Coumbes/Drysdale/McAllister Families

This book was donated to Heritage Renfrew by Barbara McAllister Long
In appreciation for all the help she was given at Heritage Renfrew for her
Research into the families in this book

Part 1 Sampson Coumbes/Grace Cole Family

Part 2 Sampson Coumbes/Janet Ferguson Family

Part 3 Robert Drysdale Family

Part 4 Alexander James McAllister Family

This report contains history, notes, resources used and family stories. Reference numbers suggest the names are part of a larger family history.


Armstrong, Catherine Ellen
Baggett, Winfield Scott
Barr, Jessie
Britton, James
Cochran, Elizabeth Marian
Cole, Grace
Coumbs, Alice
Coumbs, Anne
Coumbs, Charlotte
Coumbs, Elizabeth
Coumbs, Elizabth ‘Eliza’
Coumbs, George Francis
Coumbs, James Ferguson
Coumbs, Jane
Coumbs, John
Coumbs, John
Coumbs, Mary
Coumbs, Sampson
Coumbs, Samson
Coumbs, Susanna
Coumbs, Thomas
Coumbs, William
Crozier, Elizabeth
Culbertson, Thomas
Drysdale, Alice Elizabeth
Drysdale, Anne
Drysdale, Charlotte
Drysdale, Christene
Drysdale, Christine Jane
Drysdale, James
Drysdale, John William
Drysdale, Margaret Thompson
Drysdale, Robert
Drysdale, Robert Sampson
Drysdale, Sampson Robert
Drysdale, Thomas Alexander
Evans, Alice M
Ferguson, Duncan
Ferguson, Jennet (Janet)
Foran, Helen
Foran, James
Gallagher, Ann
Hedrasky, Annie
Kinney, Lon Dixon
Long, Richard Elwood
Lucas, Hannah
McAllister, Alexander
McAllister, Alexander
McAllister, Alexander James
McAllister, Ann ‘Annie’
McAllister, Arvilla Mary
McAllister, Barbara
McAllister, Catherine
McAllister, Ethel Ida ‘Mae’
McAllister, Hall Edgar
McAllister, Ida Florence
McAllister, James
McAllister, John
McAllister, John Coumbs
McAllister, John Edgar ‘Jack’
McAllister, Margaret Ida
McAllister, Mary
McAllister, Melvin
McAllister, Robert Hall ‘Bobby’
McAllister, Sampson Grant
McArthur, George
McCallum, Janet ‘Jennie Fisher’
McCormick, William Freeman
McFarlane, John
McLaren, Ann
Moore, Catherine
Moore, Henry Lemesurer
Munro, Fred
Rollins, Jane
Saunders, Francis Eli
Saunders, Sarah
Schulfer, Margaret ‘Maggie’
Small, Ethel May
Stewart, Dougald
Sullivan, Delia Bridgett
Vaughan, James William
Weaver, Diane Marie
Weaver, Troy Everett
Wilcox, Alexander
Wilcox, James
Wilcox, John
Wilcox, Matthew
Wilcox, William
Yanito, Mary Teresa