Collection MS 27


– Decade Room 1910-20, Correspondence
– Honour Roll 1939-1945. Notes by Catherine 0’Brien
– Excerpts from Canadian War Cemetries Records, Prepared by Jack Duggan
– Staff of RCI on Active Service 1939-1945
– Women in Uniform 1939-1945
– Marlon Hillard
– D.F. Doug Adams
– F/L Clarence M. Bolger, D.F.C.
– Louls Brown
– Fl. Lt. M.A. Coderre, D.F.C.
– Fl. Lt. Martin Cybulskl, D.F.C.
– W/C Walter Douglas Foster, (Buzz) D.F.C.
– Fl. O. Harold Foy, D.F.C.
– Capt. John Fraser, M.C.
– The Freemark Family
– The Froats Family
– Ray Labonte, M.B.F.
– The Lockwood Family
– Maj. Colin W. ‘Mac’ McCormack, M.D.
– Dr. R.L. Reeves, Major R.L. (Bert) Reeves, M.B.E.
– Major James A. Stewart, O.B.E.
– F.L.0. Fellx (Phil) Sulpher, D.F.C.
– Cpl. Sylvester (Sy) Windle, M.I.D.

Currlculum Vitae of :
Allan F. (Cy) Haycraft
Fr. Michael Sheahan

Donated to the R.C.I. Collection in Renfrew McDougall Mill
Museum July 13, 1988