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family COLE – Heritage Renfrew

family COLE

Raymond M. Beaumont

donated by
Chris Nicholson
Joyce Laird

INDEX Surname, Given names Birth-Death

Adair, Martin
Adam, John Pollock
Adam, Lillian Mary
Amey, Debra Ann
Amey, Jack Junior
Anderson, Viola Doreen
Arcand, Melanie Amanda
Arcand, Michael John Robert
Arcand, Robert Lee
Arcand, Roy
Arnold, Bonnie Belle
Arnold, Marian Elizabeth
Ash, Maggie 1898
Ash, Willian John
Badger, Joseph M. -1904
Bahm, Violet Lorinda
Bailey, Effie
Barclay, Charles
Barclay, Isabel Jane 1922-
Barr, Agnes
Barr, Harry
Barr, Sarah
Beach, Aileen Alva
Beall, Florence Agnes Ernistine 1918-
Beall, Walter John Ernest
Beaumont, Alan James
Beaumont, Alan John 1924-1949
Beaumont, Beverly Anne
Beaumont, Catherine Elizabeth
Beaumont, Dennis Wayne
Beaumont, Elizabeth Margaret
Beaumont, France Marlene
Beaumont, Gordon Henry 1921-
Beaumont, Gordon Roy
Beaumont, Helen Lorraine
Beaumont, Henry 1889-1938
Beaumont, James Anthony
Beaumont, John
Beaumont, John James Forbes
Beaumont, John Roy
Beaumont, Kelly Harding
Beaumont, Marvin Richard
Beaumont, Norman Ervin
Beaumont, Patrick Richard
Beaumont, Raymond Morris
Beaumont, Richard Dennis
Beaumont, Richard Middleton 1918-1965
Beaumont, Sean Christopher
Beaumont, Shirley Anne
Beaumont, Steven George
Beaumont, William Roy 1922-
Benton, William David
Benton, William George
Biggs, Jessie 1848-
Biggs, Samuel
Black, Mary
Boles, Lois Mildred
Boles, Samuel
Book, Mabel Sarah
Bossert, Ernest Arthur
Bossert, Maranda Ann
Bossert, Roger Paul
Boudreau, Craig Gerard
Boudreau, Gerard John
Boudreau, Lyle Reid
Boudreau, Reid Gerard
Bowman, Ruth
Boyer, Samuel Long
Brant, Arthur John
Brant, Beatrice Mabel 1917-
Brennagh, Eilen Jane
Brent, Lorene
Brindley, Bonnie Pearl
Brindley, Gerald
Briscoe, Mary
Brock, Alfred James
Brock, Emily Yyonne
Brouse, Bert Michael
Brouse, Christopher
Brouse, Laura Leah
Brown, Beryl
Brown, David Alexander Peter
Brown, George Fredrick Carmellus Calei Donis
Brown, James Campbell George
Brown, James Edward
Brown, Joanne Heather Patricia
Brown, Marguerite Tillie
Brown, Michael John Leslie
Brown, Ronald Lawrence Gordon
Brown, William John
Browne, Henry Cooke
Browne, Marilyn Jane
Brownlee, Jean Catherine
Brunet, Beatrice Rosalma
Buchanan, Mary
Budahazy, Mary Theresa
Bulmer, Isabelle
Burnett, Bernice
Burnett, William
Burton, Agnes
Burton, William
Bye, Laura Maude
Caldwell, Henry Meredith
Caldwell, Leila Rubeina 1919-
Cameron, Ian
Cameron, John
Cameron, Kenneth Blair Samuel
Cameron, Kevin Scott
Campbell, Florence Alma
Campbell, Gordon Thomas
Campbell, Jennifer Marie
Campbell, John Edward Stanley
Campbell, Joseph Alfred Leslie John
Campbell, Leslie Howard 1913-
Campbell, Mae Mildred
Campbell, Margaret Jean 1880-1946
Campbell, Robert John
Campbell, Wendy Ann
Campbell, William
Cartier, Jeannette Marie San
Carvey, Elizabeth Ann
Caswell, Elsie Catherine
Chabot, Aurele
Chabot, Jamie Rene Joseph
Chabot, Renald Ferdinand Joseph
Chabot, Stephen Edward Gerald
Chamberlain, Alan Bret
Chamberlain, Alan Gilmour 1929-1970
Chamberlain, Alda Leonora 1922-
Chamberlain, Brian David
Chamberlain, Dorothy Jean
Chamberlain, Ethel Mae 1923-
Chamberlain, Joseph Sproule 1890-1979
Chamberlain, Mary Eleizabeth 1919-1940
Chamberlain, Muriel Bernice 1926-
Chamberlain, Neil Borden
Chamberlain, Noah Jackson
Chapieski, Bernard James
Chapieski, John
Chartrand, Matilda Mary
Chatwauvert, Olive Bridgette
Chevrefils, Marie Jeanne Aline Abtoinette 1923-
Chevrefils, Marie Jeannette Amanda 1924-1972
Chevrefils, Olivier Joseph Leonidas
Christianson, Anna Catherine
Code, Donald Gordon
Code, Donald Gordon 1963-1967
Code, Donna Mae
Code, George Elmer 1912-
Code, Greta Frances
Code, James
Code, John Gordon 1913-
Code, Marie Edna
Code, Mary Ellen
Coffyne, Brian Bailey
Coffyne, Derek Cyrus
Coffyne, Henry Melville
Coffyne, Velvt Elizabeth Ann
Cole, Agnes 1874-1965
Cole, Agnes 1922-
Cole, Alexander 1861-
Cole, Alexander 1908-1961
Cole, Allain Jacques 1955-
Cole, Allan cir 1895-1909
Cole, Allan Robert
Cole, Annie Hill 1891-
Cole, Annie Hill 1918-
Cole, Archibald Allan 1876-1947
Cole, Archiebald Allan 1912-
Cole, Barbara Joanne
Cole, Beulah Jean 1929-
Cole, Bobbie Jo Pamela
Cole, Brenda Lee
Cole, Carson
Cole, Catherine 1872-
Cole, Catherine Rebecca 1902-
Cole, Christine Mary
Cole, Christopher (Christie) 1914-
Cole, Christopher Joseph 1903-1909
Cole, Christopher Joseph (Kit) 1881-1941
Cole, Claude Danny
Cole, Darryl Ronald Brian
Cole, David Donald
Cole, David Osborne
Cole, Deborah Grace
Cole, Derek Brian Ronald Joseph 1977-1978
Cole, Donald Allan Kenneth
Cole, Dorothy Thelma1914-
Cole, Edward Allen 1921-
Cole, Eileen Alma
Cole, Elizabeth 1842-
Cole, Ellen Gilmour
Cole, Emily
Cole, Emily 1844-
Cole, Erwin Leadman 1886-1943
Cole, Ezekiel 1787-1871
Cole, Ezekiel James 1863-1938
Cole, Florence Annie 1922-
Cole, Franceis 1871-1948
Cole, Francis 1834-
Cole, Garnet Alvin 1927-1928
Cole, Garry Percival
Cole, George
Cole, George 1846-
Cole, Gilmour 1933-1933
Cole, Gordon Alexander 1926-1932
Cole, Hazel Agnes 1927-
Cole, Irwin Ledman 1927-927
Cole, Isabel 1869-
Cole, James 1838-
Cole, James 1859-1861
Cole, James Allan
Cole, James Allen 1912-
Cole, Jane 1826-
Cole, Jason Douglas
Cole, Jason Paul
Cole, Jeffry John Aurel
Cole, Jerry James
Cole, Jessie
Cole, Jessie 1857-1926
Cole, John Sr. 1832-
Cole, John Alexander (Jack) 1875-1976
Cole, John C.
Cole, John Francis Osborne 1911-
Cole, Joseph Brian
Cole, Joseph James Paul
Cole, Joseph John Lucien
Cole, Joseph Ronald Gerard
Cole, Judith Mary Elaine Albina
Cole, Katie
Cole, Larry Allan
Cole, Lawrence Ervin (Lornie) 1907-1965
Cole, Lawrence Herbert 1884-
Cole, Lawrence Herbert (Lornie)
Cole, Lawrence Ivan
Cole, Leona Grace
Cole, Linda Muriel Ann
Cole, Lorraine Elizabeth
Cole, Lucinda after 1891-
Cole, Margaret 1836-
Cole, Margaret 1862-1933
Cole, Margaret Edna Etta
Cole, Margaret Maye 1917-
Cole, Marie Suzanne Claudette
Cole, Marie Vivian
Cole, Marvine Gail
Cole, Mary 1868-
Cole, Mary Ann 1916-1916
Cole, Mary Ester
Cole, Mary Lillian 1856-1914
Cole, Mary May 1896-1939
Cole, Mary Milred
Cole, Matilda Emily 1890-
Cole, Melvin Lawrence
Cole, Mervin Charles
Cole, Mervin Lawrence Herbert
Cole, Michael James
Cole, Michael John Freeric
Cole, Mirielle Georgette
Cole, Muriel Sarah 1925-
Cole, Myren Elixabeth 1924-
Cole, Nina Florence 1909-
Cole, Norma Eleanor 1923-
Cole, Percival Delbert 1920-
Cole, Peter James
Cole, Rebecca
Cole, Robert David
Cole, Russell William
Cole, Sandra Leigh
Cole, Sara Elizabeth 1866-
Cole, Shawna Lee Ida
Cole, Steven James
Cole, Sylvia Eleanor
Cole, Thomas
Cole, Thomas 1828-1897
Cole, Thomas Henry 1872-1910
Cole, Thomas Henry 1904-
Cole, Thomas Henry 1925-1925
Cole, William 1840-1916
Cole, William 1878-
Cole, William James 1899-1913
Cole, William James
Cole, William John 1921-1944
Cole, William Lawrence
Cole, William Pierce 1866-1954
Coleman, Jamie Kay
Coleman, Robert George
Coleman, Ronald Kay
Collins, John Allen
Compeau, Doreen Mary
Cookson, Joseph Walker Smith
Cookson, Mary 1902-
Cooley, Albert Edward
Cooley, Dale Edward
Cooley, Kimberley Anne
Cooley, Tracy Lynn
Coyle, Elizabeth
Craig, Alexander Thompson
Craig, George Alexander
Cramb, Henry Milton
Cramb, Kenneth Harding
Crowan, Isabel
Cuieirier, Laurence
Cunningham, Garry
Currie, Esther
Davidson, Joseph Lawrence
Davidson, Joseph William
Davidson, Judy Ann
Davidson, Wanda Elaine
Davidson, William McIntosh
Davy, Carmel Lynn
Davy, Clayton Bruce
Davy, Curtis Gordon
Davy, Lyndon Mark
Davy, William Lloyd
Davy, William Norman
Dawson, Allan Robert Mark
Dawson, Mark
Dawson, Robert Morris
Day, Eric Reginald
Day, Linda Margaret
De Voe, Rose Marie
De Voe, Wilffred Timothy
De Vries, Carl Sagert 1923-
De Vries, Gregory Jonathon 1973-
De Vries, Hermanus Jouke
De Vries, Iline Catherine Matilda
De Vries, Kimberly Holly
De Vries, Orrin Cecil
De Vries, Rebeca Lea
De Vries, Robert Cecil 1939-1941
De Vries, Wendell Oakley
De Vries, Wendy Lynne
Dellaire, Bonnie Tresa
Dellaire, John Joseph
Deslaurier, Earl Thomas
Deslaurier, Earl Thomas 1954-1974
Dodge, Alfred
Dodge, Mary Amelia
Dourley, Isabella
Drynych, Nadia
Duncan, Mary Ann
Dunlop, Agnes
Eady, Charlotte
Eady, Robert S.
Eastman, Dorothy Grace
Edwards, Katherine
Ego, Mary Charlotte
Evans, Clifford Carl Thomas
Evans, Jacleen Ruth
Evans, Janet Heather
Evans, Laurie Ann
Evans, Stewart
Evans, Stewart Allan
Evans, Stewart Paul
Evans, Thomas 1911-1973
Evans, Thomas Joseph
Faris, Sarah Edna Ruby
Ferguson, Allan Roy
Ferguson, Barbara Meron
Ferguson, Barry Nicholas
Ferguson, Beverly Jean
Ferguson, Christopher Boyne
Ferguson, Duncan Boyne
Ferguson, Elizabeth Bertha
Ferguson, Heather Ann
Ferguson, Ian Alexander
Ferguson, Ian James
Ferguson, James
Ferguson, Jason Roy
Ferguson, John Reid
Ferguson, Linda Louise
Ferguson, Meron Elizabeth 1872-1955
Ferguson, Milton Allan
Ferguson, Milton Roy 1929-
Ferguson, William Boyne
Fergusson, Mary Florence
Fimmfer, Josh
Fimmfer, Keith
Flanders, David Michael
Flanders, Shannon Tracy
Fleury, Joseph Larenzo Gerard
Fleury, Larenzo
Forbes, Helen MacDougall
Forbes, James Moir
Forster, Shirley Marie
Fought, Christopher Luke
Fought, Kay Mildred
Fought, Luke Joseph 1939-1972
Fought, Penelope Joanne
Fought, William Luke
Founier, Adrian Bryan
Founier, Bryan Clifford Gerard
Founier, Clifford Adlaird
Founier, Frederick James
Fournier, Albert
Fournier, Colleen Joyce Gail
Fournier, Gary Charles
Fowler, Alvin O.
Fowler, John
Gagnon, Daniel Jason
Gagnon, Normand
Gagnon, Odilon Joseoh
Gascoyne, Alice Eileen 1924-
Gascoyne, Ralph Ernest
Geach, Florence Theresa June 1918-
Geach, William John
Gervais, Mellissa Eleanor
Gervais, Ronald David Christopher
Gervais, Ronald Henri
Gervais, Verney Ovide
Gibbons, Alex
Gibbons, Charlotte 1836-1920
Giff, Daniel Wayne
Giff, Dennis Harold
Giff, Diane Elizabeth
Gilmour, Allan 1856-
Gilmour, Bronson Weston 1891-1891
Gilmour, Ellen 1887-
Gilmour, Hugh
Gilmour, May Bell 1889-
Godin, Lousia May
Goodger, Cecil Henry
Goodger, Cecil John
Goodger, Elizabeth Ann
Gordon, Laura Eleanor Grace
Gordon, William Cameron
Gordon, William Franklin
Goyet, Therese Fernande 1921-
Goyet, William
Grant, Ethel May 1903-
Grant, Ruby
Grant, Thomas
Gray, Mary Elizabeth
Groulx, Gracia Yvonne
Guest, Ida Mae
Gwyer, Alfred Edgar
Gwyer, Cheryl Ann
Gwyer, Edith Loreen
Gwyer, Gary Robert
Gwyer, George Jacob 1923-
Gwyer, James Douglas
Gwyer, Linda May
Gwyer, Robert Scott
Hall, Grace Marion
Hall, James Cecil
Hamilton, Constance Lorraine
Hamilton, Vincent Michael
Harding, Louisa Ethel
Harper, George David
Harper, Vivienne 1921-1969
Harrison, Julia Mary
Harvey, Donald Albert
Harvey, Gloria
Harvey, James
Harvey, John -1979
Harwick, Linda
Hawthorne, Evelyn Joan
Hawthorne, Thomas Arthur
Haydaman, Darryl Ray
Haydaman, Dwayne Ray
Haydaman, Peter
Haydaman, Raymond
Hayward, George
Hayward, Lesley Crawford
Hein, Wanda Beverly
Hein, Willard Gilbert
Henry, Wanda Ellen Maude
Hickey, Catherine Marie
Hickey, David Edwin
Hickey, Edwin Peter
Hickson, Elizabeth Jean
Hickson, Harry
Higgil, Enid
Hill, Mary
Hilz, Glenda Katherine
Hilz, Henry
Hinchliffe, Allan Howard
Hinchliffe, Darlene Jo-Ann
Hinchliffe, David Grant
Hinchliffe, Donald
Hinchliffe, Donald Allan Reid
Hinchliffe, Kari Lynne
Hinchliffe, Robin Keith
Hodgins, Basil Thomas Henry
Hodgins, Donald Allan Kenneth 1942-1976
Hodgins, Gary Gerald
Hodgins, Jacqueline Emily
Hodgins, James Blain
Hodgins, James William Bryan
Hodgins, Jeffrey Don
Hodgins, John David
Hodgins, John Henry 1902-
Hodgins, Linda Lynn
Hodgins, Lisa Marie
Hodgins, Pamela Gayle
Hodgins, Patricia Ann
Hodgins, Patrick John
Hodgins, Sheila Mary Margatte
Hodgins, Stacy Geoffrey
Hodgins, Thomas Alexander
Hodgins, Winnifred Viola
Hoffman, Christien
Holien, Annie
Horner, Catherine Marie
Horner, David William
Horner, John William Carmen
Horner, William James Archibald
Horton, Katherine Viola
Hubacheck, Douglas Hugh
Hughes, Victoria
Hunt, Darcy Dion
Hunt, Edwin 1969-1969
Hunt, Frederick
Hunt, Gary Anthony
Hunt, Gary Frederick
Hunt, Nadine Annice
Inglis, Donald William
Inglis, Garry William
Inglis, John Levi
Inglis, Judith Marian
Inglis, Kareen Margaret
Inglis, Kenneth Allan
Inglis, Mandy Marilyn
Inglis, Paula Catherine
Jack, Mary Ellen
Jacobs, Edith Emily
Jacques, Ellen Elizabeth
Jamieson, Elizabeth
Jansen, Aafje
Jeffrey, Margguerite
Johnson, Agnes
Johnston, June Marion
Johnston, Kenneth
Jones, Ruby Louise
Jones, Thomas Herbert
Kargus, Ann Marie
Kargus, Joseph
Karkainen, Lillian Aino
Kelly, Daniel David
Kelly, Daniel Jeremiah
Kennedy, Mary Monica
Kennedy, William Patrick
Kerluk, Olga
Kirk, Andrew
Kirk, Corene
Kirk, James Frank Reynolds
Kirk, William Archibald
Knife, Violet May
Kohlsmith, Barry Ivan
Kohlsmith, Cynthia Ann
Kohlsmith, Eric Herman
Kohlsmith, Eric Murray
Kohlsmith, Herman Adolf
Kohlsmith, Kimberley Darlene
Kohlsmith, Lorinda Elizabeth
Kohlsmith, Mark Murray
Kohlsmith, Peter Ray
Kohlsmith, Valarie Marie
Kreeft, Andrew William
Kreeft, Catherine Jean
Kreeft, Elizabeth Ann Frances
Kreeft, Klaas
Kreeft, Klaas
Kristjanson, Nellie
Kshywiecki, Frank
Kshywiecki, Joseph
Kshywiecki, Joseph Frank
Kshywiecki, Karen Marie
Kshywiecki, Paul Anthony
La Roch, Mary 1811-
LaFont, Francis Lawrence
LaFont, Marilyn Catherine
Lafrance, Jeanne
Lafromboise, Rachel Blanche
Laing, Mary Elizabeth
Lambie, Beverley Jean
Lambie, William Bruce
Lamontagne, Marie Joseohine
Lamoureux, Leis
Lanz, Margaret Ann
Last, Paula Victoria
LaVallee, Michael James
LaVallee, Victor Stanley Joseph
LeBoutillier, David Arthur
LeBoutillier, James Peter
Leclaire, Ida
Leclaire, Ida May
Lee, Connie Gail
Lee, Donna Jean
Lee, Douglas Bruce
Lee, Henry John
Lee, John Victor
Lee, Linda Mary
Leeming, Margaret
Lefave, Mary Bernice
Legere, Michael Roger
Legere, Roger
Lennox, Duncan Craig
Lennox, Duncan Craig
Lepine, Carrie Lynn
Lepine, Ellwood Bruce John
Lepine, John Ellwood
Lesnik, Margaret
Levabdoski, Brandi Lee
Levabdoski, Candace Ann
Levabdoski, Richard Kent
Levabdoski, Wilbert Daune
Liebenthal, Myrtle Genevef
Lockwood, Brenda Lee
Lockwood, Earl Guest 1920-
Lockwood, Robert Earl
Lockwood, Thomas Albert
Lockwood, Wilfred
Logan, Janie Elizabeth
Loran, Adam Matthew
Loran, Leanna Marie
Loran, Leonard Adam
Lynch, Agnes
Lynch, Catherine
Lynch, Elizabeth
Lynch, Isabella cir 1863-
Lynch, James
Lynch, James
Lynch, Jane
Lynch, John
Lynch, Louisa
Lynch, Margaret
Lynch, Mary Ann 1846-1921
Lynch, Sarah
Lynch, Thomas
Lynch, William
Lynes, Charles Ernest
Lynes, Patricia Elfleda
MacDougall, Helen Campbell
MacFarlane, William
MacGregor, James
MacGregor, Steve
MacLean, Margaret
Magill, Barry Nicholas
Magill, John
Malette, Joseph Isadore
Malette, Joseph Isadore
Mammel, Olga
Manwell, Beatrice Ann
Maranda, Katherine Geraldine Marie
Maranda, Leona Jeanne Marie
Marker, Louisa Ethel 1922-
Marker, Robert
Marratt, Edward Kitchener
Marratt, Linda Louise
Marratt, Raymond Edward
Marratt, Raymond George
Marratt, Theresa Lynn
Mason, Margaret
Mazmenko, Brenda Lea
McAlister, John
McCauley, Blake George
McCauley, George
McCauley, James Blake
McCauley, Timothy George
McCharles, Edith Rose
McCormick, Richard Vincent Charles
McCormick, Susan Elizabeth Marie
McCulloch, Agnes Janet Elizabeth 1919-
McCulloch, Carl Russell
McCulloch, Christena May 1915-
McCulloch, Faye Ann
McCulloch, Jean Eda 1917-
McCulloch, Joan Elizabeth
McCulloch, John 1877-
McCulloch, Mary Meron
McCulloch, Norma Jean
MCulloch, Peter Daniel 1880-
McCulloch, Peter Ivan 1926-1928
McCulloch, Rosemary 1918-
McCulloch, Wayne John
McCulloch, William John 1928-
McDonald, Ernest Edward
McDonald, Geraldine
McDonald, Gertrude Rose
McEwan, Freda Elizabeth
McEwen, Jean
McEwen, Robert
McEwen, Russell
McGuire, Ellen
McIntosh, Muriel Addie
McKenney, Anna May
McKenny, Kenneth
McKinney, Wendy Jacqueline
McLaren, Dorothy Isabel
McLaren, Malcolm
McLaren, Robert Kenneth
McLaughlin, Barbara Maisie
McLaughlin, Beverley Iris
McLaughlin, Craig Gordon
McLaughlin, Elizabeth
McLaughlin, Ira William 1908-
McLaughlin, James Gordon 1919-
McLaughlin, John William
McLaughlin, Lloyd Gerald
McLaughlin, Lorraine Ellen 1954-1978
McLaughlin, Nancy Lee
McLaughlin, Newton
McLeod, Marian Campbell
McQuade, Ellen
McQuitty, Margaret
McRoberts, Rose Catherine
McTavish, Mary Catherine
Metcalfe, Ellen
Mick, Amber Jean
Mick, Arnold Wallace
Mick, Douglas Bruce
Mick, Leah
Mick, Mountyford
Middleton, Sarah
Modolo, Anthony
Modolo, Leslie
Moore, Barton Kenneth
Moore, Edward
Moore, Gordon Joseph
Moore, Mary Mildred 1897-1968
Morrison, Carl John 1914-
Morrison, Diane Edna Eva
Morrison, Henery
Morrow, Mary
Motuz, Daniel Steven
Motuz, John J.
Mulligan, Rita Mary
Mulllins, Ella
Murdach, Mary
Murray, Beatrice
Murray, Christopher Myron
Murray, Leigh-Ann Barbara
Murray, Myron Bruce
Murray, William Wellington
Mutter, Debra Ann
Mutter, Diana Louise
Mutter, James
Mutter, James David
Nadobny, Anthony John
Nadobny, Anthony Miles 1941-1974
Nadobny, John Joseph
Nadobny, Robert Joseph
Nelson, Bonnie Lee
Nelson, Dorothy
Nelson, Raymond Eric Wilfred
Nelson, Richard Clayton
Nelson, Robert Ivan
Nelson, Wilfred Ivan 1921-
Nelson, William Abraham
Nesbitt, Marjorie Marie
New, Annie
New, James
Oattes, Archibald Daniel 1907-
Oattes, Diane Gail 1947-1948
Oattes, Joanne Donna 1940-1940
Oattes, Norma Joyce
Oattes, Patricia Kaye
Oattes, Richard John
O’Brien, Jeremiah
O’Brien, Mary 1923-
O’Grady, Michael
O’Hare, Emily Margaret
O’Hare, Mildred Margaret
Oliver, Jean
Onyski, Josephine Annn
O’Sullivan, Agnes
Paige, Anita Mae
Payne, Charles Leornard
Payne, Debra Marie
Payne, Gordon Leornard
Payne, John Leornard
Peck, Ellard
Peever, Allan
Peever, Arnold Elbert
Peever, Bruce Trent
Peever, Faye Margaret
Peever, Helen Marie
Peever, Margo Frances
Peever, Wade Gregory Arnold
Peplinski, Annie
Peritt, Addie Mabel
Perry, Lillian Florence
Pichette, Carole Vivian
Pilgrim, Brenda Faith
Pilgrim, Gustav Harvey
Piquette, Albertine
Plante, Helene Elizabeth
Pollock, Ivy Kathleen Gladys 1919-
Pouta, Aila Carmen
Pouta, Karl Augusti
Pratt, Eva Dorothy
Prescott, Elizabeth
Purdy, Elsie Pearl
Quade, Melinda Grace
Quart, Amy Etta
Rainkie, Anthony Joseph
Rainkie, Leona Lily Margaret
Rathwell, Letia Harriett
Reade, Cindy
Reade, Harold
Reade, Kimberley
Reade, Robin
Reid, David
Reid, Joseph Sinclair -1960
Ritchie, Alan Dale
Ritchie, Alice
Ritchie, Alice Agnes 1922-
Ritchie, Annie Florence 1893-1960
Ritchie, Arlene May
Ritchie, Arnold 1925-
Ritchie, Barbra Louise 1951-1977
Ritchie, Betty Jean
Ritchie, Beverley Ann
Ritchie, Beverly Ann
Ritchie, Brenda Margaret
Ritchie, Cecil John 1917-
Ritchie, David John
Ritchie, Elmer James Allen
Ritchie, Ervin William 1895-1957
Ritchie, Hugh
Ritchie, Iris Margaret
Ritchie, Jack
Ritchie, John Hugh 1892-1959
Ritchie, June
Ritchie, Kenneth Roy
Ritchie, Lara Kristie
Ritchie, Lemington
Ritchie, Martin Raymond
Ritchie, Melvin Raymond
Ritchie, Merle Lorine
Ritchie, Patrick Kenneth
Ritchie, Raymond William 1919-
Ritchie, Roy Archibald 1902-1973
Ritchie, Ruth Anne
Ritchie, Samuel Adrian
Ritchie, Sandra Kathleen
Ritchie, Shirley Jean
Ritchie, Stella
Ritchie, Tamara Nadia
Ritchie, Tammy Lynn
Ritchie, William -1902
Ritchie, William Thomas
Robbins, Cora Elizabeth
Roberts, Arnold 1915-
Roberts, William George
Robertson, Eva Foster
Robinson, Angus Campbell
Robinson, Ann Jane
Robinson, Calvin Angus
Robinson, Catherine
Robinson, Floyd Calvin
Robinson, Rita Leona
Rodgers, Melinda Hannah 1914-
Rodgers, Oakley after 1914-
Rodgers, Oakley Dennis 1919-
Rodgers, Opal Margaret 1925-
Rodgers, Rhonda Ruby 1913-
Rodgers, Samuel
Rodgers, Samuel Oakley 1888-
Rogerson, Ann
Rollins, Agnes Ethel Inez 1924-
Rollins, Albert Eddie Howard
Rollins, Albert Lloyd
Rollins, Carrie
Rollins, Delmer Emerson 1912-
Rollins, Donna Catherine
Rollins, Dorothy Florence Agnes
Rollins, Earl Edwin Carl 1921-
Rollins, Eileen Shirley Ellen
Rollins, Emma
Rollins, Evelyn Mary
Rollins, Frank
Rollins, Gordon
Rollins, Harold James Charles
Rollins, Harry William John
Rollins, Helen Anne Agnes
Rollins, Isobel Agnes
Rollins, Jean Teresa Mae
Rollins, John Eric Ezra 1910-1974
Rollins, Lloyd Robert
Rollins, Mary 1883-1954
Rollins, Mary Elizabeth
Rollins, Randy
Rollins, Reuben Clarence 1915-
Rollins, Vera Annice
Rollins, William John 1882-1954
Ross, Bonnie Lynn
Ross, William George
Roubillard, Marie Anne
Rowsome, Laura Reta
Roy, David
Roy, James Walter
Roy, Jason Allen
Roy, Lisa Ann
Roy, Scott James
Roy, William
Roy, Yvonne
Russell, Henry John
Russell, Mildred Elizabeth
Sadler, Jeanie
Sage, Bernard Herbert
Sage, James Benson
Sage, Kathryn Evelyn
Sage, Kelly Lorett
Sage, Kimberlee Florence Theresa
Sauve, Nellie
Schoenwald, Cara Lea
Schoenwald, Donald Roger
Schoenwald, Mary Heather
Schoenwald, Michael Roger
Schoenwald, Mindy Lynn
Schoenwald, Shannon Rae
Schoenwald, Travis Wade
Schoenwald, Zachary Michael
Scholl, Nina
Schroeder, Orma Priscella
Scobie, Harriet
Shafe, John Herbert
Shafe, Muriel Mary Louise
Sharman, Doris
Shean, Agnes Mary Ellen
Shean, Catherine Ann
Shean, Charles Peter 1904-
Shean, Clarence Victor Henry
Shean, Edward Jospeh
Shean, Gordon James Leslie
Shean, Gregory George
Shean, Henry
Shean, John Patrick Charles
Shean, Margaret Therese Rose
Shean, Mildred Mary Matilda
Shean, Peter Thomas
Sheedy, Constance Marie
Sheedy, James Gregory
Sheedy, Jeffrey Edwin
Sheedy, Kevin Donald
Sheedy, Lisa Catherine
Sheedy, Michael George
Sheedy, Michael Gregory
Sheedy, Steven James Lloyd
Shiel, Alanna Darlene
Shiel, Joseph Reid
Shiel, Stewart Grant 1915-
Shiel, Stuart Annie Louise
Shiel, William Grant
Shirritt, Eva Charlotte 1916-
Shirritt, William
Simon, Marie Lorraine Annette
Simon, Napoleon
Simpson, Emily
Smiley, Annie Ellen
Smith, David Balfour
Smith, Georgina Ruth
Snowden, Eliza Jane 1866-1909
Snowden, Robert
Sowden, Herbert
Sowden, Herbert John Hugh
Sowden, Hugh Perise 1924-
Spence, Charlotte Ida May
Stephen, Mary Isabelle
Stephens, Bertha Agnes Lillian
Stephens, Catherine Meron
Stephens, Daniel Roy
Stephens, Darlene Faith
Stephens, Debra Ann Laura
Stephens, John Emmett Murray
Stephens, Lorrie Ann
Stephens, Nina Lou
Stephens, Rebecca Donna
Stephens, Valeria Elizabeth
Stephens, Wendy Joan 1966-1967
Stephens, William Alfred David
Stephens, William John 1903-
Stephens, William Noah
Stephens, Yolanda Ellen
Stewart, Darlene Edith
Stewart, Dorothea Euphemia
Stewart, Eric Bartle
Stewart, Hannah
Stewart, James Walter
Stewart, John
Stewart, Johnny
Stewart, Marjorie Jean 1912-
Stouffer, Karen Leslie
Stouffer, Llewellyn Stanley
Stregg, Elizabeth Ann
Stubburt, Ann Julie
Swann, Percy
Swann, Rita Georgina
ackman, Mary Alice
Taylor, Edward Patrick 1923-
Taylor, Ernest
Taylor, Mary Jane
Taylor, Robert Alan
Taylor, Sharon Elaine
Thom, Annie Elizabeth
Thomas, Glenn Norman
Thomas, Jami-Glenn Emerson
Thomas, Norman Arthur
Thomson, Melissa Mary
Toner, Barbara Ann
Toner, Florence Elizabeth Edna
Toner, Gregory Allan
Toner, Patricia Austine
Toner, Phillip Gregory 1903-
Toner, Robert William
Toner, Tracy Ann Margaret
Toner, Vivian May Ina
Toner, William Joseph
Toner, William Joseph Gregory
Towey, Earl Roy
Towey, Roy
Towey, Roy Ivan
Tremblay, Joseph Charles Alfred
Tremblay, Rose Marie Ann
Tysick, Daniel Enos
Tysick, Marleen Ethel
Ulvaan, Sylvie Magdalene
Valiquette, Ester Ellen
Van Der Meulen, Catherna
Veale, Brian Wilson
Veale, Donna Joan
Veale, Dorothy Susan
Veale, Kenneth Beverly
Veale, Kenneth John
Vurwell, Robert
Wabick, Lily Ann
Waggett, Ellen
Wall, Edna Florence 1900-1949
Wall, Eleanor Francis 1924-
Wall, Ernest
Wall, Ernest
Wall, Richard
Wall, Terry Robert
Wall, Thomas Edward
Wallace, Annie Elizabeth
Wallace, Martha Gail
Wallace, Robert Borden
Walmsley, Mary Isabella
Watson, Mary Elizabeth
Webb, Catherine Anne
Webb, John William
Weday, Sophie
Westlake, Mary Louise
Wheatley, Edith Mary
Wheeley, Dwayne
Wheeley, Jordon Stewart
White, Rebecca
Whitmore, John McLeod
Whitmore, Melbourne Verrol Lindsay 1909-
Whitmore, Randi Lee
Whitmore, Ronald Wayne
Whitmore, Steven
Whitmore, Vicki Lynn
Whitton, Anne
Wickens, Charlotte Myrtle
Wiggins, Dorothy Phyllis
Williams, Mary
Willsey, Evelyne Merion 1925-
Willsey, Louis Henry
Wilson, Hannah -1907
Wilson, Violet May
Witter, Arthur
Witter, Asa -1904
Witter, Bette Rae
Witter, Carol Lynn
Witter, Cheryl Elizabeth
Witter, Debra Jean
Witter, Edmund
Witter, Elizabeth
Witter, Lydia
Witter, Nancy Marie
Witter, Rachel -1897
Witter, Richard
Witter, Sarah Jane -1902
Witter, Stanley James 1910-1972
Witter, Tracy Lynn
Witter, William -1933
Witter, William Earnest 1909-1909
Witter, William James
Wood, Douglas Harold
Wood, Kenneth
Yando, Ann
Yando, Stephen Albert
Yando, Steven Albert
Yumons, Hannah
Zielinski, Eugene Antoni
Zielinski, Eugene Antoni
Zielinski, Frank
Zuliucski, Mary