cemetery Rosebank


Rosebank Cemetery is situated near the boundaries of Admaston Twp., Ross Twp. and Horton Twp. on old Highway 17 near Haleys Ontario. The cemetery has been in use for many years and the chapel that sits on the site is still used sometimes in the summer when they have their decoration services.

Rosebank church was built about 1846 in Admaston Township on Henry Hutton’s farm. The logs were donated by Rowland Crozier. Shingles were hand shaven by Mr Hanawel and Miles Brown. The neighbours united to build the church. Peter Dalgleish named the church “ROSEBANK“ alter the ship on which he had crossed the ocean from Scotland.

It was a Methodist church with Rev. A Krupp as the first minister and J. M Briscoe chairman of the official board. Sunday School was organized by Henry Hutton, Elisha
Francis and Xavier Plaunt. Services were held here until union in 1925 with the Northcote congregation of the Admaston Pastoral Charge of the United Church.



This cemetery record contains a map with the location of the headstones shown. It also contains headstone inscriptions.
Contact information (2021): Joanne Thom 613-570-0857
See also Find a Grave link https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/2199563/rosebank-cemetery

Adams, Douglas F
Adams, E Lucille
Adcock, Cynthia
Adcock, Harvey Deaton
Adcook, Peter
Alcock, Muriel G
Agnel, Debra T
Andrews, Nettie M
Arbic, Jeffrey
Arbic, Noel
Armstrong, Claude J
Armstrong, Judy A
Ashcroft, Edith G Ethel
Atkinson, Dinah
Atkinson, Elizabeth
Atkinson, James E
Atkinson, James Edward
Atkinson, James Ernest
Atkinson, James
Atkinson, John
Atkinson, John Andrew
Atkinson, Margaret J
Atkinson, Marybelle
Atkiinson, Mary
Atkinson, Roberta M
Atkinson, Thomas
Atkinson, Thamer
Baerwaldt, Ella A
Bailey, Louise A
Bain, Mary Jane
Baird, Sadie
Baker, William A
Barber, Albert
Barber, E R
Barber, Edward
Barber, Edward
Barber, Edward Roy
Barkey, Arthur S
Barr, Robert Carl
Barstead, Agnes
Barstead, Arthur C
Barstead, Edith E
Barstead, Grace A
Barstead, Iva G
Barstead, MarthaW
Barstead, Robert C
Barstead, Sarah Jane
Barstead, Stanley A
Bates, Gladys M
Beach, Albert E
Beach, Albert
Beach, Alice Adeline
Beach, Anna Vera
Beach, Cecil John
Beach, Levi
Beach, Martha Ann
Beach, William
Beckett, Arvilla Ann
Beckett, Sarah
Behm, Charles
Behm, Clilford
Behm, Gertrude H
Behm, Wilhelmine
Belaire, George L
Belaire, Ida
Bell, Elsie B
Bell, Elsie
Bell, James Arthur
Bennett, Beverley A
Bennett, Harold M Corporal
Bennett, Jean E
Bennett, Lucy B
Bennett, Viola “VI”
Bernard, Ralph
Best, Frederick W
Biederman, Martha E
Biederman, Mary L
Blackburn, Elmer Rollins
Blackburn, Lila W
Blackwell, Ellard S
Blackwell, Margaret
Blackwell, Margaret
Blackwell, Samuel
Blaedow, Edna S
Blimkie, Joyce M
Blomley, W J (Bell)
Bos, Aafke
Bos, Hendrika T
Bos, Jakob
Bos, Klaas
Boulton, Ethel Irene
Bourk, Elizabeth J
Bowes, Alex
Box, Muriel Annie
Bresee, Thomas L
Brisco, Amy J Elliott
Brisco, Barry
Brisco, Calvin Mark
Brisco, C Milburn
Brisco, Cecil A
Brisco, Charles
Brisco, Clinton Graham
Brisco, Dorothy J
Brisco, E Elmer
Brisco, Gerald C
Brisco, Gordon L
Brisco, Gordon R
Brisco, Graham H
Brisco, F Harold
Brisco, James A
Brisco, Joey
Brisco, John W
Brisco, Marlene
Brisco, Peter
Brisco, Russell E
Brisco, S Campbell
Brisco, Terry Gordon
Brisco, Sgt. Thomas Clifford
Brisco, Trudy
Briscoe, Alice Adeline
Briscoe, Bryan W
Briscoe, Charles
Briscoe, Charles Levi
Briscoe, Clifford E
Briscoe, Della I
Briscoe, Dina Jane
Briscoe, Donald
Briscoe, Eileen
Briscoe, Eva
Briscoe, Gertrude
Briscoe, Helen E
Briscoe, HoWard M
Briscoe, James
Briscoe, J Keith
Briscoe, James A
Briscoe, James
Briscoe, Jean
Briscoe, Jeanetta Pearl
Briscoe, John Bryan (JB)
Briscoe, John M
Briscoe, Joseph M
Briscoe, Judy
Briscoe, Kenneth P
Briscoe, Lorne E
Briscoe, Mack
Briscoe, Margaret
Briscoe, Margaret
Briscoe, Mary
Briscoe, Mary Jane
Briscoe, Milburn
Briscoe, Rae Anne
Briscoe, Robert B
Briscoe, Sadie May
Briscoe, Sarah M
Briscoe, Sharon
Briscoe, Stanley Earl
Briscoe, T Emerson
Briscoe, William H
Bromley, Leonard Lloyd
Bromley, M Irene
Brown, Betty N
Bruce, Anna May
Bruce, Violet Teeple
Brundage, Diana
Brydges, Grace L
Buelow, Anne Pearl
Buma, Doritsen
Bunke, Edward H
Burke, Geoffrey T
Burke, Morely
Burman, Violet M
Burnette, Carl A
Burns, Mary E T
Burton, Margaret
Burton, Ruth M
Bushey, Lucy
Butler, Jeff Glenn
Byers, Gladys C
Byron, Audrey C
Callier, Ida
Camelon, Robert Arthur
Campbell, Clayton Robert
Campbell, Evelyn M
Campbell, Florence
Campbell, Kenneth H
Campbell, Mary Elizabeth
Carey, Edith New
Caridlish, Muriel Lea
Carmichael, Catherine
Carson, Leona Winnifred
Carswell, Allan
Carswell, James Leslie
Carswell, Mabel C
Carswell, Robert G
Cassidy, Wm Russell
Chamberlain, Irene P
Chamberlain, Sidney
Charter, Walter D
Chaitrand, Margaret Stewart
Chiddle, Walter Gordon
Christensen, Knud
Churchill, Lorraine C
Clark, L Gertrude M
Clark Phillip B
Clarke, Clara E
Code, Cecil R
Code, Darla
Code, Donna
Code, Dorothy J
Code, Dwayne
Code, Elizabeth
Code, Harry H
Code, Harvey J
Code, Herbert
Code, James
Code, James
Code, Joseph M
Code, Pte. Joseph H
Code, Lawrence E
Code, Margaret
Code, Mary Ann
Code, Russell
Code, William R
Cole, Mabel
Cole, Margaret
Coleman, Eileen R
Coleman, William C
Collins, John Stanley
Collins, Kevin Stewart
Cook, Janet L
Cooke, Orpha M
Coombes, Dorothy M
Coules, Dina
Coulter, Elizabeth A
Craig, Norman Lloyd
Craigie, Douglas J
Craigie, Douglas M
Craigie, Grace M
Craigie, Madge T
Cram, James
Cram, William (Bill)
Crogie, S Lawrence
Crowe, Doreen J
Crozier, Allan
Crozier, Andrew
Crozier, Andrew W
Crozier, Anne
Crozier, Baird C
Crozier, Barclay
Crozier, Bertram Henry
Crozier, Beth J
Crozier, Brenda
Crozier, Brian
Crozier, Brian James
Crozier, Cecil
Crozier, Cecil Henry
Crozier, C G
Crozier, Christopher A
Crozier, Christopher R
Crozier, Colleen
Crozier, D Emmerson
Crozier, Diane
Crozier, Donald
Crozier, Eleanor
Crozier, Eliza M
Crozier, Elsie Pearl
Crozier, Eva M
Crozier, Evelyn A
Crozier, Frances
Crozier, Frieda
Crozier, Glenna
Crozier, Goldie H
Crozier, Gordon C
Crozier, Grant
Crozier, Harry C
Crozier, Hazel M
Crozier, Henry
Crozier, Ian
Crozier, Jane
Crozier, Jim
Crozier, John J
Crozier, John Andrew
Crozier, John A
Crozier, Kenneth Percy
Crozier, Kevin James
Crozier, Linda
Crozier, Marion C
Crozier, Mary
Crozier, Maxwell
Crozier, Minerva
Crozier, Percy S
Crozier, Philip
Crozier, Ronald Wilfred
Crozier, Ronald
Crozier, Ross
Crozier, Ruby
Crozier, Susan
Crozier, Waveney E
Crozier, T Wilfred
Crozier, Wilfred
Crozier, William A
Crozier, William L
Cummings, Marjorie E
Cunningham, M Dianne
Dagg, Annie E M
Dagg, Frederick John
Dagg, Irene J
Dagg, M Hazel
Dagenais, Lois
Dalglish, Grace A
Davis, Maria
Day, Leslie George
Dean, Amy Pearl
Dean, Ann
Dean, Donald G
Dean, Eliza Jane
Dean, Ivy Ethel
Dean, John
Dean, John
Dean, Thomas Russell
Dean, Thomas
Dean, Thomas
De Brie, Aotje
Delarge, Boyne Harper
Delarge, Lucy Mae
Delarge, Russell Graham
Delaurier, Agnes V
Delaurier, Robert John
Dench, Frank Q
Dench, Terence F
De Ruiter, Peter
Desaulniers, Margaret (Peggy)
Desilets, Evelyn
Desilets, Joffre W
De Vries, Ferri
De Vries, Jelle
Dick, Doris E
Dick, Joseph
Dick, Kenneth R
Dillabough, Anna Maas
Dillabough, Elizabeth M
Dillabough, Garry
Dillabough, Harold J
Dillabough, Iva Mae
Dittburner, Mary Augusta
Dobec, James A
Dolan, Ray B
Douglas, Helen E
Douglas, James K
Drouin, Marcelle M
Duncan, Ellwood J
Dunlop, Elizabeth
Dwyer, Catherine E
Dwyer, Margaret A
Dwyer, Mary Ellen
Eady, Carl Bernard
Eady, F Mae
Eady, Luella Thelma
Eady, Marion E
East, Charles Robert
Edmonds, Alfred J
Edmunds, Narcissa
Edwards, Lloyd Thomas
Edwards, William J F
Eilander, Stynt Je
Eisen, Geert
Eldridge, William W
Ellement, Cecil J
Ellement, Paul Phillip
Ellis, Mary Kathleen
Elmore, Frederick W
Elliott, Amy I
Elliott, Harry B
Elliott, Jean Ila Minnie
Elliott, Mary L
Essex, Frank
Evans, Anne Marie
Evans, Dana A
Evans, Etta, May
Evans, Jason
Evans, Mary Ann
Evans, Michael A
Evans, Neil Charles
Eve, Melinda S
Fabian, Edna
Farrara, Doris
Ferguson, Gertrude L
Ferguson, James Earle
Ferguson, Margaret Ann
Ferguson, Roy S
Ferguson, Waldron Roy
Ferrier, John A
Ferrier, M Jean
Fick, Elizabeth M A
Fields, George W
Findley, David
Findley, Donna Mae
Findley, Eliza Jane
Fisher, Edna B
Fleugel, William J
Fleury, Donald W
Fleury, E Lloyd
Flood, F Myrtle
Foley, Edward Charles
Foley, Elmer Whiting
Forrest, Guy
Forrest, Isabel A
Forrest, James B
Forrest, Kelly E
Forrest, Margaret E
Foster, Infant
Foster, James
Foster, Judy
Foster, Myrtle R
Foster, Randy
Foy, Brenda
Foy, Brian
Foy, Evelyn
Foy, John Lorne
Foy, Keith B
Foy, Stewart P
Francis, Allan H
Francis, Arthur
Francis, Betty
Francis, Charlie
Francis, Clifford
Francis, Clinton
Francis, E
Francis, Eldon
Francis, Elisha
Francis, Elisha
Francis, Elisha Stewart
Francis, E S
Francis, Ellsworth
Francis, Elizabeth Jane
Francis, Essie
Francis, Garnet
Francis, Gloria A
Francis, Golda Rayburn
Francis, Hayden
Francis, Helen
Francis, Henry S
Francis, Herbert]
Francis, Isabel M
Francis, James
Francis, James
Francis, Joanna
Francis, Joyce
Francis, Kenneth
Francis, Luella
Francis, Minnie
Francis, Nancy
Francis, Nancy
Francis, Samuel
Francis, William
Fraser, Lawrence L
Fricker, John Francis
Frizell, GeorgeR
Frood, Barbara
Frood, Pearl
Frood, Zephy
Fuller, Joan M
Fuller, Mabel E
Gaddess, Cheri
Gaddess, Gordon L
Gaddess, Randy
Galbraith, A Arlene
Galbraith, Willard L
Gauthier, Israel A
Gervan Rev. George S
Gervan, Russell M
Getz, Ezra W
Gibson, Frances Eliza
Gibson, Marjorie Elizabeth
Gibbons, Alexander
Gibbons, Catherine
Gibbons, Helen
Gibbons, Jessie Beryl
Gibbons, Jessie
Gibbons, John
Gibbons, Lillias May
Gibbons, Mary Lillian
Gilbert, Frederick
Gierman, Basil V
Gierman, Charles W E
Gierman, Charles W
Goodfellow, Dolores Cortes
Goodfellow, James Arthur
Graeber, Helen L
Grace, Vyrl
Grant, Jessie S
Greaves, James (Jamie)
Greer, Lina Jane
Griese, Alfred
Griese, Carl
Griese, C Ted
Griese, Clara Violet
Griese, Dorothy M
Griese, Elizabeth M
Griese, Emma
Griese, Fred Sr.
Griese, Frederick Sr.
Griese, Frederick W
Griese, Garhardt H
Griese, Lyn Charlene
Griese, Richard C
Grenier, Enid Marie
Grogan, Evelyn B
Groves, Mary Ann
Gruntz, Patrick J
Guest, Eliza Jane
Guiney, Emily M
Guiney, Mary Helena
Hallet, Beryl Margaret
Hamilton, Lillian M
Handke, Edythe E E
Hanneman, Albert
Hanneman, Albert
Hanneman, Albert E
Hanneman, Caroline
Hanneman, Emma
Hanneman, Emma
Hanneman, Ernestina
Hanneman, Otto
Hanlan, Muriel G
Hanison, Edna M
Harrison, Frances E (Frankie)
Harrison, Frank A
Harrison, Joan P
Hartwick, Edna P
Hawkins, Irene B
Headrick, Viola J
Heaslip, Garnet Lloyd
Heath, Thomas M
Hein, A Dalton
Heins, Earl D
Hicks, Florence M
Hicks, Linda Jean
Hllinrake, Ruth
Hoare, Arnold M
Hobbs, Leonard F
Hockley, Dorothy M
Hockley, June F
Hodgins, G Lloyd
Hodgins, Garfield W
Hodgins, Helen
Hodgins, John L
Hodgins, Mary Ethel
Hodgins, William
Hoffman, Ernestina
Holfeld, Betty Kay
Holfeld, Emil
Holmes, Gerald
Homer, Nellie
Homridge, Charles
Homsma, Dorothy
Homsma, Harmen
Homsma, Herman
Homsma, Ronald D
Hoskin, Lorne Stanley
Hoskins, Mary Janet
Hoskins, Mary Tench
Hovi, Helen Marie
Huckabone, Edward P
Huckabone, Kenneth Edward
Huckabone, Keven Kenneth
Hughes, Velma
Humphries, Mabel I
Humphries, Nina Elizabeth
Hunter, Inez Evelyn
Hutchinson, G William
Hynes, James
Hynes, Marjone B
Hynes, Thomas
Ireland, Mildred F (Dolly)
Jack, Gordon W
Jack, James S
Jack, Nellie
Jack, Wilfred K
Jackson, George A
Jackson, G & M
James, Edna A
James, Fred J
Jamieson, Lloyd A
Jeffrey, Hazel V
Jessup, Violet M
Johnson, Beulah M
Johnston, George
Johnston, Hartzel Rufus
Johnston, Iva B
Johnston, Linda Jean
Johnston, Olive
Johnston, Robert C
Johnston, Susan Isabell
Jones, Rachel A
Joyce, Marion Etta
Kaddatz, Elmer T
Kallies, Alfred H Q
Kallies, Bertha Augusta
Kallies, Carl
Kallies, Clifford Wm
Kallies, Herman A
Kallies, Herman
Kallies, Irene L
Kallies, Otto
Kallies, Paulina
Kallies, Viola Marie
Kallies, Walter G
Kallies, William A
Kallies, William Hugh
Kant, Augusta
Kaufeldt, Anna L
Kaufeldt, Ernie F
Kaufeldt, Irene Gertrude
Keindel, Cathy
Kennedy, John Earl
Kerr, Bessie M RN.
Kinder, Joseph C
Kohlsmith, Bertha M
Kosmack, Isabella J
Kranz, H Delauris
Kuhnke, Albert H
Kuhnke, Charles H
Kuhnke, H Carson
Kuhnke, Norma
Kuhnke, Thelma
Kuhnke, Wilhelm
Lamont, Florence J
LeBarron, David G
Leeck, Emma
Leeck, Frederick Henry
Lepine, Elzear Joseph
Lepine, Lucy Ellen
Lindsay, Anna Eva
Lipsey, Edward R
Lockwood, Jean I
Logan, Herbert A
Logan, Janie E
Logan, John W
Ludgate, Bernice E
Luker, Bernard, G
Luker, James, Bernard
Luker, James, Thomas
Luker, William
Luker, William Harmon
Luker, William James
Lynema Geertrudia
Lynema Greetje Bos
Lyttle, Jean M
Maass, William R
Macaskill, Archibald M
Mackie, Ella Gertrude
Major, Gladys
Mallon, Gladys Irene
Malloy, Sheila M
Manka, George
Manka, Herbert E
Manka, Herman J
Manka, Martha
Manka, Thomas
Martin, Isabel N
Matthie, Earle
Matthie, Paul Earle
Matthie Ruth
Mayhew, Gladys Irene
Mayhew, Jacob M
Mayhew, Lucy
Mayhew, Lucy Ann
Mayhew, Wellington C
MacDougall, Arthur A
MacDougall, William M
MacLachlin, J Isabel
MacLaren, James
MacPherson, Kenneth B
McArthur, Eva May
McArthur, Kenneth John
McArthur, Marjorie
McArthur, William D
McBride, Gordon M
McCann, John
McCann, Marilyn
McCann, Paul
McCarthy, George M
McCarthy, Ruth H
McConnell, Mary A
McFadden, Marlene J
McFadden, Sue-Ann
McFarlane, James (Jamie) Stewart
McGaghran, Mary M
McGee, Henry L
McGovern, Mabel
McGregor, Alexander
McIntyre, Roy C
McKay, C Doris
McKeddie, Clifford T
McKeddie, Ernest
McKeddie, Dan
McKeddie, Doris C
McKeddie, Geneva Mary
McKeddie, Jessie
McKeddie, Thomas
McKeddie, Thomas
MeKeddie, Thomas
McKerral, Jan
McLachlin, Mary M
McLaren, Isobel
McLaughlin, Clifford N
McLaughlin, Eva
McLaughlin, Lydia
McLaughlin, Sarah Evelyn
McLaughlin, Valerie Ann
McLean, William E
McLellan, Allwyn Mae
McLeod, Iola E
McMullen, Ethel Ena
McNevin, Murray C
McQuade, Robert W
McTaggart, Alexander Duncan
McWade, James R
McWade, Jim
McWade, Shawn Walter
McWade, Susan
Meek, Thomas
Mielke, Anna M
Mielke, Karl Heinz
Miller, Flossie B
Miller, Helena
Mooney, Rupert C
Mooney, Rupert T
Moore, Dorothy M
Moore, Lillian
Moore, Mary Martha
Morris, John P
Morrow, Janet L
Morrow, Martha
Morrow, Nancy
Morrow, Nancy
Morrow, William
Morphy, Gladys Lillian
Mossip, Joseph William
Mossip, Marie
Mossip William
Moulton, Mary Ann
Mullen, Donald B
Munro, Irene
Murphy, Timothy
Murray, J Frances
Naismith, Ellen (Nellie)
Naismith, Jessie
Naismith, Jessie E C
Naudett, Clifford A
Naudett, Fred W
Naudett, Hazel F
Naudett, Leonard J
Nesbitt, James Lindsay
Nesler, Anna
New, Carol
New, Carol
New, R John
New, Ronald
New, Sylvia
Nicol, Iona D
Nieman, Marie Rose
Noble, Mary E
Oattes, Currie
Oattes, Donald Alfred
Oattes, Donna
Oattes, Ethel
O’Connor, Norbert
O’Connor, Thomas I
Olmstead, Elizabeth
Oosterhof, Ellen
Ootes, Johan Abraham
O’Rourke, Claire
Ottema, Emke
Ottema, Tryntje
Owens, Florence S
Pahl, Ethel A
Palmer, Albert Burton
Palmer, Andres Burton
Palmer, Rodolphus
Paquette, Aurele J
Paquette, Michelle T L
Patterson, David William
Patterson, Mildred A
Pauhl, Amelia
Payne, Effie I
Payne, Leonard C
Payne, Mabel Pearl
Peekover, R Gregory
Pedersen, Astrid
Peever, Ellen
Peever, George A
Peever, Harold S
Peever, Helen Marie
Peever, Kenneth Davis
Peever, Margaret
Peever, Myrtle E
Peever, R Clifford
Peever, Robert
Peever, William
Pennet, Nora C
Pepper, Adrian John
Phillips, Bertha Ida
Phillips, Blanch R,
Phillips, Edith Belle
Phillips, Morely M
Phillips, Ona Lee
Pilgrim, Bobby
Pilgrim, Harvey G
Pilon, Rose Ada
Plain, Isabella
Plaunt, Allen (Pex)
Plaunt, Sgt. David A
Plaunt, Ella May
Plaunt, Frank C
Plaunt, F X
Plaunt, Harvey C
Plaunt, Janet
Plaunt, Jennie Rae
Plaunt, John A
Plaunt, John J F
Plaunt, John Alfred
Plaunt, Malcolm P
Plaunt, Moody
Plaunt, Ronald Bruce
Plaunt, W Arthur
Plaunt, Xavier Cameron
Poole, Mary E
Pounder, Mary S
Price, Andrew R
Price, Leonard F
Price, Roger M A
Prins, Gerrett
Pultz, Clayton A
Pultz, Luena M
Quast, Bertha C S
Quast, Joan E
Quast, Theodore (Ted) A
Rechenberg, Edith
Reid, Eva W
Reid, Velma J
Reinke, W Edwin
Richards, Ira
Richards, Thomas E
Richardson, Mary Beth
Ricketts, Albert E
Roscoe, Helen R
Ross, Catherine Campbell
Ross, Jessie
Ross, Johanna
Rouselle, Errol F
Rowsell, Samuel
Russett, Mildred A
Ryan, William
Sadler, Florence Mae
Sadler, Katherine A
Salter, Jacqueline L
Salter, W Claude
Scharfe, Bette Elaine
Schwerdfeger, Ray Styles
Schultz, Kim
Schultz, Mark S
Schultz, Melanie M
Schultz, Stephen
Schultz, Wilfred F
Schultz, William K
Scott, Eva C
Scovel, Rosie
Searl, A Kathleen M
Seedie, Alexander Hassen
Seedie, Gladys F
Seedie, Marian Y
Shalla, Ronald Robert
Shaw, Margaret
Sheffield, Elsie M
Shields, Cameron F
Shields, Shirley E
Simpson, Catherine A
Simpson, Hugh
Simpson, James
Simpson, John
Simpson, John Campbell
Simpson, Nelson
Sims, Emily
Sinclair, Carney C
Sinclair, Cecil Hubert
Smiley, Ellen A
Smith, Brad
Smith, Clarence S
Smith, Donald F
Smith, Donald R
Smith, Douge
Smith, Edna M
Smith, Frank M
Smith, Harry “Dean”
Smith, Henry Emmerson
Smith, Jan
Smith, Lola P
Smith, Margaret
Smith, Nona Helen
Smith, Philander
Snyders, Dina
Spence, William C
Springer, Gustave P
Springer, John
Springer, Lawrence P
Springer, Martha P
Stafford, Glenn M
Stapley, Linda Capitola
Stark, Robert W
Stevens, Doreen L
Stevens Jack G
Stevens, John Howard
Stevens, Mabel Wilburn
Stewart, Mary I
Stokes, Arthur Carman
Stokes, David John
Stokes, Earl W
Stokes, Evelyn T
Stokes, Gordon
Stokes, Harry E
Stokes, Isaac
Stokes, Isabel Sarah
Stokes, James
Stokes, John
Stokes John
Stokes, Joseph M
Stokes, Lawrence T
Stokes, Lillie E
Stokes, Mary E
Stokes, N Cameron
Stokes, Samuel
Stokes, Sandra
Stokes, Thomas
Stokes, Wilbert E
Storie, Wm Arthur
Stowe, George Francis
Stringer, Elmore
Stringer, Wm J
Stroud, Amelia S
Stroud, Leonard F
Stuart, Andrew
Stuart, Kenneth I
Stuart, Robert Charles
Stuart, Stephen
Stuart, Walter J (Mickey)
Stubbs, Sydney C
Sulpher, Clarence F
Sulpher, Sandra A
Swant, Theresa A
Swift, Florence
Tambeau, Calvin
Tanguay, Eren P
Tanguay, Farrel J
Tanney, Harlow J
Taylor, Cyril J
Taylor, William Stuart
Teague, Dorothy C
Teeple, Martin J
Teeple, Violet
Thom, Albert
Thom, Alexander F
Thom, Francis
Thom, Leo A
Thom, Lillian E
Thom, Ralph Andrew
Thom, Velma F
Thompson, Adina May
Thompson, Alvira G
Thompson, Arvilla A
Thompson, Edna
Thompson, Erma Reta
Thompson, Garnet W
Thompson, Gladys E
Thompson, Hazel M
Thompson, Jane
Thompson, Jim
Thompson, Liza
Thompson, Lloyd Carl
Thompson, John P Lloyd
Thompson, Margaret I
Thompson, Mark
Thur, Anne Marie
Thur, Percy R
Timm, Harold C
Toner, Annie Maria
Tourangeau, Doris B
Troke, Robert Lindsay
Tunn, Emily
Tye, Gladys L
Valliant, Shirley R
Van Allan, Anne
Van Allan, Gail
Van Allan, Rae
Van Allan, Scott
Van Allan, Shirley
Van Allan, Verdun Lawrence
Van Allan, Vickilyn
Van Allan, Wesley D
Van Bruggen, Janko
Van Der Galien, Rickkert
Van Genderen, Dirk
Vander Woude, Bauke
Vermost, Elodia
Verch, Gustave A
Vincent, Mervin J
Vincent, Olive M
Visneskie, Ambrose Philip
Visneskie, Frank
Visser, Jikke
Warlich, Magdalena A
Warren, Laura Lois
Watson, Blanche A
Watt, Caroline
Watt, Donald A
Watt, James
Watt, Kitty L
Watt, Lester
Watt, William
Watt, William A
Watts, Almeda Maria
Weatherdon, Ethel E
Weber, Louise A Kallies
Webster, Rev. F. R.
Westbrook, Andrew
Westbrook, Keith Mordicei
Westbrook, Jennifer
Westbrook, Laura
Wheeler, Sarah C
Wheeler, Vera Belle
White, Lloyd F
Wiebe, Anna M
Wilby, William Kenneth
Wilkins, Mary Madeline
Williams, Hilda M
William, Olwen May
Willis, A Marie
Willoughby, Lillian R
Wilson, Dickson Wilfred
Wilson, George R
Wilson, Margretta A
Wilson, Norman Alexander
Winter, Mildred A
Wolff, Karl
Wood, Edith
Wood, Invin J (Curly)
Wood, Joseph
Worby, Phyllis D
Worby, Reginald M
Worby, Victoria Pauline
Wrangell, Amy (Kruediner)
Wright, Elizabeth Jane
Wright, Ina B
Wright, Maude
Wright, S Evelyn
Zeldenrust, Julien Lavenus
Zeldenrust, Klaas
Ziebarth, Louise A
Zoschke, Orville O W
Zoschke, William A