church Mount St. Patrick index 4


These church records were donated to Heritage Renfrew by Martin Munhall and were photocopied from the original church records by Martin with the permission of the local priest at that time. The records have transcribed in their original form with the officiating priests names included.

These records are for research only and copies of this book may not be sold. Users may photocopy a page or two for their own personal research


The names index below which is appended to the book is prepared by the author. The names are of the principals only and are listed in order of appearance in the books.
A second digital index located in the archives and prepared by Heritage Renfrew includes the names of all participants (husbands, wives, parents, sponsors, witnesses) in the various church services (baptisms, weddings, funerals & interments).
The actual church records also contain locations, occupations & relations of many participants. The author has added additional information on the future marriages of many of the baptized individuals from other sources.

Anster John
Acuin Margarite
Acuin James A
Armier Henriette
Burns Catherine
Brady Ann
Bulger Martin
Bulger Matthew
Burns Mary
Bulger Elizabeth
Bellinger Vitale
Bellanger Henriette S
Bulger Elizabeth
Bourgingnon Rose A
Burns Patrick
Brady Patrick
Bellanger Theodore
Bulger Philip Patrick
Bulger Margaret S
Burns Celia
Bellanger Margaret
Bellanger Alfred
Bulger Honora
Bellanger Margaret
Bellanger Ferdinand/Leclair
Bulger John P
Browne Thomas J
Bulger Martin
Brunet Marie R A
Bulger William
Bellanger Prospere
Bowes Michael/ Sullivan
Bellanger Joseph
Bradly Patrick J
Bulger Michael J
Bulger Hannah
Bourignon Jean/Merchant
Bellanger Guillame/Gervais
Bulger William D
Bellanger Cleophile
Bulger Johanna
Bertell Iver
Brunette Hector
Bulger Bridget
Bulger Bridget
Bridgeman John
Bulger William James
Belanger William James
Belanger Mary Lou
Belanger Sophrina
Boivin Adelie
Bulger Agnes
Byrnes John/King
Bartello Wm Henry
Bourignon Jos./Lamontaigne
Bourdignon Delphine/Dagenais
Bulger John Joseph
Brunet Theodore
Burns Eleanor Ann
Belanger Ferdinand
Belanger Prospere/Dodge
Belanger Trefle/Godin
Belanger J oseph/Sauve
Bradley Patrick B
Bulger Margaret Teresa
Blessing of the Bells
Collins Bridget
Culhane Thomas
Currie John
Curnan Margaret
Conroy Patrick
Commerford Philip
Clement Joseph/Gervais
Collins Alice
Coulas John/Piscau
Curtin Patrick
Carthy Johanna
Cole James
Clement Napoleon
Currie Mary
Commerford Daniel
Coulas Michael C
Collins Catherine
Cole Agnes
Connors Patrick J
Cardiff Robert/Cauley
Cardiff John
Culhane Thomas
Constant Mary A
Curtain William
Commerford Margaret
Clement Joseph
Currie Bridget A
Coulas Stephen
Carmody Bridget
Connors Michael D
Culhane Joseph
Connors Thomas
Cardiff Thomas W
Currie Thomas
Condron Catherine
Campbell William/Kennelly
Campbell Elizabeth
Cole Ann Jane
Clement Angelique
Collins John
Curtain Mary J
Coulas John
Collins James
Culhane William/McCarthy
Cauley Peter John
Connors Margaret M
Culhane Maurice/Kiely
Campbell John Joseph
Connors Patrick Joseph
Currie Ellen Louise
Commerford Margaret
Culhane Johanna
Cardiff George Patrick
Culhane Stephen/McGrath
Clement Mary
Contant Virgille
Cawley Bridget
Curtain Morris
Culhane Patrick/Kelly
Curtain Mary Jane
Curtan Lte Edward
Culhane Mary
Clement Virginnie
Connor Mary
Cawley Mary Ann
Cruikshank George
Callahan Michael/Kennelly
Currie Sarah Jane
Cardiff Richard
Coulas Tp. Elle
Clement Napoleon/Dubreuil
Dillon Margaret
Duplici Havis M
Donahue Patrick R
Duffy Margaret E
Donahue Hanna M
Dolan Alfred J
Dubrais Edward
Dubrais Joseph A
Dagenais Maxim
Donahoue John A
Dillon Elizabeth
Diloreir Charles
Donavan Ellen Jane
Dunn Charles W
Dodge Francis C
Dupleseis Eugene D
Donavan Patrick
Doolan Catherine
Deshomier Lea
Dubraille James
Dorty Maria
Donahue Henry
Dubrail Margaret
Dajanais Hemy
Delorier Jane
Duplice Sophie
Dillon Michael
Dillon John/Kennelly
Duffy Thomas
Donohue Thomas
Dodds Catherine H
Dodds Catherine H
Donohoe Henry
Donavan Edward
Dee Ann
Dubraille Anserlde
Dolan Lawrence W
Dillon John
Dubraille Marie A
Donohue Ellen T
Dubraille Alexander G
Donavan Edward
Dodds Peter
Duplessis Louis A
Duffy Edward
Devon Andrew/M Williams
Dillon Patrick
Dillon Catherine
Dagenais Napoleon
Donahue John
Dodds William J
Donahue Andrew
Duggan Daniel Joseph
Dubraille Joseph A
Delorie Jeremie
Davin Eviline
Dupuis George D/Mallony
Dodds Edward
Duffy Michael
Dodds Edward
Donohue Philip
Dillon Hanna
Dodds Mary
Dodds Angele
Dillon Ellen
Dubraille William Alexander
Deschine Odila
Duggan Michael Th
Donohue Annie
Duval Patrick/Contant
Dorr Margaret
Dillon Ellen
Dubriel Brydget
Duffy John
Dodge Edward/Belanger
Donahue James
Dodge Peter
Duffy Bridget Teresa
Dagenais Elma
Dillon Margaret Mary
Dolan Mary
Dubriel Meline
Enright Ann
English Mary
Enright Jeremiah/Malony
Enright Mary
Enright Michael/Kennelly
Enright Jane
Enright Timothy
Ellice Richard G/Donahue
Enright Catherine
Egan Matthew/Keily
Emma ———
Edmonds Mary Rinde
Fortier Joseph / Godin
Foohey Patrick /Foley
Furdette Luke/ Scully
Fortin Joseph
Foly Patrick
Fitzgerald John/O’Gorman
Fortin Raymond
Finnucane John
Fitzgerald Lucy M
Finnucane Ellen
Fitzmaurice Margaret
Fortin George
Firzgerald Eliza A
Fortin George
Fitzgerald Hanora
Fisher Joseph/Whiteduck
Fisher Joseph
Fitzgerald Agnes
Fortin Alfred
Fortin Alfred

Fillator Ann
Forrain Anastasia
Foy Michael
Fitzgerald Gertrude
Francois Gml Jean
Fisher Ann
Fitzgerald Patrick Leo
Fitzgerald John
Foy Mrs Michael
Godin Adele
Grogan Michael/Kelly
Guiney Michael P
Guinard Elizabetth
Grogan Bridget A
Gervais Charles W
Godin Isadore
Godin Catherine B
Guiney Margaret A
Godin Catherine A
Grogan Mary A
Green James A
Guiney Daniel
Godin Salome
Godin Angel
Godin Adelie
Godin Mary
Guiney John Patrick
Godin Salome
Gervais Catherine
Guiney Cornelius
Godin Rosalie
Gangier John
Gangier John
Godin Margaret E
Guiney Christopher J
Guiney Beatrice
Gervais Narcisse/Clement
Gorman Thomas/Culhane
Gervais Margaret
Guiney Bridget
Grogan Catherine
Gervais Josephine A
Godin Therese
Gorman Simon
Gorman Elizabeth
Gervais John/Bellanger
Gannon Michael/McAdam
Godette Charles/Dillon
Gervais Margaret
Godin Theresee
Gervais Agnes
Gorman Mary A
Gangier Joseph/Jacco
Grogan Margaret
Gorra Sylvester/Pastko
Godin Gilbert
Godin Paulina
Guiney Johanna
Godin Lea
Guiney Ann
Gervais Mary A
Gangnier Mary E
Gervais Marie
Gervais Martin H
Gorrah Mary A
Gangnier Marie C
Gervais Josephine
Gervais Alexander/Dodds
Grogan Maria
Guiney Widow Con
Gervais Narcisse
Guiney Michael Joseph
Gervais Louis
Gorman Patrick
Gervais Horteline
Godin Mary Helene
Godin Ann
Gorman John
Gervais Lani ?
Gorman Margaret
Guiney Thomas
Gervais Emelie Jane
Gervais Catherine
Gorman Mary Catherine
Gagne Joseph
Grogan Susan
Goyer Adophe/Gervais
Goyer Celestine/LeClair
Gorman John Thomas
Gervais ——-
Gorman Bridget
Gagne Antoine/Bisonier?
Gervais Margaret Eleanor
Gorman Margaret
Gandette Jolm Joseph
Gorra Thomas
Gorman Mary
Gannon James
Gervais Ann
Goyer Delia Bernadette
Gorra John
Hunt Mary
Handrahan William
Hartney John Joseph
Holly Michael/Mulvihill
Holly Mary Johanna
Hunt Bridget
Handrahan Timothy
Handrahan Timothy
Henry —–
Hartnet Daniel
Hartney Francis P
Healy Thomas
Hearns Andrew/Laronde
Holly John
Hunt John
Hodgin Michael/Kiely
Honora ———-
Henckin Margaret
Hickyhons William P/Jacob
Handrahan Ann
Hartney Michael
Kennelly Henry/Hunt
Hunt Johanna
Hicks Joseph/Windel
Hanican Catherine T
Healy Margaret E
Handrahan Bridget
Hartney Julia Maria
Handrahan Michael
Haney Margaret T
Haynican Mary A
Hunt Daniel
Hunt Cornelius
Healy Daniel J
Haree Johanna
Hough Alfred Henry/Finnucane
Holly William Th
Hartney James G
Handrahan Michael
Hunt Johannah
Hunt Don/Culhane
Hugis Pat
Hough Joseph
Hough Joseph/Stroud
Hunt Alice
Hunt Margaret
Hartney Sarah A
Hawley Catherine Teresa
Hartney Mary Eleanor
Hass Bertha Josephine
Jacco John Joseph
Jacco Elizabeth
Jaqcco J B/Jacob
Jacco Mary Ann
Jacco Sarah Jane
Johann Lessandre
Jourdain Louis/Bulger
Jacob Mary Ann
Jacko John
Jacko Marie
James ——–
Kiely Thomas
Kiely Mary
Kennelly Cornelius
Kiely Bridget Ann
Kinnopsic Joseph
Kennelly John
Kelly Christiana
Kennelly Joseph
Kiely Thomas Joseph
Kennelly Margaret
Kickrescons Catherine
Kennelly Catherine
Kearns John James
Kiely Joseph
Kennelly Bridget
Kennelly Michael
Kennelly Margaret
Kennelly Michael
Knobsick Elizabeth
Knobsick Mary
Kelly Alexander
Kearns Denis
Kennelly Martin
Kiely Elizabeth
Kiely John/ Sullivan
Kickybonse Fredinand
Kennelly Bridget
Knobsick Agnes
Kiely John
Kennelly Martin
Kickybonse Francis D
Kennelly Daniel
Kelly Martin/Bulger
Knopsic Catherine
Kiely Mary
Kiely Mary
Kane Patrick
Kelly Elizabeth
Kelly Bridget
Kelly Peter
Kearns Margaret Ann
Kiely Ellen
Kennelly Dan/Bridgeman
Kennelly Catherine Mary
Kenelly Henry
Knight Joseph
Knight Joseph/Stroud
Kenelly Patrick
Kiely Hannah
Kenelly Catherine
Kiely Margaret
Kelly Peter
Kenelly Alice Maria
Knight —–
Kusismanska John
Kiely Francis
Kiely Thomas Patrick
Kearns Mary Teresa
Kiely Daniel
Kiely Catherine
Knight Rachel Ann
Kearns Mary Teresa
Knopsic Michael
Lacy Mary Ann
Lynch John
Larmour Francis/Cauley
Legris Annie
Leblanc Ferdinand
Lepine Alimond
Laviolette Johanna
Lapointe Charles/Bowes
Londau John/Barrett
Legris Charles D
Laronde Henrietta
Laderoute Joseph B
Legris James
Lefelard Joseph
Layet Gabriel
Lacourse Marie J H
Lacourse Marie E A
Legris Thomas J
Lemelin David T
Lawlor Elizabeth
Ludgate Margaret
Lapointe Charles
Lambert Francis
Lepine Napoleon
Laderoute Jean
Lynch Patrick/Bruce
Legris Michael H
Laronde John
Laplante Joseph

Limelin Andrew J
Laviolette Elizabeth
Leclair John T
Laronde Margaret
Lawlor Patrick
Ludgate John
Lynch Jeremiah/Culhane
Lacoursee Napoleon
Legris Patrick
Lacourse Eugene
Lacourse Marie S E
Legris Eleonore
Ludgate William
Lacourse Louis Eurgile
Laderoute Catherine T
Leblanc Napoleon
Lane William
Lane William
Laplante Alphonse
Leclaire Napoleon
Leclaire Jean Baptiste
Linilin Philip
Lepine Narcisse
Leclaire Charles
Leclaire Henriette
Ludgate Hanora
Legris Alfred
Lapointe Sophie
Leclaire Napoleon
Lawlor Michael
Laderoute John
Laplante Oliver/Dodds
Laliberte Octave/Gautier
Lacourse Amide H
Laplante Martin
Lawlor Patrick
Linnin Mary
Legris Joseph
Legris Bridget
Leclaire Sophronie
Lawlor Elizabeth
Lapointe Sophie
Lane Thomas/Windle
Laplante Joseph John
Laderoute Michael
Lane John
Laderoute Patrick
Limlaw Basile
Legris Herman
Leclaire Henriette
Lapointe Onederique
Ludgate Michael
Lacourse Edmond Alex
Leclaire Moise
Laderoute Patrick
Lacourse Odalie
Laplante Alfred
Lynch Margaret
Legris Samuel Joseph
Lacourse Edmond Antony
Leclair Virginnie
Lapointe Saul A
Laronde Joseph
Legris Louisa
Lemalin Theophile
Laugney Bridget
Linde Mary Agnes
Larmond Edward/Goyer
Leblanc Catherine
Laderoute Henriette Louis A
Lynch Timothy/Donahue
Lepine Alida
Lepine Lea Sophie
Linde John Frederic
Laplante Guilliame Alex
Morgan Johanna
Monahy Patrick
Molony James /Gorman
Mulhall Ann J
Molloney Michael J
Molloney Ellen
Molloney James
Moriarity Patrick
Mulvihill Bridget
Morgan Ellen
Moran Ann Maria P
Murphy Thomas
Moriarity Daniel/ Stroud
Margaret ——-
Mollony Deborah
Moriarity Michael
Mary Ann Agnes
Moriarity Bridget C
Mulvihill Patrick
Murphy Thomas
Mollony Ellen
Murphy Alice
Mulvihill John Henry
Mollony Mary
Mollony Edmond
Mollony Mary L
Mollony Edmond
Moran Hugh
Murphy John
Moriarity Daniel
Mulhall Margaret T
Matthias ——–
Morgan Johanna
Mollony Margaret
Mulvihill Thomas/Kennelly
Mulvihill John
Moriarity Patrick J
Murphy James
Mulvihill William Thomas
And Ellen
Mulvihill Martin
Mulvihill Mary
Moriarity Mary
Mollony Daniel
Mary-Jeannie —-
Mulvihill Daniel/Culhane
Mulvihill Ellen M
Mulvihill Nicholas
Mollony Thomas
Mollony John T
Murphy Mary
Morgan john Joseph
Mulvihill Alice
Murphy Alice
Murphy Christopher
Mulhall Henry RC
Mollony Daniel
Murphy Jeremiah
Mollony Michael/Kiely
Moxiarity Miehael Joseph
Molloy Catherine
Mollomny Mary E
Mollony Bernard
Mulvihill Michael
Mulvihill Patrick
Moriarity James
Mulvihill Michael/Kiely
M ——- Catherine
M ——- Annie
Murphy John
Murphy Patrick/Hanly
Mulvihill John
Murphy James/F innucan
Mollony Roseann
Malony Mary Teresa
Morgan Dan
Moriarity Honora Jane
Mulvihill Patrick
Mulvihill Michael
Melony Alice
Mahon Honorah
Mulvihill Catherine
Moriarity Honora
Mulvihill Charlotte Irene
Mulvihill Johannah M
Maloney Mary Ann
Molony Bnidget
Moriarity Daniel/Moriarity
Mulvihill Daniel
Molony Michael
Murphy Peter
Mulvihill Eleanor
Marchand J B
Moran Mary
Matthew ———
Murphy Patrick
Molony Catherine Teresa
Moran Honora
Montgomery William/Naugh
Morgan Mary
Moriarity Mary Ann
Marie —–
McNulty —— nsy
McNulty Thomas Anthony
McDonough Catherine
McKenzie Marry A
McNulty Philip M
McCarty Patrick
McNulty Michael/Wingle
McNeil Agnes
McCalliff Alice
McGrath Michael
McNulty Mary H
McNulty Patrick
McNulty Margaret
McCarthy Catherine
McCarthy Ann
McNulty Thomas
McMahon Philip A
McNulty Anthony
McDonough Mary R
McDonough Mary A
McNealy William J
McCarthy Patrick
McMahon Maurice/ Shanahar
McNulty Patrick
McCarthy Johanna
McDonough Patrick
McDonald J ames/Donohue
McCalvey Honora
McNulty John
McMahon Margaret
McNulty Mary Ann
McCarthy J ohannah
McDonnell Catherine J
McCarthy Denis
McDounough William
McNulty John/Lawlor
McDonough Theresa Jane
McGrath Peter
McAdams Mary Ann
McCarthy Ann
McMahon Alfred John
McNulty Eleanor
McCarthy Cecelia Jane
McDonald Eleanor Theresa
McNulty Anthony
McNulty Anthony
McLaughlin Charles Edward
Norbough Catherine
Norgough Anthony
Naughton Charles/Calahan
Naughton Bridget R
Nauthton Michael
Norbough Francis
Nicholson Francis/ Stroud
Norton Mary Johannah
Nicholson John
Norton Martin
Naughton Alice Agnes
O’Brien Richard
O’Connor Sarah
O’Gorman John
O’Brian James J
O’Hare Peter F
O’Brian Ellen
O’Day Catherine
O’Connor Margaret B
O’Brian Michael/McDonnell
O’Brian Mathew
O’Brian Mathew
O’Hare Edward
O’Connor Sarah
O’Brian Mary Ann

O’Hare Hugh
O’Brian Bridget Ellen
O’Brian Charles
Oneskie Francis/Pesca
O’Hare Jane Beth
O’Brian Angus
O’Gorman Ellen
O’Hare Jane C
O’Brian Martin Joseph
Onesl\kie Mary
O’Brian Jessie Isabella
O’Hare Bertha
O’Shea Margaret
O’Brian Margaret Ann
O’Brian Margaret Ann
O’Hare Margaret
Potvin Louisa
Plante Joseph F A
Perrault Francis
Pesco Joseph
Plante Marie E A
Pelerin Marie Rosalie
Patrick ——-
Plante Noel/Conroy
Plante John Joseph
Plante Mary Ann
Pelerin Eserine
Pelerin Alerde
Pilon ——
Pelerin Joseph A
Piska Francis
Perrault Ann
Poirier Margaret
Portugueis Joseph/Gauthier
Pisco Peter
Pereault Mary F
Pershique Ann M
Perault Francis
Pisco Joseph
Pisco Ellen
Perrault Ellen B
Pershique John
Pesco Annie
Perrault Margaret
Pescho Elysabeth
Pescho John
Plante Rose Eleanore
Piero William
Piero Patrick
Pierre William
Quilty John/Windle
Quilty James/Isarue
Quilty Nicholas
Quilty Honora M
Quilty Johanna
Quigley James
Quilty Patrick
Quilty Catherine
Quilty James
Quilty Thomas
Quilty Thomas
Quilty Bridget
Quilty Thomas
Quilty Thomas
Quilty Mary
Quilty Margaret
Quilty Patrick
Quilty Margaret
Quilty Margarett
Quilty Michael
Quilty John
Quilty Ann
Quilty Timothy
Quilty Edward
Quilty Joseph Ambrose
Ryan James/ Sheedy
Robillard Marie
Ryan Michael/Scully
Russel Catherine
Ryan Mary
Ringrose Ann Jane
Robinson James
Ryan Mary
Ryan Catherine
Redden Daniel
Ringrose John
Ryan Bridget
Ryan Jane
Ritz Michael/Pershick
Ryan Edward
Robert Margaret
Ryan Patrick
Ryan Michael/Bulger
Ryan Mary Ann
Rossie William Henry
Ryan Michael
Rose Marie —–
Ross Bertha Josephine
Ryan Michael John
Ryan Daniel
Stack Roderick/Collins
Sherland Bridget
Sherland Bridget
St Louis Celina
Strain Patrick
Shanahan Bernard/O’Gorman
Simpson Patrick
Stack Mathias
Shannahan Margaret
Shannahan Elizabeth
Scully Michael
Shollield Henry
St Onge Francis
Simmeon Catherine
Salmon John
Sampson Johanna
Serson Edward/Murphy
St Louis Elysabeth
Scully John/Bourginon
Shanahan Catherine
Shanahan Margarert
Skynoskic Michael
Strain John M
Scully Alfred J
Sullivan James
Stack Edward
Sullivan Michael/Whalen
Shanahan Elysabeth
Scully Edward E
St Louis Roseanne
Simmeon Mary
Strain John
Sullivan Margaret
Sullivan John
Sullivan Denis
Scully Mary E
Stack John
Scully Daniel/Brennan
Sullivan John
St Louis Roseanne
Shannahan Ellen
Shannahan Johanna
Scully Catherine
Sullivan Michael
Simmeon Joseph
Strain Edward
Scully John/Brennan
Sullivan Mary
Stack James/Dolan
Shannahan James
Scully Joseph
Scully John
Scully J ohannah
Stack Adelaide
Stack Adelaide
Sullivan Patrick
Shannahan Edmond
Shannahan Timothy/Bulger
Sullivan John/Nicholas
Scully William James
Sheedy Patrick/Callahan
Scully Johannah
Strain Elysabeth
Shanahan Alice
Scully Daniel
St Louis Joseph
Simmeon Oliver
Scully James
Samson James/Gorman
Stack John
Stack Mary Beatrice
Sullivan Johannah
Shanahan —Verso
Sauve J. Baptiste/Dolan
St Pierre Eleanor Teresa
Shanahan Lizzie
Scully James
Sammon John
Scully Agnes
Scully Cornelius/ Sammon
Shanahan Honora
Stroud Emily Esther
Stroud Evelina Emma
Sauve Samuel/Bellanger
Toohey Patrick/Foley
Trainer Bridget N
Trainer Sarah Jane
Grainer Thomas M
Twohey James H
Twohey Michael/Gorman
Twohey Michael
Toohy Teresa Ellen
Twohey Alice
Toohey Catherine Eleanor
Varin Joseph
Valiquette Henry/O’Brien
Vincent Alfred
Valiquettee John
Varin Allred J
Vinceent Georgana
Varin Edna A
Valiquette Bridget E
Vincent Onsemine/Godin
Valiquett Joseph
Vincent Napoleon
Vincent Joseph/Bourgignon
Valiquette Margaret H
Vincent Adeline
Valiquette Joseph
Vaughan Thomas/Shanahan
Vincent Mary Louise
Varin Henry Mark
Valiquette Mary Jane
Valiquette Joseph/leony
Vincent Louise
Vincent Annie
Virkus John/Norlock
Vincent Alfred Casimier
Valiquette Joseph Oliver
Valiquette Henry
Vincent Lida
Varin Casimier
Vincent Emelie
Whelan Margaret
Windle Honora
Whelan Ann
Whelan Thomas
Windle John
Whelan Jeremiah
Windle Patrick/Shanahan
Windle Margaret
Whalen Ellen
Whelan Elysabeth
Windle Patrick
Windle John/Mollony
Windle Patrick/Scully
Whalen Michael J
Windle John Joseph
Windle Edmond J
Windle James
Whelan James
Windle Bridget
Wingle Henry/Nichols
Wingle Pat
Wingle Catherine
Whelan Ellen
Windle Edward/Callaghan
Windle John
Wingle Mary
Whelan Thomas
Whelan Thomas
Whelan Patrick
Windle Alice Agnes
Windle Michael Thomas
Windle Patrick