Collection MS 1


Box 1
files 1 National Hockey League 1967 – 1976 (news clips, letters)
2 Hockey Displays 1971 – 1972
3 Hockey Town, booklet by H.R. Hinchley + booklet on origins
4 Hockey ( Binder ) 1946 – 1968
5 McDougall Mill Museum 1965 – 1971
6 Renfrew & District Historical Society 1968 – 1977
7 McDougall Mill Museum
8 Binder – Renfrew Hockey- correspondence – new stories
Box 2
files 1 Births, Marriages, Deaths – personal
2 Three Heritage Plays by H.R.H 1976,1977,1978
3 Astrolabe – Cobden Sun July 3,1952
4 Township of McNab – Carrie Fisher
5 Booklets, correspondence, certificates
Award to McDougall 1967
Discharge paper to Robert Turner 1917
Balaclava saw mill (timber..)
Golden Lake Lumber Co. letter
Accounting sheet of Thomas Wren 1889
Letter from Jamieson Meat Co. Renfrew 1910
RCI graduation certificate 1914 James Young
Marion Lodge 1974
Harpooners 1919, 1921, 1929
6 Part of Saddler section – Renfrew map 1874
7 McANDREW Family – John, D.H. (Daniel) obits & genealogy
Black Donald Graphite
Trinity United Church Renfrew history about 1971
Victoria & Grey Trust annual report 1975
Renfrew Highland Games programmes for 1963,64,65,66
Newspaper clippings of hockey
The Opeongo Rd Mileage detail by Bernie Bedore
Waba cottage museum leaflet
“Opeongo Explorer”
Newspaper clippings
Box 3
files 1 Bernie Bedore – news stories
2 Leslie J. FRASER list of Renfrew stores 1925
3 Halina Jeletsky : (a freelance writer on researching history)
1876 Renfrew directory. Map of Perth.
Bus trip of McNab – news clip
Copy of letter: Bytown 1835 from Lt. Rowan asking for peace force
Glebe history news clip by Jeletsky.
Lanark Township 1st Scots news clip by Jeletsky
4 Clyde Kennedy 1972 – 1979 correspondence (one re: Jamieson House)
5 Clyde Kennedy 1970 – 1972 correspondence – envelope of negatives
6 Clyde Kennedy 1973 – 1980 correspondence
7 MacKenzie Robertson 1879 – 1957 biography (Kingston creamery)
8 Gerry Munro
biography & family tree of John Lorne McDougall
news clip on Renfrew Municipal government from Ottawa Citizen
9 Cam Simpson autobiography family genealogy
10 Charlotte Whitton news clips
11 Harry Walker (his own news clips)
12 Brenda Lee Whiting correspondence
13 local history
Castleford residents by Doris Waddell
Creamery butter print
Renfrew brass bands
Swinging bridge – application for its heritage status & its history 1982
Biography of Harry Walker
Arnprior Band
Renfrew Council reports 1894-1901
The Carswell House by Norma Goodfellow
Railway histories
14 Poems
Box 4
files 1 Rotary Club by HRH
2 Frank Dench by HRH
3 Renfrew Hydro by HRH
4 “A Century of Service” Story of Renfrew Mercury by HRH
5 Heritage Renfrew Communication by H. R. H. 1974-1979 submitted to Heritage Canada by Heritage Renfrew and activities of HRH
6 Photocopy – Ritual of IOOF
7 HRH clippings
8 Laird of McNab 1967
9 Local History Notes by HRH
Copy of Mercury Supplement on Heritage 1967
Articles written by HRH
Industries of the pioneers
Industries of Renfrew: Refrigerator factory, flour mills, woolen mill, machinery, Renfrew Electric
Opeongo road
Renfrew’s first council
Stores of 1850’s, 1860’s
First R. R.’s through Renfrew
W.W.1 local battalion
10 HRH Stories and Photographs
News stories 1972 -1980
11 Story of Renfrew – HRH notes
Interview re John Crozier
Founders of Renfrew & biographies, McDougall, Smith, Hinks, Plaunt
Renfrew Citizens band 1926
Newspaper’s photos of Renfrew – Articles that describe Handford photos (now in LAC)
Box 5
files 1 100 years of Presbyterianism in Renfrew County by I.E. Pedlow
2 Burnstown by Burnstown Women’s Institute (Tweedsmuir book)
3 Photocopy – The Last Laird of McNab by D.C. McNab
4 MacNab by R. A. Jeffery
5 Lochwinnoch Presbyterian Church by Rev. T.W. Brett 1952
6 John Rochester Family 1977
7 Water Conservation Survey of the Muskrat River Basin for ARDA 1965
8 Renfrew County Field Trip 1961 M. Mackay
9 History of Cobden – Cobden Sun 3 issues Aug.13,20,27 of 1970
Box 6
files 1 Seaforth, Ont. (HRH Hometown) by HRH
2 Seaforth Creamery By HRH
Genealogy of Scott & Dickson family
3 History of Seaforth 1966
4 Seaforth Correspondence, articles from newspapers.
5 Clippings – Huron Expositor and Church Booklets 1955 – 1973
6 Archeology Newsletter Ottawa Valley (Clyde Kennedy)
Pamphlet re plaque of steamship “Pontiac”
Box 7
files 1 Sir Francis Hincks – (Duotang) Staff report- Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Can. Includes Hincks biography
2 “History of Renfrew – Early Days” – Notes by HRH:
McDougall Sawmill 1858
Lt. Christopher Bell 1795-1836 Biography & plaque
A.A. Wright
Free Methodist Church
John Smith
Industries: hydro, Waterworks, Renfrew Refrigerator
Odd Fellows
Post Office
Chronological events of Renfrew
Depression years
Mark’s Brothers, (entertainers) story of
3 Application for Heritage Canada Communication Award May 1979
(summary of Hinchley’s writings & activities)
4 J.L. Murray : liberal candidate advertisement
“Miss Eady” (teacher) by Charlotte Whitton
Jamieson Meat Co, Apr. l9l2 -invoice
Wm. Fraser of Arnprior
Notes by Canon Quartermaine
Renfrew’s Roll of Honour
Black Donald & Calabogie
Information for settlers 1857 (govt. publication)
Notes on land use around Renfrew Co.
Mrs. Thos. Wilkinson : “Looking Backward”
Barney McDermott – biography
Extracts on Hudson’s Bay Co. on the Bonnechere.
Timber & Lumber on the Upper Ottawa Valley
Map of Bonnechere R. at town bridge 1884
Genealogy of Angus McINNIS & Elizabeth Airth
Phonographs article
Business directory of Eganville 1894
Business directory of Renfrew 1897
Ont. Road Maps 1925 of Toronto area, Algonquin Park, Renfrew & Kingston
Booklet “Price List 1913 Good Year Tires”
Campaign picture of Bob Amaron.
5 Oddfellows
List of Noble grands
Membership lists
History of Renfrew Oddfellows lodge
Member biographies: Handford, Canon Quartermaine, David W. Budd
6 240th Battalion Lanark & Renfrew
Story of 24Oth Oct 1970 by HRH
Pamphlets on 240th Oct 19, 1969
Letter Head Page
Mercury Oct.23 about 240th
Typed page in honour to 240th
(back of page has hockey backers in Renfrew before 1910)
7 Renfrew History
Sheet on Renfrew
Phone page of Montreal Telegraph Co.
Correspondence from Gerry Munro
Specifications for Opeongo Road May 1861
Specifications on works on Opeongo Rd 1861
Copy of Appendix (#54-1857)
Accounts of expenditures on Ottawa & Opeongo Rd.
Hudson Bay Co. Posts 1832 – (Map)
4 index cards Land grant information (hand written)
3 pages, hand written by A.B. Palmer in reference of Martin Russell
Voyageurs of Nil 1884 (French copy)
Correspondence Oct 10, 1974
3 sheets : local businesses in Renfrew with property info.
Report of Progress 1876-1877 2 pages
Report of Progress 1853, 1854, 1855, 1856 3 pages
Information on Sir Francis Hincks
Historical plaque re founding of Renfrew 4 sheets
Cadieux monument
Albion Hotel – hand drawn Picture
Mills & Factories of Renfrew 1820 -1935
Correspondence – re W.G. Van Slyck
Correspondence – re Carol McCuaig’s books
Historical & Museum’s Branch
Horton Twp books, receipt for filed notes
Land registry of Township of Pembroke copy
Correspondence – re Renfrew property of Owen Quinn & Christopher James Bell
Land deed of James Carswell 1872
Renfrew 1912 (businesses in Renfrew)
Twp. Of Horton Story – field notes Vol. 12 July 1825
Renfrew Street Map 1966
Founding of Renfrew
John Lorn McDougal 3 pages info & family tree
Xavier Plaunt & wife indenture Feb 19, 1847
Town map & close-up map
Conditions: consumer
1962 budget account by John Plaunt
Crown Land sheet (mapped out)
Titled copy – Crown to Xavier Plaunt
8 Saga of McNab by HRH – 2 copies of his story of McNab Twp.
9 missing file
10 Renfrew Hydro
History of Renfrew hydro from 1899
Correspondence re Renfrew Hydro
“50 years of progress with Sarnia Hydro” booklet
11 Jamieson House
Newspaper clippings re expropriation of house for new highway.
Including photo of house & Dugald Jamieson.
Box 8
files 1 Church History
Rev. Sun Moon
Copied sheet on church tokens
Armadale Free Methodist Church
Crozier family (Irvin & Dorothy’s family)
Rev. Thaxter
Rev. Lloyd Eyre
Constitution of Renfrew Christian School
Financial report 1982 Free Methodist Renfrew
Trinity St. Andrews United news clip
Lockwinnoch Presbyterian
Burnstown Presbyterian
Knox Presbyterian history – Hamilton
Parkview Free Methodist Church Renfrew
Wesleyan Methodist Conference history
Ralph Cecil Horner
2 Copyright
Original copyright of HRH’s books
List of registered patent agents
Copyright fees
Copyright rules
3 Eastern Ontario Creameries
Newspaper article & map on “Narrow road of 1925”
Sharbot Lake history
Belleville Creamery: Mac Robertson
Seaforth Creamery
4 Correspondence re Genealogy 1973 – 1980
Letters of inquiry re family genealogy
Correspondence from Geny Munro giving family history of John Munro
5 Book Search
Correspondence to book stores searching for old books
6 K.&P.
Newspaper photo at Calabogie
Correspondence re search for K & P stories
Photo “High Falls bunk house” & news story for photo
news clip of K & P (part 185)
North Frontenac News Aug 12 1977 contains photos & story of K & P
7 New Horizons ’72
Opportunities for youth – Shawville
Receipt (HRH)
Letter to HRH from Joan Kobus
Letter to HRH from Miss J. Bretzlaff
R.C.M.P. name change Oct 9,1972
Settling in March (news clip)
Bell Canada (long distance HRH)
Pakenham Twp. gets grant Dec.72
Academics want family history books
2 Letters from Champlain Trail Museum to HRH 1950
Report from parliament Hill 1972 news clip by Murray McBride
8 Programmes of Renfrew Events
Centennial 1958 match cover
Remembrance banquet 1976
Frank Dench & Mamie Kelly banquet in their honour 1951
Irish Night 1951
To inaugurate the Union of Trinity United Renfrew 1928
50th anniv 1925 -1975 of Trinity United Renfrew
O’Brien Opera House programmes 1921
Renfrew Music Festival 1978
Renfrew AA convention 1978
Opening of Eaton’s office 1974 new location
Voters List center ward (no date but after 1950)
Presbyterian Church 1975 naming Kirk hall
Can. Week Events Jun 1974
Renfrew tour of town by HRH 1974 town history – Dominion St. etc
Renfrew tour of Hincks Section 1974 by HRH
Recreation Opportunities 1974
Renfrew Public library – opening 1978
Plaque to Charlotte Whitton Ottawa 1975
Opening of Burnstown Bridge 1975
9 Public Archives of Canada
Record of letters to National Archives
Records of pictures donated to National Archives
10 Renfrew County Post Offices (1965 – 1972)
Letters from Public Affairs re McNab Post office
Canada Post Office letter re Lochwinnoch P.O.
Renfrew Post Office staff
Can Post Office – Marketing
Castleford – name changed to Warnock (1-5-1889)
Lockwinnoch (1-7-1868)
Letter from Can. P.O. Renfrew Postmaster
Letter Confederation Heights to HRH
McNab P.O. Simon Fraser (1-7-1868)
Letter from W.E.D. Halliday to HRH
11 Renfrew Highland Games
Programmes 1962,63,64 & 1965
Booklets on Renfrew Highland Games June 1963, 1964,1965
Newspaper clip of picture of Renfrew pipe band
News clip (Arnprior Chronicle) on Renfrew Highland Games
News clip (Arnprior Chronicle) Ad for Renfrew Games 1966
News clip (Pembroke Observer) Ancient Origin of Games 1966
Piper of Ostende
Tribute to old time Pipers
12 Maps
Scrapbooks – a history tool. handwritten
Map Ottawa River
Map Ottawa Valley copy from Atlas of 1863
Brochure from Imperial Oil on maps
Maps: Ont. -3 different
Renfrew Co. mineral map
Griffith to Calabogie – General Plan
Renfrew area
Renfrew sheet
Renfrew County S.W, portion
Renfrew town plan of Hincks section 1854
County of Lanark
Renfrew Co : geographical names
Box 9
files 1 Opeongo line (Upper Ottawa Travel Council 1966)
Letters: to Hinchley from Harry Legris (UOV Travel) from Ril Bond
Poem collected by Mrs. Legris
news clips:
Need Opeongo project to help tourist trade
Open house on the Opeongo
Opeongo marker erected in local hydro park
Picture of historical plaque erected by UOV travel council
Expense sheet for marker
Poem by HRH “Opeongo afternoon”
Opeongo Line 1852
Opeongo Road
Report of Opeongo Line Committee
Minutes: 3 pages of meeting of Opeongo Trail Committee
1965 from Dept. Public Records re Ontario Hydro Plaque to HRH
1965 to Dept. Records & Archives from Opeongo committee
1965 to HRH from city of Niagara Falls
1965 to Mr. Wigston from dept. Public Records & Archives
1964 letters & papers from Recreation Commission
Report of CCL in sessional papers 1960 2 copies acquired 1965
U.O council letter
Newspaper copies:
Opeongo Line hold great potential as tourist attraction
Opeongo Road
Opeongo Line seeks 500 members
Tour Opeongo with autos, snowmobiles (Advance 1966)
Opeongo Line Program
The Opeongo
Recreation Reserve
Ont. Dept of Lands & Forests
Opeongo Line
Mr. Vic Demelis
Dept. of Tourism
Clerk of Niagara Falls
The Opeongo Road
The Opeongo Line
Map of UO Valley showing Opeongo Line
Opeongo Line
Copy of booklet given out on History & Social Science Field Trip Oct26,1972
“Information for intending Settlers on the Ottawa & Opeongo Road & its vicinity” by T.P. French
News clip “Stop the Opeongo pillage” by Joan Finnigan Oct.14 1978 Eganville Leader Oct.28,1970 “Opeongo Rd.”
“Ottawa Magazine” 1981 contains story by Joan Finnegan on Inderwick family of Perth.
Partial list of places along the Opeongo
2 Champlain Plaque
1968 stapled book of letters re plaque
– to U.O.V. travel, from Dept. of Public Archives, Dept. of Mines Champlain’s journey of 1613
Champlain plaque photo
– unveiling & note of June 16,1968, & news clip, program
news clip: Champlain’s Voyage (Advance 1968)
Papers, bound, on Champlain Trail, re plaques
Excerpts from “4th voyage of Champlain 1613”
Map of Champlain Lakes
Letters (stapled) from Historical Sites committee re trail & lakes by Eric Morse of Can. Clubs
Maps: showing string of lakes
Photo copy of astrolabe from NY historical Society
3 Eganville Leader newspapers of 1965 with history of Opeongo
4 Opeongo Lines Association
Minutes of meeting of executive Jan 15,1969
Letter head sheet for “Opeongo Lines”
5 Gov’t council – Hudson Bay Co. Bonnechere Post
Letter head of UV Travel Council
John McLean’s notes of 25 year service in HB territory, excerpts from the Chats
Maps Topographical : Can. & Bonnechere River
Letter 1970 to HRH
Letter Mrs. Bernie Blakney
Info page on Coles Canadiana Collections
Letters to HRH from Hudson Bay Rules & regulations
Letter requesting maps of Westmeath twp.
Letter from UOV travel
Letters re Hudsons Bay
6 Pembroke & Mattawan Road Plaque
Program unveiling July 1972
Letters OV Historical Society
Map photo copy of Bromley Admaston
Tour bus trip schedule Opeongo Rd. (OV Hist. Soc)
Letters re trip from Clyde Kennedy
Underwater Archeology speech at Pembroke Public School by OV Hist. Soc
– hunt for Cultural Treasure in Restigouche River
Plaque for Pembroke-Mattawan Rd. history & unveiling OV Historical Society from Cobden Sun 1972
Expense statement for OV Hist. Soc for 1971
Executive of OV Hist. Soc. For 1972
Plaque, unveiling, “Steamboating on Upper Ottawa” OV Hist. Soc. Sept. ’73
7 Plaques for Sir Francis Hincks
Biography of Sir Francis Hincks at Renfrew
Note from Alice K. Hincks
Story of Hincks by HRH
Letters re Hincks plaque
“Music to raise funds for the deaf’ (Globe & Mail)
Plaque: correspondence, erection, publication of Hincks plaque
McDougall Mill sheet
8 HR plaques
A.A. Wright plaque correspondence
O’Brien plaque
Pioneer Inn
Plaque Grant
Thomas Low correspondence re: plaque, on Thomas Low, “Pioneers along Ottawa & Opeongo Road” Settlers along Opeongo Rd.
Box 10
files 1 History of Canaan Church from 1840
Location on 2nd line, 1 mile before Burnstown
Built c1840, top of Stewarts Hill, torn down 1875
Memorial fund correspondence
Erection of Canaan plaque
Story of the Canaan church:
John MacCallum m. Janet Fisher, James McLaren, Donald McLaren, James Morris, Alexander Fraser, Rev. Alex Mann, Rev. George Thompson, Rev. Dr. Robert Campbell
Newspaper: Stewartville church
2 Sir Francis Hincks immigration 1830
Newspaper: photo & story on locks
Biographical sketch of Hincks
3 Plaques
Journal of William Bell 1840
Bell plaque & picture (news copy)
Christopher Bell – book called “The Link Between two Castlefords”
Jack Towie King of Castleford
Donald Bell
4 Sir Francis Hincks Plaque
Names & streets of Hincks section of town
Biography of Hincks with info on family tree on pedigree sheet
Chapter XIII Canadian Minister of Finance (copy)
Correspondence re plaque
5 Sir Francis Hincks
Chapter XIII Canadian Minister of Finance
Program of unveiling
6 Plaques, Founding of Renfrew, Correspondence
Program of unveiling of plaque on “Founding of Renfrew”
Albion Hotel
Correspondence re plaque
Sheet of “Founding of Renfrew”
Correspondence: booklet of “Founding of Renfrew”
Program & plaque unveiling: Nodwell Indian Village in Port Elgin
Program & plaque unveiling: Woodhouse United Church Grounds Norfolk, Ont.
Program unveiling “Steamboat on the Upper Ottawa” Pembroke, copies
Program unveiling’ Pembroke & Mattawan Road”, Pembroke copy
Box 11
Files 1-8 (file folders, duo-tangs & binders)
files 1 FOLDER 1: (1 of 10 file folders)
Remember the Steam Thrasher by HRH Advance 6 pages typed
Community concerts Mercury 1975
Chief McNab Perth Courier 1969 4 pages
Bell’s plaque 2 pages
1st chute of Bonnechere.
FOLDER 2: Typed drafts of newspaper articles:
Wreck of a Royal Hudson Nov.25,1987
Barry’s Bay Picnic 1915 Aug. 1973
Church of Black Donald Sept.25 1972
Canaan Church
Jesus Festival a Big Event
Old Lutheran Church at Chalk River Feb.10,1974
Parkview Free Methodist Church Aug.24,1976
The Proverbs at Parkview Methodist Feb.25,1976
Presbyterian Church of Renfrew
Rosebank church Feb.3,1975
Rosebank Church June 13,1973
St. Ann’s Convent Mar. 1975
Old St. Francis Xavier Dec.22,1982
Old St. Francis Xavier Dec.16,1974
Springtown Church June 11,1973
Renfrew Baseball Club Oct.8,1973
Renfrew Baseball Club of 1921 Dec.3,1973
Renfrew Baseball Club of 1930 June 1974
Renfrew Jr. hockey 1902
Renfrew Jr. Hockey 1907 Oct.16,1972
Bid for Stanley cup May 1979
Hockey “Renfrew Rivers” Mar 1974
Millionaires lose to Ottawa Nov.22,1978
Millionaires in 1910 Jan.26,1973
Fred Taylor’s most famous play
Renfrew Hockey Club 1911 Mar.26,1973
Hockey Club 1912 Nov.24,1975
Hockey Club 1924 Jan.17,1972
Renfrew Textile Hockey Team 1924 Jan. 17,1972
Renfrew Lacrosse Club
Creamery stories
Kenebec monster Aug 18 1978
Union Hotel
Roads of 1925
Old bridge at Sharbot Lake (for Frontenac news Oct. 1934)
HR Bus Tour Opeongo
Opeongo Line 1974
HR Bus tour to Perth.
FOLDER 3: articles by HRH
Bob McEwen’s Harness Shop
Barnet Kitchens
Renfrew’s Golden Jubilee 1908
Sandy McNab’s Threshing Outfit
E.J.McGarrey Hardware
Renfrew from the PO
Wm. Halpenny’s store
Engine in the River
Renfrew Horse show
McAndrew’s Boat house
Burnstown school
Ice harvest
Madawaska River at Burnstown
O’Brien Opera House
240th Battalion
Sheep on Raglan St. c.1910
Departure of the 130th
Regatta on the Bonnechere
Threshing in McNab Twp.
M.J. O’Brien War Industries
Baldwins Livery Sleigh at Victoria Hospital 1912
Renfrew Electric & Refrigerator Fire 1942
Power Development at Renfrew
Circus Day in Renfrew
Muirs’ China Hall
Renfrew boys of D Coy, 2lst Battalion
Bert Lindsay‘s Poolroom
Building the dam 1911
Renfrew of Plaunt, McDougal, Hincks 1857
Brick & Pump house on the Bonnechere
Flower Beds at Low Square
Fisher’s Barn
Steamers on Chat Lake
Renfrew Refrigerator Co. Ltd.
Celebration July 1,1967
The Opeongo Road
Industries of Renfrew 1857
Moss & Sons, Tinsmiths
Renfrew Power Co. Dam
The First Swinging Bridge
Jim Barnet’s Oldsmobile 1909
2nd Chute of the Bonnechere
Decorated for Coronation Day 1911
Cream Separators of Renfrew Machinery Co.
Waterfall on Smiths Creek
Lochiel St. S. about 1910
Rota Derby 1953
Who Is He?
The Rectory, Munro Ave.
Jamieson’s Brick yard
Dominion Day parade 1907
Renfrew Boy Scouts 1953
Renfrew’s Golden Jubilee 1908
On the Opeongo line 2 pages
Renfrew’s street parade 1923
Stave mill at Sand Point
Victoria Hospital
Jamieson Lime Co.
Scooped-roof shanty
Stand pipe on Carswell’s Hill
Raglan Street 1895
Nomination Day 1914
South Renfrew By Election
stapled booklet at end:
Renfrew hockey Club 1907
Renfrew Rivers 1909
Renfrew Intermediates 1924
Renfrew Juniors 1933
Renfrew Lion’s 1948 Semi-finalists
Renfrew Jr. Hockey 1902
Renfrew HockeyClub 1903, 1907,1909
Renfrew’s bid for Stanley Cup 1909
Renfrew Millionaires 1910
Cylone Taylors most famous play
Renfrew Hockey Club 1911
D. Company
Sir Francis Hincks his story
Founding of Renfrew 2 pages
Clyde Kennedy to talk on area over CBO
Letter by HRH re Low Square spelling
Mercury Fire of 1888
Heritage Symposium a success
Kennedy appointed to Heritage board
Lawrence praises Heritage Symposium
Odd fellows & Rebekahs honour Veterans 2 copies
Yonder lies the Valley
Renfrew Lodge #122 4 pages
Oddfellows 4 pages
Diamond Jubilee at Bank of Montreal 3 pages
Uptown or Downtown
Date Stamping
Timbertown Site well chosen
Sr. Citizens Drop-in center at Rec. center
Renfrew (77.04.02)
Scottish Concert (77.05.09)
Historical symposium of Pembroke
Clyde Kennedy to Speak in Renfrew
Burnstown named after Robbie Burns
Hydro building now clear
Raglan St. Renfrew 4 pages
Renfrew in 1850
Events in Renfrew’s history 5 pages
Renfrew Lodge
Chief McNab’s saw mill at White Lake copy of letter
Whale bones found at White Lake
Save the old School
Joe Quilty heads Fiddlers
Orange Lodge
Clyde River Communities
Clan Murray Society
Dot Skinner heads Heritage Renfrew
Barny was not ordinary cop
Seaforth Highlanders’ Band
Official Time
Tempus Fugit
Les Fraser‘s Renfrew – review
Mark Bros. Shows at Rec. Centre – news clip & ad
Renfrew Pipe Band, a Hit in Perth
Buying at the Mall
Renfrew Citizen Band 1914
Renfrew Boys’ band 1906
Band shell of Low Square
Coleraine Hall
Waba Cottage Museum
John Lorn McDougal House
Scoop-roofed shanty
Board & Batten house
Union Star Milk Wagon
Lord Aberdeen’s visit
Ice Cream truck 1928
Renfrew Creamery
Another landmark gone
Jan. 1895 Renfrew Creamery commences operation
Renfrew Creamery
Maple Home Cheese Factory
Renfrew Creamery
Plaunt‘s Dominion House
Albion Hotel
British Hotel
Dominion Store in Wartime
Pre-war industries at Renfrew
Joe Brydges‘ saw mill
Martin Russell‘s saw mill
McDougal mill
Renfrew’s historic saw mill
O’Brien’s war industries
Staff at O’Brien Munitions
Renfrew Electric & Refrigerator Co. Staff
Barnet Manufacturing Co.
The Barnet Refrigerator
Renfrew Electric & Refrigerator Co.
Aaron A. Wright & family about 1900
Elkanah Billings, Renfrew’s lst lawyer
Elm Camp, Burnstown 1905
Cedar bridge on Opeongo Road at Renfrew
“Pointers” on Calabogie Lake
Mt. St. Patrick fire tower
Camp on the River
Log drive on the Bonnechere
Steamer on Chats Lake
Big Pine on the Bonnechere
River Gang up the Ottawa
Running the Rapids
The Elm Gang at White Lake
Camp in the Bush
Eureka Steam Fire co. 1896
M.J. O’Brien‘s Champion Herefords 1932
The old Gibbons Farm House
The Volunteers
Handford’s Corner 1907
The rock that looks like a sheep
The tree that looks like a Snake
Raglan St. near the PO 1910
Renfrew Avenue East
McNab Twp. Stone Fence
1920 Duplex truck, Joe Prince Driver
Sheep on Raglan St.
Tom Marks’ Kilties
The clock of the PO
Harvest Near Renfrew in days gone By
Old House on the Opeongo
Temperance Hall 1910
Taking out stone
Renfrew’s 1st Swinging Bridge
The Closing of the A.& P
Union School #6 Rolph Buchanan & Wylie
Threshing in Admaston
Madawaska River near Mountain Chute
Duke Ave 1908
Bijou Orchestra
Gospel Sing, a good evening
Development of Renfrew
Who is the Driver?
Steam Power on Raglan St.
Renfrew Fire Dept. 1923
The chats Lake
R.C.L Football Team 1909
Raglan St. in the 1880’s
Barr Colony at Lloyminster
The Old Second Reader
The toy fire Brigade
The Barnet Building
Ed Hughes
Wooden Bridge at Sharbot Lake
Creamery at Sharbot Lake
Union Hotel at Sharbot lake
Roads of 1925
List of photos in the Mercury, numbered, 4 pages
Heritage Tour of Raglan St.
Guy Bros. Minstrels
Scrapbook copies to be presented to Legion 3 pages
Express Co. Window sign
Feb. Spring in Renfrew 1910
Springtown 2 pages
“Over the hills to Georgian Bay” 2 pages
O’Brien cup
Book Review
In the Smokeless Tobacco 3 pages
Mack Robertson named to Ag. Hall of Fame 3 pages
Xmas in Renfrew 80 years ago 2 Pages
When Will the War End?
Band Shell
Lt Christopher James Bell 5 pages, typed
Bill Craig by Dr. Burwell
Sir Francis Hincks 2 pages
Hincks: a developer of Renfrew 5 pages
Street names of Hincks section
Nat Lindsay 6 pages
Tom Lowe 17 pages
John Moran
Barny was no Ordinary Cop 3 Pages
Chief McNab 4 pages
Cam Simpson 1886 – 1977
Wallie Stewart 2 Pages
Bill Styles 5 pages
Charlotte Whitton 3 Pages
A.A. Wright 1840 – 1922 4 Pages
River Drivers at High Falls 1912
White Water at High Falls
Renfrew Citizens Band at Old Home Week
Renfrew Citizens Band 1926
Renfrew Pipe Band 1938
C.P.R. Water Tank
K & P Crossing Calabogie Lake
Hotel Renfrew Truck at C.P.R. station 1920
K & P wreck near Renfrew 1913
Early Locomotive on the K & P
Grand Trunk accident at the Diamond 1910
The station at Renfrew Junction
Afternoon train to Renfrew
All aboard for Eganville
Smiths Creek Trestle
C.P.R. Locomotive #5302
C.P.R. Bridge over the Bonnechere
The Wreck of the 97
Eady K & P Locomotive “The Boyd Caldwell”
All aboard for Clarendon, Snow Road, Lavant
Calabogie Station
Gone Forever- overpass at Ferguslea
C.P.R. station
Wilfred Bolam
FOLDER 10: Renfrew
Horton Settlement & early settlers 3 pages
Renfrew in the 1850’s 7 Pages
Renfrew in the 1860’s 3 Pages
Renfrew in the 1870’s 3 Pages
Renfrew in the 1880’s 2 Pages
2 (in thin blue duo-tang)
Poem “Renfrew Valley” Mercury 1977
Clip re naming of “Burnstown”
Bank of Montreal Diamond Jubilee
News clip on fiddlers
3 (in black binder)
Letters re:
Creamery history 3 Pages
Pottery works
Plaque Founding of Renfrew & inscription
Plaque “Hincks” typed biography
Plaque Charlotte Whitton – in Ottawa & her biography
news clips:
on Black Donald
on McNab
“Saga of Opeongo Line” by HRH & poem of Opeongo 5 pages
4 poems
Castleford PO. By Mrs. Lorne Humphies typed
Twp. of McNab typed & handwritten copy
Canaan Church 1840 handwritten
Notes & letters re: McNab handwritten
Letter re Prince’s visit to Arnprior July 1964 handwritten
news clips:
photo of iron bridge of 1907
Church tokens by Fr. Gravelle
Highland Games in Renfrew & bagpipes
Old mills of Quebec
4 (in file folder)
John Munro History
Questions to Immigrant Farmers – from Public Archives -individual sheets
5 (in turquoise colored duo-tang)
“Renfrew False Start” history of the town (items for his book)
– news clips and typed sheets by HRH on historical items of Renfrew
– re book “History of Renfrew” Mercury Jan 1983
Notes from Walden’s Atlas
Lots owned by Owen Quinn
Events & dates of 1825-1902
Photo Main St. (Hotel Renfrew) Mercury 1983
Mercury on progress of book 1983
Plaque McDougall Mill – history, origin typed
typed events by years:
1844 Sale of land to Saddler
1858 Walfords drug store
1858 Proclamation to incorporate to village status
Village first reeve John Smith
Gibbons‘s farm house by HRH
1861 Renfrew County separates from Lanark
1867 Confederation in Renfrew
1870 Coming of Canadian Central RR
1874 Pigs forbidden to run on streets
1870-1879 Businesses & hotels
1874 Maple Home Cheese Factory
Coming of K & P
Blind Orgy McDonald (a fiddler)
1890 Canon Quartermaine
1891 Bernard McDermott (constable)
1895 Renfrew Creamery formally opened
1896 politics
1859 Masonic Lodge
1852 library
1953 BF Propane Ltd
1959 Polish night in Renfrew
1959 Parkview Free Methodist Church
Mayors & Reeves & Deputy-Reeves 1853-1953
Representatives in Commons 1867-1904
century Farms 1967
6 (in long, blue duo-tang)
History of Renfrew references
History of Renfrew Public Library
Plaque: AA Wright story
Story of Renfrew – list of chapters
Militia list – Renfrew 1851
MPs and MLAs
Staff of Renfrew PO
Copy of handwritten letter of 1849
unveiling plaque, Albion Hotel Sept.l974
unveiling plaque, Sir Francis Hincks 1975
unveiling plaque to Steamboating on Ottawa (Pembroke)
“Questions to Immigrant Farmers”
Henry Airth‘s sheet
John Munro‘s sheet
“Tribute to the Polish” typed 2 pages
Suggested names for Renfrew Streets typed sheet
7 (red binder)
Newspaper articles:
“Old Bill Craig
1st Chute of Bonnechere Mercury 1966
Christopher Bell by HRH
Munitions plant “Hush Hush”) 1971 6 pages
Dugald Jamieson and his house 2 pages
Wilno crosses by Brenda Lee Whiting
Les Fraser 3 pages
Charlotte Whitton 1975 6 Pages
Lochwinnoch Presbyterian church
Black Donald 1959 16 pages
Seaforth town council
Articles relating to Heritage Renfrew 1975
“Fences” by Brenda Lee Whiting 3 pages
“1st Hostelry & Stage on the Opeongo” by HRH
Plaque: unveiling – Christopher Bell, May 1967 & inscription
Article by Kenneth Mayhew “Reminiscing”
Norman Moffatt by HRH
8 (in large black binder)
news clips:
on history of the Ottawa River
Renfrew- Vice’s store
typed: “A Saga of McNab”
News clips:
Ottawa Hall of Fame Athletes 1968 (Taylor)
Cyclone Taylor
“Hockey Town” 1969 (story of 37 pages, typed)
“Saga of the Opeongo Line” by HRH 4 pages
2 poems for the story
“Story of the Canaan Church” 16 pages, 2 copies
Copy of “Burnstown Village” for the Tweedsmuir History Book 16 pages
“Journal of Wm. Bell 1840” typed 2l pages
Box 12
January 1939 25 years ago
November 12 1959
November 3 1966
November 10 1966
November 16 1966
November 17 1966
December 1 1966, December 8 1966, December 15 1966
December 10 1967, November 20 1969
January 22 1970, From the Old Files by Harry Hinchley up to 1977 all articles cut from the Renfrew Mercury.
Books of typed material
Book 1 From the Old Files January to December 1978
Book 2 From the Old Files January to December 1979
Book 3 From the Old Files January to December 1980
Book 4 From the Old Files January to December l981
Book 5 From the Old Files January to December 1982
Book 6 From the Old Files January to December 1984
Book 7 From the Old Files January to December 1983
Book 8 From rhe Old Files January to December 1977-1978
Book 9 From the Old Files January to December Sept. 1976-December 1977
Book 10 From the Old Files October 3 to December 19 1979
From the old Files 1988 newspaper clippings from the Renfrew Mercury
10 large duo-tangs (#1 – #10)
3 file folders (#11 – #13)
#1 orange duo tang: typed copy by HRH for Mercury issues of his column “From the Old Files” for 1976 to Dec 1977
#2 black duo tang: typed copy by HRH for Mercury issues of his column “From the Old files” for Jan. 1978 to Dec. 1978
#3 black duo tang: typed copy by HRH for Mercury issues of his column “From the Old files” for Jan. 1979 to Sept. 1979
#4 thin duo tang: typed copy by HRH for Mercury issues of his column “From the Old files” for Oct. 1979 to Dec. 1979
#5 black duo tang: typed copy by HRH for Mercury issues of his column “From the Old files” for Jan. 1980 to Dec. 1980
#6 blue duo tang: typed copy by HRH for Mercury issues of his column “From the Old Files” for 1981
#7 black duo tang: typed copy by HRH for Mercury issues of his column “From the Old Files” for year 1982
#5 black duo tang: typed copy by HRH for Mercury issues of his column “From the Old files” for year 1983
#9 orange duo tang: typed copy by HRH for Mercury issues of his column “From the Old Files” for year 1984
#10 orange duo tang: typed copy by HRH for Mercury issues of his column “From the Old Files for year 1987
#11 short file folder: Mercury clippings “From the old Files” 1978
#12 long file folder:
Mercury clippings ” A Peep into the Past” 1939,1966,1970
Mercury clippings “From the old files” 1982,1983,1987,1988
#13 file folder: Mercury clippings “From the old Files” Oct. 1986-July 1990
Box 13
#1 (blue binder)
HRH’s typed sheets for publication in the Mercury for Jan. to Dec. of 1985, for his article: “From the old Files”
#2 (red binder)
HRH’s typed sheets for publication in the Mercury for 1986, for his article: “From the old Files”
#3 (orange short duo tang)
HRH’s typed sheets for publication in the Mercury for 1989, 1990, for his article: “From the old Files”
#4 (green short duo tang)
HRH’s typed sheets for publication in the Mercury for 1990 for his article: “From the old Files”
#5 (dark green, thin, duo tang)
History of Renfrew from W.E. Smallfields’s book (brief typed) “Renfrew Creamery” from the Renfrew Journal of Oct 3,1895 (typed)
#6 (long blue duo tang)
Pictures & articles from Mercury newspaper:
Newspaper picture of Renfrew Hockey Team 1909-1910 (small)
Contribution of Renfrew to Hockey history 2 pages
Renfrew Hockey Team wins admiration of thousands 4 pages
Picture – Lacrosse Team, no names
Article – Lacrosse Team 1893, names of players of previous picture
Picture – Eureka Steam Fire Co., Renfrew
Article – Eureka Steam Co, 1896
Picture – Lacrosse team on top of Arch on Raglan St.
Article – Lacrosse team 1895
Picture – Hockey Team 1902-03
Article – Junior Team
Picture – Hockey Club 1903-04
Article – Hockey Team 1903-04
Picture – Renfrew Lacrosse team 1905
Article – Renfrew Lacrosse team
Renfrew Baseball club 1907
Picture – R.C.I. Football Team
Article – R.C.I. Football Team
Picture & Article – Renfrew River’s Hockey Team
Article on Renfrew’s bid for 1909 Stanley Cup
Picture – Hockey team 1908-09
Article – hockey team 1909
Remembering the Renfrew Millionaires
Picture of Renfrew Hockey Team 1909-10
Renfrew Millionaires 1910
Fred Taylor’s most famous play
Renfrew Journal 1919
Picture – National Hockey Association Cup. “O’Brien Cup”
The O’Brien Cup
Picture – O’Brien Cup
Picture – Renfrew Hockey club 1911
Veterans gave the team plenty of class
Picture – Renfrew Hockey Cllub 1924-24
Renfrew Intermediates 1924-25
Picture – Renfrew Textiles hockey club
Renfrew Textiles hockey team
Picture – Baseball Club 1927
Renfrew Baseball club 1921
Picture – Renfrew Baseball club 1930
Renfrew Baseball club 1930
Picture – Renfrew Hockey club 1934
Renfrew Juniors 1933-34
Renfrew Lions Hockey club 1948
Picture – Car in derby on Main St.
Rota Derby 1953
Renfrew Boys’ Band
Picture – Volunteers for Boer War
The Volunteers
Picture – Pipe Band 1914
Tom Marks Kilties
Picture – Volunteers 1914-18
Renfrew Volunteers 2nd Battalion
Picture – Band of 130rd Battalion World War I
Picture – Renfrew Citizens’ Band
The Renfrew Citizens’ Band
Picture – picnic
Barry’s Bay picnic
Renfrew Boys’ Band 1906
Renfrew Fire Department
Horse Drawn Truck
The Bijou Orchestra
Picture – Band for Old Home Week 1923
Renfrew Citizens’ Band 1923
Renfrew Pipe Band 1938
Tom Marks’ Kilties
Renfrew Pipe Band big hit in Perth
Poster: Marks Bros.
Marks Bros. Revival coming to Renfrew
Revival Play well received
Fred Taylor under contract
Ryerson principal Seaforth native dies
Fred Taylor’s most famous play 2 pages
#7 (long blue duo tang)
Mercury newspaper clippings:
Picture- Bonnington House
Picture – Low Square Lord Tweedsmuir in Renfrew
Picture – Log house
Log house heritage building
Fishers barn, relic of McNab
Picture – McDougall Mill
The McDougall Mill
Picture – John Lorne McDougall’s house
Historic house on Raglan St.
Picture – McDougall mill Museum
McDougall Mill Museum receives first plaque
Picture of John Lorn McDougall’s house
Historic house on Raglan St.
Picture – McDougall Mill Museum
McDougall mill Museum receives first plaque
McNab’s house now a township museum
Formerly Renfrew Hotel
Picture – Albion House
The Albion Hotel
Picture – Gbbons’House
Article – Old Gbbons’house
Picture – Dugald Jamieson’s historic home
They danced in the Attic
Picture – Truck & house of Dugald Jamieson
Jamieson deal bogged down
Gibbon’s house now in hands of Mitel
More on the Gbbons Home & Mitel
Picture – Airth Home
Heritage Renfrew surveys the Airth home
Picture – Gbbons’ home
The old Gbbons farm house
Picture – Horton farm house
Century old Horton farm home sold
Board & Batten house
Picture – Dominion Hotel 1868
Plaunt’s Dominion hotel 1868
Picture – The Albion House
The Albion Hotel
Picture – The British Hotel
The British Hotel
Picture – House of Dr. Mann
Residence of Dr. Mann
Picture – Coloraine Hall
Coloraine Hall built to be a showcase
Coloraine Hall built to be a luxury retirement home
Picture – Renfrew Creamery
Lord Aberdeen opens Renfrew Creamery
Picture – house & large stone fence
McNab Township stone fence
Picture – Post office clock being put in
The Post office clock
Picture – The White House
Article – The White House
Picture – Fraser House on Quarry St.
A grand home on Quarry St.
Picture – Pat Lynch’s store I951
Picture – Muirs’ China Hall & Muir sisters
Muirs’ China hall
The Opeongo Road
Picture – Road & hill
On the Opeongo Line
Picture – Renfrew junction
The station at Renfrew Junction
Picture – CPR Station, Sharbot Lake
Afternoon train to Renfrew
Smith’s Creek trestle
Picture – Main Street, Renfrew
Raglan St. in 1880
Picture – Main St. Mackay house
Dominion Day Parade 1907
Picture – house on Renfrew St.
Renfrew avenue East
The First Swinging bridge
Picture – Swinging bridge
Cedar bridge on Opeongo
Renfrew Golden Jubilee
Picture – Main St. Renfrew
Raglan St. 1895
Picture – Raglan St. 1908 Jubilee arches
Lord Aberdeen’s visit to Renfrew
Picture – steam tractor
Days of steam power on Raglan
Main St., Renfrew upper Main St.
Circus Day in Renfrew
Street Parade 1907
Tom Barnet’s oldsmobile 1907
Picture- Main St. horse & buggy
Renfrew’s golden Jubilee 1908
Picture – lady & cows on Main St.
Handford’s corner 1907
Can you recognize the driver?
Picture – old truck
Renfrew’s 1920 duplex truck
Main St., Renfrew, 1910
#8 (long blue duo tang)
Mercury news clips written by HRH of his article “From old Files’, from Mercury of 1979 articles of Dec. 1951-1954
#9 (long blue duo tang)
Mercury news clips written by HRH of his article “From old Files’, from Mercury of 1980 -1981
#10 (long blue duo tang)
pictures & articles from Mercury of 1976 & 1973:
McDougall Museum
The McDougall Mill
Renfrew of Plaunt, McDougall & Hincks
Smith’s old sawmill
Picture – mill on the Bonnechere
Industries of Renfrew 1857
Picture – large log being sawed
Big pine on the Bonnechere
Picture – Sawmill
Joe Brydges sawmill
Picture – factories 1890’s
Pre war industry at Renfrew
Picture – Renfrew Creamery
Lord Aberdeen opens creamery
Picture – Renfrew Creamery
Days of Renfrew Creamery town
Picture – horse & wagon
Union Star milk wagon 1914
Brick kilns & pump house on the Bonnechere
Standpipe on Carswell’s hill
The tower comes down
Picture – bridge being worked on
The building of the dam 1911
Picture – old thresher
Threshing in Admaston
Picture – the Power canal
Power development at Renfrew
Picture – Renfrew Industries
Pre war industries, Renfrew
M. J. O’Brien war industries
Renfrew Electric & Refrigerator Co. 1942
Picture – Kilns & Pumphouse
Brick kilns & pump house on the Bonnechere
Jamieson brick yard, Renfrew
Picture – horse & wagon on Main St.
Picture – Renfrew Electric
The Renfrew Refrigerator Co.
Limestone, a thriving industry
Picture – Jamieson Lime Co.
Cream Separators, Renfrew machinery
The Mount St. Patrick fire tower
Picture – Locomotive
K & P work began in l87l
Picture – Calabogie station
Calabogie station
Picture – Locomotive
Early locomotive on the K & P
Afternoon train to Renfrew
Picture – Renfrew junction
Over the hills to Georgian Bay
Smith’s creek trestle
Grand Trunk accident at the diamond 1916
K & P wreck near Renfrew 1913
Picture – locomotive 30
The end of the line CPR to Eganville
The Hotel Renfrew truck
Picture – locomotive
CPR locomotive No 5302
Picture – Railway line at Calabogie Lake
Picture – Maple Cheese factory
The wreck of the Royal Hudson
Steamers on Chats Lake
Quebec beauty spot a busy place in 1855
Stave mill at Sand Point
Picture – Railway tunnel
Culvert style railway tunnel
#11 (long blue duo tang)
Mercury Newspaper articles & pictures of 1975:
Picture – log drive on Bonnechere
Log drive on the Bonnechere
Picture – Mountain Chute
Mountain Chute
Picture – Camp on Madawaska
Camp on River
Picture – logs & boats on Calabogie Lake
Pointer boats on Calabogie Lake
Picture – Pointer boats in Rapids
Wilfred Bolam, lumberman
Picture – Elm Camp Burnstown July 4
Elm Camp 1905
Picture – 3 men at camboose shanty
Big Bill and life in a camboose shanty
Picture – Pointer boats
River riding
Picture – River gang
Lumber Mayor
Picture – camp at Burnstown
Camp on River
River Drivers at High Falls 1912
Picture – fire crews eating & picture of forest fire burning
Fire burn at Griffith
#12 (long blue duo tang)
Newspaper clippings of HRH articles for Mercury “From the Old Files” for year of 1985
#13 (long blue duo tang)
Newspaper clippings of HRH articles for Mercury “From the Old Files” for year of 1986
#14 (long blue duo tang)
Newspaper clippings of HRH articles for Mercury “From the Old Files” for year of 1983
Scapbooks (large)
#1 sketches of Waba
Stories of McNab Twp.
Stories of the Laird of McNab
Visit from Dame McNab
#2 news clips : Opeongo line
Copy of Charter of Rights
news clip: Unveiling plaque to Hincks
news clip: Renfrew Sr. citizen of year, Jessie Stewart
news clip: Founding of Heritage Renfrew 1974
Letters to Harry Hinchley from Heritage Renfrew from town re appointment to Architectural committee
Letter to Harry H. re death of Cyclone Taylor
news clip: re firehall preservation from
news clip: “Old Mercury Files” by HRH of 1878,1879,1904,1928
#3 Newsclips:
of stone McDougall mill
Unveiling plaque Opeongo Road
Ottawa River
Students photos at Model school (Advance 1966)
Article by Father Gravelle (Advanace 1967)
Pakenham Stone Arch bridge
History of county by Mrs. Carl Price
1966 Plowing Match (Huron Expositor 1966)
#4 Newsclips Advance 1965,1967:
Huron Expositor
Pictures of Can. Art on Post cards
Pembroke Observer article
Bonnechere caves
Renfrew’s 1967 Centennial projects
#5 Copy of pages 12,14 from MCDOUGALL FAMILY TREE
Newsclips of ads, train time table, from Mercury of 1902
Copy of McNab Twp. Settlers (from census?)
of plaque to Bell at Castleford
of stories of 1925 by Vi Dooling
Story of Renfrew in 50’s
Copy of “Questions to Emigrant Farmers”
Copy of life history of John Munro 1807 –
Opeongo Line
John Tanner, Renfrew’s 1st reeve
Renfrew to designate 5 Heritage Bldgs (Pembroke Observer)
Box 14
Many books, booklets, pamplets and 7 duo tangs (most are stored in LIBRARY)
Wardens of Renfrew County by Carol Bennett
Les Fraser’s Renfrew
Pioneer Reminiscences of Upper Ottawa Valley: St. John, the Evangelist Church Eganville
Trail Planning
Ont. Agriculture Hall of Fame Honour Roll
Geographical Names of Renfrew by Ont. Dept. of Energy
Renfrew Centennial Programme
Renfrew Centennial (souvenir book)
Renfrew & its Fair by Harry Walker
Huron Historical Notes Vol XVI & XVII
History of Calabogie by Alfred Clarke
Heritage Canada 1976
How to Prepare a Local History : Glenbow Archive Series, Alberta
History of Smiths Falls by University Women’s club
Renfrew Legion Branch #148 – The First Forty Years
Faces & Facades by Heritage Renfrew
Transcription of Horton census Vol I 1842 & 1851 by Bruce Elliott
The O. V. & the Fur Traders by C.C.J. Bond
The Opeongo Explorer 1970 Vol. I #1
Geographical Names of Renfrew County by Alan Rayburn
Smaller books:
Centennial Edition of a History of the Electoral District, Legislatures, & Ministers of Province of Ont. 1867 – 1968
Mineral Deposits, Renfrew Co. by Dept. of Mines
Renfrew Curling Club 1874-1974
Eganville & District Old Home Week 1948
Cormac, The Story of Cormac by Rev. Hunt
Renfrew Highland Games 1964,1965
Centennial History of St. John Luthern, Petawawa 1867 -1967
The Story of Douglas by Rev. Hunt
Arnprior Centennial 1962
Centennial North Renfrew Ag. Society 1957
Renfrew Marion Lodge 100 years 1974
Diamond Jubilee of Confederation
Perth Remembered 1967
100 Years – Ottawa & the Valley by Harry Walker 1967
Lighting to the Pioneer Ontario Home by L.S. Russell
Sesquicentennial of Pembroke 1978
History of Killaloe Station 1967
Renfrew Lodge 1859 -1959
The Story of the Mountain by Rev. Hunt
Tall Tales of Joe Mufferaw by Bernie Bedore
Early Days in the Ottawa county 1967 by National Capital Commission
Duo tangs:
#1 long black duo tang:
Town of Renfrew Municipal Year Book 1963
#2 large orange:
newsletters & minutes of HR 1987-1990
#3 black duo tang:
“A multicultural History of Bonnechere Valley: by Lorraine O’Reilly & Corey Ferguson 1981 for Avoca Foundation
#4 short black duo tang:
Notes on land use & landscape evaluation in a fringe area of Canadian Shield
#5 black duo tang:
1984 Report on the “sinking of the Mayflower”
#6 black duo tang:
Mills & Factories of Renfrew 1820 -1935 (copy, handwritten) & Heritage Renfrew newsletters
#7 black duo tang:
Geographical Names of Renfrew & Lanark Co. & Mineral Deposits by Dept. of Mines
#8 Book
“M. J. O’Brien”
Box 15
contains 5 boxes of index cards
Cards are notes for HRH’s articles for his weekly publications of his column “Peep into the past”
Items were taken from Mercury’s of 1885 & on
Box 16
contains 4 binders of photos
These 4 books are all catalogued & numbered as thumbnail photos in white book “Book 5”
They are stored in the PHOTOGRAPY Section