Collection MS 2


nurse from Renfrew in WW1 spouse of Dempsey MLA for Renfrew

Box File
1 Certifcate of Honour fron Town of Renfrew 2nd October 1919
Address from the Town of Renfrew 2nd October 1919
Photo 1, 19I5 Percy House School, Brantford, Middlesex, England.
Red Cross Nursing Sisters (named)
Photo 2, 1917 Taplow, Buckinghamshire, England
Canadian Hospital on Lord Astor Estate, nursing sisters, many named on reverse
Ninth Annual Commencement Booklet Renfrew Collegiate Institute 1915
Photo 3 – B&W 9 cm x 29 cm Circa. 1915 mounted, photographer unknown
Renfrew – CPR Station – soldiers departure
right hand corner – car belongs to Jim Barnet (Les Fraser)
Photo 4, B&W mounted Circa 1915, photographer unknown
Renfrew – CPR Station – Departure of soldiers from 240 Regiment
Officers Jack Airth and Thos. Barnet Sr. are in forefront
Some names are recorded on back
Photo 5, B&W, mounted, Ciroa 1914, photographer unknown
Some names are recorded on back.
The above three photos are believed to be taken by A.L. Handford, Renfrew
2 Photo 9, Overseas Detachment, 42nd Regiment, Aug. 1914
Programme – Special Service St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Renfrew, Sunday, November 17 1918
Programme – Memorial Service, LOW SQUARE, Renfrew, Sunday, November llth, circa 1930
Photo 6, Graduating Class 1914, Rockwood Hospital, Kingston
Christmas Card Sarah Payne 1918
Newsphoto, Prince of Wales and Nurses, Post War 1914-18 St. Andrew’s Hospital, Toronto
Lt. Governor Invitation to Mr. and Mrs. James Dempsey for Saturday, 0ct 6th 1951, to meet Their Royal Highnesses Princess Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh
Photo 7, Renfrew Board of Education, Circa 1947, Nat Lindsay, Chairman
Photo 8, Possibly University of Toronto Hockey Team called ‘The Dents’, circa 1915-20
one team Member – Gordon Dempsey
Engraved invitation from Renfrew Board of Trade to attend a banquet in honor of citizens of Renfrew who have been in business in Renfrew for over 40 years, 1911
booklet – a Flagpole Sitter in the Town of Renfrew, 1933 P.J. Villemaire