Collection MS 27


Donated to the R.C.I. Collection in Renfrew McDougall Mill Museum
July 13, 1988

Box File
1 Decade Room 1910-20, Correspondence
Honour Roll 1939-1945
Notes by Catherine 0’Brien
Excerpts from Canadian War Cemetries Records
Prepared by Jack Duggan
Staff of RCI on Active Service 1939-1945
Women in Uniform 1939-1945
Marlon Hillard
D.F. Doug Adams
F/L Clarence M. Bolger, D.F.C.
Louis Brown
Fl. Lt. M.A. Coderre, D.F.C.
Fl. Lt. Martin Cybulski, D.F.C.
W/C Walter Douglas Foster, (Buzz) D.F.C.
Fl. O. Harold Foy, D.F.C.
Capt. John Fraser, M.C.
The Freemark Family
The Froats Family
Ray Labonte, M.B.F.
The Lockwood Family
Maj. Colin W. ‘Mac’ McCormack, M.D.
Dr. R.L. Reeves, Major R.L. (Bert) Reeves, M.B.E.
Major James A. Stewart, O.B.E.
F.L.0. Fellx (Phil) Sulpher, D.F.C.
Cpl. Sylvester (Sy) Windle, M.I.D.
Curriculum Vitae of:
Allan F. (Cy) Haycraft
Fr. Michael Sheahan