Collection MS 33


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Box File
1 1 1 pkg. Antique Show receipts, etc.
destroyed Mar 4, 1990


Box 1

Supplement to Renfrew Mercury 1976

Bill from Preston Micro Film Services

1 newsletter

Minute Book 1974-1981, 1981-Aug 1990

Membership Application form

Certificate from Ministry Bicentennial year 1984

Binder of Newsletter 1975-81
Heritage Conference Letter Oct. 1980
Correspondence re Antique Sale – 1981
Timbertown Shares – 1981
A. A. wright Plague Application – 1981
Receipts from Public Archives re Barnet Maps – 1977

Part of Trinity St. Andrew’s Minutes re Bonnington 1976

1 Renfrew Dollar donated M. J. Blimkie 1984

Old Song Sheet WWII
House Tour Information – 1977

Lists of books for Library – Historical Reference Section

Correspondence re Fire Alarm System at Programme Centre – Section
file – Renfrew Public Library 1981

Inventory of Town Records housed in the hayloft of the Fire Hall
Town Hall basement, and vault, dated August 9, 1977

1 Deed – Malcolm and Christina McIntyre to PS Stewart
for Lot 18 SW Raglan St. and LoL 17 SW
Raglan St. (McManus Block 1991) dated
October 29, 1879
Donated by Cliff McManus, Renfrew in 1989

6 Property deed 1874-1890-1955 pertaining to the stopping
place in Burnstown, Ont., known as the Leckie stopping place or
the McGregor stopping place. In 1986 it is named Fog Run and is
Owned by Richard Gill

Two Wills – Daniel Forbes McGregor 1931
William James McGreqor 1956

Martin Road (Whitton Road 1978) Cemeteries
Photographs of headstones in cemeteries

Recorded by Volunteers for Canada Week 1978

Photograph Box
Photocopy of Deed – 2 Sheets, of Martin Road Catholic Cemetery 1857
Donated to Renfrew Archives by MSGR S.P. Owen – St. Francis
Xavier Parish, Renfrew. June 1978

The Road is now known as Whitton Road.

Box 2
Research notes and completed manuscripts of a number
of topics of local history for the Story of Renfrew, 1984.
Prepared in 1983-84 by a federally funded, l2 week team
of 3 people, Alan Gilhooly, project manager, Karen Kirby,
researcher, Anne Agnew, researcher and secretary. A group
of Katimavik students assisted with the research, and the
story of Renfrew committee of Heritage Renfrew, chaired
by Marge Lindsay supervised the project.

Story of Renfrew 1984
1 Bridging Chapter
2 Misc. – Karen Kirby
3 Katimavik research 1983
4 Renfrew’s Anniversary Celebrations
5 WW II Renfrew
6 Renfrew and WW I
7 Renfrew during The Great Depression of the 30’s
8 Renfrew Hydro Development
.   Condensation of Harry Hinchley’s History
.   in the Renfrew Mercury
9 Spanish Influenza Epidemic 1918
10 Railways Development
10A Railways Development
11 Typhoid Outbreak -Renfrew, Summer 188?
12 Development of Waterworks, sewers and hospital 1890’s
13 Labour History – A Summary Review
14 Temperance – Sons of Temperance 1852
.    Battle of the Dries 19
15 Misc. Notes on Renfrew
16 0peongo Road
17 By-Laws – Renfrew Village and Town

Inventory of copies of various plans pertaining to
Renfrew provided free of charge by National Archives
of Canada to Heritage Renfrew in 1978. All plans
were part of MS 8 Barnet Family Papers Collection

1 Plan of subdivision for Coleraine Park, Renfrew 1950

2 Plan of property of T. F. Barnet
Town of Renfrew – 2 copies undated

3 Proposed race track for Renfrew Agricultural Society
.   Patterson & Byrne Civil Engineers, 0ttawa
3 copies Feb. 8, 1919

4 Site plan Barnet Block Raglan St. Renfrew
.   2 copies undated

5 Plan showing property of the Renfrew Power Co. Ltd
.   In the town of Renfrew Jan.24, 1916 2 copies

6 Plan of Town of Renfrew
.   Lot 12 indicated as property of J.E.H. Barnet
.   Renfrew cpre1915 4 plans

Prepared Karen Kirby for Sport Renfrew 1983
Champlain Flying Club
Curling Club
Diving Club
Driving Club
Figure Skating Club
Highland Games
Mentally Handicapped
Provincial election Oct 21 1971
Renfrew Pony Club
Recreation Centre
School Sports & Rec
Rifle Club
Scrapbook – Notes
Soft Ball
Square Dancing
Tennis Club
Theatre – Drama Guild

see local history file

1988 Copies from National Archives for use in
‘Faces and Facades’ – 1988

Werner E. Noffke, Architect
– Renfrew Golf Club 1929 – 3 plans
1 plan was done by A.E. Spooner, Renfrew
– O’Brien Theatre – 1930 – 2 plans
– Hotel Renfrew – 1913 – 1 plan


Renfrew Architecture of Moses Chamberlain Edey, Ottawa
Barnet Block – 1893,4
282 Raglan St. S
Mackay Block 1896 and 1901
248-254 Raglan St. S
Devine Block c1890’s
363 Raglan St. S
Cumming Wood Working Factory, 19O4
17O Renfrew Ave. W.
John Mackay residence c1900
494 Raglan St. S