Collection MS 6


Box File
1 Newspaper clippings:
Masons killed at RR crossing Citizen Dec 1952
Mason’s car picture
Picture of Coolican’s Hardware July 6,1967
Picture of Raglan St. June 1967
Picture & story of M.J. O’Brien Globe & Mail Nov. 1967
2 Newspaper clipping from Ottawa Journal – 41
“Tales of the Valley” by Harry J Walker & Dr. Lucien Brault
1. The Battle of Brudenell – HW
2. Champlain First Sees the Roaring Chaudiere – LB
3. Ten Dollar Bill Cost Canada A Priceless Champlain Relic – LB
4. Arnprior Hoax Brings Jitters to Ottawa and Washington – HW
5. Radisson and his Groseilliers Ambushed at The Chaudiere – LB
6. Riel Claimed Seat on Hill, Outlaw Then Fled to Hull – HW
7. Last French Resistance in the Upper St. Lawrence – LB
8. Almonte’s Outlaw Horse Dominated Major Tracks – HW
9. French Canadians Share in Bytown Developments = LB
10. Bytown Burghers Cheer Battle at Village Pond – HW
11. University of Ottawa Crew from Small Bytown Village – LB
12. Bob Sparks Wins Walkathon from Arnprior to Ottawa – HW
13. Plan for Fort and Canal Moat to Defend Bytown Abandoned – HW
14. Four Grey Nuns Established First Tiny Bytown Hospital – LB
15. Silk Hat Marks Brothers Melodramas Packed’em In – HW
16. Joseph Aumond A Leader in Trade, Railway Plans – LB
17. Exiled Fur Trader Finds Shangriala at Golden Lake – HW
18. Great Joe Mufferrand The Strongman of Bytown – LB
19. Powerful Joe Could Lick His Weight in Wild Cats – LB
20. Colton Died Challenging Whirlpool of Des Joachims – HW
21. Cadieux in Life and Death Great Minstrel Warrior – LB
22. “Speeding” at 20 mph First Cars a “Menace” – HW
23. Rebels Blocked by Abbe with Threat of Weekfire – LB
24. “Three-Bottie” Gentlemen Fight Bloodless Duel – HW
26. “The McNab” Social Lion in Toronto Drawing Rooms – HW
27. Bressener Go Sandy Hill As Reward for Services – LB
28. “Admiral” and His “Navy” Terrorized River Front – HW
29. 532 Victims of Typhus Cared For by Grey Nuns – LB
30. Bytownians Go On Binge When Iron Horse Arrives – HW
32. “Witch of Plum Hollow” Had Remarkable Owers – HW
33. Lady Aberdeen Rescued From River at the Point – LB
34. “Battle of the Chats” Helped Save New France – HW
35. Basilica Wood Carvings Among Finest in World – LB
36. “Hazards” of Fur Trader at Fort Coulonge Revealed -HW
37. Louis Cyr Strongest Mans, Ate Himself to Death – LB
38. Ottawa’s Thomas Ahearn Made Telephone History – HW
39. Voyageurs from Ottawa Tried to Lift Gordon Siege – LB
40. Rugged Confederation Era Reflected in Valley Press – HW
41. C.E. Montureux Father of Today’s Ottawa Ski Club – LB