Collection MS 18


1 4 Local Coloured Postcards, pre 1968
.   Dam, McDougall Mill, Power House and Canal,
.   Low Square and Cenotaph and Albion House
.   1 Bread Wrapper – Ernie MilIar Bakery
.   2 Tags – Maple Leaf Dairy
.   1 Meat Disc – 1940-1945
.   2 Wooden Nickels – 1958

P1 2 B&W Photographs, 5″x7″, ‘Mr. Blue’ owned by
.    James W. Baskin. Mr. R. J. Smith is thought to be the driver

1 Copy Golden Jubilee, A History of Renfrew South
.  Women’s Institute, 1913-1963 (Reference Book Section)

P2 Photograph, Colour, Renfrew Highland Band with New
.     Kilt Colours c1970

P3 Photograph, B&W, mounted, of Dean’s Store (Cuff’s TV-19
.     undated, photographer unknown
.     Mr. Bill Dean is in the photo.

-Feasibility study done for Sport Renfrew in 1981 re:
.  Community Hall
-Sport Renfrew Building Proposal Statement,
-14 candid photos of Kiwanis members c1960’s
-Minure Book – Kiwives 1967-1982
-Accounts book – Kiwanis 1967-1982

Box 2
P4 34 Colour prints of fire at Trinity St. Andrew’s
.      United Church, Renfrew Apr 1986
P5 22 Colour prints of fire at Tupper Dt. Renfrew
.      May 8, 1987. Appear to be first time that
.      Renfrew’s new extension ladder truck was used.
P6 10 Colour prints of demolition of stone CPR Station
.      Renfrew 1982
P7 4 Colour prints of closing of St. Francis Xavier
.      School, Bonnechere St. Renfrew 1982
P8 10 Colour prints of repair of Renfrew Swinging Bridge
P9 3 Colour prints on 1 card of Bonnington House one
.      day prior to demolition October 1967
P10 1 Colour print of small waterfall -unidentified
.       photographers for above -Earl (Dec.) and Judy Anderson
P11 60 photographs, B&W, and negatives from Samuel Moffat
.       family, Argyle St. Renfrew ON
.      Tombstones, family photos and others. Not identified