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Written by Lila Foran (Lynch) 1983

These family histories contain historical background on the each family and many, many stories on individuals.


Abbie, L.
Abraham, Rose
Aubichon, Terry
Bay, Thomas
Blemkie, M. J.
Blemkie, Martin
Bolger, Bernadette
Bolger, Jack
Bolger, John
Bolger, Joseph
Bolger, Leo
Bolger, M. J.
Bolger, Marie
Bolger, Martin
Bolger, Mary
Bolger, Rita
Bolger, Stanley
Bolger, Wilfred
Bolger, Wilfred
Bowes, Arlene
Bowes, Thomas
Bruce, Eliza
Burbiage, Bob
Bushi, Arnold
Bushi, George
Bushi, Henry
Callaghan, John
Callaghan, Martin
Callaghan, Michael
Callaghan, Michael
Callahan, Jimmy
Cavanagh, Ann Marie
Cavanagh, Brian
Cavanagh, Dennis
Cavanagh, James
Cavanagh, Kevin
Cavanagh, Maurice
Cavanagh, Micheal
Cavanagh, Sharon
Cavanagh, Steven
Code, Dallas
Colterman, Alice
Colterman, Marina
Culhane, Leonard
Culhane, Tommy
Cunningham, Anne
Curry, Anna
Curry, Annie
Daley, Catherine
Daley, Ethel
Dean, Edna
Dellaire, Elizabeth
Dennihan, Alice
Dennihan, Bill
Dennihan, Elizabeth
Dennihan, Hannah
Dennihan, Harold
Dennihan, Harold
Dennihan, Helen
Dennihan, Katie
Dennihan, Mary
Dennihan, Norah
Dillon, Beasie
Dillon, John
Dillon, John
Dillon, Katie
Dillon, Lizzie
Dillon, Martin
Dillon, Mazie
Dobec, Martin
Dobec, Pat
Donnelly, Wiliam
Dooner, Mary Ann
Dorchell, Frank
Doyle, Beasie
Doyle, Elizabeth
Doyle, Margaret
Doyle, Mona
Doyle, Terry
Doyle, Terry
Duggan, Julia Ann
Dupuis, Florence
Earls, Ethel
Edgell, Syd
Edmundson, Ian
Edmundson, Jill
Edmundson, John
Edmundson, Neil
Egan, Ann
Egan, Bridget
Egan, Christopher
Egan, Hannah
Egan, Issac
Egan, Joseph
Egan, Martin
Egan, Mary
Egan, Matt
English, Dora
English, Harold
English, J. P.
English, Joe
English, Les
English, Lola
English, Rita
English, Stella
English, Violet
Enright, Arnold
Enright, Clara
Enright, Clifford
Enright, Daniel
Enright, Dennis
Enright, Donald Pat
Enright, Eddie
Enright, Gerard
Enright, Jerry
Enright, Kenneth
Enright, Levi
Enright, Mary
Enright, Mary
Enright, Mrs. Owen
Enright, Owen
Enright, T. J.
Faught, Louise
Flynn, Bernard
Flynn, Ethel
Flynn, Harry
Flynn, Margaret
Foley, Margaret
Foley, Martin
Foley, Michael
Foley, Norah
Foran, David
Foran, Irene
Foran, Jayne
Foran, John J.
Foran, John James
Foran, Judy
Foran, Lauree
Foran, Lillian
Foran, Lorne
Foran, Mac
Foran, Margaret
Foran, Mildred
Foran, Patricia
Gallagher, Dean
Gallagher, Desmond
Gallagher, Elizabeth
Gallagher, Gwen
Gallagher, James
Gallagher, James T. (Buddy)
Gallagher, Jim
Gallagher, Jim
Gallagher, Johanna
Gallagher, John
Gallagher, Joseph
Gallagher, Josephine
Gallagher, Kathleen
Gallagher, Katie
Gallagher, Lucretia
Gallagher, Mary
Gallagher, Mary
Gallagher, Michael
Gallagher, Morgan
Gallagher, Nell
Gallagher, Patricia
Gallagher, Patrick
Gallagher, Patrick
Gallagher, Theresa
Gannon, Alice
Gannon, Leonard
Gaunio, Joe
Gaunio, Tim
Gaunio, William
Gaunio, Willie
Ginley, Gerarda
Ginley, Kathleen
Ginley, Marie
Ginley, Thomas
Gorman, Elizabeth
Gorman, Ellen
Gorman, Innatius Loyola Sylvester
Gorman, James Andrew Aloysius
Gorman, John Thomas
Gorman, Margaret Anne
Gorman, Sylvester
Gorman, Thomas
Handy, Robert
Hanniman, Ellard
Hanniman, Glen
Hanrahan, Jack
Hanrahan, Katie
Hanrahan, Mary
Hanrahan, Patrick
Hanrahan, Patrick
Hanrahan, Timothy
Hanrahan, Tom
Harren, Jean
Harrigan, Patsy
Hartney, Genevive
Harty, Joe
Harty, Marguerite
Harty, Patrick
Heath, Bill
Heath, Billie
Heath, Joseph
Heath, Mary
Hefferman, Agnes
Holly, Daniel
Holly, John
Holly, Katie
Holly, Mary
Holly, Michael
Hunt, Bea Ann
Hunt, Bernard
Hunt, Con
Hunt, Con
Hunt, Dan
Hunt, Daniel P.
Hunt, Eva
Hunt, Johannah
Hunt, Johnnie
Hunt, Katie
Hunt, Leonard
Hunt, Lila
Hunt, Mac
Hunt, Margaret
Hunt, Martin
Hunt, Tom
Hunt, Violet
Jeffrey, Brent
Jeffrey, Derek
Jeffrey, Harry
Jeffrey, Kevin
Jeffrey, Lorna
Jeffrey, Sharon
Jeffrey, Steven
Kane, Anna Mary
Kane, John
Kane, Karl
Kane, Katie Mae
Kane, Matt
Kane, Patrick
Kearns, Carson
Kearns, John
Kearns, Olive
Kelly, Annie
Kelly, Jim
Kennelly, Beasie
Kennelly, Bridget
Kennelly, Ellen
Kennelly, Ellen
Kennelly, Gregory
Kennelly, Harry
Kennelly, Harry
Kennelly, Helen
Kennelly, Henry
Kennelly, Irene
Kennelly, Jerry
Kennelly, Joe
Kennelly, John
Kennelly, John
Kennelly, Johnnie
Kennelly, Johnnie
Kennelly, Joseph Patrick
Kennelly, Josie
Kennelly, Josie
Kennelly, Kate
Kennelly, Katie
Kennelly, M. J.
Kennelly, Maggie
Kennelly, Maggie
Kennelly, Margaret
Kennelly, Margaret
Kennelly, Martin
Kennelly, Martin
Kennelly, Mary
Kennelly, Michael
Kennelly, Michael
Kennelly, Mona
Kennelly, Mortimer
Kennelly, Mortimer
Kennelly, Paddy
Kennelly, Patrick
Kennelly, Patrick
Kennelly, Patrick (Paddy)
Kennelly, Rita
Kiely, Albon
Kiely, Alice
Kiely, Anna Mary
Kiely, Anna Mary
Kiely, B. L.
Kiely, Beasie
Kiely, Billie
Kiely, Bridget
Kiely, Bridget (Aunt Biddy)
Kiely, Carmel
Kiely, Dan
Kiely, Dave
Kiely, Elaine
Kiely, Elizabeth
Kiely, Ester (Essie)
Kiely, Frank Sr.
Kiely, Frank Jr.
Kiely, Frank
Kiely, Frank
Kiely, Hannah
Kiely, Hannah
Kiely, Harold
Kiely, Jack (Long Jack)
Kiely, Jackie
Kiely, Jim
Kiely, Johannah
Kiely, John
Kiely, John (Curley Jack)
Kiely, John A.
Kiely, Johnnie
Kiely, Joseph
Kiely, Josie
Kiely, Katie
Kiely, Leo
Kiely, Lizzie
Kiely, Lorne
Kiely, M. J.
Kiely, Maggie
Kiely, Margaret
Kiely, Margaret (Maggie)
Kiely, Marie
Kiely, Marion
Kiely, Marjorie
Kiely, Martin
Kiely, Mary
Kiely, Mary Liz
Kiely, Michael
Kiely, Minnie
Kiely, Norah
Kiely, Patrick
Kiely, Patrick (Big Paddy)
Kiely, Patrick (Patsy Frank)
Kiely, Ray
Kiely, Shirley
Kiely, Stella
Kiely, Sylvester
Kiely, T. P.
Kiely, Thomas
Kiely, Thomas
Kiely, Tom
Lafleur, Zena
Lane, Beasie
Lane, Emmett
Lane, John
Lane, Margaret
Lane, Muriel
Lane, Patrick
Lane, Thomas
Lane, Tommy
Lavailette, Maureen
Lavailette, Patricia
Lavailette, Paul
Lavine, Ed
Lorraine, Alice
Lorraine, Corrine
Lorraine, Imelda
Lorraine, John
Lorraine, Louis
Lorraine, Louis
Lorraine, Margaret
Lorraine, Mary
Lorraine, Nellie
Lorraine, Norah
Lorraine, Philomena
Lynch, Beasie
Lynch, Beatrice
Lynch, Bernadine
Lynch, Bobbie
Lynch, Bridget
Lynch, Catherine
Lynch, Christine
Lynch, Dan
Lynch, Daniel
Lynch, Dennis
Lynch, Donald
Lynch, Elizabeth
Lynch, Evelyn
Lynch, Frank
Lynch, George
Lynch, George
Lynch, Gerard
Lynch, Haether
Lynch, Hannah
Lynch, Harry
Lynch, Hilda
Lynch, Howard
Lynch, Irene
Lynch, James
Lynch, Jim
Lynch, Jim
Lynch, Joe
Lynch, Johannah
Lynch, John
Lynch, John Joe
Lynch, John Tom
Lynch, Joseph
Lynch, Joseph
Lynch, Joseph (Big Joe)
Lynch, Katie
Lynch, Katie Mae
Lynch, Leslie
Lynch, Lila
Lynch, Lois
Lynch, Lorne
Lynch, Mabel
Lynch, Margaret
Lynch, Marguerite
Lynch, Martin
Lynch, Mary
Lynch, Mary
Lynch, Michael
Lynch, Michael
Lynch, Nellie
Lynch, Patrick
Lynch, Patrick
Lynch, Rhodena
Lynch, Robert
Lynch, Shane
Lynch, Stanley
Lynch, Theresa
Lynch, Thomas
Lynch, Tim
Lynch, Timothy Sr.
Lynch, Timothy
Lynch, Timothy
Lynch, Timothy
Lynch, Tom
Lynch, Veronica
Lynch, Violet
Madigan, Bridget
Madigan, Dennis
Madigan, Margaret (Maggie)
Madigan, Patrick
Madigan, Patrick
Maloney, (Red) Mick
Maloney, Beasie
Maloney, John
Maloney, Mary Ann
Maloney, Tessie
McCarthy, Johnnie
McCarthy, Mary
McCarthy, Mary
McCarthy, Nellie
McCarthy, Norah
McGarth, Elizabeth
McGrath, Jim
McGrath, John
McGrath, Joseph
McGrath, Leo
McGrath, Leonard
McGrath, Mary
McGrath, Michael
McGrath, Michael
McGrath, Morrow
McGrath, Morrow
McHale, Mary
McKellop, Chuck
McKellop, Maureena
McMahon, Sylvester
McNamara, Lucy
McNulty, Bridget
McNulty, Jim
McNulty, John
McNulty, Leslie
McNulty, Mary
McNulty, Michael
McNulty, Minnie
Mick, Isabel
Moriarity, Ann
Moriarity, Dan
Moriarity, Frank
Moriarity, Mary
Moriarity, Michael
Moriarity, Patrick
Mullins, Tom
Mulvihill, Danny
Mulvihill, Katie
Mulvihill, Margaret
Mulvihill, Martin (Green Martin)
Mulvihill, Mary Elizabeth
Mulvihill, Michael (Big Mike)
Mulvihill, Michael (Curley Mike)
Mulvihill, Nellie
Mulvihill, Thomas
Murphy, Dan
Murphy, Dave
Murphy, Dennis
Murphy, Eddie
Murphy, Jerry
Murphy, Jim
Murphy, John
Murphy, Josie
Murphy, Julie
Murphy, Leo
Murphy, M. J.
Murphy, Margaret
Murphy, Mary
Murphy, Mary Ann
Murphy, Michael
Murphy, Nellie
Murphy, Nora
Murphy, Paddy
Murphy, Patrick
Murphy, Sarah
Murphy, Thomas
Murphy, Tim
Murphy, Tom
Murray, Michael
Nolan, J. P.
Nolan, John
O’Brien, Alice
O’Brien, Bernard
O’Brien, Dan
O’Brien, M. J.
O’Brien, Margaret
O’Hara, Annie
O’Hara, Beasie
O’Hara, Dennis
O’Hara, Margaret
O’Hara, Patrick
O’Hara, Theresa
O’Neil, Amby
O’Rielly, Stanley
Ovaleson, John
Owens, Hugh
Pilon, Margaret
Pulcine, Lorne
Quilty, Alphonse
Quilty, Beatrice
Quilty, Catherine
Quilty, Clara
Quilty, Gordon
Quilty, Irene
Quilty, Leonard
Quilty, Michael
Quilty, Mona
Quilty, Patricia
Quilty, Patrick
Ryan, Angela
Ryan, Bill
Ryan, Bill
Ryan, Ursula
Sculley, Dan
Scully, Dan
Scully, Daniel
Scully, Katie
Scully, Margaret
Scully, Mary
Scully, Michael
Scully, Rita
Scully, Stella
Sheedy, Al
Sheedy, Doris
Sheedy, Jim
Sheedy, John
Sheedy, Leo
Sheedy, Maria
Sheedy, Martin
Sheedy, Mary
Sheedy, Mary
Sheedy, Michael
Sheedy, Mike
Sheedy, T. P.
Silver, Margaret
Stack, John
Sulivan, Johanna
Sullivan, Angela
Sutherland, Peter
Taylor, Emma Margaret
Taylor, Merritt
Vice, Clarence
Wadsworth, Irene
Walsh, Catherine
Walsh, Jim
Walsh, Mary
Whalen, John
Williams, Bert
Williams, Maureen
Windle, Bridget
Windle, Darleen
Windle, Edward
Windle, Elizabeth
Windle, John
Windle, John
Windle, Margaret
Windle, Marlene
Wingle, Catherine
Wingle, Harry
Wingle, Mary
Wingle, Patrick
Wren, Margaret