The Family History and Records
Anthony Kulas/Coulas and Bertha Breza
their descendants
As prepared for the Kulas/Coulas Reunion
August 4, 2007
Published by Kulas/Coulas Reunion Book Committee, Margaret Biernaskie, Gerard Blank and Barbara Blank


Our cover
Heritage Prayer
Historical Perspective
Polish Names
Kulas/Coulas Name
Breza Name
Crossing the Atlantic
The Homesteads
Early Church Life in Canada
Religious Vocations
Military Service
Family Outlines and Relationships
Our Branches
The Family of Anthony Kulas and Bertha Breza
Ignace Kulas
The Family of Joseph Kulas and Mary Shalla
The Family of John A. Kulas and Josephine Cybulski
The Family of Maryanna Kulas and John Minta
The Family of Frank A. Kulas and Mary Yakabuski
The Family of Anthony Kulas and Anastasia Shulist
The Family of August Kulas and Rose Burkett
The Family of Martha Kulas and August Peplinskie
The Family of Michalina Kulas and Anthony Blank
The Family of Victor Kulas and Frances Golka
The Family of Dominic Kulas and Rose P. Burchat
History in the Making
Memories of Great Grandma Bertha Kulas
Kulas/Coulas Reunion

This 200 page publication contains history, stories and genealogical records of this immigrant family.


Acker, Amanda Lindsey
Acker, David Gerald
Acker, Terry
Adderley, Brian
Adderley, Gregory
Adderley, Marc
Adderley, Thomas
Afelskie, Eva G.
Aide, Amanda
Aide, Christopher
Aide, Kim
Aide, Sydney
Anderson, Angus
Anderson, Bernise
Anderson, Jimmy
Anderson, Patrick
Andrcheck, Doreen
Annand, Margaret
Arnold, Bill
Ashley, Sophie Jane
Bains, Deanna
Bains, Rhonda
Bains, Ronald
Baird, Iain
Baird, Tobin Alexander
Baldry, Jim
Balzun, Margaret
Barber, Blake
Barber, Jamie
Barr, Susan
Barrington, Natalie
Batkey, John
Batkey, Steven John
Beach, Colin James
Beach, Jessica Rose
Beach, John
Beach, Jordan Michael Albert
Beach, Julie Ann
Beach, Michaela Mae
Beach, Rachel Kathryn
Beanish, Linda Elizabeth
Beaudion, Bobbie
Beaudion, Emma
Beaudion, Jean
Beaudion, Samantha
Beggs, Emma Bernadette
Beggs, Eva Margaret
Beggs, Julia Marie
Beggs, Michael
Bell, Dan
Belyea, Adam
Belyea, Cecily
Belyea, Deonna
Belyea, Elizabeth
Belyea, Stephen
Biernaski, Barry
Biernaski, John
Biernaski, Phyllis
Biernaski, Zigmund
Biernaskie, August
Biernaskie, Barbara
Biernaskie, Mary Helen
Biernaskie, Randy
Biernaskie, Rodney
Bince, Grace
Blank, Alphonse
Blank, Andrew
Blank, Anthony
Blank, Benedict
Blank, Bernard
Blank, Bernice
Blank, Brayden Joseph
Blank, Brian
Blank, Clifford (Cliff) James
Blank, Darien
Blank, Darlene
Blank, David
Blank, Debbie
Blank, Diana
Blank, Doreen
Blank, Dorothy Ann
Blank, Eugene
Blank, Everett Forrest Mitchell
Blank, Gerard John
Blank, Greg
Blank, Janice
Blank, Jaylin
Blank, Jerome Peter
Blank, Joanne
Blank, John
Blank, Joseph
Blank, Julie
Blank, Karson
Blank, Keith
Blank, Kenneth
Blank, Kevin
Blank, Krista Marie
Blank, Kyle
Blank, Leonard
Blank, Linda
Blank, Lloyd
Blank, Madisyn (Madi) Sydney Raylene
Blank, Margaret
Blank, Mark Eugene Theodore
Blank, Mary-Jane Theresa
Blank, Miranda
Blank, Natalie
Blank, Nathan James
Blank, Paedon
Blank, Paticia
Blank, Patrick (Pat) John
Blank, Peter David
Blank, Raphael (Ray) John
Blank, Richard
Blank, Rose Marie
Blank, Sally
Blank, Shawn
Blank, Shirley
Blank, Suzanne
Blank, Theodore
Blank, Treyton Nikplas Keefe
Blank, Tyler
Blank, Wayne
Blank, Zachary (Zach) Partrick Thomas
Bleskie, Helen
Bloskie, Anna
Bloskie, David
Bloskie, Emily
Bloskie, Lorraine
Bloskie, Mary Catherine
Bloskie, Meaghen
Bloskie, Michael
Bloskie, Regina
Bloskie, Theresa Ann
Bloskie, Wendy
Bloskie, William
Borutski, Dianne
Borutski, Edna
Borutski, Gertrude
Boucher, Alexander
Boucher, Raymond
Bowers, Joel
Bowers, Larry
Bozack, Joan
Bozak, Carla
Bozak, John
Bozak, Kenneth
Bradford, Christine
Bradford, Dale
Bradford, Jonathon
Breza, Bertha
Brisco, Adam Michael
Brisco, Chad Richard
Brisco, Evan Cecil
Brisco, Richard Cecil
Bronfman-Stolanov, Anna Michaela
Bronfman-Stolanov, Michael
Brotton, Alponse
Brotton, Amelia
Brotton, Kevin
Brotton, Lowanda
Brotton, Matthew
Brotton, Michael
Bruder, Claudia Elizabeth
Bruder, David Marc
Bruder, Nicholas John
Buchat, Rose P.
Buckwalt, Asley Ann
Buckwalt, Lance
Buda, Elizabeth
Buntun, Mary
Burant, Celestine (Sally)
Burchat, Aaron Anthony
Burchat, Agnes
Burchat, Alyssa Marie
Burchat, Andrew Francis
Burchat, Anne
Burchat, Anthony
Burchat, Benedict Louis
Burchat, Benjamin William
Burchat, Caroline
Burchat, Catherine
Burchat, Christopher Porter
Burchat, Dianne
Burchat, Edna Anne
Burchat, Elizabeth Martha
Burchat, Ephrazine V.
Burchat, Esther Susan
Burchat, Florence G.
Burchat, Gabriel
Burchat, Gerard Benedict
Burchat, James
Burchat, Jeremy
Burchat, Jessica Ann
Burchat, Joan
Burchat, John A.
Burchat, John Nicholas, Rev.
Burchat, John T.
Burchat, Joseph
Burchat, Joshua Nicholas
Burchat, Lauretta
Burchat, London Bella
Burchat, Marcella
Burchat, Martha Loretta
Burchat, Maureen
Burchat, Natalie Anne
Burchat, Nathaniel
Burchat, Nicholas Michael
Burchat, Paticia
Burchat, Patrick
Burchat, Patrick
Burchat, Robert Valentine
Burchat, Sylvia Monica
Burchat, Theresa Cora
Burchat, Theresa Roseanne
Burchat, William
Burchat, Winnifrey Herman
Burchat (Burkett), Rose
Bush, Jennifer
Bush, Justin
Bush, William
Carew, Frances
Carroll, Nancy
Chapeskie, Frank
Charlebois, Marcelle
Chippior, Barbara
Chippior, Catherine Elizabeth
Chippior, Mary
Chippior, Mary Ann
Christopher, Caroline Rosella
Christopher, Ethel Marlyn
Christopher, Gerald
Christopher, Stella Shirley
Ciehanskie, Josephine
Clancy, Lori Ann
Clear, Ailene Leslie
Clear, Megan Andrea
Clear, Randall MacDuff
Clifford, Bronwyn
Clifford, Heather
Clifford, Jane Angela
Clifford, Peter John
Clifford, Robert
Clifford, Ross
Clinton, Kelly
Coe, Marlene
Cole, Gary
Connelly, Cynthia Rose
Connelly, Denis
Connelly, Jane Marie
Corrigan, Patricia Anne
Coughlin, Baby
Coughlin, Irene
Coughlin, Laura Lee
Coughlin, Norman Beverly
Coughlin, Patricia
Coulas, Aaron
Coulas, Adeline
Coulas, Agnes
Coulas, Alex
Coulas, Alice
Coulas, Aligail Contant
Coulas, Allan
Coulas, Allen
Coulas, Alphonse Julian
Coulas, Alvina
Coulas, Ambrose
Coulas, Amos
Coulas, Andrew
Coulas, Andrew (Anzlem)
Coulas, Andrew John
Coulas, Andy
Coulas, Angela M. E.
Coulas, Anita Mary
Coulas, Anna Marie
Coulas, Anna Mary
Coulas, Anthony
Coulas, Arnold
Coulas, Arnold
Coulas, Audrey Mary
Coulas, Barbara Mary
Coulas, Benedict
Coulas, Benedict F.
Coulas, Beverly
Coulas, Bobbie Jean
Coulas, Bradley
Coulas, Brady
Coulas, Brandon
Coulas, Brandyn Richard
Coulas, Brenda
Coulas, Brian C. Jr.
Coulas, Brian J.
Coulas, Brian Joseph
Coulas, Brianne
Coulas, Catherine
Coulas, Christa Lee
Coulas, Christine
Coulas, Clarence
Coulas, Clifford
Coulas, Clifford G.
Coulas, Colleen
Coulas, Corina
Coulas, Craig
Coulas, Crystal
Coulas, Darlene
Coulas, Darlene E.
Coulas, David Ambrose
Coulas, David Clifford
Coulas, Debbie
Coulas, Delbert
Coulas, Dennis Apolinary
Coulas, Dennis Kevin
Coulas, Diane Margaret
Coulas, Dianne
Coulas, Dominic M.
Coulas, Doreen
Coulas, Doreen Barbara
Coulas, Dowdall
Coulas, Drenda
Coulas, Dwayne
Coulas, Edward
Coulas, Eileen Ila
Coulas, Emily Susan
Coulas, Epherzene
Coulas, Eric
Coulas, Ernie
Coulas, Ethan
Coulas, Felix Joseph
Coulas, Freavous Michael
Coulas, Garnet
Coulas, Gary
Coulas, Gertrude
Coulas, Gilbert Desmond
Coulas, Gladys Marie
Coulas, Glenda
Coulas, Gwen
Coulas, Harvey
Coulas, Hayley
Coulas, Helen
Coulas, Irene
Coulas, Isaiah (Ike) Angus
Coulas, Jake Mckenzie
Coulas, Jason Edward
Coulas, Jaunita
Coulas, Jeff
Coulas, Jerome Benedict
Coulas, Jerome Vincent
Coulas, Jessica
Coulas, Jett
Coulas, Joey Douglas
Coulas, Johanna (Jean)
Coulas, John
Coulas, Jordan
Coulas, Karen
Coulas, Karl
Coulas, Karley
Coulas, Katrina
Coulas, Kaylee
Coulas, Kelly Jane
Coulas, Kenneth Michael
Coulas, Kevin Dennis
Coulas, Kieran Sheldon
Coulas, Kimberley
Coulas, Kimberley Ann
Coulas, Kristin Ann
Coulas, Kristopher
Coulas, Kyra Jean
Coulas, Lambert
Coulas, Landon
Coulas, Larissa Ann
Coulas, Lavina Dianne
Coulas, Lawrence
Coulas, Leo Joseph
Coulas, Leon Henry
Coulas, Leona Margaret
Coulas, Lillian Susan
Coulas, Linda M. C.
Coulas, Lisa Margaret
Coulas, Lorraine Anne
Coulas, Lyndon
Coulas, Margaret Susan
Coulas, Maria Cristina
Coulas, Marie
Coulas, Marie
Coulas, Marion
Coulas, Martha Frances
Coulas, Martin D.
Coulas, Martina
Coulas, Mary
Coulas, Marylin
Coulas, Matthew
Coulas, Matthew Vito
Coulas, Maureen
Coulas, Maureen
Coulas, Melanie
Coulas, Melanie
Coulas, Michael D.
Coulas, Michael John
Coulas, Michael Leo
Coulas, Michele
Coulas, Michelle
Coulas, Mikayla
Coulas, Mildred Lillian
Coulas, Monica
Coulas, Nelson
Coulas, Patrick Freavous
Coulas, Patsy
Coulas, Paul
Coulas, Pauline Ann
Coulas, Percy Hubert
Coulas, Peter Raymond
Coulas, Philip
Coulas, Raymond Joseph
Coulas, Rebecca
Coulas, Rhonda
Coulas, Richard A.
Coulas, Richard Benedict
Coulas, Riley
Coulas, Robert Andrew
Coulas, Ronald Joseph
Coulas, Rose Ann Mary Barbara
Coulas, Rose-Marie
Coulas, Sabina
Coulas, Samuel Jonic
Coulas, Scott
Coulas, Scott
Coulas, Shana Katherine
Coulas, Shane Daniel
Coulas, Sheldon Hilary
Coulas, Sherry
Coulas, Shirley Ann
Coulas, Stacey
Coulas, Stacie
Coulas, Stella S.
Coulas, Stephen Joseph
Coulas, Susan A.
Coulas, Sydney Francis
Coulas, Sylvester
Coulas, Teresa Anastasia
Coulas, Teresa Barbara
Coulas, Terrance
Coulas, Theodosia Nora
Coulas, Thomas Edward
Coulas, Thomas Francis
Coulas, Thomas Francis
Coulas, Tracey Ann Marie
Coulas, Trina Elizabeth
Coulas, Valarie Anne
Coulas, Victor Sylvester
Coulas, Vincent
Coulas, Wayne
Coulas, Weldon Thomas
Coulas, Wendy
Coulas, Zigmund
Coulas, Zigmund
Coulas-Musse, Talal
Coulas-Musse, Taym
Coulterman, Mary
Coveart, Lorraine
Cybulski, Albert
Cybulski, Audrey
Cybulski, Caroline
Cybulski, Edmund P.
Cybulski, Jennifer
Cybulski, Joanna Mary
Cybulski, Josephine
Cybulski, Kevin
Cybulski, Kyle
Cybulski, Laurie
Cybulski, Suzanne
Cybulski, Theresa
Cybulskie, Aimee Marie
Cybulskie, Barry
Cybulskie, Brady Gerard
Cybulskie, Frances Ann
Cybulskie, Jesse John
Cybulskie, Victoria
Czarnek, Susan
Davey, Graham
Davey, Jeremy Dennis
Davey, Michael Graham
Davis, Stephan
De Chazal, Denise
Deiulis, Amanda
Deiulis, Pauk C.
Deiulis, Veronica
Deiulis, Victoria
Deiulis, Vincent
DePalma, Paula
Desmormeaux, Teresa
Dick, Colin
Dick, Graham
Dick, Kristopher
Dick, Rebecca
Dickson, William
Dillabough, Shelley C.
Dombroski, Earl
Dombroskie, Aloysious
Dombroskie, Barry
Dombroskie, Evan
Dombroskie, Evelyn
Dombroskie, Frank B.
Dombroskie, James Aloysious
Dombroskie, Jason
Dombroskie, Jesse James
Dombroskie, Keith
Dombroskie, Lucas John
Dombroskie, Margaret
Dombroskie, Mary
Dombroskie, Mitchell
Dombroskie, Rita
Dombroskie, Rose
Dorzek, Phyllis
Dota, Clara
Dubreuil, Clair
Dubreuil, Desmond
Dubreuil, Pauline
Dubreuil, Rene
Duffett, Tony
Emach, Katrin
Esplen, Catherine
Etmanski, Susan Clara
Etmanski, Teresa
Etmanskie, Amy
Etmanskie, Arnold
Etmanskie, Brent
Etmanskie, Connir
Etmanskie, Daniel
Etmanskie, Daniel J.
Etmanskie, David Dominic
Etmanskie, Dominic Peter
Etmanskie, Dustin
Etmanskie, Edward John
Etmanskie, Jennifer Lynn
Etmanskie, John Gerald
Etmanskie, Joshua
Etmanskie, Karey
Etmanskie, Lynn D.
Etmanskie, Marie Ann
Etmanskie, Mark
Etmanskie, Mary Ann
Etmanskie, Matthew
Etmanskie, Michael
Etmanskie, Nicholas
Etmanskie, Noreen Catherine
Etmanskie, Samantha
Etmanskie, Samantha D.
Etmanskie, Stephanie Ann
Etmanskie, Susan E.
Etmanskie, Tina Lynn
Fallowfield, Mary
Famcey, Ada B.
Farro, Ron
Finnerty, Deborah
Finnerty, Kathleen
Finnerty, Matthew L.
Finnerty, Michael John
Finnerty, Sandra
Firman, David
Fleury, Ashley
Fleury, Danielle
Fleury, Donald
Fleury, Nathan
Fleury, Victoria
Foster, Cindy
Freemark, Abigail Mary
Freemark, Jacob Connelly
Freemark, John Francis
Freemark, Lily Ann
Gardiner, Alexandra
Gardiner, Gerald G.
Gardiner, Keenan
Garrett, Barry
Garside, Regina M.
Gaudet, Alexandra Genevieve
Gaudet, Brittany Magdelina
Gaudet, David Raymond
Gaudet, Katrina Ashley
Gemmiti, Mario
Gemmiti, Michelle
Gemmiti, Stephen
Gilmour, Ruby
Glofcheskie, Brent
Glofcheskie, Esther
Glofcheskie, Jerome
Glofcheskie, Kimberly
Glofcheskie, Leo
Glofcheskie, Leona
Glofcheskie, Lukas
Glofcheskie, Marcella
Glofcheskie, Margaret, Sister
Glofcheskie, Phyllis C.
Glofcheskie, Robin
Glofcheskie, Rose Marie
Glofcheskie, Timothy
Glysinski, Anastasia
Golka, Anthony
Golka, Basil
Golka, Frances
Golka, Susan S.
Goodhue, Brayden William
Goodhue, Brodey Daniel
Goodhue, Daniel William
Goulet, David John
Goulet, Haley Maria
Goulet, Jacob Michael
Goulet, Lauren Elizabeth
Goulet, Leah Moana
Goulet, Paul Andrew
Goulet, William Joseph
Graff, Nancy
Gray, Allison
Gruntz, Haily Jane
Guidolin, Vincenza
Gust, Diane
Gutoskie, Ronda
Haggerty, Christopher Brock
Haggerty, Dennis Woodrow
Haggerty, Ian Peter
Haggerty, James Patrick
Haggerty, Jason W.
Haggerty, John Edward August
Haggerty, Kyle P.
Haggerty, Marcia
Haggerty, Michael Peter
Haggerty, Samantha Jane
Haggerty, Sarah Jane
Haggerty, Tyler Brandon
Haggerty, Woodrow Allen
Halas, Angela
Halas, Robert
Halas, Ronald
Halas, Stephen
Hamilton, Allan Patrick
Hamilton, Amanda Marie
Hamilton, Amy Zsofia
Hamilton, Caitlin Stephanie
Hamilton, Heather Marie
Hamilton, Jessica Dean
Hamilton, John Joseph
Hamilton, Margaret Cecilia
Hamilton, Matthew Thomas
Hamilton, Michael James
Hamilton, Nathan
Hamilton, Paul Edward
Hamilton, Sabrina Katherine
Hamilton, Stephen Thomas
Hamilton, Thomas Allan
Hamilton, Thomas Stephen
Harrison, Abram
Hawkins, Bailey Julia
Hawkins, Ryder Shane Anthony
Hawkins, Shane Michael Joseph
Hazell, Alberta
Hazelton, Howard
Heath, Darlene
Heins, Jim
Heins, Joshua
Heins, Melissa
Helyar, Braden
Helyar, Brianna
Helyar, Brooklyn
Helyar, Bryson
Helyar, Maurice
Hempstead, Benjamin Joseph
Hempstead, Christopher Matthew
Hempstead, Joseph Alec
Hempstead, Nicholas Anthony
Hempstead, Samantha Anne
Hempstead, Steven Andrew
Henderson, Derek Wilson
Hendricks, Margaret
Henry, Vincent
Herrick, Maureen Elizabeth
Herrick, Patrick
Herrick, Robert James
Herron, Andrew
Herron, Donald
Herron, Marie
Herron, Mary Ann
Herron, Michael
Herron, Rene
Hildebrandt, Ambrose
Hildebrandt, Joan
Hill, Alison I.
Hill, Richard
Hill, Valerie L.
Hisko, Pamela
Hoffman, Kathryn
Hoffman, Larry
Hoffman, Leo A.
Hoffman, Megan Anne
Hoffman, Paul
Hoffman, Raymond Ross
Hoffman, Taylor Allen
Holly, Teresa
Holmes, Diane
Hudder, Courtney
Hudder, Dianne
Hudder, Phyllis
Hudder, Richard
Hudder, Travis
Hummel, Brett
Hummel, Monty
Hunter, Ashley
Hunter, Rai-Anne
Hunter, Roxanne
Hunter, Roy
Hutchinson, John
Hutchinson, Justin
Ingram, Hannah
Ingram, Josiah
Ingram, Kirstyn
Ingram, Roger
Jamison, Deborah Louise
Jamison, Dianne Sharon
Jamison, Mary Elizabeth Ann
Jamison, Robert Lorne
Jamison, Wayne Arthur
Jenkins, Beberly Dorinda
Jenkins, Brittany
Jenkins, Kayla
Jenkins, Shawn
Jensen, Jay
Jenson, Cameron
Jenson, Danielle
Jenson, Jessica
Jessup, Tracey Ann
Johnstone, Adam
Johnstone, Grace
Jones, Laurel
Jordan, Kelly
Kanthasamy, Nathan Timothy
Kanthasamy, Suganthan
Keating, David Michael
Keating, James W.
Keating, Mary Elizabeth
Keating, Peter James
Keller, Holly
Kelly, Jane
Klopotek, Dorothy
Kluke, Brandon Christopher
Kluke, Brittany Mary
Kluke, Ellard Bernard
Kluke, Nathan Ellard
Kluke, Scott Joseph
Kniter, Marcianna
Knox, Laura
Knox Pecarski, Rebecca
Kohnen, Ronald
Kostuch, Michael
Kostuch, Ray
Kostuch, Richard
Krewta, Marianna
Kuehl, Ashlie
Kuehl, Dylan
Kuehl, Jeffrey
Kuiack, Clarence Victor
Kuiack, Craig
Kuiack, Rose
Kukhta, Ray
Kukhta, Shelly
Kukhta, Terry
Kulas, Adam Isidore
Kulas, Adele
Kulas, Adonia
Kulas, Agatha
Kulas, Agnes
Kulas, Andrew
Kulas, Angela
Kulas, Angus
Kulas, Anna Mary
Kulas, Anne Bertha
Kulas, Anthony
Kulas, Anthony
Kulas, August A.
Kulas, August A.
Kulas, Barbara
Kulas, Barbara Mary
Kulas, Beatrice
Kulas, Benjamin Bronis
Kulas, Brenda
Kulas, Bridget E.
Kulas, Catherine
Kulas, Cecelia
Kulas, Christopher
Kulas, Christopher
Kulas, Cynthia
Kulas, David
Kulas, Desmond
Kulas, Dominic A.
Kulas, Dominic A.
Kulas, Dominic P.
Kulas, Doreen
Kulas, Edmond
Kulas, Esther
Kulas, Florian
Kulas, Frank Adam
Kulas, Genevieve
Kulas, Graeme
Kulas, Gregory John
Kulas, Ian
Kulas, Ignace
Kulas, Isadore
Kulas, Jeffrey Paul
Kulas, Jerome
Kulas, Johanna
Kulas, John A.
Kulas, John J.
Kulas, John Peter
Kulas, John T.
Kulas, Joseph
Kulas, Joseph
Kulas, Julia Pauline
Kulas, Julian Joseph
Kulas, Karen
Kulas, Kasey
Kulas, Kelly Erin
Kulas, Kerry Ann
Kulas, Kyle Robert
Kulas, Leah
Kulas, Lindsay Nicole
Kulas, Magdalen
Kulas, Marilyn
Kulas, Mark A.
Kulas, Martha
Kulas, Martha
Kulas, Martin J.
Kulas, Maryanna
Kulas, Melvin
Kulas, Merita
Kulas, Michael Leo
Kulas, Michalina
Kulas, Michol
Kulas, Monica Aubrey
Kulas, Orville
Kulas, Patricia
Kulas, Patricia M.
Kulas, Peter
Kulas, Philip
Kulas, Raymond
Kulas, Rita
Kulas, Robert Allan
Kulas, Robert Peter
Kulas, Ronald J.
Kulas, Rose
Kulas, Roy
Kulas, Ryan
Kulas, Sister Monica
Kulas, Stella
Kulas, Susan Marie
Kulas, Theodore, Rev.
Kulas, Victor
Kulas, Wendy
Kulas, Yuanna
Kurtz, Lynn
Kutchkoskie, Amanda
Kutchkoskie, Benedict T.
Kutchkoskie, Chris
Kutchkoskie, Christine
Kutchkoskie, David
Kutchkoskie, Hilary
Kutchkoskie, Issac
Kutchkoskie, Olivia
Kutchkoskie, Patrick
Kutchkoskie, Raymond
Kutchkoskie, Rita
Kutchkoskie, Samuel
Kutchkoskie, Skyler
La Bouda, Trish
LaCombe, Glenna
LaFerniere, Dawn
Landert, Renie
Landon, Anne Marie
Landon, Edward Leo
Landon, John
Lapenskie, Christine
Lapenskie, Cindy Louise
Lapenskie, Rae-Ann Mary
Lapenskie, Raymond
Lapenskie, Shaun
Larivier, Andre
Larivier, Arthur
Larivier, Denise
Larivier, Marcie
Larivier, Paul
Larkin, Erin Mary Barbara
Larkin, Paul
LaRonde, Anne Marie
LaRonde, Dennis Lawrence
LaRonde, Gerald Michael
LaRonde, Jessica
LaRonde, Jordam Emily
LaRonde, Joseph
LaRonde, Madison Abigail
LaRonde, Meagan
LaRonde, Nicholas
LaRonde, Theresa Jean
Lavigne, Dianne
Lee, Angela Jane
Lee, Cameron William
Lee, Heather Anatasia
Lee, Joseph Rory
Lee, Robert Harry
Lee, Steve
Lenart, Joan
Lenart, Kenneth
Lenart, Leo
Lenart, Michael
Lenart, Tracy
Leroux, Anna Mae
Lidster, Delaney Rayann Sernoskie
Lidster, Ethan James Sernoskie
Lidster, Mackenzie Catherine Senoskie
Lidster, Noah Edward Sernoskie
Lidster, Tracy Raymond
Lidtkie, Linda
Lincoln, Yeressa Lee Ann
Lloyd, Garry
Loback, James Alexander
Loback, Jamie Ryan
Loranger, Gerald
Loranger, Jeremy
Loranger, Leo
Loranger, Lynne
Loranger, Melanie
Loranger, Natalie
Lorbetski, Edward
Lorbetski, Janice
Lorbetski, Sharon
Lorbetskie, Daniel
Lorbetskie, Matthew
Lorbetskie, Mitchell
Lourdes, Candace
Luckasavitch, Dave
Luckovitch, Alaina May
Luckovitch, Curtis Joseph
Luckovitch, Darrell
Luckovitch, Genevieve
Luckovitch, Jeffrey Darrell
Luhowy, Ralph Wm.
Lundy, April
Lundy, Barclay
Lundy, Brian
Lundy, Brooke-Lyn
Lundy, Meadow
Lundy, Troy
Lynch, Brendan
Lynch, Mackenzie
Lynch, Tom
MacCaig, Elizabeth
MacCaig, Patricia
MacCaig, Robert
MacCaig, Susan
MacCaig-Ross, Jamie
MacCaig-Ross, Robbie
MacDonald, Boyd
MacDonald, Darren
MacDonald, Dawn
MacDonald, Gary
MacDonald, Gordon Joseph
MacDonald, James
MacDonald, Kathryn
MacDonald, Kenneth Bernard
MacDonald, Kevin
MacDonald, Kimberly
MacDonald, Myrtle
MacDonald, Randy
MacDonald, Robyne
MacDonald, Valarie
MacDonald, Virginia
Mackenzie, Correna
MacLaurin, Margaret
Macnamee, Genevieve
Madigan, Bradley
Madigan, Brigid
Madigan, Christine
Madigan, Dennis
Madigan, Don
Madigan, James
Madigan, John
Madigan, John John
Madigan, Joseph
Madigan, Julia
Madigan, Kevin
Madigan, Lorraine
Madigan, Maureen
Madigan, Michael
Madigan, Patrick
Madigan, Robert
Maguire, Ronald Calvin
Maki, Pete
Malm, James
Malm, John
Malone, Agnes
Martel, Thomas
Martin, Dennis
Mask, Angela
Mask, Beverly
Mask, Brian
Mask, Bronis
Mask, Bryan
Mask, Bryan Robert
Mask, Cameron
Mask, Gordon
Mask, Graeme
Mask, Greg
Mask, John
Mask, Lauren Marie
Mask, Ralph
Mask, Robert
Mask, Robert Mark
Maxwell, Shirley
McAuley, Abbey
McAuley, Bob
McAuley, Chloe
McAuley, Morgan
McAuley, Robert
McAuley, Sigourney
McCreery, Tara
McElheron, Pamela
McGrath, Anna
McGrath, Bryce Anthony
McGrath, Conway James
McGrath, Devin James
McGrath, Geordi Thomas
McGrath, Jared Francis
McGrath, Mary
McHale, Elizabeth Ann
McLeod, Shannon
McMillan, Colleen
McQueen, Justin
McRae, Carol-Ann
Mellon, Drew
Merriman, Nikki
Minta, Joseph
Mintha, Adam Thomas
Mintha, Alexandra Vivian
Mintha, Alfay Raymond
Mintha, Ambrose
Mintha, Andrew
Mintha, Andrew John
Mintha, Anthony Joseph John
Mintha, Barbara Ann
Mintha, Bernice Rose, Sister
Mintha, Celestine
Mintha, Dominic Bronis
Mintha, Edmund
Mintha, Emily
Mintha, Frank
Mintha, Geraldine
Mintha, James
Mintha, James Thomas
Mintha, Jeffrey
Mintha, Jennifer
Mintha, Joan
Mintha, John
Mintha, John
Mintha, John
Mintha, John A.
Mintha, John Benedict
Mintha, Joseph
Mintha, Julia
Mintha, Julie
Mintha, Karen Ann
Mintha, Kathleen
Mintha, Kenneth
Mintha, Leah Ann
Mintha, Magdelena
Mintha, Margaret Ann
Mintha, Mark
Mintha, Martha
Mintha, Mary
Mintha, Mary
Mintha, Matthew
Mintha, Maximillan (Maxie) Edward
Mintha, Monica Stella
Mintha, Noreen
Mintha, Paul
Mintha, Paul
Mintha, Peter
Mintha, Peter
Mintha, Rita Mary
Mintha, Ronald
Mintha, Stanley
Mintha, Teresa
Mintha, Ursula Beatrice
Mintha, Zigmund (Ziggie) John
Mohr, Adam
Mohr, Alexander
Mohr, Tom
Momy, Josee
Moore, Kathy
More, Debbie
Moriarty, Michael
Morris, Jean
Mosco, ?
Mottershead, Kathleen
Mulllaly, Wayne
Mundt, Beverley (Bev) Ann
Murack, Andrew Peter
Murack, Anthony (Tony) Joseph
Murack, Catherine
Murack, Michael
Murack, Peter
Murack, William Clarence
Musse, Samir
Nault, Robert
Nault, Sherri
Nixon, Linda
Norcia, Mathew
Norcia, Michael
Norcia, Tony
Norlock, Diane
Nychuk, Nicholas
Nychuk, Richard
Nychuk, Terry
O’Conner, Barry Linus
O’Conner, Jarrett
O’Conner, Ryan
Olsheskie, Alfred
Olsheskie, Carol Ann
Olsheskie, Christine
Olsheskie, Daniel
Olsheskie, David
Olsheskie, Dennis
Olsheskie, Leanne
Olsheskie, Louis
Olsheskie, Maureen
Olsheskie, Philip
Palubeskie, Chrissy
Palubiskie, Annie
Palubiskie, Stella
Palubiskie, Theodosia
Pawlak, Chester (Chet)
Pawlak, Christopher Joseph
Pawlak, James Gregory
Pawlak, Michael Joseph
Pecarski, Amy
Pecarski, Amy Elizabeth
Pecarski, Andrew
Pecarski, Brent
Pecarski, Charlotte
Pecarski, Cindy
Pecarski, Clifford P.
Pecarski, Corey
Pecarski, Curry
Pecarski, Cynthia D.
Pecarski, Dean
Pecarski, Eldon
Pecarski, Emily
Pecarski, Faron
Pecarski, Gary
Pecarski, Kevin
Pecarski, Leonard
Pecarski, Noah
Pecarski, Pamela
Pecarski, Rachel
Pecarski, Rene
Pecarski, Sherry Kim
Pecarski, Sidney
Pecarski, Wilfred
Pecarskie, Beatrice
Pecarskie, Dianna
Pecarskie, Donna
Pecarskie, Felix
Pecarskie, Jerome
Pecarskie, Kristen
Pecarskie, Marcel
Pecoskie, Brian
Pecoskie, Francis
Pecoskie, Mariah
Pecoskie, Nicholas
Pecoskie, Rachel
Pecoskie, Stephen
Peplinski, Alexander Michael
Peplinski, Aloysius Augustus
Peplinski, Anastasia
Peplinski, Anny
Peplinski, Caroline
Peplinski, Daniel Joseph
Peplinski, David William
Peplinski, Desmond M.
Peplinski, Donna May
Peplinski, Doreen Mary
Peplinski, Edward
Peplinski, Erin
Peplinski, Esther
Peplinski, Irene
Peplinski, Ireneusz August
Peplinski, Jack
Peplinski, Jacob
Peplinski, Jacob
Peplinski, James
Peplinski, Joseph
Peplinski, Kenneth
Peplinski, Mary
Peplinski, Matthew
Peplinski, Michael
Peplinski, Mochael John
Peplinski, Quinn
Peplinski, Sandra Lynn
Peplinski, Sylvester Maximillian
Peplinski, Theresa
Peplinski, Theresa
Peplinskie, Agnes Julia
Peplinskie, Anthony Sylvester
Peplinskie, August
Peplinskie, Bernadette F.
Peplinskie, Bertille Catherine
Peplinskie, Carmel M.
Peplinskie, David John
Peplinskie, Dominic J.
Peplinskie, Eleanor Barbara
Peplinskie, Gregory Andrew
Peplinskie, Helen F.
Peplinskie, Irene R.
Peplinskie, John Sylvester
Peplinskie, Joseph August
Peplinskie, Josephine
Peplinskie, Mary Ann C.
Peplinskie, Mary Ann Hedwig
Peplinskie, Mary Theresa
Peplinskie, Rose
Peplinskie, Rose Marie Catherine
Peplinskie, Shirley
Peplinskie, Stella M.
Peplinskie, Stephen Paul
Peplinskie, Susan
Peplinskie, Theresa
Peplinskie, Veronica
Perkins, Ruth Helen
Petrie, Katherine Agnes
Petrie, Randall
Petrie, Samuel John
Picoski, Doris (Dorothea)
Piecarski, Sarah L.
Piecarski, Selina A.
Piecarski, Sherman Lloyd
Piecarskie, Joseph Anthony
Piecarskie, Lisa Rose
Piecarskie, Meghan Marie
Piecarskie, Nicholas James
Piecarskie, Stephen Vernon
Piecarskie, Vernon
Pierce, Jacqueline Roseanne
Pierce, Jennette Catherine
Pierce, Jennifer Louise
Pierce, Victor Thomas
Pilon, James
Pilon, Joel
Pilon, Nathan
Pilon, Renee
Podolski, Caroline
Porter, Cathy Sue
Price, Erica Ekizabeth
Prince, Alicia
Prince, Barbara Theresa
Prince, Clemens
Prince, Glenn
Prince, Helen Josephine
Prince, Susan G.
Prisciak, Frank
Puchalski, Anastasia Eugenia
Puhalski, Ambrose
Puhalski, Anthony
Puhalski, Bernice
Puhalski, Dorothy
Puhalski, Erin Lee
Puhalski, Grace
Puhalski, Lisa Renee
Puhalski, Martha
Puhalski, Raymond Walter
Puhalski, Sean Adam
Puhalski, Stanley
Puhalski, Stanley
Quesnelle, Amanda-Lee
Quesnelle, Faith Quesnelle
Quesnelle, Stanley
Quesnelle, Zackary
Quinn, Loyola
Rafter, Sarah
Reaney, Candace Rose
Reaney, Christopher
Reaney, Lauren Catherine
Recoski, Aloysius John
Recoski, Aloysius John, Rev.
Recoski, Josef
Regimbald, Jackie
Renwick, Cory
Renwick, Zachary
Rice, Kinly Patricia Lauretta Mia
Rice, Mary Catherine
Rice, Mason
Rice, McLean Michael Eric
Rice, Michael B.
Rice, Michael John
Rice, Rosanna
Ritza, Benedict
Ritza, Jack
Ritza, Mary
Ritza, Michael
Ritza, Philip
Robinson, Deborah
Robitaille, Marc
Rock, Pamela
Ross, Joshua
Rouble, Irene F.
Rowe, Sandra Ann
Rozek, Jason
Rozek, Lisa
Rozek, Marcella
Rozek, Michele
Rozek, Nancy
Rozek, Norbert
Rozek, Philip
Rozek, Phyllis
Ruske, Dieter Manfred
Ruske, Julie Christine
Ruske, Karen Ann
Ryan, Amanda
Ryan, Christopher
Ryan, Evelyn Margaret
Ryan, Gerald
Ryan, Gregory J.
Ryan, Isabelle
Ryan, Kevin G.
Ryan, Neal J.
Ryan, Spencer
Ryan, Thomas G.
Savage, Matthew William John
Sawatsky, Lois Eileen
Schaub, Krista
Schaub-Coulas, Abigail
Schaub-Coulas, Rowan
Schenk, Kevin
Schenk, Nathan
Schipper, Kristine
Schipper, Michael
Schipper, Richard
Schipper, Steven
Schipper, Terry
Schmeling, Shirley
Schulist, Anastasia
Schulist, Gregory
Schulist, Laura
Schulist, Martin
Schumacker, Adelle
Scleen, Duane James
Scleen, James
Scleen, Shelly Ann
Scott, Margaret Peggy
Scott, Olivette
Scott, Randy
Scott, Terry
Seeley, Amanda
Seeley, Justin
Seeley, Kayla
Seeley, Ron
Sernoskie, Jason
Sernoskie, Michelle
Sernoskie, Robert
Serran, Shirley
Sexton, Adrien
Sexton, Jessica
Sexton, Michelle
Shalla, Angela
Shalla, Mary
Silkie, Jim
Simanzik, Larry
Smaglinski, Donna Marie
Smirke, Pamela
Smith, Allison Louise
Snethlage, Andreas Berhart Friedrich Joachim
Snethlage, Jadah Christiane
Snethlage, Jakob Dominic
Snethlage, Jazmyn Olivia
Snethlage, Jeramee Elijah
Snively, Noreen
Soikie, Anita
Soikie, Colleen
Soikie, Corinna
Soikie, Tom
Solofa, Kiristina
Sorell, Elizabeth Ann
Sparks, Brenda Ruth
Sparks, Clement Leslie
Sparks, David Robert
Sparks, Kenneth Leslie
Sparks, Lloyd Charles
Sparks, Roxie Shannon
Sparks, William (Billy) Charles
Springer, Glen
Springer, Leonard
St. Jean, Louise
St. Jean, Pauline
Stack, Susan
Stamplecoski, Peter
Stevens, Wendy Jane
Stewart, Colleen
Stewart, Penny
Stoelting, Curtis
Stoppel, David Christopher
Stoppel, Douglas
Stoppel, Laura Jane
Stresman, Lori Anne
Sulpher, Brian
Sulpher, Daniel
Sulpher, David A.
Sulpher, Michael D.
Summers, Michael
Summers, Mitchell
Summers, Robyn
Summers, Russel
Surnoskie, Branson
Surnoskie, Mark
Surnoskie, Skyler
Szucs, Andrea Hedvig
Tardif, Gabrielle
Tardif, Paul
Tardif, Robert L.
Tarling, Christine
Thomsom, Lindy
Tobien, Maureen
Tomasini, Marina
Tomasini, Sylvia Emilt
Tomchick, Anna Mae
Tomchick, Isabelle
Tompkins, Mary Ellen
Trader, Barbara Anne
Trader, Lorraine Karen
Trader, Rosanne
Trebinskie, Muriel Theresa
Tryon, Sharon
Turcotte, Lisa Kelly
Typher, Roxanne
Utronkie, Larry
Utronkie, Lindsay
Utronkie, Mervin
Utronkie, Morris
Utronkie, Nadine
Utronkie, Rochelle
Utronkie, Ryan
Utronkie, Stella
Valis, Sharon
Van Decker, Dennis
Van Decker, Vanessa
Vancuski, Evelyn
Vandenbroek, Arnolda
VanSchaik, Jody
Vaudrie, Robb
Versteeg, Jeannie
Vitkuskie, Anne
Vogel, Claudia
Volda, David
Volda, Enice
Volda, Joseph
Volda, Leslie
Volda, Natalie
Volda (Voldock), Dominic
Voldock, Christopher
Voldock, Robert
Vollick, Ruth
Vutronkie, Jean
Walton, Katherine
Ward, Allan
Ward, Jason
Ward, Trevor
Warren, David
Warren, Michael
Watt, Jennifer
Watt, Robert
Watt, Stephanie
Watt, Victoria
Watters, Kenzie Eva
Watters, Munro Claire
Watters, Scott
Webster, John
Webster, Peter
Webster, Sean
White, Craig
Wicket, Brent
Wicket, Jamie
Widdifield, Maureen
Widdifield, Thomas
Wilch, Marianna
Will, Jeff
Willms, Courtney
Willms, David
Winsor, Alan
Winsor, Amy
Winsor, Benjamin Paul
Winsor, Carole-Lynn Christine
Winsor, Kathleen Rose
Winsor, Steven Graham
Winsor, William
Woodbridge, Diane
Wylie, Cassandra
Wylie, Cody
Wylie, Dave
Wylie, David
Yakabuski, Mary
Yakabuskie, Anne Marie
Yakabuskie, Frances Gerald
Yakabuskie, Mark Gerard
Yakabuskie, Matthew John
Yakabuskie, Victoria
Yandernoll, Susan
Yantha, Ambrose
Yantha, Andrew Apolinary
Yantha, Ann
Yantha, Anthony Joseph
Yantha, Audrey
Yantha, Brian Joseph
Yantha, Christine
Yantha, Clement Jr.
Yantha, Clement Ignatius
Yantha, Corrine Mary
Yantha, Danny
Yantha, Darlene
Yantha, David
Yantha, Ignatius (Angus) Frank
Yantha, Jeremy
Yantha, Justin
Yantha, Larissa
Yantha, Lorraine
Yantha, Margaret
Yantha, Martha Marie
Yantha, Mary Ann Margaret
Yantha, Randolph (Randy)
Yantha, Robert
Yantha, Ryley
Yantha, Sarah
Yantha, Zigmond Elmer
Yarascavitch, Frances
Yaskolskie, Danielle
Yaskolskie, Krista Dawn
Yaskolskie, Nicole
Yaskolskie, Robert
Young, Kaitlyn
Young, Robert
Young, Tyler
Yutronkie, Christine
Yutronkie, Kevin Francis
Yutronkie, Marian
Zadow, Natalie Lois
Zinkie, Sharon
Zireldo, Joanne
Zummach, Harold
Zummach, Trevor Harold
Zummach, Tyler Lloyd