Collection MS 78

Marjorie and Earl Lindsay COLLECTION
Box File
1 1 Robert Leslie Wright 1870-1942 – Artist
about Robert Leslie Wright
copy of clipping of Artist Robert Wright
10 photos of art work
death of Robert Leslie Wright
more clippings of death of Robert Leslie Wright
10 pictures of Robert Leslie Wright art work, no description, taken by J E Lindsay


2 . Author – Robertson Davies

Collection of Books by Author Robertson Davies

High Spirits

The – Rebel – Angel


Fifth Businxess

World of Wonders

Tempest Tost

What’s Bred in the Bone

The Enthusiasm of Robertson Davies

The Lyre of Orpheus

The Papers of Samuel Marbanks

The Merry Heart

Book by Author Judith Skelton Grant

Robertson Davies Man of Myths Biography

News Paper Clippings (Mauve Binder)

Collection of Clippings about author and his published books

Section 1

7 pages of hand written notes by Marjorie Lindsay about readings in Renfrew

2 plus pages of Marjorie’s “Reflections 1913-1925”

Renfrew Mercury June 21,2005 ads for Tribute to Valleyfest

Ottawa Citizen December 7,1985 about the author

Ottawa Citizen November 17,1985 about the author

Toronto Star November 17,1985 Davies secret life

Ottawa paper September 12,1988

Ottawa, Congratulations to Robertson Davies

Globe and Mail September 21,1991 Book review,

the ghost and Mr. Davies by Robertson Davies, no date, A doctor of souls

Ottawa Citizen September 1994, The Cunning Man

Ottawa Citizen September 1994, Books out this Fall

Ottawa Citizen November 5,1994 The genius in the piller and the pixie

Globe and Mail October 8,1994 In Person

Ottawa Citizen October 22,1988 Davie’s magic and comedy by Paul Gray

about books, Whisperings of Intuition

Ottawa Citizen February 12,1995 Not only Davies gets US praise by H.J. Kirchhoff,

Literary luminaries on stage with flair

The Outrider February 5,1915

The Glove and Mail October 22,1994 Literary bigwigs

The Financial Post October 29,1994 Davies Cunning Man too late meets

the snake of wisdom

Ottawa Citizen October 9,1994 Canada’s Literary Lion

Section 2

Globe and Mail December 4,1915 Death of Robertson Davies

The Globe and Mail December 2 Robertson Davies

Ottawa Citizen December 8, 1995 Robertson Davies,1913-1995

The Financial Post December 9,1995 a remembrance

Ottawa Citizen December 23,1995 When Satan goes home for Christmas

Kingston Whig Standard November 12,1996 Obituary of Robertson Davies

Renfrew Mercury November 6,1996 Good Prose makes Davies easy to take

New Age Journal October 1996 Thoughtful moves by Robertson Davies

The Economist Review September 6, 1997

Globe and Mail February 22,1997 Davies sampler is performance in print

Ottawa Citizen July 30,1998 Tempest Tost, developed for stage

Ottawa Citizen October 6,1999 Canada’s premier man of letters

Fifth Business, A fond farewell to Rob Davies by Peter C. Newman

Fifth Business, Obituary by John Irving

Column, by Allan Fotheringham, The best ones start off writing sports

The Globe and Mail December 5,1995 Robertson Davies man of letters

by Diane Cole, The Grand Illusionist

The Economist December 9,1995 Obituary

Queen’s Alumni Review, by Beatrice Corbett, Robertson Davies remembered

University of Toronto Magazine, Spring 96, Master of Learned Wit

The Globe and Mail November 27,1996, Myths about Robertson Davies

The Citizen Weekly Reading November 17,2002

Renfrew Mercury 2005, Papers of Samuel Marbanks

The Globe and Mail September 27,2005 Review, man of letter revealed in letters by

Jamie Portman, Scottish festival breathes life into dated Robertson Davies play

Pages 9-12 short story Mrs Dempster

MEL copy of Mrs Dempster


1. Gladys Sidock during recitation of Robertson Davies book June 23,2005

2. Marjorie Lindsay at same reading June 23,2005

3 . Leslie Fraser

Fraser Residence and party for Leslie Fraser at Marjorie Lindsay home.

5 pages of Saturday party guest list for May 9,1992

photocopy of picture of Fraser residence on 154 Quarry Street

(part of walking tour in 1976)

hand written sheet about info from land records about lots 75, 76, 84, 85

and lot 89, M.J. O’Brien residence 247 Barr Street, Renfrew

4 . Campbell’s of White Lake

Colin Campbell born 1794 and Isabelle Douglas 1795-1859.

4 pages of hand written family tree

Note: Campbell family tree can be found in Family Histories

5 . Prime Ministers of Canada 1867 – 1974 (black book)

scrapbooked with write-ups in Ottawa Citizen

collected by Marjorie Lindsay complied by Darlene Mask


Picture of Sussex Drive

Sir John Alexander MacDonald 1867-1873, 1878-1891

Alexander Mackenzie 1873-1878

Sir John Joseph Caldwell Abbott 1891-1892

Sir John Sparrow David Thompson 1892-1894

Sir Mackenzie Bowell 1894-1896

Sir Charles Tupper 1896

Sir Wilfred Laurier 1896-1911

Sir Robert Laird Borden 1911-1920

Arthur Meighen 1920-1921, 1926

William Lyon Mackenzie King 1921-1930, 1935-1948

Richard Bedford Bennett 1930-1935

Louis Stephen St. Laurent 1948-1957

John George Diefenbaker 1957-1963

Lester Bowles Pearson 1963-1968

Pierre Elliott Trudeau 1968

6 . Governor Generals of Canada 1867-1978 (black book)

collected by Marjorie Lindsay complied by Darlene Mask


picture of Rideau Hall

Viscount Monck 1867-1868

Lord Lisgar 1869-1872

Earl of Dufferin 1872-1878

Marquis of Lorne 1878-1883

Marquis of Lansdowne 1883-1888

Lord Stanley 1888-1893

Lord Aberdeen 1893-1898

Earl of Minto 1898-1904

Earl Gray 1904-1911

Duke of Connaught 1911-1916

Duke of Devonshire 1916-1921

Lord Byng 1921-1926

Lord Willingdon 1926-1931

Lord Bessborough 1931-1935

Lord Tweedsmuir 1935-1940

Earl of Athlone 1940-1946

Lord Alexander 1946-1952

Vincent Massey 1952-1959

Georges P. Vanier 1959-1967

Roland Michener 1967-1974

Jules Leger 1974-1979

7 . Heritage Renfrew 20th Celebration 1995

Pamphlet with names of membership, Board of Directors, Past Presidents,

Advisory Board, Honourary Members and Founding Members

newspaper clipping dated Feb 7,1995, honours long-time members

newspaper clipping dated Jan 11,1995 Heritage marks its 20th year

plaque for Dorothy Skinner

8 photos taken by Dave Lorente

newspaper clipping dated Jan 22,1995, Heritage marks its 20th year

dedication of sign to Public Square

Heritage group picture

File 8 to 13 in process of being catalogued

14 . James J. McFadden

photographs James J. McFadden 1908, 1930, 1940

photograph Joseph Gravelle 1887 and Mrs. Mary Ann Marion (McFadden) Gravelle,

photographer Sim of Renfrew

photograph James J. McFadden and 2 unidentified men 1878

photograph James J. McFadden 1893 and Mrs. Mary (Seymour) McFadden, Ottawa

photograph Mrs. James McFadden with daughters, Mary and Laura 1900,

photographer J. A. McNeil

15 . Inventory of Renfrew Municipal Records 1977

Contents are 5 pages of Renfrew Municipal records, photocopied.

16 . Colonel Ian Campbell

author “Murder at Abbeye”, National Defence Headquarters

letter to Ian Campbell from Lindsay’ re: book

letter to Lindsay’s from Ian Campbell

unknown person in paper photograph

17 . Katie Millar, artist

letter from Noreen Martinson

exhibition write-up dated June 30, 1978 flyer

5 photographs of exhibition

paper copy of photo

newspaper copy of death of Katie Millar 1990

newspaper copy of Katie Millar and family during painting display

at Renfrew Library

copies (2) newspaper of Katie’s birthday

18 . Stories concerning the Lindsay family 1994

Renfrew newspaper clippings

Landmark in Renfrew falls to the wreckers, White House

Curling, patrons from Renfrewshire, Scotland


photograph Mick Sidney picture

Renfrew and Area Chamber of Commerce 1967

Re-Max team, Helen Vincent

Hospital profile

Wedding Anniversary of Don and Ruth Aikenhead 1995

Renfrew Collegiate Institute 1971

Lindsay’s, Ambassadors to Ploughing Match 1994

Vincent’s Taxi is 50 years in business

19 . Wall of Fame 1994

letter to Marjorie Lindsay, reference to induction of Harry Hinchley

List of People inducted:

Walter Kallies and Bob Perry

Bert Butson inducted 1994

Edward Anderson Sr. inducted 1994

Terry Enright inducted 1994

Corrie Legree inducted 1994

Ray Belanger inducted 1994

Jeffery Desilets inducted 1994

Lawrence Anderson inducted 1994

newspaper article titled 1995 “Wall of Fame Honors” dated June 14th

about 3 men who made their mark

newspaper article (2) titled “Do you know this Wall of Famer?”

newspaper article “1995 Wall of Fame Inductees”

Ottawa Citizen newspaper article (2), June 3, 1994

titled, “MacCabe among Hall of Famers Friends, trio inducted to Wall of Fame

20 . Heritage Renfrew 29th Anniversary 1995

Renfrew Mercury clippings

“Heritage Renfrew Marks 20th Anniversary”

“Honors Long Time Members”

pays tribute to Sporting Community 1995

picture of public square sign 1995

Heritage Membership Founders sheet 1995

8 photographs from party at Marjorie Lindsay’s home

21 . Headline stories in Renfrew Mercury and pamphlets

picture of Grade 13, school, 1945-1946 includes Allan Lindsay

picture school days in 1935

Dr. Bruce Strader, Victoria Hospital Chief of Staff

Memories of Renfrew 100th

‘Peek into Past”, members of Victoria Bond Team 1995

‘From the old files’, Harry Hinchley, excerpts dated 1889, 1914, 1939, 1964

Renfrew Champions O. V. H. L., hockey 1889

Trustees named March 1988, Gerald Hunt

Separator Factory, Renfrew 1910

copy of Parish of St. Pauls Church, Renfrew

100th Anniversary flyer for Renfrew Victoria Hospital Auxiliary

Reference Rally sheet and notes 1995

Legion Remembrance Day Service sheet 1991

copy of new school curriculum document 1982

flag raising ceremony 135th Renfrew Anniversary sheet

Canada 125, Commemorating Medals sheet

Marjorie Lindsay and Jack Lockwood, designated Town Historian and Town Crier 1993

22 . Short biographies and local deaths


‘Robertson Davies 1913 to 1995’, page from biography of Robertson Davis

by Judith Skelton Grant

J. L. Murray, Oct 20th, 1922 banquet and Thomas A. Low speaks

J. A. Dave Lorente, 2 copies

Joan Finnigan and card for her exhibit

Russell McKenzie toasted on 35 years on job

Dr. Herb Handford MD, CM, MC, written by Diane Lockwood, 1966

Louis Imbleau born 1880, died 1950

J. L. Murray, Knight Commander, Oct 20th 1922

Diana Meredith and Doug Bamford “High Fire Pottery”

letter of thanks for print of Charlotte Whitton article about Miss Belle Eady

Norman Moffat, profile of appreciation

Phil Bolger, dean of barbers

103rd birthday of Spencer Church

J. L. Murray, Knight Commander of St. Gregory


R. C. Johnston 1961, newspaper clipping

Honorable J. J. McCann April 1961, newspaper clipping

postcard picture of Archibald McNab, 13th Laird of McNab (1781-1860)

George Brewer Oct 3, 1996, father of Diane Wakely

Retired Sgt. Major Royal Montreal Regiment, Quebec, World War I veteran

Gertrude Karoline (Thomas) Gams 1929-1990

Clarence Wright 1910-1990

Mary Teresa LeClaire 1934-1990

Gerald Whalen 1932-1990

Beverley Ann Kunopaski 1944-1990

Joseph Ga Tam Filion 1917-1990

Daniel Vincent King 1908-1990

Louis Imbleau “Flying Frenchman”

Jean Pearl Grant 1919-1990

Loralee Ann Rolfe 1964-1990

23 . First Renfrew Collegiate Reunion



registration and price information

24 . Overview of O’Brien Theatre

short history by Marjorie Lindsay

25 . Magline of Canada

Canada’s Magnesium Snowshoes

information sheet on snowshoes and their value

detail of production of snowshoes 1996

detail sheet of design of snowshoes

26 . Downtown Renfrew Trip

details of buildings ownership before and later

card displaying Town of Renfrew logo

27 . Lumber Baron Festival

Mercury paper clips of celebration in summer 1990

28 . History of Renfrew Pony Club

letter from Mary McGreer to Marjorie Lindsay,

asking for input of horse stories for Club

draft of horse stories edited by Mary Fraser McGreer

newspaper clipping of new club form 1964

29 . Special Editions, Renfrew Mercury 100th year, 1995

paper contains, early scenes of Renfrew, Theatre, Creamery, First School, Post Office

M.J. O’Brien article

30 . personal file of Marjorie Lindsay

research for National Archives 1988

copy of deed gift for Heritage Renfrew 1991

letter to Lindsay re: Town recommendation of designation of Town Historian

copy of letter to town from Heritage Renfrew

recommending Lindsay for Town Historian

1994 letter to Lindsay acknowledging request of light horse style

water tower

card from students of Admaston Public School

card from Sean Conway

letter from Friends of the Disabled in Renfrew Inc. 1995

card to Lindsay’s from Heritage Renfrew

4 sheets from Reach for the Rainbow Telethon

invitation to “Wall of Friends” dinner 1996

letter to Lindsay from Renfrew Library 1997

deed gift for silver name place of John McNab 1885,

which was donated to Heritage Renfrew in 1996

letter of refusal to Kay Lorente, and Heritage Renfrew

reference to manage manuscript collection at Archives

letter from Renfrew Victoria Hospital in 1997

in gratitude of working on 100-year committee board celebration

poem written by Diane Wakely for Allan Lindsay, as a get well wish

letter to Earl Lindsay from Michael Murray in Ottawa

negatives of O’Brien Theatre Period Fashion Show 1996

negatives of Lumber Baron 1991

pictures of Scottish Curling Party at Lindsay home

14 pictures of Allan and Marjorie Lindsay

Telethon badge belonging to Marjorie Lindsay

31 . Hockey Hall of Fame

letter from Harry Hinchley, Heritage Renfrew to Hall of Fame

re: original contract between Renfrew Hockey club and Fed Taylor

dated 17th December 1909, 12 March 1983

letter to Harry Hinchley from Hall of Fame curator, Lefty Reid

who is happy to accept contract, 16 March 1983

letter to Harry Hinchley from Marjorie Lindsay requesting Heritage Renfrew

to take full acknowledgement for sending contract, 11 April 1983

letter to Harry Hinchley from Lefty Reid, with acknowledgement of

receipt of original document, 24 May 1983

2 photocopies of original contract between Fred “Cyclone” Taylor and J. C. Barnet

for Taylors hockey playing services dated December 17th 1909 season

letter from Marjorie Lindsay to Hall of Fame

offering hockey schedule for their collection, November 1991

Hockey Hall of Fame Magazine, Fall 1993 issue

newspaper clipping, June 13th 1993 from Ottawa Citizen re: Hockey Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Business card

15th Anniversary opening night ticket

newspaper article dated July 12th 1991, ‘Trophy Returns Home’, and

July 18, ‘O’Brien Cup Coming Home’, team photo 1908

32 . History of Millionaires, author Frank Cosentino

file of posters for book signing

booklet “The Hockey Hall to Fame” Ottawa 1992 exhibit at Rideau Hall on

100th Anniversary of Stanley Cup

Eganville Leader newspaper article on Frank Cosentino, 14 July 1998

33 . Les Canadiens

newspaper clipping, Renfrew Mercury, March 1990, Passing of the Forum,

Margaret Ritza does not renew in 62nd season

copies (2) of letter from Lindsay to Donald Beauchand, Montreal Canadiens,

asking for photographs to add to O’Brien Senator Hockey Collection,

February 5, 1996

letter to Montreal Canadiens, dated Aug 9, 1991,

asking for tickets for grandchildren to attend game October 3rd in Montreal

thank you letter for tickets, granddaughter Margaret Ritza gives thanks for

recognition on ice of family at 75th season game

2 souvenir hockey tickets for game CHS VS Maple Leafs, October 1991

picture NHL team 75th celebration Oct 3rd 1991

Newspaper clippings, Ottawa Citizen

NHL 75th Anniversary Aug 9th 1991, Maurice (Rocket) Richard, captain

picture Grant Fuhr, team member, Oct 5th 1991

picture Brian Skrudland, team member, Oct 4th 1991

75 years’ celebration, October 3, 1991, 1991-1992 preview

Senators September 29th 1991

Hockey Hall of Fame

souvenir hockey stamp package, titled “Lightning on Ice”

Newspaper clippings, Ottawa Gazette

picture Guy Carbonneau, team member, October 4th 1991

Newspaper clippings, Globe and Mail (Ottawa)

75th celebration, October 7th 1991

NHL hopes to keep engine running, Oct 3rd 1991

five more for Hockey Shrine September 24th 1991

Hockey Hall of Fame September 24th 1991


Les Canadiens, includes 1991-92 season featuring Patrick Roy and Maurice Richard

Les Canadiens, edition souvenir collection issue October 3rd 1991

34 . Renfrew Pointer Boat 1991

newspaper clipping 1991

copies (2) July 17th picture, rowing to Victory

copies (2) July 17th picture, boat and crew

copy Aug 7th picture, Renfrew crew winners, Calabogie, Burnstown

copies (6) pictures of crew taken by Earl Lindsay

35 . M.J. O’Brien, Antiqonish, Nova Scotia

letter from Heritage Association of Antiqonish, to Marjorie Lindsay,

acknowledging information sent on the life of M.J. O’Brien in Renfrew, 20 May 1992

letter from Antiqonish town clerk, forwarded to Marjorie Lindsay, 25 Nov 1991

letter from Antiqonish re: life of M.J. O’Brien, to Margaret Ritza

return letter to Antiqonish with information about M.J. O’Brien

letter from Antiqonish to Marjorie Lindsay from town clerk,with thanks

36 . The Canadian Hereford Digest

Issue June 1967

article written by Frank Dench, Lake Field Ontario featuring:

Ivan Hawthorn of Forester’s Falls

Boy Calf Club

Renfrew County 4H Club

Issue June 1972 featuring Origin of Beef

37 . M.J. O’Brien, Renfrew

newspaper clippings of M.J. O’Brien

winter home in Barryvale, Ontario – Ottawa Citizen 23 Oct 1991

picture of O’Brien – Renfrew Mercury

picture of 1883 first home in Renfrew – Renfrew Mercury 23 Aug 2002

copies of letters dated Oct 19,1925 O’Brien sends to Harry Legree,

concerning politics

photocopies (2) of picture of J.J. Mallard who was chauffeur to O’Brien

photocopy of write-up on M.J. Mallard

photocopy of architecture of home of O’Brien, obtained July 5th 1976 noted 1995,

made by Marjorie Lindsay, reference to O’Brien Theater to O’Brien Angela Legacy

newspaper (3 pages), Ottawa Citizen, June 26, 1998, re: to Delero Mines

newsprint, Ottawa Citizen, January 18, 1997 re: Bed & Breakfast owned by Jim

and Julie O’Brien

newsprint, Renfrew newspaper,

J.L. Murray celebrated, Order of Knight Commander of St. Gregory the Great

5 pages of notes by Marjorie Lindsay with reference to O’Brien operations

notes of TV show taped at Renfrew’s McLean-Hunter Studio,

3 pages dated July 16th 1991 by Jim O’Brien and Marjorie Lindsay

100th birthday celebration for Grace O’Brien, pictures

Renfrew newspaper, July 10th, 1991 of O’Brien Opera House

photocopy of picture of O’Brien Opera House

Renfrew newspaper, July 18th 1991 of Renfrew Remembers Giant Industry, sport and

short biography of O’Brien

letter from Michael J. Murray, 1993

38 . Bijou Orchestra 1976

hand written sheets on “Memories of Bijou Orchestra”

photo copy from newspaper by Hub Lester in reference to background

information to Orchestra group

39 . Hotel Renfrew

inaugural banquet April 17th 1914, Renfrew Canadian Club and

the formal opening of Hotel Renfrew

banquet November 19th 1914 to Dr. B. G. Connolly in recognition of

citizenship, pictures

Renfrew newspaper clip of picture of Hotel Renfrew, constructed 1913,

picture appears in August 15th 1990

Renfrew newspaper clip of picture of Hotel Renfrew vehicle picking up passenger

and luggage from the Canadian Pacific Railway station in Renfrew,

picture appears in September 5, 1990

40 . Newspaper print of Harry Hinchley “Old Files” column

Renfrew Newspaper clippings

16 Aug 1962, 16 Aug 1912, 19 Aug 1887

23 Aug 1962, 26 Aug 1937, 23 Aug 1912, 26 Aug 1887

04 May 1965, 09 May 1940, 07 May 1915, 09 May 1890

11 May 1965, 16 May 1940, 14 May 1915, 16 May 1890

03 Jun 1891, 09 Jun 1916, 12 Jun 1941, 16 Jun 1966

07 Jul 1891, 14 Jul 1916, 10 Jul 1941, 14 Jul 1966

14 Jul 1981, 21 Jul 1916, 17 Jul 1941, 21 Jul 1966

16 Sep 1965, 19 Sep 1940, 17 Sep 1915, 19 Sep 1890

41 . Hockey newspaper clippings

March 20th 1979 Globe and Mail, Hockey dropouts lose to pressure

photocopy of picture of hockey trophy

02 August 1st 1990 Putting nationalism on ice, by Frank Consentino

June 5th 1991, the Milllionaires of Renfrew’s Senior Tyke Hockey League keeps trophy

Ice Age Skates, by Yvonne Butorac

March 9th features Gordie Howey, Wayne Gretzky

September 24th 1995 George Vezina 1911 picture

1995 features Ted Lindsay and Gordie Howe

March 21st 1997 letter to Tony Cote’, Ottawa Citizen from Margaret Ritza

looking for photo of herself at hockey

March 21st 1997 Ottawa Citizen, Don Finnie unveils plaque on site of

Dey’s Staking Rink 26th 1998 Lafleur of Canadiens

March 24th 1997 Dawson City nuggets

December 15th 1998 Peter Clark comments on absence of Ted Lindsay

June 5th 1991 Renfrew News, Millionaires of Renfrew Seniors Tyke’s

Hockey League receives trophy for the season

November 20th 1998 Renfrew News, plaque honors a towns hockey past

December 2nd 1998 Renfrew News, unveil plaques in Renfrew Millionaires honour

December 4th 1998 Renfrew unveils for towns honour

October 3o 1992, Ottawa Citizen, Stanley Cup at Government House

November 4th 1992, Ottawa Citizen, Marsh Mania in full swing

September 21st 1992, Ottawa citizens home at last, Senators return

Senators move into Glebe for 47 games

October 31st 1992, Ottawa Citizen, Sabres score dirty dozen

September 21st 1992, Ottawa Citizen, Doug Small

September 22nd 1922, Senators lose debut in overtime

October 8th 1991, Ottawa Citizen, Senators vs Montreal Canadiens

copy of “The official National Hockey Leaque Stanley Cup Centennial Book”

packages (2) of NHL Hockey cards, souvenir

copies (2) of Ontario Heritage Foundation Provincial Plaque,

for the Renfrew Millionaires Hockey Team of 1910

42 . Lumber Baron Festival 1991

features M.J. O’Brien

Renfrew Mercury newspaper clippings

Jim O’Brien, the Baron arrives at Home Show, May 8, 1991

10,000 people attend Home Show, May 8th 1991

advertisements (3) for Renfrew Little Theatre

article on festival will be fun for kids, June 26th 1991

article on festival is celebration of our story

article on festival will be bigger and better

Lumber Baron Cook Book a treasure

pageant and events list, July 17th 1991

Country Quill newspaper, Vol 1 Issue 05 July 1991

O’Brien home (3) featured, July 17th 1991

Parade float, pictures of Judy Anderson, Helen Clark, Margaret Riza and

others, July 17,1991

picture, unveiling ceremony of Lumber Barons, O’Brien, June 26th 1991

picture of O’Brien grandson Jim, plays part of Baron, with Leslie Cross

who pencil sketched the Baron picture

3 pictures of Margaret and Larry Ritza pose with Sara and Christine Freemark

at the Salute to the Valley in Arnprior

Frank Cosentino to speak at closing banquet, July 17th 1991

poster advertisement for Lumber Baron Festival closing banquet

poster advertisement for Auction, July 27th 1991

whole newspaper, full coverage of Lumber Baron Festival

letter to advise final meeting of committee on July 10th 1991

poster advertisement of Kick and Push Handcar Challenge, July 26th 1991

congratulations, August 7th 1991

Flower Show, at the Lumber Baron Festival, August 7 1991

December 4, 1991, Promote Renfrew whenever you can

Lumber Baron Festival preparation notes

July 2nd 1991 items for lumber Baron Festival

Strolling Players agenda (2) on main street

Special Guests

Committee meeting notes (4)

Festival Income Statement

3-page Agenda sheet for Window Displays

letter re: Salute to the Valley Parade

2 pages of notes for Festival

letters of Festival interest, Baron family, and other

March 26th from Michael J. Murray, relating artifacts for the display

at Festival, 2 pages

April 8th from Lions Club, who cannot participate in Festival

April 18th from Michael J. Murray, with regards to hockey display connections,

3 pages

letter in reference to O’Brien artifacts display

letter to Heritage Historical Society from M.J. O’Brien

letter from Michael Murray, telling of delivery of artifacts for display

letter from Rotary Club of Renfrew, who will host Lumber Jack Open, 2 pages

Tickets and Pamphlets

Festival Schedule Pamphlet

large poster advertisements (3) for House Tour at Lawn Garden Party

amount of Small Poster ad for House Tour at Lawn Garden Party

photocopied sketches (3) of O’Brien House

amount of Renfrew Lumber Baron Festival pamphlets hand outs

amount of Lawn and Garden Party tickets

stamped envelopes (3) from Festival for souvenir

clip pin with Lumber Baron on it for souvenir

43 . Renfrew Skating Rink

Renfrew Newspaper copies

Renfrew Rink history 1904 mercury files 1927

Renfrew’s Skating Rink totally destroyed by fire Thursday night 1927

44 . Renfrew Fires

Renfrew Mercury newspaper copies

1899 A. A. Wright & Co. Big Block in Ruins, Adam Bison killed

1874 Fire at McCrea’s Mill

???? Flour Mills, Limited, Plant

1926 Renfrew Hospital

James Stewart Residence, Raglan Street temporary

O’Brien offers Main Street Property

1912 Mr. Thomas Crowe’s barn

1926 British Hotel

1905 R. C. Church, Douglas

1905 Fire at Lime Kiln

1912 W.A. Moore Plant

1912 Renfrew Knitting Co.

1912 Michael N. Kelly’s Blacksmith Shop

1916 Imbleau Foundry gutted

1914 Logan Mills

1916 O’Brien Plant

1919 Smith Stone Grist Mill

1924 Barn Fire, Coumbs Street, owned by M.J. O’Brien

1918 Thacker and Pedlow Store

1924 Renfrew’s Business Section, McDougall Block

McGarvey’s Garage,

Zyviski’s tin and furnace shop

Coolican’s warehouse

British Hotel stables

MacDonald’s branch meat shop

Burns’ barber shop

Chow’s café

1924 write up about McDougall Block Fire

1926 Demarce & Forrest’s Public Garage

Private Garage at Dominion House

1897 The Presbyterian Church

1900 O’Brien Farm Bank Barn

1975 Fire at Shamrock, Hudson’s Hotel Destroyed

1973 Fire Engine for Renfrew

1902 Dominion House Scorched

1920 Mysterious Fire in Renfrew Stable

1902 near Watt’s bridge destroyed on Sand Point Rd

1916 Shell Factory Destroyed By Fire

45 . Stores on Main Street

individual articles

Renfrew Mercury clippings

1953 Issac Ellis Pedlow 50 years a citizen

Pedlow Block Sold

1915 Mr. I.E. Pedlow, 30 business years, Dean Store

1930 Hugh MacDonald Sells His Central Meat Store to

2011 Dominion Change of ownership to S. S. Delany (2 copies)

1930 Dominion Stores in New Quarters

1934 Dominion house to be torn down

Lorne Scott Buys Guest Hardware

1953 new A& P for Renfrew

1929 A & P Opened in Renfrew

1953 Mel Barr of Renfrew Gets Contact for A & P

Morrison Ladies Wear Store closes after 40 years

1928 R. McGarvey, a new Garage

1917 The Jamieson Meat Co.’s New Block

L’Hotel du Canada replaces Gravelle’s Hotel

1871 The Bank of British North America

1873 The Grand Masonic Hall

1974 Agricultural Hall, Cheese Factory

1953 Ticket office moves to Sulpher Building and Bell Telephone moves

1953 Mr. Marcus Hecht, clothing store, retires to Hagar’s Men’s and Boy’s Clothing

1953 Beamish Store opened 1940 remodels 30 years later

1953 Anna Lee Shop moves over A & P store

1953 Anna Lee Shop sells to Jack Snow

1953 opening of Jack Snow Store

1953 G. Van Slyck to manage Snow’s Store

1953 Bellcue Finance Corporation above Dominion Store

1928 British Hotel sold making room for Service Station

Bar Block gets repairs

1953 Cotie Bros. to manage new White Rose Station

1953 Canadian Oil Company Service Station on main Street

1953 Holden Grocery Store moves to Best Meat Market

1953 Debeau Flower Shop improves

1953 Ted Leeney Block to have new modern front

1938 Renfrew Bottling Works Are Advancing

1911 Business and Building of Stewart Bros. sold to Carswell and Co.

1940 Beamish Store Outstanding

1912 Local Syndicate Purchases Moving Picture Show and P. D. Block

1927 James A. McArthur sells business

1945 Ottawa House, Raglan Street demolished, Scott Hardware rebuilds

1945 Old Ottawa House Building Now a Relict of the Past

Bank of Montreal to build on Raglan Street

Bank of Montreal opens

1912 A.E. Spooner as an inventor in the O’Brien Block

The Merchants Bank

1930 Electric Power Sold Will Be Metered

1911 Civic Square

1927 Jack Dolan sells taxi service to James Leitch

Mechanics’ Institute meets in Temperance Hall

1949 sale of property of Wilson Farm originally owned by Thomas Low

1936 Renfrew Textiles Extends Warehouse Facilities, formerly Dempsey

Store building located corner of Stewart and Ready

1924 David Bar Sr. related old time Christmas

1918 Steps taken to build Fire Hall and Library

1972 Essay on Renfrew by Thomas Logan

1885 Cows, Fences and Laws

1926 Zinc deposits located on Hisko Farm

1938 Landmark passes Duke street, temperance hall, later stables

1937 Temperance Hall may be torn down

1945 change in location for Leeney’s and Clemen’s Store’s

Recreational Association opens Playgrounds

46 . Renfrew News Stories

Renfrew Mercury newspaper copies

1971 Municipal Nominations

1937 Appraisal asked for Opeongo Street Mill

1924 Oddfellows move to the Fraser Block

1873 Sale of village lots owned by J. E. McDougall

2009 The Renfrew Journal, reference to 1858 (2 copies)

13-year-old girl murdered on one of Carswell Farms

Hedderwick Murder and intensive quest

???? Renfrew of the Past came under review, J. H. Walford delivers

Reminiscing address at Rotary Luncheon

1912 The old Fume is damaged supplying water for power to Renfrew Milling Co.,

Logan Bros. Ltd. and Renfrew Knitting Co.

47 . Reminiscence of Renfrew

Renfrew Newspaper photocopies

1874 Reminisces of Renfrew, March

1874 Reminisces of Renfrew, May

1874 Reminisces of Renfrew, June

1874 Reminisces of Renfrew, June

1874 Reminisces of Renfrew, July

1874 Reminisces of Renfrew, July

1874 Reminisces of Renfrew, August

1915 Retrospective of 30 Years Ago Today

1919 Reminisces by the Mercury, May

1940 50 years Ago by Cannon Quartermaine

48 . Obituaries of Prominent Renfrew Men

Renfrew Mercury Newspaper photocopies (with newspaper published date)

1874 Oct. 9 Mr Bellerby

1886 Dec. 3 Wm. Logan

1887 Sept. 21 Robert MacIntyre

1887 Jan. 28 Patrick Kelly

1987 March 26 J. R. Stewart

1894 Sept 21 Thomas Hynes

1904 April 29 Edward H. Stevenson

1904 no month David Airth

1905 June 8 John McAndrew

Harold G. Barnet

Harry Richards

1906 October 12 H. J. Stevenson

1910 March W. N. Faichney

1911 November 9 Alexander Ferguson

c1911 James Clark

1912 Dec 6 Peter S. Stewart

1912 Nov 1 John McLaren

1912 June 21 George Eady Jr

1912 June 14 John A. Moran

1912 July 15 Robert Leitch

1913 Oct 3 Michael French

1913 Feb 28 William Logan

1913 Sept 13 Robert Carruth

1914 Nov 6 Noble Dean

1914 June 26 Peter Dougall

1917 July 30 Bernard Shields McIntyre

1917 Jan 19 Alexander Barnet

1918 March 5 Joshua Murphy

1918 Dec 13 James O’Connor

1918 Jan 4 Thomas Logan

1919 May 9 Reuben Russell

James Stewart

1920 Jan 3 F. X. Plaunt

1924 Sept 5 James Ward

1914 Dec 5 Matthew Devine

1926 Apr 2 Robert Walker Eady

1926 Apr 2 R. W. Eady

1926 Dec 3 Xavier Plaunt

1926 Apr 12 W.E. Smallfield

1927 June 10 Allan Francis

1931 Feb 12 Thomas A. Low

1936 June 11 Arthur Gravelle

1937 June 24 J.L. Murray

1937 Mar 25 William Logan

1937 May 13 Charles M. Logan

1940 Nov 28 M. J. O’Brien

Tribute to M.J. O’Brien

1940 Jan 4 Daniel H. Mc Andrew

1940 Feb D. W. Budd

1945 April 5 James King Rochester

1960 Jan 14 Thomas W. Groves

1971 Nov 12 (c) Robert Thacker

49 . Schools and Churches in Renfrew, 1800’s

Renfrew Mercury Newspaper photocopies


1872 R. C. Church

1872 New catholic Church

1873 Laying Corner Stone of New Catholic Church

1873 Roman Catholic Church

1874 Church of St. Francis Xavier

1900 Methodist Anniversary

1927 Diamond Jubilee of St. Francis Xavier’s Parish


1872 Our High School

Meeting of School Trustees

1873 High and Public School

1874 The New School House

1974 High Schools

1875 Board of Education

1875 New School House

Opening New Schoolhouse, High School

Public School Meeting

Board of School Trustees

1896 New High School

1912 New R. C. Separate School

1912 Renfrew’s Education Institutions

1818 Old Town Hall leased as School buildings, schools inspected

1923 Model School

1936 Memorial Flag flies at Renfrew Separate School

1936 Empire Day Observed at Public Schools

1941 Separate School Board buys Simard Property for $4,000.00

1944 Renfrew’s Public School (old Part) Built 75 year Ago, should be replaced

1945 75-year-old Part of Central School Must Soon Be Replaced Board Agrees

50 . Industries of Renfrew

Renfrew Mercury newspaper photocopies

1872 July 26 Woolen Mills

1872 July 23 New Sash and Window Factory

1872 May 22 Renfrew Cabinet Factory

1875 May 28 New Cabinet Factory

1873 Feb 21 Mathew’s Axe Factory

1874 Feb 27 Upper Ottawa Machine Works and Foundry

1874 follows Upper Ottawa Foundry and Machine Works

1874 June 26 the Cheese Factory

1875 May 28 McDougall’s Grist Mill

1910 Feb Separator Factory in Operation

1912 May 24 Four Milling Development

1918 Mar 15 New Flour Mill

1919 Mar 21 Renfrew Mill Increases Size

1914 Dec 18 Renfrew Machinery Company

1916 Mar 17 Shell factory Fire

1918 Jan 11 A change at the Munitions Plant

1918 June 7 Mr. Low’s New Shell Factory may be located in Renfrew

1918 Feb 23 Renfrew Creamery

1919 Aug 17 Big Extension of Renfrew Refrigerator Plant Announced

1920 Feb 6 Machinery Hall to be Renfrew Yarn Company

1924 May 22 Seaman-Kent Factory, hardwood flooring

1924 Oct 31 Seaman Kent Co. Erecting a Warehouse

unknown Renfrew Electric Manufacturing

unknown Renfrew Planing Mill

unknown The Renfrew Machinery Company

unknown Imbleau Foundry

unknown Jamieson Lime Co Lime Kilns (2 sections)

51 . Renfrew Old Home Week, newspaper accounts 1923

1927 July 1st From Confederation Onward

1908 July 31 Renfrew’s First Election

1958 Aug 7 The Renfrew We Knew, part 1

1958 Aug 7 The Renfrew We Knew, part 2

1958 Aug 7 The Town On The Hills, Renfrew Cemeteries

A Short History of the Renfrew Churches

Renfrew Supplement-Old Home Week

1923 History of The Newspapers of Renfrew by Historian W.E. Smallfield

1923 Sep 14 Brief History of the Renfrew Agricultural Society by W.E. Smallfield

1923 Sep 14 Parliamentary Contest in Renfrew County, result of elections

1923 Sep 14 A Short History of Renfrew

1923 Sep 14 A Short History of Renfrew

1835 – 1923 Renfrew School Life

1923 Renfrew’s Industrial Expansion

1923 Renfrew’s fraternal Societies

52 . Men of Affairs

Renfrew Mercury Newspaper photocopies

1925 Dr. J. J. McCann, Jan 16

1925 J. N. Moss, Jan 23

1925 Joseph L. Murray, Jan 30

1925 Charles A. Dewey, Feb 6

1925 Senator M. J. O’Brien, Feb 15

1925 James Mann, M. D., Feb 20

1925 James King Rochester, Feb 27

1925 Arthur Gravelle, Mar 6

1925 John F. Gibbons, Mar 13

1925 John Connolly, Mar 20

1925 Robert McEwen, Mar 27

1925 Thomas Costello, April 3

1925 M. McKinnon, Apr 10

1925 John B. McLaren, Aug 28

1925 D. W. Stewart, Oct 9

1925 James McArthur, Sept 25

1925 E. J. McGarry, Apr 17

1925 J. E. Colson, no date

1925 C. J. Murphy, no date

1925 John Conley, May 8

1925 Harry Grace, May 15

1925 D. W Budd, May 22

1925 Philip Bolger, May 29

1925 W. A. Moore, June 5

1925 D. J. Ritza, June 12

1925 E. H. Stevenson, no date

1925 David Bar Sr., Aug 7

1925 David Bar Jr., Aug 21

1925 George McNab, July 24

1925 Wm. B. Rousselle, July 17

1925 J. M. Ferguson, July 10

1915 J. E. Colson, April 24

53 . Landmarks of Renfrew

Renfrew Mercury Newspaper photocopies

1913 The Story of Market Square, Albion Square (2 copies)

1913 Is Market Square worth the money

1913 Renfrew By-Law to purchase the land to be market Square

1913 Does Renfrew need to buy the Market Square? (2 copies)

1913 The Market Square Vote

1927 Landmarks are torn down, corner of Elizabeth and Carswell

1911 reviews of St. Andrew’s Church Annual Meeting

1924 council’s new quarters opened Monday Evening

1934 Removal of Landmark on Bonnechere Banks

1955 Calabogie Cemetery 195 years

54 . Obituaries of Renfrew

Renfrew Mercury Newspaper copies

Tom Tink

1911 Joseph Finner

1895 Luc Imbleau

1900 Mrs. T. B Muir

Mrs. R. B. Muir, funeral

1900 Mrs. Joseph Plaunt

1900 Francis French

1975 John Campbell of McNab

1976 Mrs. James Cairney, funeral

1976 Mrs. David Bar, daughter of Henry Airth

1940? C. K. Grigg

1911 Mrs. Tobias Stafford, Elizabeth Ryan

1956 Mr. J. K. Rochester, former Mary Watson

1940 John Devine

1915 Mr. Peter Dougall, maiden Catherine Fraser

1915 Mrs. George C. Archer, nee Julia Maria Merrick

Mrs. William Hamilton, nee Ellen Airth

1919 Moses C. Edey, Ottawa ON, designer of Barnet Block

1919 Harold Short

1918 Mrs. T. C Hamilton,

1918 Mrs. Robert Craig, nee Annie Bremner

1904 Mrs. David B. McLaren, Rebecca Sarah McRae

1904 Mrs. Robert Timmi, nee Flora Campbell

1912 W. W. Austin

1912 Hannah May Gibbons unmarried

1912 Thomas Morris

1912 Matthew Dzwonkowski

1944 Major G. Gordon Froats

1902 C. C. Collins

1913 James M Ross

1913 Samuel Mason

1913 Mrs. Alex Fraser, daughter of late John Johnston

article on Alex Fraser, opened Fraser Store opened in 1892

1931 Francis Roy Peever

1926 Thomas Guest

1911 Wm. C. Jameison

1936 Gus Politis

1926 Peter St. Michael

1927 Ignatius Perszyk

1927 John Bole

Mrs. Mary Kennelly, nee Mary McNulty

55 . Main Street Business

Renfrew Mercury Newspaper photocopies

1828 repairs to Knights of Columbus block

1906 progress of Renfrew Steam Laundry

1873 Renfrew branch of British North America

1873 Smith and Ward’s Foundry

1871 Grist Mill

1971 L.J. Fraser sees decline of smaller business

1960 Alex Fraser purchases portion of Mackay block

1919 J.M. Ferguson buys business property

1974 Bank of British North American is complete

1973 Cheese factory to build

1975 Mercury Office warming

1916 Property changes in Airth property

1953 Croskery Grocery closed shop on Saturday

1953 Drysdale building sold to contractor Mr. Mel Bar

1953 Russ Cassidy to open Men’s Shop in Renfrew

1953 32 years in business terminates in sale of store by T.M. Murray

1953 Barnet Block sold to Beamish Stores for undisclosed Price

1953 Valley Electric Shop being moved to across the street

1953 Thomas Williams buys former Laundry Building

1953 Renfrew Bakery opens its doors

1953 Store and Apartment House on Raglan Street Sold,

new owner Thomas Pierunek

2011 George Dougall’s house is dismantled

1915 Old Smith Grist Mill as a Shell Factory

1936 Charles Stinson buys Whitton Store

1916 Renfrew vs. J.A. Jaimeson regarding brick yard damages due to water

William Halpenny’s Store

1930 Dominion is in new Quarters

The Freiman Store

56 . Philemon Wright and Families

selected 12th Lumber Baron, 2000

researched by Earl and Marjorie Lindsay

Born Sept 3rd 1760, 2nd son of Thomas Wright and 2nd wife Elizabeth

Chandler of Massachusetts, USA

Book 1 Philemon Wright

contents of Book

Wright’s Coat of Arms

photo-copied pictures of Philemon Wright and his wife Abigale Wright

Philemon Wright memorial in Massachusetts, USA, by Patrick M.O. Evans

Wrights-Ferguson family information compiled by Earl Lindsay


historical Page, Society of Gatineau

Benjamin Wright

book “Historical Society of the Gatineau”, P. 9-14, in reference to Philemon Wright

Descendants of Philemon Wright, sons Christopher Columbus and

grandson Christopher Columbus, family tree page

French pages

French booklet

Cyclists retrace Philemon’s epic journey, 4 pages

Hull, Ottawa, History

unveiling Philemon Wright plaque in Ottawa, Wright family in attendance,

Mayor Sandy Heins attends, who is impressed by ceremony in Hull

large glossy picture of Wright family at ceremonies

programme for Lumber Baron Festival

Wright Gathering Agenda, July 15th 2000, last day of Festival

memo of appreciation, Wright Gathering

File 1 Wright Newspaper stories and Festival Coverage

Renfrew Newspaper clippings

Invitation to Wright gathering

Lumber Baron Festival will honour Wright family from the valley

Philemon Wright, 2000 Lumber Baron founder of local timber industry

Organizers call for support

Renfrew festival files May 30th 2000

Renfrew festival files May 16th 2000

Renfrew festival files May 2nd 2000

Renfrew festival files April 18th 2000

Lumber Baron budget April 4th 2000

Derek Walters covers Lumber Baron March 21st 2000

Wedding Anniversary’s celebrated at Lumber Baron Festival

Appreciation for gathering of Philemon and Thomas Wright

2000 Lumber Baron Philemon Wright considered founder of local Timber Industry

Lumber Baron Festival will honour Wright Family from across the Valley

Lumber Baron Festival Handout

Memo of Appreciation of Wright Gathering, July 15th 2000

Wright gathering, July 15th 2000

Gathering of the Wrights by Marjorie Lindsay, 2 pages

Renfrew Weekender News, August 23rd 2002, reference to Geraldine Collins

many pictures of the Lumber Baron Festival major street players in period dress

large registration card with Wright Crest from the Festival

The Wright’s, excerpts from geological study of first settlers in Canada’s

National Capital Region, by Patrick M.O. Evans

reproduction by the National Capital Commission

Ottawa Citizen

NCC studies Wright, November 27th 2000

Hull agency forces re-write of Wright Story, June 29th 2000

Scouting out Philemon Wright’s Trial, May 30th 2000

Mayor Sandy Heins impresses with Wight Ceremony in Hull

Pages from Philemon Wright history

Cobden Sun

Lumber Baron Festival will honour Wright’s

By gone treasures of By-town

Philemon Wright wasn’t a Loyalist

Hull blows birthday opportunity

Hull celebrates its 200th birthday

Philemon Wright made it easy, July 19th 2000

Philemon Wright son in law, Thomas Brigham, August 8th 2000

Hull Newspaper

Destination Ottawa

Lindsay Grain Elevator / cycling from Massachusetts to Hull recreates

founders journey

Special Supplement, Renfrew July 13, 14 and 15, Lumber Baron 2000

Renfrew Weekender, full copy dated July 7th 2000

Renfrew Mercury, full copy dated April 4th 2000

Renfrew Mercury, full copy dated April 11, 2000

File 2 Lumber Baron Summer Festival 2000 Records

envelope containing old mailing list for Festival 2000

envelope containing new mailing list for Festival 2000

File 3 Financial Records of Lumber Baron Summer Festival 2000

File 4 Advertising for Lumber Baron Summer Festival 2000

File 5 Thank you, from Wright family descendants

File 6 Lumber Baron Summer Festival 2000 Records of Planning and Events

Agenda Wright Gathering July 11th 2000, 5 pages, 2 copies

Open ceremonies copies, 1 page

Invitation, April 25th 2000

Agenda of Wright gathering July 15thth 2000, Ma-te-way Park, 2 copies

Ma-te-way Park layout for Festival, 3 copies

Luncheon Table set-up, 4 pages

Menu for Festival dinner, 6 pages

appreciation to all who supported Festival

Memo of Appreciation, to Wright Gathering, 1 page

Reference to Rocky Mountain House, housing

Poster for McDougall Mill Museum

information sheet to McDougall Mill Museum

Pageant 2000, Let’s Dance – crowning Miss Renfrew

Book 2 Nathaniel Wright 1814-1891

Contents of Book

information and pictures on Nathaniel Wright and his family, namely

Ferguson Clan, Lindsay Family

Wright’s coat of Arm, Crest

pictures of Nathaniel Wright and wife Christine Ferguson

copy of farm on front page of Story of a Township

pictures of Doris Ferguson and son Doug, 2000

picture of Duncan and Ann Ferguson farm on River Road, May 2000

picture of citations to Earl and Marjorie Lindsay, George and Dorothy Cook,

July 2000 at Wrights reunion

Pedigree chart

History page of Wrights donated by John and Heather Wright of Deep River

section 2

Ferguson Clan 1818-1996

Donald Ferguson and Christie Stewart, pictures and family information

Lindsay a generation 1864-1930

pictures and family information

copy of John Lindsay picture, tombstones

photocopy of family of Mary Wright Collins and John Collins

information from Jerry and Iva Collins

letter from Ella and John McBride

Picture of Earl and Marjorie Lindsay

Book 3 Orange Wright

Wright Arms and Crest

4 laminated photos of Orange Wright

homestead picture

2 pictures of Orange Wright and wife, Elizabeth Smith

picture of Orville Wright’s Renfrew Hotel

picture page of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Wright and his family

photocopy age of Mrs. Orville Wright

page from 1857 Canada Directory exerts

Ottawa Valley, from Ottawa Archives

Births and Deaths Page of Wright information

Legacy of Orange Wright, 2 pages

notes on Orange Wright and Lucy Wyman, 3 pages

Book 4 Wright Family Research Notes

Legacy of Thomas Wright, 2 pages

Thomas Wright notes

Wright’s cordially invite to Festival

Lumber Baron hand-outs

importance of Wright Being…

Philemon and sons, 5 pages

Philemon notes, 2 pages

more information, 2 pages

Historical Society of Ottawa, A Yankee who built Canada

Pedigree of Philemon’s daughter who married Samuel Orr, pictures, 2 pages

Photobooks in reference to Festival 2000

2 photobooks 1 panoramic view, 1 regular size

contents “Scenic Lookout“ donated by Hilda Wright family

2 photobooks regular size

contents “Unveiling Wright Plaque, Ottawa