Collection MS 41

Box File
Portrait of M. J. O’Brien, oil painting, artist unknown
(hangs in Renfrew Archives)
Silver Ore sample, O’Brien Mine, Cobalt, Ontario
(mounted, on display in Renfrew Archives)
(case constructed by Hank Legris)
The 2 items above were displayed in the offices of M. J. O’Brien Ltd., Sparks St., Ottawa for many years.
1 Ledger – By-Laws, 1908, Deloro Mining & Reduction Co. Ltd.
Ledger – Share Register, 1907-1912, Deloro Mining & Reduction Co. Ltd
Ledger – Minutes of Directors Meetings 1907-1914, Deloro Mining & Reduction Co. Ltd.
Ledger – Minute Book of O’Brien & Fowler Ltd., 1925-1953
2 1 List of items for display at LBF ‘91 from Mike Murray
PMT’s and photocopies of O’Brien family and companies, and other photographs used in the book “O’Brien” by Scott and Astrid Young published in 1967
(see Reference Books)
2 Lumber Baron Festival, July 24-28, 1991
77 images by Janet Lennox, Renfrew (see index with images)
3 Lumber Baron Festival
29 b&w images by Earl Lindsay, Renfrew (see index with images)
4 The Globe, Toronto, Saturday, October 3, 1908 Re Cobalt, photocopy
(Original loaned to LBF ’91 by Cobalt Mining Museum)
5 O’Brien Ranch, Alberta – plan of Township P54, Range 2, west of the fourth meridian showing O’Brien Ranch, Department of the Interior Ottawa, 1922, and 1 photocopy of plan
6 O’Brien letterheads from various companies
7 Abstracts of O’Brien properties in Renfrew 1872-1898
(donated by N. Jane Wilson, lawyer, Renfrew)
8 Photocopy – Renfrew Mercury, P1, Oct. 20, 1922
Re “Mr. J. L. Murray now Knight Commander of St. Gregory”
9 O’Brien Farms – Mr. Jack O’Brien, Manager by son, Jim O’Brien, Hereford Herd, Hazel and Harold Hawthorn Herefords on the Queen’s Line, Twp. of Ross
Frank Dench, Ont. Agricultural Rep. 1930-1973 in Renfrew County
10 O’Brien Opera House, 1909-193O excerpts from Florodora, a musical comedy, 1899
Donated by Renfrew Little Theatre
11 Renfrew Woolen Mills – 1952 (see Reference Sheet)
12 O’Brien Mines display for LBF ’91 courtesy of Michael J. Murray
ore samples and photographs
Cobalt Mining Museum – articles and photographs
through the efforts of Mrs. Janet Carmichael, historian, Arnprior, Ontario
13 247 Barr St. Renfrew, former M. J. O’Brien residence
Drawing for Heritage Renfrew by David Lorente, Past President, Heritage Renfrew
Large framed painting of the house, Dave Lorente (purchased by Michael Murray)
14 Photocopies:
Heritage Renfrew Newsletters, 1991
O’Brien Interests
Summer homes at Barryvale
Hotel Renfrew
Renfrew Machinery Co. Ltd.
15 O’Brien Family Tree courtesy of Michael J. Murray
16 Obituary of M. J. O’Brien – Renfrew Mercury, November 28, 1940
17 LBF ’91 – Program – House Tour – DRO – Renfrew Strolling Players
18 Letters Patent M. J. O’Brien Ltd. dated October 10, 1917
3 1 Minute Book Number 1 and Letters Patent granting Charter incorporating M. J. O’Brien, Limited 1917-1923 (large red book)
(It has been told, and perhaps it is in Scott Young‘s book, that there never was such a charter issued previously nor thereafter, dated October 10, 1917)
2 Stock Ledger and Stock Transfer Book
(for reasons unknown, the secretary treasurer of the Company seems to have disregarded this ledger commencing in late 1970)
3 M. J. O’Brien, Limited and Subsidiary Companies and Interests (white folder)
Consolidated Statement of Assets and Liabilities 30th April 1919 and Consolidated Revenue and Expenditure Statements for each of the four years ending 30th April 1916-1919 inclusive
4 Deeds covering properties in Renfrew and Area 1887-1941
A Nov 1, 1906 Jas. Barry and Gertrude Barry to M. J. O’Brien
B Apr 11, 1887 Jas Mann to Robert Ferguson
C Oct 4, 1902 Robert Ferguson to Jas Mann
D Oct 4, 1920 Indenture Jas. Mann and Janet Mann to M. I. O’Brien
E Apr 29 1941 Indenture J. A. O’Brien and Mary Crews
F May 1, 1941 Indenture M. J. O’Brien to Mary Crews
G May 1, 1941 PJ. O’Brien and Mary Crews
H May 1, 1941 Capital Trust and Mary Crews
I May 1,1941 Executors
J Sept 19, 1926 Indenture J. A. Murray and others
K Nov 1926 Registering deed
Rencraft Woolen Samples
Samples were donated by Marjorie Lindsay
Renfrew McDougall Mill Museum selected one book of samples in 1991. These samples were shown by the Museum at the International Plowing Match in Renfrew County, on September 20-24, 1994 in a collection of items manufactured in Renfrew
4 1 List of Assessments and Monthly Rental on Properties in Renfrew and District
Probate of Will & real estate valuation – M.J. O’Brien 1851-1940
2 File re appointment of Michael John O’Brien to Senate 1918
3 Newspaper Items re M. J.’s death
4 Cobalt in Canada – Department of Mines and Technical Surveys, Ottawa
5 Photocopies:
Hockey Award
Remembering the Renfrew Millionaires
Hotel Renfrew fire – Renfrew Advance June 19, 1968
6 Correspondence – M. J. Murray
Photograph – Jos. L. Murray, 1 copy O’Brien
by Marjorie Lindsay, November, 1994
Picture of M.J. O’Brien and write-up of his character, as described by Dr. Robert Kidd in 1994
7 Margaret Murray Ritza – letter
2 Renfrew Auditorium Ltd. Share certificates – 1930
8 Rail spike from K & P Railway completed in 1885