family McDOUGALL

Alexander McDougall 1809-1860
John McDougall 1804-1850


Prepared by Barbara Paterson, Huntsville ON

These family group records are for two McDougall males born in Ireland and settled in Admaston Township, Renfrew County ON (no link shown between them).



Anderson, Susan
Armour, Leah
Boake, George Wilfred
Byshe, Fred
Campbell, Sarah
Cardiff, John
Gillaspy, Edward Gentry
Grogan, Ann
MacDonald, Alexander Colin
MacDonald, Arthur Robinson
MacDonald, Bernice
MacDonald, Carolyn Matilda
MacDonald, Catherine
MacDonald, Charles McKillop
MacDonald, Emma Ann
MacDonald, James Roderick
MacDonald, Janet Isabella
MacDonald, John Arthur
MacDonald, John James
McDougall, Alexander
McDougall, Alexander
McDougall, Alexander
McDougall, Ann
McDougall, Archibald
McDougall, Caroline
McDougall, Colin
McDougall, Elizabeth Jane (Eliza)
McDougall, James
McDougall, Jane
McDougall, John
McDougall, John Jr.
McDougall, John
McDougall, Margaret Ann
McDougall, Mary
McDougall, Matthew
McDougall, William
McKeddie, John
McLeod, N.
Oakley, Nellie
Pattison, Arthur Miles
Shane, Mary
Sharpe, Alexander
Sharpe, Caroline
Sharpe, Emma
Sharpe, James
Sharpe, James
Sharpe, Lily Ann
Sharpe, Mary Jane
Sharpe, Robert
Sharpe, Thomas
Sharpe, Thomas
Towns, Olive