family McLAREN

Malcolm McLaren
Ann Campbell


Robert McLaren and Bridget Switzer
Jennie McLaren and Archie McDonald
Margaret McLaren and William McLean
Mary McLaren and James Angus
Peter Campbell McLaren and Mary Simpson



To-day we talk almost flamboyantly of Canada’s vast resources and her huge potential wealth. We brag about our captains of industry and what they have accomplished. And yet from the pioneer farms, from the villages and towns, so individual and so depended on their own resources, came much of strength, through drive of to-day’s vast and important country.

It is my sincere wish to pay tribute and honour to the McLaren pioneers who overcame obstacles and hardships as they settled and built for themselves homes in the wilds of Canada. Slowly their roots grew in the New Country. Through toil and pleasure, hard times and good times, joy and grief they were able to leave a solid legacy that has become our heritage.

I should like to express my gratitude to all who assisted me in the research for names and dates. Without whose help this book would have been impossible.

Cobden 1970
Alice McLaren
Rhoda McLaren


This family history of 59 pages contain a brief history of the McLaren Clan and the coming of the first generation coming to Canada, additional information on locations, occupations and causes of death. There is an alphabetical names index in back.


Alcock, Mary Elizabeth
Alcock, Thomas
Alderson, Art
Alguire, Dorothy
Allen, Margaret
Anderson, Edna
Angus, Adabell Barr
Angus, Alexander
Angus, Annie
Angus, Bertwin David
Angus, Betty
Angus, Betty Willis
Angus, Campbell
Angus, Cecil
Angus, Cheryl Ann
Angus, Clarence
Angus, Dennis John
Angus, Donald
Angus, Duncan (Mac)
Angus, Duncan Magnus
Angus, Earl John
Angus, Elizabeth McLeod (Bessie)
Angus, Emery
Angus, Florence
Angus, Freeman
Angus, George
Angus, George
Angus, George James
Angus, George Robert
Angus, George Wesley
Angus, Geraldine Adell
Angus, Geraldine Alexandra
Angus, Gordon Walter
Angus, Harriet
Angus, James
Angus, James
Angus, James Robert
Angus, Jane
Angus, Janica Marie
Angus, Jean
Angus, Jean
Angus, Jean
Angus, Jessie M.
Angus, Jim
Angus, John
Angus, John
Angus, John
Angus, John
Angus, John Andrew
Angus, Kenneth
Angus, Laura
Angus, Leona
Angus, Lois Margaret
Angus, Malcolm
Angus, Margaret S.
Angus, Marion Thelma
Angus, Mark Dwayne
Angus, Mervin John
Angus, Minerva
Angus, Minnie
Angus, Robert
Angus, Robert
Angus, Robin Kenneth
Angus, Roderick
Angus, Roderick Duncan
Angus, Ronald
Angus, Sandra Alice
Angus, Sybil R.
Angus, Vivian
Angus, Walter John
Angus, Wesley
Angus, Wilbert
Angus, William
Angus, William
Angus, Winnifred Mae
Arges, Gretchen Sue
Arges, John B.
Arges, Nora Kee
Arges, Sybil Louis
Armitage, Kyle Malcolm
Armitage, Malcolm C.
Armstrong, E.
Armstrong, Jack
Armstrong, Sarah A.
Armstrong, Ted
Arthur, Doreen
Atamanchuk, Gordon
Baker, John Garth
Baker, Marc I.
Bandy, Ellard
Bandy, Glensmore
Bandy, Linda
Bandy, Lorie
Bandy, Perry
Barney, John
Barr, Anne Evelyn
Barr, Bonnie Darlene
Barr, Bruce Donald
Barr, Debbie Muriel
Barr, Erwin Beattie
Barr, Garnet McLaren
Barr, John Elswood
Barr, Kevin Ray
Barr, Laurie Jean
Barr, Leigh Elizabeth
Barr, Lisa Marie
Barr, Lyall Winston
Barr, Lynne Mary Alice
Barr, Neil Beattie
Barr, Raymond Anthony
Barr, Ruth Margaret
Barr, Sherry Lee
Barr, Shirley Anne
Barr, Stewart Alvin
Barr, Victoria Marion
Barr, William Alvin
Barr, William Elswood
Barr, William Henry
Barr, William James
Batrovitch, Olga
Baxter, Mary Lynn
Baxter, Walter
Beahm, Bonnie Lynn
Beahm, Charles
Beahm, Heather Ann
Belcher, Margaret
Bell, Dorothy E.
Bennett, Charles
Bennett, Donald
Benson, Mae
Binenberg, Joseph
Blackburn, Brent
Blackburn, Christopher
Blackburn, David
Blackburn, Gilbert
Blackburn, Gladys
Blackburn, Ira
Blackburn, Lloyd
Blackburn, Steven
Blackburn, Stuart
Blackburn, William
Blenki, Shirley
Botbyle, Andy
Botbyle, Sherri Lynn
Brady, Bruce Conrad
Brady, Jack
Brandimore, Theresa
Brotherston, Brenda
Brotherston, David
Broughton, Charlotte Louise
Brown, George
Brown, Matilda
Brown, Patricia Jean
Brown, Ward
Bulmer, Doris
Bulmer, Gladys
Burgess, Mildred Elizabeth
Burnett, Isabell
Burns, Daisy
Burwell, Arnold Earl
Burwell, Bessie
Burwell, Brian Milton
Burwell, Bruce Owen
Burwell, Douglas John
Burwell, Elmer
Burwell, Janis Ruth
Burwell, John
Burwell, John Barclay
Burwell, John Bruce
Burwell, John Murray
Burwell, Julie Ann
Burwell, Kathryn Louise
Burwell, Leanne Kimberley
Burwell, Lillian
Burwell, Lorna Ann
Burwell, Melville
Burwell, Melville McIntrye (Mac)
Burwell, Milton Earl
Burwell, Robert Lincoln
Burwell, Scott Arnold
Burwell, Sharon Lynn
Burwell, Wayne Earl
Burwell, Willis Bryan
Butler, Ernest
Buttle, Alberta
Buttle, Donna Agnes
Buttle, William Nelson
Byce, Lois
Byce, Mary Elizabeth
Byers, Gladys Corinne
Byers, Susan Agnes
Cain, Ruth Edith
Camelon, Sterling
Cameron, Marie (Birdie)
Campbell, Andy
Campbell, Ann
Campbell, Ann
Campbell, Arthur Mervin
Campbell, Carson
Campbell, Christopher
Campbell, Claude
Campbell, Connie
Campbell, Diahn
Campbell, Don Wellon
Campbell, Duncan
Campbell, Duncan George
Campbell, Gayle Margaret Elizabeth
Campbell, Gordon Malcolm
Campbell, Guardy Duncan
Campbell, Gwenith Winsome Mae
Campbell, Halden
Campbell, Jane
Campbell, Jill
Campbell, Judith Ann
Campbell, Kenneth Lawrence
Campbell, Kenneth William
Campbell, Laurie
Campbell, Lynn
Campbell, Margaret Lillian Isobell
Campbell, Mary Margaret
Campbell, Russell Warren
Campbell, Sarah
Campbell, Warren
Canon, Isabella
Carlson, Shirley Louise
Carlson, Swen
Carson, Ethel Marion
Carson, George
Carson, Phyllis Vivian
Carswell, David
Carswell, George
Carswell, Isabel
Carswell, Louise
Carter, John
Carter, Walter
Casselman, Inda C.
Chappel, Genavie
Cheatham, Jaunita Helen
Cheatham, Jay N.
Childerhose, Catherine Ann
Childerhose, Kirby Lorne
Childerhose, Krysta Jayne
Childerhose, Raymond
Childerhose, Raymond Beatty
Childerhose, Robert Clifford
Childerhose, Robert Malcolm
Childerhose, Samuel Ian
Childerhose, Shane
Childerhose, Susan Jan
Christopherson, Nancy Jean
Clair, Ellen
Clair, Hubert
Clair, John Michael
Clark, Floris
Clark, Mae
Cleary, Marilyn
Clouthier, Ann Marie
Clouthier, Brenda
Clouthier, Cathie
Clouthier, Edward
Clouthier, Kevin
Clouthier, Patsie
Code, David George
Coe, Joanne
Cole, Lawrence Ivan
Cole, Lornie
Cole, Lorraine Elizabeth
Cole, Russell William
Connelly, Virginia Catherine
Cooper, Lisa
Cornforth, Anne
Cotnam, Joan Anne
Coughlin, Alonzo
Coughlin, Bernadette Doreen
Coughlin, Brett Alonzo
Coughlin, Brian Alonzo
Coughlin, Caleb Malcolm
Coughlin, Catherine Francis
Coughlin, Cody Brian
Coughlin, Gail Francis
Coughlin, George
Coughlin, Jonathon Kevin
Coughlin, Katrina Mae
Coughlin, Kevin Malcolm
Coughlin, Lorna Elva
Coughlin, Malcolm Nicol
Coughlin, Paul
Coughlin, Peter Matthew
Coughlin, Sheila Margaret
Coulas, Kenneth
Coulas, Laurie Anne
Cowan, Elizabeth
Cowan, Jessie
Cowan, Levi
Cowan, Lillie
Cowan, Margaret
Cowan, Martha
Cowan, Robert
Cowan, Robert
Cowan, Sarah
Cowan, Violet
Cowan, William
Coyles, Bradley
Coyles, Dana
Coyles, George
Coyles, Marion
Coyles, Pamela
Crogie, Alice
Crozier, Faye
Crozier, Kevin James
Cruijff, Hans
Cruijff, Jill Brenda
Cumming, Anna Irene
Cumming, Mary Elizabeth
Cumming, Muir McLaren
Cumming, Peter
Cumming, Susan McLean
Cunningham, Allan
Cunningham, Dianne
Cunningham, Edna
Cunningham, Elizabeth
Cunningham, Jason
Cunningham, Laureen
Cunningham, Mary Dianne
Currie, Gladys Muriel
Currie, Merril
Currie, Tommy
Currie, Tracey
Cyr, Kenneth
Cyr, Kenneth
Daber, Carol Ann Nancy
Daber, Harold
Dagnielle, Audrey
Davidson, Edward
Davidson, Francis
De Pellegrine, Norine Florence
Deacon, Ella
Dean, Allen
Dean, George
Denault, Robert Paul
Desjardins, Carol Ann
Desjardins, Claude
Dillabough, Alexander S.
Dillabough, Alfred
Dillabough, Alvin Alfred
Dillabough, Anne Agnes
Dillabough, Betty Jean
Dillabough, Cheryl Eileen
Dillabough, Christine Jane Allison
Dillabough, David William Alfred
Dillabough, Doris Irene
Dillabough, Florence Isabel
Dillabough, Francis Alvin
Dillabough, Jacob
Dillabough, Jacob Collins
Dillabough, John David
Dillabough, Julie
Dillabough, Kenneth Alexander
Dillabough, Margaret Jean
Dillabough, Marion Elizabeth
Dillabough, Nancy
Dillabough, Patricia
Dillabough, Peter Alfred
Dillabough, Russell Osborne
Dillabough, Ruth Elaine
Dillabough, Samuel Nelson
Dillabough, Saundra Ailleen Russelline
Dillabough, Stephan Richard
Dillabough, Susan Bethea
Dillabough, William Boyd
Dillabough, William Malcolm
Dobson, Mary M.
Dodds, Beatrice
Dodds, Joan
Doherty, Donald
Doherty, Frank
Doherty, Helen
Doherty, William
Doran, Tracy Susan
Doran, Troy William
Doran, William
Downie, Jean
Drynan, Aida Olwyn
Drynan, Alexander
Drynan, Alexander
Drynan, Alice
Drynan, Allen
Drynan, Beatty
Drynan, Bertram
Drynan, Cecil
Drynan, Charlie
Drynan, Elwood
Drynan, Gail
Drynan, Gail
Drynan, Gladys Mae
Drynan, James
Drynan, James
Drynan, Kathy
Drynan, Keith
Drynan, Linda
Drynan, Lois
Drynan, Lyla
Drynan, Margaret Lee
Drynan, Marilyn
Drynan, Mary
Drynan, Murray
Drynan, Phyllis
Drynan, Robert
Drynan, Robert
Drynan, Robert
Drynan, Sharon Ann
Drynan, Sherry
Drynan, Wilbert
Drynan, William
Drynan, William
Drynan, William James
Dyke, Larry
Eady, Winnifred Jean
Eckford, Calvin Beattie
Eckford, Deborah Elaine
Eckford, Elmer
Eckford, Karen Lynn
Eckford, Mary Jane
Eckford, Shirley Ann
Eckley, Alfred
Eckley, Beryle
Eckley, Betty
Eckley, Beverley
Ellis, Cecil
Ellis, Cliff
Ellis, Darylene
Ellis, Henry
Ellis, Joe
Ellis, Liza
Ellis, William
Ellis, William
Etmanski, Frank
Farstad, Ella
Faught, Lorna
Fawsett, Everette Mary
Fell, Cheryl Debra
Fell, Roy George
Ferguson, Corrine
Filipenko, Lorrie Lee
Ford, Margaret
Fraser, Reta
Frazer-Criere, Margaret Belle
Fumerton, Harriet
Gahan, Barry
Gahan, Elwin
Gahan, Faith
Gahan, Garnet
Gahan, John
Gahan, Murray
Gahan, Peter
Gallagher, Margaret Ellen
Galogley, Sheila
Garland, Jack
Garland, Jack
Geddes, Andrew
Geddes, Donna Lynn
Geddes, Harry
Geddes, Lorine Mary
Geddes, Lorne
Geuer, Monica
Gibbons, Dale Mervin
Gibbons, Edward Kenneth
Gibbons, Kenneth Lindsay
Gibbons, Kevin Milton
Gibbons, Mervin
Gibbons, Ruby
Gillan, Allan
Gillan, Allan Dale
Gillan, Beverley Frances
Gillan, Brenda Jane
Gillan, Cecil
Gillan, Charles Allan
Gillan, Christopher
Gillan, Christopher George
Gillan, Dorothy Faith
Gillan, Dorothy Isabelle
Gillan, George Clarence
Gillan, Glenn
Gillan, Laura
Gillan, Lois
Gillan, Robert
Gillan, Ronald
Gilmour, Blanche
Goodwin, Annie
Goodwin, Charlie
Goodwin, Gerald
Goodwin, John
Goodwin, John
Gottschalk, Elsie
Gould, Brian Ritchie
Gould, Emery
Gourley, Ida
Graham, David
Graham, Dianne
Graham, Grant
Graham, Joseph
Graham, Nancy
Graham, Wallace
Grant, Christopher
Gray, Braden Steven
Gray, Nicholas Wesley
Gray, Steven
Green, Michael
Green, Nigel
Greene, Allison Dawn
Greene, Christopher Duncan McKenzie
Greene, Mitchell Dale
Greene, Robbie Ian
Greene, Robert Samuel
Greene, William
Greene, William Forrest
Greene, William R.
Greenshield, Peter
Guest, Jeffrey Thomas
Guest, Joanne Marie
Guest, Myrtle
Guest, Paula Rae
Guest, Thomas
Guilmett, Douglas
Hadji, Bruce
Hadji, Laura
Hadji, Scott
Hall, Chester H.
Hall, G.
Hall, John F.
Hamilton, David Ray
Hamilton, Gloria Beth
Hamilton, James Andrew
Hamilton, Margaret Ann
Hamilton, William K.
Hamilton, William Kevin
Haraldson, Norman
Harmel, Adolph
Harmel, Evelda
Harmel, Ray
Harper, Bruce
Harper, James Stewart
Hayes, Cecil
Hayes, Helen Elizabeth
Hayes, Joyce Catherine
Hayes, Ronald Morris
Hayes, Shirley Ann
Heins, Dale
Henderson, David
Henderson, Lisa Dawn
Henderson, Lori Evelyn
Henderson, Marie Jean North
Hepburn, Charles
Hillaby, Marilyn
Hoare, Rose
Hooper, Alfred
Hooper, Alfred Graham
Hooper, Brenda Catherine
Hooper, Dale
Hooper, Leeland Graham
Hooper, Robert Paul
Hooper, Walter Edward
Howard, Ileen
Hoye, Alton
Huckabone, Brian Philip
Huckabone, Charles Leonard
Huckabone, Edward Philip
Huckabone, Edward Phillips
Huckabone, Faye Verabeth
Huckabone, Gordon Thomas
Huckabone, Ida Kathleen
Huckabone, James Spence
Huckabone, Jean Isabel
Huckabone, John James
Huckabone, Joy Isabel
Huckabone, Penelia
Huckabone, Ronald Edward
Huckabone, Thomas
Hume, Elsie
Humphries, John
Hunt, Marjorie
Hunter, Arthur Hilton
Hunter, Garry Wayne
Hurd, Anne May
Hurd, Carrol
Hurd, David Roy
Hurd, Dianna
Hurd, Donald
Hurd, Doris Irene
Hurd, Iris Betty
Hurd, Jarvis Gerrid
Hurd, Joan Marguerite
Hurd, Marion Eileen
Hurd, Terry
Hurd, Wesley Chalmers
Hurd, Wesley Chalmers
Hurd, Wilbur John
Hutson, Walter
Hyrcha, Jennifer
Hyrcha, Mathew
Hyrcha, Michal
Hyrcha, Scott
Ireton, Annie
Irving, James
Jackson, Muriel Dell
James, Joyce
Jamieson, Charlene Carol
Jamieson, Diane Gail
Jamieson, Russell
Jeffrey, Effie
Johnston, Alexander Spence
Johnston, Alice Joyce
Johnston, Arthur
Johnston, Arthur Earl
Johnston, Barbara Ann
Johnston, Barbara Helen
Johnston, Betty Ann
Johnston, Beverley Elaine
Johnston, David Gerald
Johnston, Donna Jean
Johnston, Donna Mary
Johnston, Dorothy Aileen
Johnston, Douglas Alexander
Johnston, Gerald Robert
Johnston, Glenn Alexander
Johnston, Gregory Ryman
Johnston, Heather Ann
Johnston, Ian James
Johnston, Jean
Johnston, Jean Belle
Johnston, Jennifer Mary
Johnston, Joan
Johnston, John
Johnston, John
Johnston, John Arthur
Johnston, John Gerald
Johnston, Katherine Susan
Johnston, Keith Campbell
Johnston, Kenneth Peter
Johnston, Kevin Lee
Johnston, Lisa Ann
Johnston, Lynne Christine
Johnston, Mary Dorothy Patricia
Johnston, Milton Arthur
Johnston, Robert
Johnston, Robert Allan
Johnston, Stacey Wyona Patricia
Johnston, Stanley Joseph
Johnston, Timothy Glenn
Johnston, Valerie C.
Johnston, Wendy Jane
Jones, Cindy
Jones, Julie
Jones, Ralph
Jones, Scott
Keith, John
Keith, Katie
Keith, Maggie
Keith, William
Keith, Willow
Keller, Carolyn
Keller, Donald
Keller, Ralph
Keller, Russell
Keller, Russell F.
Kennedy, Craig
Kennedy, Karen
Kennedy, L. J.
Kennedy, Paul
Kenny, Brian
Kenny, Frank
Kenny, Mildred
Kenny, Norman
Kenny, Susan
Kerr, James
Kerr, Verna
Kidd, Diane
King, Lee
Kirkwood, James
Klawitter, Ruth
Kobus, William
Koch, Horrace
Koch, Jeffrey
Kosmack, Bruce
Kosmack, Clifford
Kosmack, Diane
Kosmack, Edward
Kosmack, Edward
Kosmack, Fredrick
Kosmack, Gaile
Kosmack, Gloria
Kosmack, Harvey
Kosmack, Irene
Kosmack, James
Kosmack, Lynda
Kosmack, Malcolm
Kosmack, Nancy
Kosmack, Nellie
Kosmack, Pauline
Kosmack, Peggy
Kosmack, Ross
Kosmack, Ruby
Kosmack, Stanley Guy
Lavalee, Barbara Anne
Lavallee, Belle
Lavallee, Margaret Ellen
Leach, Arthur
Leach, Charles Richard
Leach, Gwendolyn Gail
Leach, Keith Clark
Leach, Linda Diane
Leach, Nathaniel Nicol
Leach, Patrick Nathaniel
Leach, Rhonda Lea
Leach, Ronald David
Leach, Samuel
Lee, Irene
Leech, Margaret Nelson
Leeck, Elsie Emma
Legree, Brian
Legree, Bruce
Legree, Cathy
Legree, Eldon
Legree, George
Legree, Lorry
Legree, Luella
Legree, Marie
Legree, Terry
Legree, Watne
Legree, Willis
Letang, Angela Jean
Letang, Christopher James
Letang, James
Lewis, Bert Walter
Lewis, Harry
Lewis, Roberta
Lewis, Ronald McLean
Lidstone, Vera
Linblad, Betty
Lindsay, Jean Estelle
Lunny, James
Lunny, James
Lunny, Jane
Lunny, Steven
Lunny, Veronica Leah
Lyon, Elliott Francis
Macdonell, Angua
Macdonell, Keith
Macdonell, Sybil
Macdonell, William
Macdonell, William
MacLaren, Catherine
MacLaren, Donald
MacLaren, Isabel
MacLaren, James
MacLaren, Janet
MacLaren, Janet
MacLaren, John
MacLaren, Margaret
MacLaren, Margaret
MacLaren, Patrick
MacLaren, Robert
MacLaren, Robert
Main, Dan
Main, Douglas B.
Main, Robert B.
Malcolm, April
Malcolm, Harvey
Malcolm, Jeffrey
Malcolm, Mervin
Malcolm, Randy
Manchester, Kathryn
Markoff, Helen
Martel, Mona
Mason, Gertrude
McBride, Margaret
McBride, Ruth
McBride, William
McCabe, Linda
McCallum, Donald Ronald Glen
McCallum, Kellt Ann
McCallum, Tammie Clara
McCallum, Wendy Elizabeth
McConnell, Franck
McConnell, Kim
McConnell, Robert
McCorriston, Margaret Lois
McCoy, William
McCreight, Gladys Gertrude
McDonald, Archie
McDonald, Archie
McDonald, Cathy
McDonald, Hannah
McDonald, Heather
McDonald, Isabel
McDonald, Jack
McDonald, James
McDonald, Jennie
McDonald, Jo-Anne
McDonald, John
McDonald, M. W.
McDonald, Malcolm
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Peter
McDonald, Robert
McDonald, Robert
McDonald, Roderick
McDonald, Sarah Albertha
McEwan, Anna Marjorie
McEwan, Kathleen Elizabeth
McEwan, Robert
McEwan, Russell
McEwan, Thomas Ewen
McEwan, William Robert
McFayden, Inez
McGrath, Debra Lee
McGrath, John Lyle
McIntrye, Daniel J.
McIntrye, Geraldine Elaine
McIntyre, Luelle
McKay, Carol Nancy
McKay, Jack
McKay, Jack Spence
McKay, Lynne
McKay, Marilyn Margaret
McKay, Rodney Arron
McKay, Sandra Lee
McKenzie, Phyliss
McLaren, Agnes May
McLaren, Amuel Howard
McLaren, Ann
McLaren, Annie
McLaren, Annie
McLaren, Annie
McLaren, Annie Mildred Vivian
McLaren, Basil
McLaren, Beatrice
McLaren, Betty Eleanor
McLaren, Bradley
McLaren, Bruce Allan
McLaren, Catherine
McLaren, Cecil Albert
McLaren, Charlotte Suzanne
McLaren, Chester Earl
McLaren, Clara Elizabeth (Betty)
McLaren, Clara Lillian
McLaren, Cynthia Margaret
McLaren, Donald
McLaren, Donald Ian
McLaren, Donald Jeffrey
McLaren, Donalda Mary
McLaren, Donna Jean
McLaren, Dorothy Madeline
McLaren, Duncan
McLaren, Effie Jane
McLaren, Eileen
McLaren, Elda
McLaren, Eleanor Grace
McLaren, Eleanor Mary
McLaren, Elizabeth Anne
McLaren, Elizabeth Grace
McLaren, Elizabeth J.
McLaren, Ellida Irene Evelyn
McLaren, Elmer Campbell
McLaren, Elton Bruce
McLaren, Ethel Evelyn
McLaren, Florence Ruby
McLaren, Gladys Marilyn
McLaren, Gladys Marion
McLaren, Gordon
McLaren, Gordon Campbell
McLaren, Hannah
McLaren, Hannah
McLaren, Harriet Isobel
McLaren, Ian Bruce
McLaren, Ileen
McLaren, Infant Son
McLaren, Iona Joyce
McLaren, Ivan Edward
McLaren, Jack Clifford
McLaren, James Wessley
McLaren, Janette A.
McLaren, Jennie
McLaren, Jennie
McLaren, Jessie
McLaren, Jessie
McLaren, Jessie Arvilla
McLaren, Jessie Elizabeth Arlene
McLaren, John Angus
McLaren, John Angus
McLaren, John Angus
McLaren, John Charles
McLaren, John Clifford
McLaren, Joseph
McLaren, Kathleen
McLaren, Kathleen Bertha
McLaren, Katy Myrtle
McLaren, Lee Ann
McLaren, Lorna Isabelle
McLaren, Lyle Allen
McLaren, Lynn Garland
McLaren, Malcolm
McLaren, Malcolm
McLaren, Malcolm Delmore
McLaren, Malcolm Earl
McLaren, Malcolm Earl
McLaren, Malcolm Jay
McLaren, Malcolm John
McLaren, Malcolm Keith
McLaren, Malcolm William
McLaren, Malcom
McLaren, Margaret
McLaren, Margaret
McLaren, Margaret Jessie Irene
McLaren, Marion Irene
McLaren, Mark Alan
McLaren, Mary
McLaren, Mary
McLaren, Mary
McLaren, Mary Belle
McLaren, Mary Ethel Hannah
McLaren, Mary Hazel
McLaren, Mary Marguerite
McLaren, Mervin Walter
McLaren, Mildred Jessie
McLaren, Pamela Lynn
McLaren, Patricia Dorothy
McLaren, Peter
McLaren, Peter Angus
McLaren, Peter Campbell
McLaren, Peter William
McLaren, Phyllis Jean
McLaren, Robert Campbell
McLaren, Robert Charles
McLaren, Robert Glenn
McLaren, Robert Thomas
McLaren, Robert Thomas
McLaren, Robert Wallace
McLaren, Roberta Mary
McLaren, Robin
McLaren, Ross Adam
McLaren, Samuel
McLaren, Sandra
McLaren, Stewart
McLaren, Violen
McLaren, William Blair
McLaughlin, Barbara Ann
McLaughlin, Marjorie Elva
McLaughlin, Mervin
McLean, Ann Campbell
McLean, Barry
McLean, Belle
McLean, Bert
McLean, Brent
McLean, Calvin
McLean, Connie
McLean, Deborah
McLean, Delmer
McLean, Doris
McLean, Eileen
McLean, Florence
McLean, George
McLean, George
McLean, Hazel
McLean, Heather
McLean, Heather
McLean, Irma
McLean, Iva
McLean, Janet
McLean, Janie
McLean, Jean
McLean, John
McLean, Laura
McLean, Lillie
McLean, Mabel
McLean, Maggie Belle
McLean, Malcolm
McLean, Margaret
McLean, Margaret Jane
McLean, Martha
McLean, Mary
McLean, Mary
McLean, Nonie
McLean, Penny
McLean, Peter
McLean, Peter Wilbert
McLean, Phyllis
McLean, Ray
McLean, Robert
McLean, Robert
McLean, Robert
McLean, Roddy
McLean, Samuel
McLean, Tammy
McLean, Vivian
McLean, William
McLean, William
McLean, William
McLean, William
McLeod, Christy
McLeod, Elizabeth
McLeod, Isabel
McMillan, Allen
McMillan, Bonnie
McMillan, Donald
McMillan, Eunice
McMillan, Isabelle
McMillan, Jean
McMillan, Jeanne
McMillan, John
McMillan, Keith
McMillan, Keith
McMillan, Kevin
McMillan, Marion
McMillan, Mary
McMillan, R. J.
McMillan, Robert
McMillan, Robert
McMillan, Roy
McMillan, William
McMullen, Agnes
McMunn, John
McMunn, Madeline
McPherson, Carmel
McPherson, Christopher
McPherson, Isabel
McPherson, Janet
McPherson, Karen
McPherson, Lois
McPherson, Lola May
McPherson, Murray Allan
McPherson, Robert
McPherson, Roy
Melanson, Bernard
Melanson, Joy
Melanson, Patsy
Melanson, Stewart
Melson, Donald
Millang, Alvina Irene
Millar, Florence
Millar, Isobel Hodgins
Miller, Arnold
Miller, Arthur
Miller, Arthur Timothy
Miller, Barclay
Miller, Daniel Adam
Miller, David Allan
Miller, Dean
Miller, Denise Allison
Miller, Donald Alexander
Miller, Donald McLaren
Miller, Irene Edith, Dr.
Miller, James Robert
Miller, James Walter
Miller, Janice Lee
Miller, Judith Anne
Miller, Kelly
Miller, Kimberley
Miller, Margaret Lynne
Miller, Marion Eleanor
Miller, Marion Joan
Miller, Shirley Jean
Miller, Terrence Robert
Miller, Walter
Moore, Joyce Elizabeth
Moore, Linda Ann
Moore, Robert Wilmer
Moore, Wilmer
Moran, Angelea Lee
Moran, Brian
Moran, Francis Brent
Morrison, Clara
Morrison, Vernon
Mullins, Morley
Munroe, Carl Thomas
Munroe, Elizabeth Anne
Munroe, Gordon Allan
Munroe, Robert William
Munroe, Russell Thomas
Mutterback, Ed
Myler, Louise
Nairn, Alice
Nesbit, Alexander
Neville, Mary Wyona
Newman, Jane
Nighbor, Audrey
Nukler, Sharon
Obst, Dwight
Obst, Gordon
Obst, Mark
Obst, Sheila
Obst, Shelly
Oke, Nell
O’Malley, Alice
Paterson, Jack A.
Paul, Darlene
Peever, Eliza Jane
Peever, Myrtle Evelyn
Peralta, Catherine
Peterson, Janice
Pettigrew, Carl E.
Pettigrew, Garry William
Pettigrew, Stephanie Carol
Pettigrew, Veronica Lyn
Philibin, June
Phillips, Alan Fraser
Phillips, Andrew Brian
Phillips, Arthur Raymond
Phillips, David Allan
Phillips, David Russell
Phillips, Dayton Todd
Phillips, Donald Arthur
Phillips, Dorothy Bernice
Phillips, Evelyn
Phillips, Gloria Joan
Phillips, Gregory Clarence
Phillips, James Smith
Phillips, Kevin Dayton
Phillips, Mae Isabelle
Phillips, Murray Lloyd
Phillips, Orletta Beryl
Phillips, Peter Dwayne
Phillips, Richard Delmer
Phillips, Robert Alexander
Phillips, Robert Darwin
Phillips, Robert Dayton
Phillips, Robert James
Phillips, Ross Raymond
Phillips, Russell James Spence (Bus)
Pilgrim, Heather
Plaunt, John
Plaunt, John Joseph
Plaunt, Malcolm Peter
Plaunt, Peter
Pleadwell, Amanda Catherine
Pleadwell, Kevin
Pleadwell, Scott Kevin Bruce
Poff, John Barclay
Postma, Robert
Pultz, Beverley Lynn
Pultz, Deborah Laura Anne
Pultz, Gary William
Pultz, Gerard Stewart
Pultz, Judith Isabelle
Pultz, Marilyn Jean
Pultz, Norman
Pultz, Richard Clarence
Pultz, Robert Dale
Pultz, William Fredrick
Purcell, Annie
Purdie, Dorothy Gail
Purdie, James B.
Purdie, Marilyn Anne
Purdie, Mary Kaen
Purdy, Elizabeth
Purdy, Eva
Purdy, George
Purdy, Henry
Purdy, James
Purdy, James
Purdy, Lesly
Purdy, Margaret Ann
Purdy, Robert
Purdy, William
Quist, Chester W.
Radke, Alvin
Radke, Bruce Alvin
Radke, Kim Elizabeth
Raeburn, Andrew
Raeburn, Valerie Lynn
Ramesbottom, George
Ramesbottom, George
Ramesbottom, Martha
Ramesbottom, Wallace
Rantz, Catherine Elizabeth
Rantz, Robert
Rantz, Robert William
Raycroft, Marion
Reid, Darlene Mae
Reid, Dorothy Margaret
Reid, Edmond John
Reid, Edna Anna
Reid, Fredrick John
Reid, Garry Andrew
Reid, Henry
Reid, Lorne Samuel
Reid, Murray William
Reid, Samuel Sanford
Reid, Sandra Ann Mary
Reid, Starr Lynn
Reynolds, Robert
Reynolds, Robert Daryl
Richmond, Fred
Risto, Shirley
Roberts, Elizabeth
Robertson, Beverly
Robertson, Brent James
Robertson, Dalton
Robertson, George
Robertson, James Walter
Robertson, Linda
Robertson, Marilyn
Robinson, Donovan Lewis
Robinson, Olive Ailleen
Rockwell, Lawrence
Rogers, Diane
Rogers, Lynn
Rogerson, Elaine
Rossland, Shirley
Rossland, Thomas
Russell, Lyla
Russett, Annie Lavina
Russett, Blyth Anderson
Russett, Brent William
Russett, Charles
Russett, Clifford
Russett, David
Russett, David T.
Russett, Eva Edith
Russett, Garry
Russett, George Richard
Russett, Gloria Isobel
Russett, Harold
Russett, Ida Thelma
Russett, Janet
Russett, Jennifer Ruth
Russett, Lorna Lynn
Russett, Lulu
Russett, Margaret May
Russett, Martha Doris
Russett, Michelle
Russett, Monty
Russett, Oliver Lawson
Russett, Peter Malcolm
Russett, Rayburn McLean
Russett, Ruby Jean
Russett, Scott McLean
Russett, Sheila
Russett, Susan Isobelle
Russett, Violet Mary
Russett, William
Russett, William Malcolm
Russett, William McLean
Ryman, Ethel
Saunders, Lois J.
Saunders, Sarah
Sawchuck, Betty
Scammell, Murray
Scheel, Dorothy Joan
Scott, Annabell
Scott, Annie
Scott, Edith Susan
Scott, Joseph Raymond
Scott, Malcolm David
Scott, Mary Jane Theresa
Scott, Raymond
Scott, Robert John
Scott, Samuel
Shaw, Fairlee Edythe
Simpson, Bruce
Simpson, Cecil A.
Simpson, Donald Curry
Simpson, Donald McLean
Simpson, Douglas John
Simpson, Grant
Simpson, Harold George
Simpson, James
Simpson, John Curry
Simpson, Katherine Ann
Simpson, Malcolm Curry
Simpson, Margaret Irene
Simpson, Margaret Jane
Simpson, Margaret McLaren
Simpson, Marion
Simpson, Mary
Simpson, Mary Elizabeth
Simpson, Mary Elizabeth
Simpson, Neil
Simpson, Roberta
Simpson, Samuel
Simpson, Samuel Alexander
Simpson, Sheila
Simpson, Stewart Alexander
Simpson, William
Simpson, William Harvey
Simpson, William McLean
Simpson, William Murray
Simpson, William Wayne
Smith, A. J.
Smith, Allen
Smith, Blain
Smith, Elaine Shirely
Smith, Eldon
Smith, Gordon
Smith, Howard
Smith, James
Smith, James
Smith, Lyla
Smith, Lynda
Smith, Margaret
Smith, Marion
Smith, Mike
Smith, Nettie
Smith, Raymond
Smith, Reginald
Smith, Rita
Smith, Shirley
Smith, Warren
Smith, William
Smith, William Howard
Sparrow, James
Spence, Alexander
Spence, Alexander McKay
Spence, Allan Keith
Spence, Ann Jane
Spence, Annie
Spence, Antionette Ellen Marie
Spence, Archie Campbell
Spence, Arthur
Spence, Arthur
Spence, Arthur John
Spence, Arthur Murray
Spence, Beverley Wilma
Spence, Charles
Spence, Charles Keith
Spence, Charlotte Ida Mae
Spence, Donald
Spence, Donald Arthur
Spence, Dorothy Anne
Spence, Dorothy Diane
Spence, Dorothy Margaret
Spence, Douglas Charles
Spence, Elaine Isabelle
Spence, Eleanor Isabelle
Spence, Eleanor Margaret
Spence, Elva Ilene
Spence, Evelyn Emma
Spence, Florence
Spence, Frances Evelyn
Spence, Gail Ann
Spence, Gary Kenneth
Spence, George
Spence, George David
Spence, Gordon Alexander
Spence, Graham Arthur
Spence, Helen
Spence, Isabel
Spence, Isabella
Spence, James
Spence, James Allen
Spence, James Ian
Spence, James Roy
Spence, Jane
Spence, Jean Isabella
Spence, John Alexander
Spence, John Alexander
Spence, John Austin
Spence, Judith Ann
Spence, Karen Elizabeth Anne
Spence, Keith
Spence, Kenneth Alexander
Spence, Laura Kathleen
Spence, Margaret
Spence, Margaret
Spence, Margaret Shirley
Spence, Mary
Spence, Nancy Louise
Spence, Norma Elizabeth
Spence, Patsy
Spence, Reginald Lloyd
Spence, Robert
Spence, Robert Allan
Spence, Robert Keith
Spence, Ronald John
Spence, Ross Alexander
Spence, Russell Robert
Spence, Sheilah Margaret
Spence, Susan Mae
Spence, Wendy Kathleen
Spence, William Arthur
Spence, William Charles
Spinks, Valda
Starostic, Jake
Starostic, William Jack
Steen, Marion Jean
Stevens, Kenneth
Stevenson, Anne
Stevenson, Cameron
Stevenson, Doris
Stevenson, Fern
Stevenson, Iris
Stevenson, James
Stevenson, Stanley
Stewart, Margaret
Stoner, Gary
Stoner, Jeffrey
Stoner, Robert
Stoner, Susan
Stoodley, Joyce Gertrude
Storie, Dwayne Lindsay
Storie, Emerson
Storie, Isabelle
Storie, Janice Jean
Storie, Jewel
Storie, Joyce
Storie, Kent A.
Storie, Kent F.
Storie, Kinley
Storie, Lindsay
Storie, Lyall John
Storie, Norma
Storie, Peter William
Storie, Phyllis
Storie, Raymond
Storie, Robert D.
Storie, Susan J.
Storie, William
Storie, William D.
Stropp, Delores
Stropp, Fredrick J.
Stropp, John
Stropp, Mary J.
Stropp, Melvin F.
Stropp, Quentin R.
Stropp, Reginald R.
Stropp, Valarie Mary
Stubinsky, Deborah Theresa
Stubinsky, Dianne Marie
Stubinsky, Francis Elaine
Stubinsky, Frank
Stubinsky, Glenda Ann
Sullivan, Ruby
Sutherland, Fran
Swenson, Chrissie
Swenson, Danny
Swenson, Harvey
Switzer, Bridget
Switzer, Charles
Taylor, Edra
Taylor, Muriel
Thatcher, Arthur
Thibeau, Delmer
Thibeau, Helen Irene
Thibeau, Marion Elizabeth
Thompson, Mary Jane
Thompson, Nellie
Thompson, Robert Campbell
Thompson, William
Thompson, William David
Thrasher, Caroline
Tiegs, Mildred
Truelove, John
Truelove, Tracia Jayne
Tyder, Janet McKenzie
Utronki, Barbara J.
Van Loven, Doris
Vincent, Reginald
Wallace, Elizabeth
Wallach, Albert
Wallach, Albert
Wallach, David
Wallach, David
Wallach, Gregory
Wallach, Jeffry
Wallach, Karen
Wallach, Laurie
Wallach, Michael
Wallach, Robert
Wallach, Tony
Wallach, Tracy
Wanamaker, Vereen
Warlick, Lillian
Watchorn, Margaret
Waters, Fredrick L.
Watson, Alex Douglas
Watson, Douglas Ian
Watson, Hazel Jean
Watson, Ian Matthew
Watson, Janie
Watson, Jeanne
Watson, Margaret
Watson, Martha Jean McKenzie
Watson, Matthew
Watson, Matthew Robert
Watson, Nellie
Watson, William Elton
Westwood, Keith
Westwood, Randy
Wheeler, Claire
Whiteman, Louise
Whyte, Clifford
Whyte, Stephen Robert
Wienecke, Albert
Wienecke, Michael John
Wienecke, Terry Lee
Wilcox, Martha J.
Wilson, Carol Francis Fay
Wilson, Eleanor Jean
Wilson, Julie Anne
Wilson, Mabel
Wilson, Malcolm Donald
Wilson, Margaret
Wilson, Robert D.
Wilson, Susan Gail
Windsor, Grace Della
Windsor, John Ernest
Windsor, Joseph
Windsor, Kay
Winkler, David
Winkler, David
Winkler, Robert Paul
Winkler, William
Woods, Dorothy Jean
Woods, James P.
Woods, Peter Campbell
Wright, Alice Marie
Wright, Bruce Roy
Wright, Carolyne
Wright, Cheryl Dianna
Wright, Clara
Wright, Donald
Wright, Gayle Gloria
Wright, Ian Brent
Wright, Ira Delbert
Wright, James
Wright, James
Wright, James Delbert
Wright, James Douglas
Wright, John Robert
Wright, Judith
Wright, Linda
Wright, Marjorie Lois Lillian
Wright, Muriel Mary
Wright, Neil
Wright, Peggy Lee
Wright, Roy
Wright, Sue Ann
Wright, Yvonne Florence Catherine
Wyatt, Ann
Yawns, Dr.
York, Ken
York, Richard
York, Yaki
Young, Anna