family CROZIER



As related to me by Beth Plaunt:

Four Crozier brothers came from Inniskillin, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland (Beth has visited the area). They came with the father Chris. They lived on a homestead that was later Clifford Crozier’s in Northcote. The next year the mother came (Mary Beaty). The boys met her at Portage on the Ottawa R. — and the stove, and carried it back to Northcote.

Ross census 1851
Christopher 45
Mary 46
Andrew 22
Christopher 14
“Rollin” 10
James 7

1851 – John, 19, and Elizabeth, 16, are servants in Horton at Burwells, a relative. Elizabeth eventually married John Burwell, her cousin.

Horton census 1851
Elizabeth Burwell 56 Engl., C of Eng. widow, mother
John Burwell 26 Golborne farmer
John Crozier 19 Fermanagh, servant
Elizabeth Crozier 16 Fermanagh, servant

It is believed that Elizabeth Burwell was Elizabeth Beaty, sister of Mary. Another sister, in Haleys cemetery, is Margaret Beaty, wife of James Johnston. Margaret: d. Nov. 10, 1884, age 82, native of Fermanagh Ire.

Joyce Laird


Alguire, Donald Wayne
Alguire, Stephanie Rae
Alguire, Trevor Don
Allan, Debra
Ambler, Rupert
Anderson, Caroline Emily
Anderson, Earl
Anderson, Ellen Margaret
Anderson, Ellen Michelle
Anderson, Eunice
Anderson, Kent
Anderson, Melodie
Anderson, Patricia Lynn
Anderson, Peter Kent
Anderson, Ruth Elizabeth
Anderson, Sharon Louise Soble
Anderson, Vivianne
Angus, Janice Marie
Arbuthnot, Sandra
Armstrong, Donald
Armstrong, George Frederick
Armstrong, Janice Ann
Armstrong, Joanne Mary
Armstrong, Kevin
Armstrong, Ralph Harold
Arthur, Amanda Anastasia
Arthur, Erin Margaret Ann
Arthur, Glenn Oral
Arthur, Shane Glenn Cameron
Ashby, Ralph
Ashby, William
Asselstine, Susan
Atkinson, Andrew
Atkinson, Christopher
Atkinson, James
Atkinson, James Ernest
Atkinson, Jane
Atkinson, John Andrew
Atkinson, Mary
Babcock, Christopher
Babcock, Michael
Babcock, Virginia Marie
Bageant, Itha Evoryl
Bain, Mary Jane
Baird, Sarah (Sadie)
Bangs, Lori
Barnes, Helen Francis
Barr, Alexander
Barr, David Mackie
Barr, Gregory Alex
Barr, Jeffrey John
Barr, Jenna Sybil
Barr, Jessie Belle
Barr, Lawrence Wilbert
Barr, Mackie
Barr, Robert Alexander
Barr, Robert Cyril
Barr, Thomas Ward
Bastien, Callysta Solange Pauline
Bastien, Jeremiah William Conrad
Bastien, Natasha Elizabeth
Bastien, Roger Andre Joseph
Bastien, Selena Elta
Battison-Barr, Lisa
Beaty, Mary
Beauchesne, Marie Natalaie Bridget
Bell, Cecil Gladstone
Bell, Cynthia Marilyn
Bell, David James
Bell, Dorothy
Bell, Karen Doreen
Bell, Ralph James
Bell, Sarah Kathleen
Bell, Winona
Bennett, Erin Jean
Bennett, Gwendolyn
Bennett, Jean
Bennett, Richard M.
Blackwell, Angelina
Blackwell, Beattie
Blackwell, Christopher
Blackwell, Dorothy
Blackwell, George
Blackwell, George
Blackwell, John
Blackwell, Margaret Isabel
Blackwell, Mary Jane
Blackwell, Susan
Blackwell, Thomas
Bloxom, Sid
Boal, Doreen
Boisvenue, Mark
Boswell, Susan Lorraine
Boulerice, Constance Laura
Bourgeois, Kathy
Bowes, Margaret Lillian Elizabeth
Bowman, Alan C.
Bowman, Christina May
Bowman, Jonathan Alan
Bowman, Timothy Earl
Box, Frederick Duncan
Box, Gail
Bradley, Sheila
Bradshaw, Hilliard
Bradshaw, June
Bradshaw, Norval
Breen, Lesley Diane
Brennan, Annie
Brennan, Billy
Brennan, Catherine Ann
Brennan, Jack
Brennan, John
Brennan, Liza
Brennan, Michael Kevin
Brennan, Patrick David
Brennan, Patrick J.
Brennan, Robert James
Brennan, Thomas
Brewer, Evaline Leblanc
Briscoe, Alice
Briscoe, Dina Jane
Briscoe, Dorothy Jean
Briscoe, John Wesley (Jack)
Briscoe, Patricia Anne
Briscoe, Retta Lillian
Briscoe, Sadie Muriel
Brochert, Earl
Bromley, Christopher Stuart
Bromley, Donna Christine
Bromley, Emily Marie
Bromley, Kenneth Stuart
Bromley, Marilyn Joyce
Bromley, Stuart Graham
Brophy, Gregory Thomas
Brophy, Thomas Gerald
Brousseau, Gabrielle
Brydge, John
Brydges, Ernie
Brydges, Harry
Brydges, Harry (Jr)
Brydges, Laura Isabelle
Brydges, Mabel Ellen
Brydges, Willie
Buck, Kim
Bulmer, Edna Mae
Bulmer, Lois
Bulmer, Margaret Gladys
Burke, Greg
Burrell, Matt
Burton, Jane
Burwell, Alex
Burwell, Allan K.
Burwell, Andrew
Burwell, Annie
Burwell, Annie
Burwell, Arnold Earl
Burwell, Bertha
Burwell, Bessie McLaren
Burwell, Charlie L.
Burwell, Christopher
Burwell, Clement
Burwell, Duncan Henry
Burwell, Elizabeth
Burwell, Elizabeth
Burwell, Elizabeth May
Burwell, Ernest James
Burwell, Frances
Burwell, George
Burwell, George Beatty, Dr.
Burwell, Harold F.
Burwell, James Christopher ‘J. C.’
Burwell, Jane A.
Burwell, Jenny
Burwell, John
Burwell, John A.
Burwell, John Elmer
Burwell, John Francis
Burwell, John H.
Burwell, John Murray
Burwell, Kathryn Louise
Burwell, Keith, Dr.
Burwell, Kenneth
Burwell, Loretta
Burwell, Mabel Lillian
Burwell, Mary
Burwell, Mattie
Burwell, Melville
Burwell, Milton Earl
Burwell, Nellie
Burwell, Nettie Elizabeth
Burwell, Robert, Dr.
Burwell, Robert
Burwell, Sarah Ellen
Burwell, Thos. C.
Burwell, William, Dr.
Burwell, William H.
Burwell, Willis Bryan
Buttle, Ellis
Buttle, Harold
Buttle, Harry
Buttle, Ida
Buttle, Joan
Buttle, R. Russell
Byce, Laura
Byers, Roberta Marilyn
Cada, Bruce Philip
Cada, David Wm.
Cada, John Lawrence
Cada, Mary Lyn
Cada, Richard John
Camelon, Beverlee Diane
Camelon, Cheryl Elizabeth
Camelon, Robert Arthur
Camelon, Robert Bruce
Camelon, Roxey Mae
Cameron, Gordon Andrew
Cameron, Ryan Gordon
Campbell, Florence
Cardiff, Ken
Cardiff, Muriel
Carlson, Tina
Casement, David
Casement, Erika Rose
Casement, Laura Joy
Casement, Marlaina Lise
Casement, Stewart Douglas
Caull, Anne
Childerhose, Beatty
Childerhose, Ian
Childerhose, Mac
Childerhose, Raymond Lorne
Childerhose, Rebecca Mae
Childerhose, Susan Jane
Christopher, Carey S.
Code, Harvey
Cole, Janis
Cole, Karen Jane
Cole, Leona
Cole, Mary Lilias
Cole, Stewart
Collins, Alva
Collins, Brian Michael
Collins, Doris Elaine
Collins, Megan
Collins, Minetta
Collins, Orpha
Collins, Sarah
Collins, Sean Patrick
Conway, Sarah Bridget
Cook, Beverly Jean Graybill
Copeland, Lisa
Cornelius, Brian
Coumbs, George
Craig, Cheryl Edna
Craig, Eldon
Craig, Mary Lynn
Craig, Sharon
Craig, Valerie Ann
Craven, Alvin
Crozier, Adam
Crozier, Aileen Rae
Crozier, Alana Marie
Crozier, Allan
Crozier, Amanda Nicole
Crozier, Amy
Crozier, Andrew
Crozier, Andrew
Crozier, Andrew
Crozier, Andrew
Crozier, Andrew Isaac
Crozier, Anna May
Crozier, Annie
Crozier, Annie
Crozier, Arnold
Crozier, Audrey
Crozier, Baird C.
Crozier, Barclay (Barry) Floyd
Crozier, Bertram Henry
Crozier, Blanche
Crozier, Brenda Elizabeth
Crozier, Brent Douglas
Crozier, Brent Gordon
Crozier, Bret James
Crozier, Brian James
Crozier, Calvin
Crozier, Carl
Crozier, Carol
Crozier, Caroline
Crozier, Carolyn Ann
Crozier, Carrie Elizabeth
Crozier, Catherine
Crozier, Catherine
Crozier, Catherine ‘Katie’
Crozier, Cathy
Crozier, Cecil Allan
Crozier, Cecil Henry
Crozier, Celine
Crozier, Charles
Crozier, Chris Robert
Crozier, Christie J.
Crozier, Christopher
Crozier, Christopher
Crozier, Christopher
Crozier, Christopher
Crozier, Christopher
Crozier, Christopher A.
Crozier, Christopher C.
Crozier, Christopher Glen
Crozier, Christopher H.
Crozier, Christopher Johnston
Crozier, Christopher R.
Crozier, Colleen
Crozier, Corey Daniel
Crozier, Curtis Brian
Crozier, D. Emerson
Crozier, Daniel John
Crozier, Daryl Glenn
Crozier, David
Crozier, David Beattie
Crozier, David Stewart
Crozier, Debbie
Crozier, Dianne
Crozier, Donald
Crozier, Donna Ruth
Crozier, Doris Margaret
Crozier, Dwight
Crozier, Eileen
Crozier, Eleanor
Crozier, Eliza
Crozier, Eliza Jane ‘Jennie’
Crozier, Eliza M.
Crozier, Elizabeth
Crozier, Elizabeth
Crozier, Elizabeth
Crozier, Ellen
Crozier, Ellen
Crozier, Ellen Agnes
Crozier, Elmer
Crozier, Elsie Pearl
Crozier, Elwood
Crozier, Emily
Crozier, Emily Marlene
Crozier, Emma
Crozier, Ernest
Crozier, Eva M.
Crozier, Evelyn
Crozier, Evelyn A.
Crozier, Florence
Crozier, Frances Ellen
Crozier, Francis
Crozier, Francis
Crozier, Gail
Crozier, Gayle
Crozier, Gerald Beattie
Crozier, Gerald Harvey
Crozier, Glen Stanley
Crozier, Glenna
Crozier, Glenson
Crozier, Gordon Cecil
Crozier, Grace
Crozier, Grant Alvin
Crozier, Gwen
Crozier, Harry Cameron
Crozier, Harvey
Crozier, Harvey J.
Crozier, Hazel
Crozier, Helen
Crozier, Hugh Douglas
Crozier, Ian
Crozier, Ida Maud
Crozier, Inez Marie
Crozier, Irene
Crozier, Irvin Bain
Crozier, James
Crozier, James
Crozier, James
Crozier, James
Crozier, James A.
Crozier, James Harvey
Crozier, Jane (Annie)
Crozier, Jane (Jennie)
Crozier, Jane A.
Crozier, Janet Evelyn
Crozier, Jason Robert
Crozier, Jean Lois
Crozier, Jennie Elizabeth ‘Beth’
Crozier, Jennifer
Crozier, Jeremy LeRoy
Crozier, Jessica
Crozier, Joan Beatrice
Crozier, Joan Beverly
Crozier, Joe
Crozier, John
Crozier, John
Crozier, John A.
Crozier, John Andrew
Crozier, John Beattie
Crozier, John Edgar
Crozier, John J.
Crozier, John Paul
Crozier, Jordan Beattie
Crozier, Joseph
Crozier, Joseph Daryl
Crozier, Joy
Crozier, Joyce Doreen
Crozier, Judy Ellen
Crozier, Karen Evoryl
Crozier, Karmelann Elizabeth
Crozier, Kathryn Aileen
Crozier, Kelly Lyn
Crozier, Kenneth Percy
Crozier, Kevin
Crozier, Kevin Andrew
Crozier, Kevin James
Crozier, Kristina Ruby
Crozier, Larry Joe
Crozier, Laura
Crozier, Leah
Crozier, Leith
Crozier, Lillian
Crozier, Linda Carole
Crozier, Lizzie
Crozier, Lois
Crozier, Mae M.
Crozier, Mallory
Crozier, Margaret
Crozier, Margaret
Crozier, Margaret
Crozier, Margaret
Crozier, Margaret Jane
Crozier, Margo
Crozier, Marion Catherine
Crozier, Martha
Crozier, Mary Ann
Crozier, Mary Ann
Crozier, Mary Ann
Crozier, Mary Ann
Crozier, Mary Eunice
Crozier, Mary R.
Crozier, Mathew Brett
Crozier, Mathias
Crozier, Max
Crozier, Maxine Rae
Crozier, Maxinne
Crozier, Maxwell
Crozier, Melanie
Crozier, Mervin
Crozier, Meryl
Crozier, Michael
Crozier, Michael
Crozier, Michael Andrew
Crozier, Michelle Jo-Anne
Crozier, Minerva
Crozier, Minnetta Winnifred Doris
Crozier, Mitchell James
Crozier, Mitchell Wilson
Crozier, Muriel
Crozier, Myrna Letitia
Crozier, Orval
Crozier, Patricia Faye
Crozier, Paul
Crozier, Paul Harvey
Crozier, Percy Stanley
Crozier, Perry
Crozier, Philip Gareth
Crozier, Richard
Crozier, Robert James
Crozier, Robert James
Crozier, Robert Stokes
Crozier, Roger
Crozier, Roger Lee
Crozier, Roland
Crozier, Roland
Crozier, Roland C.
Crozier, Ronald Lee
Crozier, Ruby
Crozier, Russell
Crozier, Ruth
Crozier, Sam
Crozier, Sarah
Crozier, Sarah Ann
Crozier, Sarah Isabel
Crozier, Sarah Jane
Crozier, Sarah Joan
Crozier, Scott Andrew
Crozier, Scott Joseph
Crozier, Sean Kevin
Crozier, Sean Patrick Daniel
Crozier, Sharon Jane
Crozier, Sheryl Mae
Crozier, Shirley (Sister St. Kevin)
Crozier, Stephen
Crozier, Stewart
Crozier, Susan
Crozier, Susan
Crozier, Susan
Crozier, Susan Lyn
Crozier, Susan Margaret
Crozier, Sybil Jean
Crozier, Thomas Hiram
Crozier, Thomas M.
Crozier, Thos.
Crozier, Thos.
Crozier, Thos. Johnston
Crozier, Todd Daryl
Crozier, Violet
Crozier, Waveney E.
Crozier, Wilbert
Crozier, Wilfred
Crozier, William
Crozier, William A.
Crozier, William Henry
Crozier, William L.
Crozier, Wm. Wesley Ross
Cunningham, Garry
Cunningham, Shauna
Dagenais, Debra
Dagg, Irene
Dagg, Jack
Dagg, Susan
Daley, Graeme
Daley, Mike
Danard, C.
Davidson, Ruby
Davis, Dave
Davis, James
Dawson, William Beattie
Dean, Ann
Dennison, Marilyn
Desjardin, Joanne
Dick, Brenda Dianne
Dick, Carolyn Aileen
Dick, Carson Howard
Dick, Donald Gordon Howard
Dick, Ruby
Donahue, Linda
Donald, Matthew
Donnelly, Jane
Donohue, Gerald
Donohue, Mary Susan Kathleen
Donohue, Matthew
Douglas, Kathryn Lynn
Dowdall, Garfield
Dowdall, Herbert Ernest
Dowdall, Velda Blanche
Drope, Nancy Anne Gooderham
Duggan, Janet
Dunbar, Florella
Dunlop, Deborah
Dupuis, Leo J.
Eady, Annie E.
Eady, F. Mae
Edgar, Karen
Edmunds, Bradley Jason
Edmunds, Brent Tyler
Edmunds, David James
Edmunds, Ian Stanley
Edmunds, Jason
Edmunds, Karen Rita
Edmunds, Kinberly Jean
Edmunds, Raymond Alexander
Edmunds, Robert Allan Lloyd
Edmunds, Sherri-Lynn
Edwards, Allan
Edwards, Annie
Edwards, Beulah
Edwards, Charles
Edwards, Christopher Osborne
Edwards, Elizabeth
Edwards, Elizabeth
Edwards, Ethel
Edwards, Gerald
Edwards, Harriet
Edwards, Harvey Osborne
Edwards, Joseph
Edwards, Joseph Christopher
Edwards, Ledman
Edwards, Mary
Edwards, Rebecca Lois
Edwards, Sarah Anne
Edwards, Sharon
Edwards, Shirley
Eichsteadt, Myrna
Eldridge, Wm. W.
Elliott, Beverly
Elliott, Doris Jean
Elliott, Emerson E.
Elliott, Glenna Lillian
Elliott, Harold Emerson
Elliott, Harry B.
Elliott, Iva
Elliott, James
Elliott, James
Elliott, James Stanley
Elliott, Jayne
Elliott, Lillian Agnes
Elliott, Lynne
Elliott, Maynard Barr
Elliott, Milton
Elliott, Nancy
Elliott, Robert B.
Elliott, Tracey
Elmore, Patricia
Erickson, Ira
Evans, Mary Ann
Farquharson, Douglas John
Farquharson, Kenneth John
Farquharson, Nancy Joan
Faught, Jeffrey
Faught, Jennifer
Faught, Richard
Ferguson, Donna Elizabeth
Ferguson, Euphemia Mary
Ferguson, Matthew Earle
Ferguson, Ronald Earle
Ferguson, Ruth
Fischer, Nancy Jean
Fisher, Bryon Douglas
Fisher, Douglas Howard
Ford, John
Ford, John C. L.
Forgie, Kareen
Forrest, Gertie May
Forrest, Mary Susan
Foss, Jessie
Foy, Allan
Foy, Brenda
Foy, Bryan
Foy, Daniel
Foy, Evelyn
Foy, Hugh
Foy, John Francis
Foy, John Lorne
Foy, Keith
Foy, Kenneth
Foy, Linda
Foy, Louise
Foy, Margo
Foy, Marion
Foy, Richard
Foy, Robert
Foy, Russell
Foy, Stewart Percy
Gailer, Jaclyn Ruth
Gailer, John Bradly
Gailer, Lindsay Erin
Gailer, Ryan John
Galbraith, Murray
Gardiner, Bernard
Gardiner, John
Garrison, Arnold
Garrison, Sandra
Garrison, Sharon Patricia
Garrison, Shelley Linda
Garrison, Stephen James Clifford
Garrison, Susan Margaret
Gass, Jane M.
Gibbons, Alexander
Gibbons, Catherine
Gibson, Sandy
Gibson, Scott
Gibson, Thomas H.
Gilchrist, Cecil
Gilchrist, Christopher Cecil
Gilchrist, Diana Margaret
Gilchrist, Doris Marie
Gilchrist, Ellen Ruby
Gilchrist, Harold Cecil
Gilchrist, Russell
Gilchrist, Sherry Lyn
Gilchrist, Steven Harold
Gilchrist, Wellington
Gilchrist, Wm. Thos.
Gillis, Charles Victor
Gillis, Evelyn
Gillis, George Charles
Gillis, Mary
Gordon, Geraldine
Gould, Archie
Gould, Brian
Gould, Emery
Gould, Harvey
Gould, Jennie
Gould, John A.
Gourlay, Linda
Graham, Donna Lee
Graham, John Argue
Grape, Alison
Grape, Bert, Dr.
Grape, Katherine
Green, Adam Benjamin
Green, Christian David
Green, Daniel Timothy
Green, Lawrence Elliot
Green, Noelle
Green, Seth Nathan
Green, Stephanie
Greer, Bert
Greer, Betty Aline May
Greer, Shirley Anne
Greer, Wayne Emerson
Griffith, Art
Guest, Catherine
Guest, Daniel Richard
Guest, David Allan
Guest, Doris
Guest, Douglas Burwell, Dr.
Guest, Edgar Elliott
Guest, Eliza
Guest, Erin Kathleen
Guest, Haleigh
Guest, John Douglas
Guest, Kirsten Jane
Guest, Marguerite
Guest, Melissa
Guest, Nancy Elizabeth
Guest, Percy Ferguson
Guest, Peter Ferguson
Guest, Richard Martin
Guest, Richard Wayne
Guest, Ritchie Allan
Guest, Ryan Michael Allan
Guest, Sandra Leah
Guest, Susan Burwell
Guest, T. Edgar
Guest, William Thomas
Gutzman, Don
Hagarty, Pearl
Hagarty, Thos.
Hagarty, Tom
Hagman, Josephine
Halsall, Ella
Halsall, Harry
Halsall, Iva
Halsall, Margaret
Halsall, Richard M.
Hamilton, Joseph Ralph Thomas
Hamilton, Kevin David
Hamilton, Stephen Norman George
Handford, Ed
Handford, Jim
Hawkins, Ellis
Hawthorne, Rita Jean
Headrick, Beverly Anne
Hefferman, Ben
Helmer, Bryan James
Helmer, James Bryan Tracey
Helmer, Joel Glen Wm.
Henderson, Marie
Hendricks, Daniel
Hodgins, Annie Florence
Hodgins, Beattie
Hodgins, Earle
Hodgins, Eric
Hodgins, Jeffrey
Hodgins, John Lester
Hodgins, Lloyd
Hodgins, Mary Ethel
Hodgins, Maurice
Hoffman, Cecil
Hoffman, Denton
Hoffman, Ivan
Hoffman, Janet
Hoffman, Jason
Hoffman, Marie
Hoffman, Martha
Hoffman, Matthew
Hoffman, Robin
Hoffman, Samantha
Hogeboom, Barry
Hogeboom, Ben
Hogeboom, Steve
Hole, Missy
Holly, Ann Marie
Holmes, Helen
Horricks, Ted
Hosick, Bethany Marie
Hosick, Gillia Leigh
Hosick, Philip
Howard, Doreen
Howard, W.A.
Humphrey, Shona
Humphries, Edgar J.
Humphries, Elizabeth
Humphries, Ellen
Humphries, Eva
Humphries, Frank
Humphries, Garland B.
Humphries, George G.
Humphries, Jane Adeline
Humphries, John Francis
Humphries, Lyman
Humphries, Mable Isobel
Humphries, Margaret
Humphries, Mary
Humphries, Nina E.
Humphries, Sarah Ann
Humphries, Una
Humphries, Vina
Humphries, Wiliam John
Humphries, William
Hunter, William
Hutton, William
Innes, Joann Shirley
Innes, Karen Alice
Innes, Richard Bruce
Innes, Stephen Bertram
Jackson, Lisa
Jeffrey, A. Milburn
Jeffrey, Andrew
Jeffrey, Barbara Ann
Jeffrey, Blanche M.
Jeffrey, Brenda
Jeffrey, Brent
Jeffrey, Cecil Francis
Jeffrey, Debbie
Jeffrey, Garnet
Jeffrey, Gary
Jeffrey, Glen Milburn
Jeffrey, Harriett Georgina
Jeffrey, Hazel Violet
Jeffrey, Herbert
Jeffrey, Irene
Jeffrey, Joan Leila
Jeffrey, John
Jeffrey, Lennox
Jeffrey, Lyle
Jeffrey, Marguerite
Jeffrey, Maureen
Jeffrey, Melville
Jeffrey, Patrick
Jeffrey, Patsy
Jeffrey, Samuel
Jeffrey, Sheila
Jeffrey, Stella
Jeffrey, Thomas ‘Ellwood’
Jeffrey, Vertie
Jeffrey, Viola
Jeffrey, William Roy
Jensen, Clarence
Jensen, Susan
Jensen, Thomas Ray
Jensen, Thomas Ray
Johnston, Beverly Jean
Johnston, Candice Elizabeth Ann
Johnston, Christopher Edwin
Johnston, Colbourn Beattie
Johnston, Dwight Edwin
Johnston, Elizabeth
Johnston, Eric Melvin Arlington
Johnston, Erin
Johnston, Harriett Elta
Johnston, Jim
Johnston, Katelyn
Johnston, Lizzie
Johnston, Marilyn Lianne
Johnston, Mary E.
Johnston, Melvin Beattie
Johnston, Millie
Johnston, Nina Elizabeth
Johnston, Robert Eric
Jones, Lynwood C.
Jones, Scott Lynwood
Jones, Travis Bob
Kendrick, Burton
Kennedy, Charles Nelson
Kennedy, Diane
Kennedy, Dustin
Kennedy, Paul Ronald
Kennedy, Ronald Nelson
Kennedy, Ruth Mary
Kerr, Agnes Isabell
Kewly, Lyllis
King, Carole Louise
King, Joe
King, Linda Kay
King, Steven Robert
King, William
Kingman, Barbara Ann
Kingman, Beverly Jean
Kingman, John
Kinnick, Linda
Kirkman, Jack Linden
Kirkman, Jack Rndall
Kirkman, Pamela Ann
Kluke, Ron
Kochan, Jane Kathleen
Kuehn, G.
Kuula, Ann
Lanyon, Rob
Lapinske, Marlene Margo
Laughlin, Beverly Ann
Laughlin, Bradford
Laughlin, George Lester
Laughlin, Lester
Laughlin, Melva
Laughlin, Steven Grant
Lay, Evelene
Lee, Betty
Lee, Brandon
Lee, Conniee
Lee, Donna
Lee, Doug
Lee, Elta
Lee, Henry
Lee, Linda
Lee, Loren
Lee, Shalynne
Lee, Steven
Lee, Victor
Legault, Kelly Lynn
Lemenchick, Jason Beattie
Lemenchick, Richard
Lemer, Jerry
Lemer, Jessica
Lemer, Joshua
Lesken, Helen
Levesque, Amber Joy
Levesque, Kelly
Levesque, Nicole
Lewis, Geoff
Lewolt, Bernard
Lewolt, Bruce
Lewolt, Daniel
Lewolt, Gregory
Lewolt, James
Lewolt, Joseph
Lightbody, Dana Mae
Lightbody, Robert George
Lightbody, William Ender
Livingstone, Russell
Lockwood, Jean Issabella
Long, Janice Catherine
Long, Murray
Long, Robert
Lucas, Marguerite
Luker, Agnes
Luker, Bernard T. George
Luker, Bernie
Luker, Berniece
Luker, Bill George
Luker, Ella Mae
Luker, Ida Dell
Luker, James Thomas
Luker, Jean
Luker, Jim Bernard
Luker, Judy Mae
Luker, Maggie
Luker, Mary Nellie
Luker, Pearl
Luker, William James
Luloff, Brian
Luloff, Evan
Luloff, Verner
Lynch, Elizabeth
Lyon, Phyllis
Lyons, Adrienne
Lyons, Beatty
Lyons, Daryl Andrew
Lyons, Dave T.
Lyons, David Allan
Lyons, Emily Pearl
Lyons, Garry
Lyons, Graham
Lyons, Jean Lois
Lyons, Larry
Lyons, Laura-Lee
Lyons, Lyle Jessie Marie
Lyons, Melissa
Lyons, Sara
Lyons, Sharon
MacDougall, Constance Theresa Diane
Mackenzie, Elizabeth
Macklin, Evelyn
Martin, Brian Edward
Martin, Charles
Martin, Emily Rae
Martin, George Edward
Martin, Isabel N.
Martin, Julia Patricia
Martinen, Beth June
Martinen, Carrie Ann
Martinen, Eric Arthur
Martinen, Julie Lynn
Martinen, Richard
Maskell, John
Mayhew, Mary Irene
McBride, Ashley Patricia
McBride, Gerald Emerson
McBride, Helen Humphries
McBride, James Robert
McBride, John Bryan
McBride, John Douglas
McBride, John Milton
McBride, Lloyd Alexander
McBride, Olive Jean
McBride, Peter Alexander
McCord, Jim
McCutcheon, Andrew
McCutcheon, Bertram
McCutcheon, Earl
McCutcheon, Jason
McCutcheon, Mark
McDade, Jerilyn Ann
McDade, Jesse Sean
McDade, Sean
McDonald, Andrew Kenneth
McDonald, Douglas George
McDonald, John Arthur
McDonald, Steven Douglas
McElligott, Laurene
McEwen, William
McIntyre, John
McKeddie, Clifford
McKeddie, Donald
McKeddie, Ernest
McKeddie, R. D.
McKenny, Albert
McKenny, Edward Albert
McKillop, David Allan
McLaren, Cecil Albert
McLaren, Duncan
McLaren, Elizabeth Jane
McLaren, Isabel
McLaren, Margaret Jessie Irene
McLaren, Samuel
McLean, James Beatty
McLean, Kevin Robert Craig
McLean, Lulu Jean
McLean, Lynda Jean
McLean, Mary Ann Vaughn
McLean, William James
McLeod, David
McLlaren, Kenneth
McMahon, Jennifer
McMahon, Megan
McMahon, Nancy
McMahon, Terrance
McMillan, Kaley Marlana
McMillan, Megan Barbara Anne
McMillan, William Howard
McNab, Christopher Allan
McNab, Cynthia Jean
McNab, George
McNab, John Allan
McNab, Karen Gale
McNab, Lynda Beth
McNab, Russell Barr
McNab, Scott
McNab, Shelly Lynn
McNab, Thiry Dawn
McQuade, Angela Lynn Kelly
McQuade, Maurice
McQuade, Sheri Jean Elizabeth
McQuitty, Phoebe Ellen
McVeity, Donna Lynn
McVeity, Lori Ann
McVeity, Robert James
McVeity, Wendy Gail
McWade, Derek James
McWade, James Robert
McWade, James Robert
McWade, Shawn Walter
McWade, Shelly Elizabeth
Meyers, Erin
Meyers, Jacob
Meyers, Kenneth
Meyers, Rebecca
Meyers, Sylvia
Mielke, Freda
Mills, Bonnie
Moen, Inez
Moore, Beatrice
Moore, William
Mordy, Barry Dalton Joseph
Mordy, Bernice Susan
Mordy, Dalton Andrew
Mordy, Darlene Margaret Catherine
Mordy, Debrah Anne
Mordy, Doris Catherine
Mordy, Joseph
Mordy, Wm. Stanley
Moreau, Julie Pamela Christine
Morrow, Donald
Motherhood, Bruce Edward
Motherhood, Glen Alan
Motherhood, Harry
Motherhood, Joyce Elaine
Muirhead, Celeste Joy
Muirhead, Crystal Joy
Muirhead, Stuart
Muirhead, Stuart Gordon
Mullet, Rosaline
Mulligan, Janice Lynn
Mullins, Laurie
Mullins, Lila
Mullins, Lisa
Mullins, Lloyd
Murdock, Duncan
Murdock, Garry Duncan
Murdock, Grant Wayne
Murdock, Ronald
Naismith, Ellen
Naismith, Jessie
Neuberger, Barbara
New, Carol
Nix, Willard
Nix, William Malcolm
Noble, Mary E.
Oattes, Pauline Elizabeth
O’Brien, Edmund
O’Brien, Eva Dawn
O’Brien, Gordon
O’Brien, John Kevin
O’Brien, Lori Beth
O’Brien, Margaret Joyce
O’Brien, Murray
O’Brien, Paul Edward
O’Brien, Sandi Lynn
O’Brien, Steven Murray
O’Brien, Walton
O’Donoghue, Celeste Muriel
O’Donoghue, Gerald
O’Donoghue, Glen Patrick
Oliphant, Dorothy
Oliver, Gordon James
Oliver, Mark Howard
Oliver, Neil Robert
Oliver, Robert Eugene
Oliver, Sandra Jane
Olmstead, Albert Carmichael
Olmstead, Bert
Olmstead, Christopher George
Olmstead, Emily Jean
Olmstead, Ephriam
Olmstead, George Beattie
Olmstead, George R. H.
Olmstead, Ian Carmichael
Olmstead, Ina
Olmstead, Jennifer Janet
Olmstead, John McGregor
Olmstead, Rebecca Jane
Olmstead, Sarah Carmichael
Patterson, Alice Dianne
Patterson, Bradley Roy
Patterson, Donald Earl
Patterson, Gwendolyn Patricia
Patterson, Julie Lisa
Patterson, Kenneth Donald
Patterson, Wm. Kenneth
Pearson, Linda
Peever, Alfred
Peever, Ernest James
Peever, Etta May
Peever, Harvey Allan
Peever, Jessie May
Peever, Mary Jane
Peever, Ross
Peever, Tiffany
Peever, William
Pender, Valerie Anne
Pennett, Nora Catherine
Penny, Beverley Kilgore
Peplinski, Ann Marie
Peplinski, Larry Charles
Peplinski, Michael Ambrose
Peplinski, Nicholas
Perry, Deanna
Perry, Graham Adam Walter
Perry, Kirk Vincent
Perry, Lynette
Perry, Walter
Peters, Madison
Peters, Marguerite
Peters, Michael
Pettigrew, Carolyn Jean
Pettigrew, Mackie Ellwood
Pettigrew, Sarah Margaret
Pettigrew, Wm. Mackie
Phanenhour, Beth
Phanenhour, Bonnie
Phanenhour, Don
Pietersma, Sandra
Pilon, Rose Ada
Pinchback, Doreen
Platt, Susan Jane
Plaunt, Allan
Plaunt, Allan Adam
Plaunt, Allana Joan
Plaunt, Amy Elizabeth Rose
Plaunt, Andrew
Plaunt, Angela
Plaunt, Brian Michael
Plaunt, Christopher
Plaunt, David John Allan
Plaunt, Donna Olwyn
Plaunt, Glenn Allan
Plaunt, Hali Rose Elizabeth
Plaunt, James Douglas
Plaunt, Jennifer Suzanne
Plaunt, Jesse Simpson
Plaunt, Judy-Marie
Plaunt, Richard
Plaunt, Richard Adam
Plaunt, Robert
Plaunt, Robin
Pollock, Phillipe Ann
Pope, Mary Kathleen
Prasad, Elise Catherine
Prasad, Erroll Shanker
Prasad, Jennifer Christine
Prasad, Peter James
Prasad, Shannon Elizabeth
Prendergast, James Albert
Prendergast, Sonia Lorraine
Prendergast, Walter Ivan
Quast, Joan
Richards, Ira
Robertson, James
Robertson, James Todd
Rogers, Dawn Angela
Rouselle, Aileen Mary
Russett, Mildred
Ryan, Cassandra Carolyn
Sanders, David Francis
Sanders, Francis B.
Sanders, Paul
Sanders, Phillip
Sawaguchi, Janet Y.
Schemehorn, Nina Louise
Schroeder, Nelda
Schultz, Kimberly Jean
Schultz, Robert Earl
Scopie, Christel Ann
Scott, Edith
Seigel, Kerri Ann
Seigel, Terry
Seville, Ronald
Seymour, Heather
Shalla, Clayton Joseph
Shannon, Lyla Marguerite
Sharpe, Audrey Isobel
Sheedy, Ted
Sheedy, Thomas Andrew
Shore, Karen
Shouldice, Bella
Simons, Paul Derek
Simpson, Judy
Sinton, Isobel Scott
Slater, Marie Linda
Smart, David Walter
Smart, Kristin Elizabeth
Smith, Allan
Smith, Bruce Michael
Smith, Jane (Jennie)
Smith, Marion
Smith, Michael Paul
Smith, Penny
Smith, Sandra Elizabeth
Snell, Lois
Sobie, Pauline
St. Denis, Collette Ida Marie
Staye, Royden Alexander
Staye, Russell Alexander
Steele, Agnes
Steele, Allen Harold
Steele, Matthew
Steele, Melody Lynn
Stewart, Andrew Brian Crozier
Stewart, Bob
Stewart, Dave
Stewart, Patrick
Stokes, Brian
Stokes, Evelyn Lillian
Stokes, Gordon
Stokes, Sandra
Stokes, Sarah Ann
Stokes, Tammy Lyn Ellen
Stokes, Trevor Brian
Stokes, Wilbert
Storey, Adam Michael
Storey, David
Storey, Elizabeth
Storey, Sarah
Storey, Tyler Joseph
Strong, Rose
Sullivan, Donald Brian
Sullivan, Donald Eric
Sullivan, Donald Walter
Sullivan, Eric Harry
Sullivan, Shelley Anne
Summers, Dorothy
Sutherland, John
Symth, Denise
Taman, Emma
Taman, Hattie
Thieberge, Richard
Thompson, Lloyd
Thorpe, Geoff
Thorpe, Heather
Thorpe, Tyler
Thur, Anne Marie
Toner, Daniel
Tough, Bob
Trueman, Carol
Tucker, Clifford
Uhrynuk, Karen Elaine
Valiquette, Rachel
Van Dyke, Jeffery William
Van Dyke, Sara Mae
Van Dyke, William
Vaughn, Dorothy
Vesterfelt, Sandra
Viggars, Edna
Wainman, Sylvia
Waite, Donald Ender
Waite, Ender
Waite, Helen Mae
Waite, Joan McBride
Waite, Kevin Scott
Waite, Laurel Craig
Waite, Michelle Ray-Anne
Waite, Nathan Leigh
Waite, Robyn Christine
Waite, William Orlin
Wakeman, Etsuko
Wall, David
Wall, Harold
Wall, Jane Ann
Wall, Robert Harold
Wall, Shirley Isabel
Wall, Stephanie Ann Marie
Wall, Steven
Walsh, Brenda Jane
Watchorn, Alex
Watchorn, Margaret
Watchorn, Mary
Watchorn, Thomas
Watchorn, Wellington
Watt, Julia Lynn
Watt, Kevin Norman
Watt, Norman McLean
Watt, Susan Elta
Watt, Thomas Arlington
Watt, William Bruce
Way, Sandy
Webster, F. Ray
Wheeler, Randy Wayne
Wheeler, Wm. Randal
Whitty, Alison Anne
Whitty, Ben
Whitty, Brianne Michelle
Whitty, David Charles
Whitty, Erin Leith
Whitty, Hilary Jean
Whitty, Joe
Whitty, Joel Edward
Whitty, John Christopher
Whitty, Joseph Douglas
Whitty, Joseph Luke
Whitty, Kenneth Robert
Whitty, Mathew David
Whitty, Rachel Elizabeth
Whitty, Richard Bruce
Whitty, Scott Christopher
Williams, Christie Lee
Williams, Lindsay Marie
Williams, Randy James
Wilson, Brian Raymond
Wilson, Darlene Melissa Rae
Wilson, Graham Douglas
Wilson, Hilda
Wilson, Laurie Ann
Wilson, Margretta (Retta)
Wilson, Mary Ann
Wilson, Maureen Joan
Wilson, Pamela Kathleen
Wilson, Ray
Wilson, Richard Beattie
Wilson, Sharon Rae
Wilson, William Albert
Wilson, Wm. Albert
Wocknitz, John
Wood, James Richard
Woodland, Angela Ruth
Woodland, Carol Esther
Woodland, David Allen John
Woodland, Dorothy Pearl
Woodland, John Ralph
Woodland, Mary Alice
Woodland, Phillip Stewart
Woodland, Phillis Dawn
Woodland, Vaida Ann
Woodland, William John
Woodland, William John Ralph
Yuill, Gertrude Alice