Collection MS 45

Algonquin Land Claims File
Box File
1 1 Federal Policy for the settlement of Native Claims
2 Information August 1994 – The Algonkians of Golden Lake Land Claims
Staking Claim to a Brighter Future
3 Algonquin of Golden Lake Negotiations Update
4 Shared Objectives
5 Articles written by Ontario Native Affaire Secretariat:
“The Steps to Negotiating a Land Claim”
“Public Consultations”
“Land Claims in Ontario”
“Publications Available”
“Who We Are, What We Do”
6 Rebirth of a Nation
7 Algonquin Petition O6 Jun 1835
8 Algonquin Petition Mar 1983
9 Articles by the Algonquin Golden Lake First Nation:
“Algonquins in Ontario”
“The Algonquins at Golden Lake”
“Algonquin Golden Lake First Nation Community Profile”
“Algonquin Rights”
“Algonquin Golden Lake First Nation Land Claim”
“Some Things You Should Know About the Land Claim of the Algonquin Golden Lake First Nation”
“Algonquin Golden Lake First Nation Fish and Wildlife Commission Logo”
“Algonquin Golden Lake First Nation Territory” map
“1992-93 Interim Hunting Agreement between The Algonquin Golden Lake First Nation and The Government of Ontario”
“Algonquin Golden Lake First Nation Discussion Paper” April 1995
10 220 Years of Broken Promises by Greg Sarazin
11 Pamphlet “Some Questions”
12 News Release 17 Dec 1993
“Ontario Releases Historical Report on Algonquin Land Claim”
13 Family Tree of Leroux Family & Collateral Families by Jan Leroux