Collection MS 41

M.J. O’BRIEN Documents

Box 1

Books and Binders
O’Brien and Fowler Buckingham PQ Minute Book Dated Feb 1925-1954
Delores Mining and Reductions Co Ltd Toronto Minute Book from 1907- 1914.
1908-1914 Charters and Bylaws

Box 2

Shareholders’ Register

Box 3

M. J. O’Brien Ltd. Minutes 1917-1923
Stock ledgers and transfer book of M. J. O’Brien
M. J. O’Brien Ltd and subsidiary companies and interests
Consolidation Statement of Assets and Liabilities 1916-1919

MS 41-3-4 Deeds in Folder
A Nov 01, 1906 James Barry and Gertrude Barry to M. J. O’Brien
B Apr 11, 1887 James Mann to Robert Ferguson
C Oct 04, 1902 Robert Ferguson to James Mann
D Oct 04, 1920 Indenture James Mann and Janet Mann to M. J. O’Brien
E Apr 29, 1941 Indenture J. A. O’Brien and Mary Crews
F May 01, 1941 Indenture M. J. O’Brien to Mary Crews
G May 01, 1941 M.J. O’Brien and Mary Crews
H May 01, 1941 Capital Trust and Mary Crews
I May 01, 1941 Executors
J Sep 19, 1926 Indenture J. A. Murray and others
H Nov 1926 Registering deed

Box 4

1 M.J. O’Brien 1851-1940 Probate of Will and Real Estate Valuation
2 Micheal John O’Brien Senatorship 1918
3 newspaper clips of M. J. O’Brien death
4 Cobalt in Canada, Dept. of Mines and Technical Surveys in Ottawa
5 Photocopies of M. J. O’Brien’s interests re:
.   Hockey award, Remembering the Millionaires, Renfrew Hotel Fire.
6 Picture of M. J. O’Brien and write up of his character,
.   as described by Dr. Robert Kidd in 1994
7 About Margaret Ritza , who was Mrs. Lawrence Ritza in Renfrew, Ontario
.   Shareholder certificates for Renfrew Auditorium Ltd. 1930
.   Note from Margaret Ritza to Marge Lindsay dated 1994
8 Railway spike from K & P Line.