Collection MS 18


Box File
1 1 4 Local Coloured Postcards, pre 1968
McDougall Mill
Power House and Canal
Low Square and Cenotaph and Albion House
1 Bread Wrapper – Ernie Millar Bakery
2 Tags – Maple Leaf Dairy
1 Meat Disc – 1940-1945
2 Wooden Nickels – 1958
P1 2 B&W Photographs, 5″x7″, ‘Mr. Blue’ owned by James W. Baskin
Mr. R. J. Smith is thought to be the driver
Copy Golden Jubilee, A History of Renfrew South Women’s Institute, 1913-1963
(Reference Book Section)
P2 Colour photograph, Renfrew Highland Band with New Kilt Colours c1970
P3 B&W photograph, mounted, of Dean’s Store (Cuff’s TV-19) undated, photographer unknown
Mr. Bill Dean is in the photo
Feasibility study done for Sport Renfrew in 1981 re: Community Hall
Sport Renfrew Building Proposal Statement
14 candid photos of Kiwanis members c1960’s
Minute Book – Kiwanis 1967-1982
Accounts book – Kiwanis 1967-1982
2 P4 34 Colour prints of fire at Trinity St. Andrew’s United Church, Renfrew Apr 1986
P5 22 Colour prints of fire at Tupper St. Renfrew, May 8, 1987
Appears to be first time that Renfrew’s new extension ladder truck was used
P6 10 Colour prints of demolition of stone CPR Station Renfrew 1982
P7 4 Colour prints of closing of St. Francis Xavier School, Bonnechere St. Renfrew 1982
P8 10 Colour prints of repair of Renfrew Swinging Bridge
P9 3 Colour prints on 1 card of Bonnington House one day prior to demolition, October 1967
P10 1 Colour print of small waterfall – unidentified
Photographers for above – Earl and Judy Anderson, (Dec.)
P11 60 photographs, B&W, and negatives from Samuel Moffat family, Argyle St. Renfrew ON
Tombstones, family photos and others. Not identified