Collection MS 34

Box File
1 Postcard of Old Police station and cenotaph
Picture of Burton Family 50th anniversary
Postcard of Museum in Renfrew
Receipt of Joseph Rousselle Co. carter
Receipt of S.B. Mason blacksmithing etc.
Picture from newspaper 1928 council Horton
Newspaper article by Harry Hinchley of Boer War Volunteers
Voters list 1907 Horton Twp.
Voters list 1923 Horton Twp.
Letter of petition for Cedar to repair bridge 1878
Deed of land lot 36 Argyle street from Burton Suter to Samuel Moffatt
Minutes of proceedings by-laws of Municipal Council County of Renfrew 1909
Voters List township of Horton 1900
1910 minutes Proceedings of County of Renfrew
Cardboard container picture of J.B. Gibbons farm also farm house also negative of picture
Picture of Thomas Wilbert Clark
Picture of Dot Skinner’s family grandparent etc
10 year certificate or volunteerism Ontario Ministry of Culture and Immigration
List of volunteers receiving awards
List of family Wm Burton Jane Cole
Devine and McGarry receipt 1903
L. Imbleau and Sons 1900
Letter from M.J. O’Brien re hydro lines
Letter about donation to library Ducane reader
Letter to Ernie Stewart from W.E. Smallfield
Receipt from W.M. McVeigh general blacksmith 1903
Picture of Mina and Laura Burton
Picture of Ross Burton
1991 Minutes of Planning Committee of Lumber Baron Festival
Minute Book (blue)