Collection MS 32

Box File
1 Newspaper clipping Vi’s viewpoint
Robert Thompson and Co. notice
Social at St Michael’s Hall receipts
Not to Mary? From Vi Dooling
Note from Robert Thompson to Messrs J and S McEachen
Memoirs of Narcisse Zepherin Lorrain
Letter to Mary? From Vi Dooling
Letter to Father Marion re school
Letter to Vi Dooling from Angelo Palma
Newspaper clipping February 23 1983
Newspaper clipping March 17
2 Special Edition Renfrew Mercury 1971
Deed Robert Cole to J and S McEachen October 1 1881
Complaint of unlawful fight 1898
Financial statement J and S McEachen January 23 1893
Note about feeding horses
Letter from George Pettigrew
Letter of complaint 1895
Defense statement 1895
Statement of R Francis
Statement from Alex McDonald
Statement from A Shields
See also MS9 Box 4 for file – Vi Dooling re Bromley