Collection MS 35

Box File
1 Postcard of lower Bonnechere dam and sluice
Postcard of McDougall Mill Hydro building and Bridge
Picture postcard of Methodist Church Renfrew
Postcard picture of Lismore Castle Ireland
Picture of military at Barriefield Camp
Picture of military at Barriefield camp inspection
Picture of military training machine guns school Barriefield camp
Picture of parliament buildings Ottawa 1906
Picture of Public Library Ottawa 1906
Picture of Ottawa University 1908
Picture of Chaudiere Falls Ottawa 1908
Picture of Basilica Ottawa
Picture of Public School Pembroke 1908
Picturre of Pembroke Main street 1908
Picture of Methodist church Pembroke
Picture of Methodist Church Wakefield Que. 1918
Picture of General Hospital Toronto
Picture of Hospital at Copper Cliff Ontario
Picture of Main Street Prescott
Picture of farmer and horses 1914
Picture of Renfrew Ball Team 1908
Share certificate James G Smith estate 1914 Renfrew County
Letters drawings etc. of Public School building Renfrew 1960