Collection MS 15


from Barnet Family Papers MS8

Box File
1 Town of Renfrew Scroll To Duke of Devonshire, Governor General – 1920 – visit to Renfrew
Fred (Cyclone) Taylor hockey contract Dec. 17, 1909, signed by J.G. Barnet (Renfrew Millionaires)
(donated to Hockey Hall of Fame 1983 – photograph copy)
P1 Renfrew Picnic along Bonnechere River 1913, (Donald Ready)
P2 A group of Renfrew women active with Red Cross, Fair Grounds c1914-1918 – 3 photos
P3 Canadian Expeditionary Force 240th O.S. Lanark-Renfrew Battalion, 11 April 1917, at Renfrew Fair Grounds
P4 Valcartier Camp, Quebec 1916
P5 Deer Hunt undated (c1890s)
P6 No. 1 Camp A. Barnet & Co. undated (c1900s)
Dining Hall – Sleeping camp – Store house
W. Paul, foreman (Handwritten)
P7 Logging photographs undated (c189Os)
P8 Men, horses, log and frame buildings
P9 Postcard – Renfrew Golden Jubilee 1908
P10 Raglan St. Renfrew – J.G. Barnet – John MacKay
P11 Barnet Horses & Carriage
P12 Logging Photograph – undated
P13 Logging Photograph – undated
P14 Logging Photograph – undated
P15 Logging Photograph – undated
P16 Logging Photograph – undated
P17 Logging Photograph – undated
P18 Sawmill – Railroad Siding – undated
P19 1901 Royal Visit – George and Mary
P20 River Scene – Docks, Pointers, Canoes, People – undated
P21 Timber Slide – People, Buildings – undated
P22 River Scene – Logging crib, Piers, Pointers, people – undated
P23 River Scene – Crib, pier, stacked Lumber, People – undated
(P20,P21,P2 &P23 are likely connected to 1901 Rotary Visit)
Photographs P1-P23 were donated to Ontario Archives in 1982