Collection MS 3


files 1 Mrs. R. McGowan, Letters received, re FRANK McGOWAN
death notices, burial records, 1918-1921
2 Mrs. R. McGowan, Letters received from FRANK McGOWAN 1918, Apr-Sep
3 Mrs. R. McGowan, Letters received re TOM McGOWAN
injury, death notices, burial records, 1916-1920
4 Mrs. R. and Lottie McGowan, Letters received from TOM McGOWAN, 1915-1918
5 Clippings re deaths of TOM and FRANK McGOWAN and others relating to family pre 1918-1964
6 miscellaneous notes
7 T. B. MUIR material:
1926 news clipping, 2 copies of photograph of Muir China Hall 1905 with Mr. Muir
copy of China Hall about the same time with woman
photograph of Misses Muir in China Hall c1950