84
Dutrizac BX10
Dyer 88
Eady L5-L6-71-A25-A27-D95-D126-D129-E32-E33-E43+E57-E60F13-F55-FX36-
Eagleson A103-F38
Earley D95-D96
Early D95
East CX20
Easton A102-F66
Ecclesone F6
Eddie 59
Edmunds B125-C94
Edward B59
Edwards F36
Eggleston E52
Elgood D52
Elliott A2-A116-A117-A118-B130-C10-F82
Elsie F4
Elvire BX75
Emerson A49
Emon F37-BX56
Engley 18
Evans 69-E35
Evens B17
Fadyk BX11O
Faichney C101
Fairfield E16
Fallis 17
Farguson D130
Farquharson C48-E9-E62
Farrel E36
Farrell 10-B18-E54
Farris BX101
Fennessy E54
Fenwick B38
Ferguson 23-A32-A43-AL5-A46-A107-C139-D117-D130-E15-E82-E89-CX17
Ferrier A35-AA7-FXAB
Field A107
Finan F2
Finch FX88
Finn E94
Fishenden D7
Fisher D58
Fletcher A16
Flower C151-C152-BX83
Foley FX10
Foot E65
Ford A6
Forgie F21-F78-FX89
Forrest A29-A30-B11-E39-E53
Forsey E73
Fortington B74
Foster F77
Foulds BX128
Francis A114-B3-C84
Franklin 65
Fraser C78-C82-D34-D35-D37-D38-D119-D120-D123-E48-F73-BX19-BX26-CX2-CX17-FX26
Frazer 34-C73
Free F36
Freeborn C69
Freer C43-C44
Frivalt B87
Froats A52-B87-BX85
Frood 29-A12-B3-C12-C13-C14-C15-C18-C19-C20-C32-C35-C39-C40-C88-D88-D91-D114-D117-D119-E20-F3
Gagan BX55-FX40
Gainford A36
Galbraith A62-A63-E14-E40
Gannon D101
Garrett FX22
Gauthier E12
Garvie FX52
Geale B106
Gemmell 63-C95
Gemmil F7
Gemmill A47-FX24
Gerbrandt B103
Gibbon C10
Gibbons B35-B134-D57
Gibson FX64
Gilbert BX77
Gilchrist 75-B114-D48
Gillan A117
Gillespie D101
Gillies CX15
Gilmore FX80
Gilmour D89-D115
Glenn 23
Gorbie A22
Gordon 26-27-A18-A31-A95-C22-D80-CX3
Goodfellow 58-C75
Goodwyn A46
Gower FX4
Gould B52-FX51
Graham D22-E22-FX36
Grant B78-E34-E61-CX20-BX121
Grassick BX98
Graveline FX82
Graves A122-BX109
Gray D71
Green A80-B44-BX12
Greer B120-B130-E57-F13
Grey B18-D24
Grier A92
Griese BX6
Griffith C119-CX29
Grigg 51-A12-D75-CX9
Groandt B27
Grosman B28
Groves B97-E24
Guest A45-D64-D86-E45-E46-E51-E58-F74
Gurcher CX27
Guthrie A55
Habel B31
Haddow CX40
Hale BX58
Hall B119-C147-F18
Halliday C142-C143-E14
Halpenny B24
Hamilton B43-B109-C35-B121-BX53-BX72-CX34-FX83
Handford D100-FX81
Handley D78
Hanlan B35
Hanna E10
Hanneman E26
Hansen FX70
Hanson BX61
Haramis B115
Harkness A96
Harlow CX23
Harris D69-E93
Hart BX17
Hastings A112
Hatton C59
Hawkins B50
Hawthorne B90
Hay D105
Haycraft FX88
Hayhurst 24-25
Hazelton A3-B60-E13-E41
Hedderwick C24
Heimsohn C103
Heins BX25
Hemlin BX46
Henderson 4-A110-B26-D96-F36
Hendry 20-A7
Henley E77
Henshaw CX26
Hethrington D14
Hewlett D113
Hickey F118
Hill C132-BX33
Hilliard A17
Hinchley BX76
Hobbs C110-E93-F25-CX21
Hodgart E50
Hodgins D86
Hodgson C5
Hoffman B141-E42-F99-FX33
Hogan B25
Hohs BX35
Holden 85
Hollin C90
Hollingworth C140-C144
Holmes A109-B32-B44-B79-B80-B81-B139-FXA7
Hooper FX81
Hope F10
Horne F6
Horner FX75
Howard CX28
Hoyle D101
Huibers FX55
Hudson F65-BX81
Hughes B105-D2-D90-F121-FX52
Hugh 74
Humphries E68-F69-F104
Hunter F107-BX67-BX70-FX70
Hutchins C97
Hutchinson A7
Hutson D107
Hutton B40-B41-B52-E81
Hyett A90-A91
Hynes C8-E86
Inglis L1-B1-F9-F95-F116-FX66-A90
Innis C86
Ireton F32-F43
Jack E79-E80-F103-F112-F113
Jackson C126-F32-F43-F100
Jacques C78-FX48
Jamieson 22-A22-A71-B19-B109-D24-D30-D84-D94-D95-D109-D115-E14-BX34-BX71-FX61
Jenkins F120-FX28
Jennings D16-BX131
Jobson BX18
Johnson D4-D66-D85
Johnston A87-B10-B71-B133-C33-D38-BX8-FX58-FX61-FX67-FX71
Joyce BX59
Jull D103
Kearney B3
Kelly B25-C87-BX1-BX8
Kennedy B135-D75-E87-BX10
Kenopic FX33
Kent C148
Ker BX65
Kerr 50-A59-A65-F96
Keyzer E28
King A95-A110-BX45
Kippen A78
Kirk E15-FX20-FX77
Kirkham FX85
Knight A104-A105-A106-A119-D26
Kohlschmidt A85
Kosmack C90
Laing A22
Laird BX64-FX1
Lake E72
Lakin B3
Lamont E86-BX91
Langdon D76-BX11
Langin A94
Lapine 51
Lapointe B112
Larkin D122
Laronde D62
Lauber E72
Laughren B120
Laurie F87
Lavallee B89-B101-B113
Lavanture 67-68
Lavender C91
Laventure D94-F53-F54
Laws A26
Lawton B72-B104
Leavoie A65
Leckie F55
Leclaire FX87
Ledger FX68
Leggett C96-C97-C98
Legree F69
Leitch A62-D101-D104
Lemay CX11
Lepine F40
Leslie A64-B118-CX4
Lester A28-A36-D101-D102-BX49
Lett B57-C149
Lewis BX40-CX31-CX32
Lillie 40
Lindsay F63-CX1O
Linnen B57
Lisk BX73
Lister A82-B12
Little F12-F108-F109-F120-F121
Livingston A97
Lockwood E51-E75-BX74
Logan B18-B64-B93-D31-D72-D73-E23-E38-FX65
Loken F33
Long E46
Lora 56
Lumsden A25
Lynch B91
Lyndsay A81
Lytle FX23
Maass C89-C9O
Mackie D19
Macnabb BX123
Magill D34
Mailhiot BX6
Main A9
Maher A68
Mallory F26
Manion A124-D18-BX124-BX125
Mann D13
Marple C131-C132
Marsters F6
Marston B30
Martin A68-A120-FX15-FX16-FX49-FX61
Mason 15-A68-A108-E11-F80-F81-BX85
Matheson B6
Mathieson F100-CX16
Matthews FX8-FX9
Mayhew 23-72-B13-C6-C7-D40
Megrath BX102
Melley A22-F55
Melvin D14
Merriek 74-76-78-81-86-C58
Metiff BX87
Miles A113
Miliar A22-C28-D118-D122-E35-BX127-FX54
Miller 17-A1-A31-D61-B95-D61-D84-D110-E66-F42-F75-BX37-FX5
Millikin C70-C71
Mills C21-C51-D82
Milne E47
Milton A36
Moffatt F49-F66-FX84
Monk CX19
Monsell BX80
Montgomery BX29-FX56
Moodie D97
Moore 19-B93-D12
Moran C66-E24-BX49
More E29
Morphy E17
Morris A6-A57-D6-D43
Morrison E71
Morrow A34-D69-D124-A44
Moss C92-C121-C122-C127-C129
Moyer FX86
Muir 82-84-B93-CX18
Murphy B50-C5-C34-F63-FX47
Murray A84-A110
MacBey F14
MacCullouch B95-FX80
MacDermid A71-A72
MacDonald C99
MacDougall D95-F65-BX1-BX19-FX58
MacFayden E18
MacGregor B89-C150-F48-BX94
Maclnnes B117-B118-B125
MacIntyre 4-B6-D97
MacKay B17-C60-D124-E24
MacKenzie D108
Mackinnon E43
MacLaren B42
MacLean E36-E18
MacMillan A110-B101-C53-E64-F79
MacNabb A5
MacPhail CX24-CX25
MacPherson 33-B36-B37-B38-F46-BX123
MacRae A52-FX80
MacRorie E9-E63
MacTavish C21-D15
McAdam 60-A79-D75
McAndrew B17-C59
McArthur A1-A21-B9-C119-D24-E35-E94-F11-F69-F75-FX16-D126
McBurney F64
McCagherty C105
McCain B114
McCallum 6-A24-B92-B96-B135-D33-BX76
McClatchie F10
McClelland A50-FX9
McConnell 33
McCormack A99-A100-A101
McCreddie A24
McDevitt 21-FX60
McDonald 38-A68-B16-B18-D57-D127-E40-E41-E83
McDougall A111
McDowell 36-37-A74-A75
McEwen 9-A81-A97-B55-D114-E89
McFarlane D87-F22-F51-F52-F62-BX64
McFayden B19-B82-E71-FX11
McGoey B63
McGrath FX10
McGregor 21-B58-C65-C149-E75-BX33-BX130-FX59
Mclnnes E13
McIntosh B73-C41-C153
McIntyre 57-59-66-A5-A31-B29-B34-C15-C34-C56-C75-C130-D30-D35-D36-E62-F35-BX32-BX72-BX116
McKay A25-A34-B8
McKee CX24
McKeddie B128
McKenzie C77
McKiddie E80
McKinnon E60
McLachlin D33-D111-D112-E64
McLaren A23-C28-C54-C100-D4-D23-D24-D25-D27-D55-F67-BX107-CX2
McLaughlin B84-B126-F71-F119-BX14-BX79-BX97-BX102-BX103
McLean 35-A68
McLellan B69-D39
McLeod F31
McMahon F58
McManus A77
McMartin A24
McMaster F19
McMillan A68-E25
McNab B58-C1O-C3L-D63-E92-F29-F54-F118
McNabb A5-F49
McNee C34-CX24
McNevin B19-D123-F72-BX13-BX15
McNicoll 54-A12-D72
McNulty FX63
McPhail B53-B54-D72-CX26
McPherson C17-D30
McQuade B60-E59
McRae C77-D25-D55
McTavish B17-C101-C102-D125
McVicar C51-E88
McWilliams 86
Naylor FX67
Near B107
Neavers B49
Neil B60-D110
Nesbitt E66-E67
New A27-A81-D104
Newbegging B106
Newbigging BX91
Newton BX39
Niblet B7-BX87
Nichol A82
Nicholls BX5-BX92
Nicol 16
Nitz B112
Nolan BX48
Normand C52-BX16
Northrop C135
Nymeyer 90
O’Brien C115
Oegema 87
Ogden BX82
O’Hara D71
O’Harro D65
Oliphant A83-F68
Olmstead FX20-FX23
Olney A109
Oma BX117
O’Neill C141
O’Reilly C23
Osborne FX63-FX74
Painter D107
Palmer E16-E44
Park C27
Parker B32
Parsons FX14
Passaw C36-C38-BX53
Paterson A59
Payne 17-42-44-45-F2-FX64-FX65
Pearson D92-D118
Pedlow F7
Peever 1-2-A110-F56-BX55
Pelky BX40
Pender 32-BX94
Pennock A60
Penrose BX99
Perry F23-BX113-BX114
Phanenhour BX51
Philips E78
Phillips D95
Piasetzki E61-F27-F110-BX56
Pickels D25
Pickens D64
Pierce E19-CX4
Pitcher BX96
Plaunt A68-FX35
Police E18
Politis F97
Pollard BX9
Poole A17
Potter A79-F111
Pottinger E22
Pounder D51
Powell B51-D79
Powers E63
Presley BX104
Price 8-A87-D70
Priestley C140
Prince BX82
Pringle BX28
Proctor E16-F79-CX8
Pultz D85-F50-F59-F83-F95-BX43
Purdie C45-E52-E53-FX61
Purvis D13
Quartermaine B2
Ralph B26
Rankin D42
Raven F64
Raworth 54
Raycroft A40-FX69
Raymond C28
Ready FX17-FX18-FX32
Redman BX126
Redtman F113
Reid B6-D17-D25-D82
Rennie B18
Reynolds 72-73-C123
R.F.W. D44
Richards D40-D42
Richardson 30-35-B102-D3-D107-FX24
Richie D128
Rickman F88-F89
Riddell C112
Rigg BX36
Ringsleben A85
Risk E3
Ritchie D128-E59-E81-E88-FX13
Roberts 27-64-65-B90-C22-C114-D61-FX31
Robertson 28-29-41-D121-E35-E74-F30-BX38
Robinson F101-FX37-FX38
Robson C101-BX23
Rochester A66-A111-D90
Rodden B88
Rodgers BX6
Roffey 66-B23-F28-F29-F38-F39-BX44
Rogers B36-BX101
Rolfe CX23
Rorison B5
Rose F101-BX104
Ross B6-C27-D25-E31
Rougier F115
Routh E22
Rowan CX35
Rowsome CX12
Rowsone F34
Royle CX2
Royston F57
Rudd B105
Rusland D50-FX44
Russell A22-B56-C135-C153-D31-D63-CX15
Russett B102
Ruston B68
Sales BX57
Saunders E15
Savage BX2
Scarborough BX110
Scharff B7-BX43
Schock B108-B112
Schmidt F104
Schwab 30-31-B86
Scobie B113-BX17
Scott A54-C107-C108-C138-D2-D73-D89-D106-D109-E8-E32-E43-E90-BX20-BX21-BX54-FX46-FX57
See A20
Seeley BX13-BX14-BX103
Sellars A16-D111
Sereny E68
Sharpe 39-B110-B127-F51-F102
Shaw D84-E17
Sheffield B62
Shellhorn E92
Sheppard BX106
Shergold F32
Sherriff D109
Shields D70-D101-F9-F82-F105
Shon B67
Shoults D78
Sibary D20-D21
Sidney FX72
Sidock FX39
Sim A33
Simpson B45-BX16
Sleeman C144
Smallfield D52-D53
Smart 34-B122-D106-BX111
Smith 28-33-44-55-79-80-81-A21-A74-B63-B140-C37-C73-C95-C104-C105-C106-C113-D11-D26-F3-F7-F57-F92-BX28-BX78-FX44
Smythe E38
Snedden CX30
Snow E88
Somerville A13-A16-A115-BX4
Somnerville C49
Soper C59-D54
Sparham D13
Splane C87
Spooner A98
Spottiswood A2
Squires D104
Stacy A109
Stafford B21
Stalker E2
Stark E37-E55
Steadman C102
Steel C118
Steele 5-B132-F20-BX54-FX57
Steen A103
Stephen CX38
Stephens E12-FX75
Sterling B6
Stevens BX37
Stevenson D56-CX9-FX76
Stewart 40-A24-A63-A64-B17-B56-B64-B69-B85-B107-B122-B123-C26-C29-C33-C37
Storie A33-FX60
Stirling E65-E74
Strihger B36-B65
Strong C52
Stubbington B119
Sturdy D39-FX19
Stubinski FX25
Stufko F72
Stump BX47
Sully A35
Sutton CX30
Tait 70-C41
Tambeau F86
Tanner CX30
Taylor A3-A76-E30-BX61-FX22
Teeple C42
Telfer B20
Templeton 26
Tennian CX5
Thacker D94-B47
Thibodeau F61
Thomas C76-BX111
Thompson A20-A68-B99-C42-D125-F41-F108-CX22
Thomson 83-84-A121-B5-B8-B14-C44
Thornton BX127
Thur B108
Thurston CX13
Thwaite A94
Thynne BX112
Tierney B54
Tilburn F15
Todd F31
Tompkins A83
Toner 64
Torney B17
Totten A13-E16-FX-E16-FX42-FX53
Towne D34-D35
Townson D7
Treat FX7
Troke E69-E73-F90-F91-FX56
Tucker A88-B70-E42-BX68
Tudor F25
Turner C134
Twilley 7
Tye CX14
Uot 67-68
Vale 52
VanAlstine C145
Vandecan B116
Vander Bunte BX66
VanExan FX62
Vaughan E79
Vickers B124
Victoria A16
Vineer FX41
Virgin A12
Visfalls B27
Wade 12-13-D14-FX26-FX27
Waddell C121
Wainman C113-F91-BX73
Walbeck CX37
Walford B4-B5
Walker A51-F45-FX7-FX84
Wall B41-B84
Wallace 47-A8-A112-B92-C32-D33-D48-E20-FX35
Walsh A10-BX75
Walters FX68
Warburg A44
Ward C2-C3-CL-C25-C26
Ware BX22
Wark D117
Warren A69-A88-A89-A109-B76-B77-B78-B98-F50-F58-F87-F114-BX62-BX90-CX27-FX66-FX82
Watling B5
Watson A73-D90-D112
Watt A57-C17-C20-BX109-FX30-FX38
Webster F77
Weegar BX45
Weiss BX119
Welk FX87
Wessman F33
Wetmore BX93
Wheaton A101
White B129-C81-F116-BX113-FX25-FX73
Whitham BX129
Whitton A92-A93-A94-B121
Whyte C60
Wickman F1
Wieland CX33
Wiggins 20
Wight A19-D128-E87
Wild BX128
Wilkinson E29-F98-BX60
Williams B22-D67-BX9-FX19
Wilmot D124
Wilson 3-35-89-A38-A39-A40-A86-B20-B21-B82-B111-B133-C138-D19-D114-E84-E85-F85-BX10-BX122-CX40-FX12-FX27-FX40-FX48-FX71
Wing C5
Winslade BX52
Wirta FX37
Wise BX106
Wood B3
Woodward B80
Wright A51-C73-C74-C84-C85-BX74-CX7
Wyman C72
Young 20-A4-B140-C111-D100-F24-BX86
Yourt BX51
Yuill B17
Zagler FX37
Ziebell BX119
Zimmerman B31-B123