Collection MS 38

Renfrew Women’s and Professional Club COLLECTION


Box File
1 Members List 1982-83 (red binder)
Minutes, newsletters 1982-83-84 (orange binder)
Minutes 1984-87 (black binder)
Treasurer’s book, financial reports (brown binder)
Provincial mailing records (blue binder)
Mailing, Officers Manual (green binder)
2 Provincial and National mailings (red binder)
Constitution & By-Laws (black binder)
Archives 1958-1975 newspaper clippings (black binder)
Newspaper clippings (2 black scrap books)
Newspaper clippings (2 paper scrap books)
Final information (file folder)
Public Relations 1981 (green duo-tang) & loose pages
Memberships (2 black scribblers)