Collection MS 42

Box File
1 Newsprint copies of Renfrew
Jamieson Brick Yard, Renfrew
K & P wreck near Renfrew 1913
Raglan Street Renfrew 1907
Threshing 1920’s Mr Otto Schultz, Eganville,
Steamers on Chat Lake
Sawmill in Balaclava 1854 and picture
A page of Harry Hinchley reference to old files 1885
Fire at Mrs. Francis French home
108 years of Opeongo Line
Side 1 Union Farm, Gould’s Farm on Pinnacle Hill
Side 2 Heritage Renfrew travels to Portage
Renfrew Machinery Company Ltd. in regards to Thomas Low to John Beauprie, Esq.
dated 1915 and purchased storks in Company
New Railway Line 1898 from Renfrew Mercury paper
Picture of Renfrew 1854
Picture of Renfrew 1900
Gloss Picture of Power Plant view
Former Byers Church 1910
Frank Cosentino book signing titled Valley Boy of Winter 1910 (O’Brien family)
Doctor Buxton has book signing titled “Polar Bridge”
Cobden Welcomes home the Astrolabe
Bill Burwell’s “Steam Show” biggest littlest collection of steam engines
2 Heritage Renfrew
Heritage Renfrew prepares for Lumber Baron Festival
James Carswell Family Feature
Allison Ritchie addresses, Heritage Renfrew members 1990
Renfrew Historical Society members visit to Eganville Centennial Park 1990
Heritage Renfrew starts research on Founding Families 1990
new book by Heritage Renfrew regarding founding families 1990
Heritage Renfrew digs deep
Family History Fascinating, says Wayne Walker
August Lumber Baron features James Carswell family 1990
Members visit Eganville
Allison Ritchie addresses members 1990
3 Heritage Site, Handford building
Designated Heritage Site, the Handford Building 1990
Misinformation on heritage building named Handford
4 Heritage Foundation in Renfrew
A move to Renfrew 1992
Ontario Heritage Foundation wants move to Renfrew 1992
New home in Renfrew may create 2 million dollar payroll
LACAC members resign
Renfrew gets Heritage Agency after all
Members stirred up by Heritage Agency move
5 Home Children news clips
Ottawa Citizen – recall good time featuring “Donavan” 1991
Dave Lorente features his father in story 1991
Dave Lorente discovers roots at Reunion 1991
Reunion creates inquiries from England, United States
Letter to editor from Dave Lorente who is alive and well 1991
Letter to editor about Home Children concerning Heritage Renfrew move to Renfrew Archives Building
Thank you to editor for support from Dave Lorente and Dorthy Skinner 1990
Memories of NORTH WARD AND VICTORIA SCHOOL upon closing JUN 1994
Memories by:
Eddie Hall
Guy Jamieson
Helen Forgie Clark
Willis Gibbons Clark
Doris Humphries
Thank you letter to Doris Humphries from Massey College regarding the reunion