family KNIGHT

for descendants of
Thomas KNIGHT (The Elder)
and a brief listing of a WILSON family including a ROBERT BOYD KNIGHT (1949-2016)


This family history contains comments and listings of sources used. As yet there is no link between the two families.


Airth, Rachel
Baker, Edna Mae
Bremmer, Janet Jessie
Buchanan, Mary
Campbell, Nikki
Cawley, Isabella
Cochrane, Mary Ann
Craig, Tammy Lynn
Craig, Tracey Lee
Craig, Wayne
Creighton, John
Donaldson, Beverley Jane
Dool, William
Gervais, Margaret Freda
Hodgins, Maria
Hunter, Esther
Johnston, Violet Grace
Kinney, Jack
Kipp, Mary Jane
Knight, Agnes Jane
Knight, Archibald Patterson
Knight, Cecil Walter
Knight, Claire
Knight, Deborah
Knight, Ebenezer Buchanan
Knight, Elisabeth
Knight, Flora
Knight, George
Knight, George Saunders
Knight, Gordon
Knight, Hannah
Knight, Hannah C.
Knight, Hector
Knight, Isabella
Knight, Isabella
Knight, James
Knight, Jane
Knight, Jane
Knight, Janet
Knight, John
Knight, John
Knight, John
Knight, John E.
Knight, Joseph
Knight, Joseph
Knight, Joseph M.
Knight, Kristian Mackie
Knight, Madge
Knight, Maria H.
Knight, Mary
Knight, Mary
Knight, Mary
Knight, Robert Boyd (Happy)
Knight, Ruth
Knight, Sarah
Knight, Thomas
Knight, Thomas
Knight, Thomas (The Elder)
Knight, Thomas (The Younger)
Knight, Thomas F.
Knight, William
Knight, William
Knight, William
Knight, William J.
Knight-Locke, Layton
MacFayden, Isabella
MacKenzie, Brian Mackie
MacKenzie, Gregory James
MacKenzie, Sara Alexandra
MacKenzie, Sheryl Lynn
MacKenzie, Terrance allen
MacKenzie, William Mackie
McIntrye, Mary
McLean, Christina
McLean, Ebenezar
McLean, Elizabeth Agnes
McLean, Flora
McLean, Flora Ruth
McLean, Hannah
McLean, James
McLean, Jane
McLean, Margaret Ann
McLean, Mary
McLean, Sarah
McLean, Thomas Hector
McPhail, Mary
Patterson, Archibald
Patterson, Elizabeth
Roberts, James
Roberts, Martha
Roberts, Rebecca
Roberts, Ruth
Roberts, William
Saunders, Mary
Smith, Archibald
Sullivan, Erin
Towlan, Jack
Trawley, Derek James
Trawley, James
Trawley, Sean Francis Allan
Turner, Samuel James
Watt, Agnes McInnes
Watt, Christina
Watt, Donald
Watt, Donald
Watt, Elizabeth Barbara
Watt, James
Watt, John Knight
Watt, Margaret McDonald
Watt, Mary
Watt, Thomas
Wilson, Donna Rae
Wilson, James
Wilson, James Allan
Wilson, John
Wilson, Judith Anne
Wilson, Norma Pearl
Wilson, Percy Allan