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family McLAUGHLIN – Heritage Renfrew









This family history is a combination of three versions. With maps, history, stories and a few pictures.


Andrews, George
Appleby, Angeline
Appleby, Ira
Appleby, James
Appleby, John (Jack)
Appleby, Lindsay
Appleby, Maggie Jane
Arnold, Rachel
Bailey, Esther
Beckett, Alex
Bilson, Annie
Bilson, Birdie
Bilson, Charles
Bilson, Charles
Bilson, Charles
Bilson, Clarence
Bilson, Gordon
Bilson, Helen
Bilson, Herbert
Bilson, Janet
Bilson, John
Bilson, Lena
Bilson, Lilly Bell
Bilson, Lily
Bilson, Louisa
Bilson, Margaret
Bilson, Murray
Bilson, Raymond
Bilson, Russell
Bilson, William
Bingham, William
Brouse, Christopher
Brouse, Lauri
Brouse, Michael
Bulmer, Gladys
Bulmer, Harry
Bulmer, Jean
Bulmer, Kim
Bulmer, Marlyn
Bulmer, Minnie
Bulmer, Rachel
Bulmer, Ray
Bulmer, Rhonda
Bulmer, Todd
Bulmer, William
Bulmer, William (Billy)
Burnette, Laurie Frances
Burton, Catherine
Chamberlain, Bernice
Church, Hazel
Church, Marion
Cloutier, Diane
Code, Jesse
Code, Sarah
Coleman, Darlene
Conway, James
Conway, Sophia Belle
Cooke, David
Cooke, Elizabeth (Lizzie)
Cooke, Etta
Cooke, Ida
Cooke, Jean (Jennie)
Cooke, Olive
Crogie, Terrie Lyn
Cronin, Ethel
Cybulski, Jean
Dean, John Francis
Dillabough, Sarah Celista
Ducharme, Elizabeth
Ducharme, Tracy
Eady, Allan
Echford, Four Girls
Echford, Ronald
Edmunds, Jessie
Flanders, David
Flanders, Ryan
Flanders, Shannon
Foss, Chester
Foss, Iva Isobel
Fremeau, Leo
Fremont, Elinor K.
Gauthier, Fred
Gauthier, Louise
Gauthier, Maybelle (Mae)
Gemmil, Gloria Amy
Gilmore, Lydia
Gorby, Sarah
Gorby, Susan P.
Gordon, Martha (Mattie)
Gourley, Jim
Graham, Mary
Hawthorne, Harvey
Hawthorne, James
Hawthorne, Kenneth
Headrick, Bob
Hebert, Barbara Ann
Hebert, Christopher Robert Joseph
Hebert, Daniel Lawrence
Hebert, Doris Mary
Hebert, Edward (Eddie) Joseph
Hebert, Elvider
Hebert, Margaret Isabelle
Hebert, Matthew Lawrence James
Hebert, Norman Edward
Hebert, Pamela Ann
Hebert, Raymond Joseph
Hebert, William Lawrence (Billy)
Hebert, William Lawrence (Larry)
Hill, Arnell
Hill, Harry
Hill, Hugh
Hill, Jogn
Hill, Katherine
Hill, Leslie (Shirley)
Hill, Lynda
Hill, Margaret
Hill, Mary
Hill, Steve
Holmes, Bert
Holmes, David
Holmes, Doug
Holmes, James
Holmes, Richard
Holmes, Terry
Kasaboski, Lori
Kasaboski, Nancy
Kasaboski, Penny
Kasaboski, Ricky
Kasaboski, Ron
Kenopic, Dorothy
Kenyon, Gertrude Maude (Gertie)
Kenyon, Thomas
Kerr, Margaret
Kerr, Patricia
Kruger, Joseph
Laderoute, Joan Nancy
Laporte, Violet
Leach, Joan
Ledgerwood, Arnold
Ledgerwood, Garfield
Ledgerwood, Harvey
Ledgerwood, Irwin
Ledgerwood, Jack
Levine, Joseph
Levine, Margaret
Lindsay, Mona
Lindsay, Sheila
Lynch, Louisa
MacDonald, Allan
Martyn, William
Mather, Mary Ann
Mayhew, Evelyn
McCallum, Debbie
McCracken, Nellie
McCullough, Norma R. M.
McDougall, Alexander
McDougall, Basil Francis
McDougall, Diane
McDougall, Douglas
McFeetors, Frances
McFeetors, Samuel
McFeetors, William
McGimm, Robert Edward
McGleish, Donald
McGleish, Jim
McGleish, Jim
McGleish, Kenneth
McGleish, Marion
McGleish, Patricia
McLaughlin, Alex
McLaughlin, Alice
McLaughlin, Amy Lynne
McLaughlin, Andrew
McLaughlin, Andrew
McLaughlin, Andrew
McLaughlin, Anna Belle
McLaughlin, Archie
McLaughlin, Arthur
McLaughlin, Barbara
McLaughlin, Barry
McLaughlin, Beryl
McLaughlin, Betty
McLaughlin, Beulah
McLaughlin, Beverley
McLaughlin, Beverley
McLaughlin, Beverley
McLaughlin, Bill
McLaughlin, Billy John
McLaughlin, Brendan James
McLaughlin, Bryan
McLaughlin, Carmen
McLaughlin, Carmen
McLaughlin, Charles
McLaughlin, Charles
McLaughlin, Charles
McLaughlin, Charles
McLaughlin, Christopher Scott
McLaughlin, Clifford
McLaughlin, Clifford
McLaughlin, Cora
McLaughlin, Daryl Harvey
McLaughlin, Dave
McLaughlin, David Glen
McLaughlin, David Merwyn
McLaughlin, Donald
McLaughlin, Donald Rodney
McLaughlin, Dorothy
McLaughlin, Duncan
McLaughlin, Duncan
McLaughlin, Dwayne William Kenneth
McLaughlin, Earl
McLaughlin, Earl
McLaughlin, Eddy
McLaughlin, Edith
McLaughlin, Edmund
McLaughlin, Edna
McLaughlin, Effie
McLaughlin, Eleven Children
McLaughlin, Elizabeth (Lizzie)
McLaughlin, Ellen
McLaughlin, Emily Jean Phyllis
McLaughlin, Emma
McLaughlin, Erin Eileen
McLaughlin, Erinn Rebecca Ann
McLaughlin, Florence
McLaughlin, Garry
McLaughlin, Garry
McLaughlin, George
McLaughlin, George
McLaughlin, Georgina
McLaughlin, Georgina
McLaughlin, Gerald Roy
McLaughlin, Gordon
McLaughlin, Gwen
McLaughlin, Harold Gordon
McLaughlin, Harold W.
McLaughlin, Harvey F.
McLaughlin, Hazel
McLaughlin, Hugh
McLaughlin, Hugh
McLaughlin, Ian
McLaughlin, Ida
McLaughlin, Ilene
McLaughlin, Ira
McLaughlin, Isobel
McLaughlin, James
McLaughlin, James
McLaughlin, James
McLaughlin, James (Jim)
McLaughlin, James F. (Black Jim)
McLaughlin, James G.
McLaughlin, Jean
McLaughlin, Joanna
McLaughlin, Joe
McLaughlin, John
McLaughlin, John G.
McLaughlin, John Gary
McLaughlin, Joseph
McLaughlin, Joseph Jay
McLaughlin, Karen
McLaughlin, Kenneth
McLaughlin, Kent
McLaughlin, Kerri
McLaughlin, Leonard
McLaughlin, Lloyd
McLaughlin, Lulu
McLaughlin, Margaret
McLaughlin, Margaret (Maggie)
McLaughlin, Margaret (Nellie)
McLaughlin, Margaret Ellen
McLaughlin, Marian
McLaughlin, Marjorie
McLaughlin, Marjorie Doris
McLaughlin, Marshall Jeffrey
McLaughlin, Marvin
McLaughlin, Mary
McLaughlin, Mary Anne
McLaughlin, Melissa
McLaughlin, Mervin
McLaughlin, Michael
McLaughlin, Murray
McLaughlin, Ned
McLaughlin, Neil Broyden
McLaughlin, Nellie
McLaughlin, Rachel
McLaughlin, Roseanne
McLaughlin, Roy
McLaughlin, Roy Kenneth
McLaughlin, Sam
McLaughlin, Samuel
McLaughlin, Sandra
McLaughlin, Sarah
McLaughlin, Sarah Marie
McLaughlin, Sharon
McLaughlin, Sheldon
McLaughlin, Shirley
McLaughlin, Shirley Bell
McLaughlin, Shona
McLaughlin, Timothy Patrick
McLaughlin, Valarie Ann
McLaughlin, Violet
McLaughlin, William
McLaughlin, William (Bill)
McLaughlin, William (Jack)
McLaughlin, William James (Bill)
McLeod, Donald
McLeod, Graham
McMaster, Gladys
McMillan, Anne
McMillan, Clarence
McNevin, Duncan
McNevin, Hugh
McNevin, Jean
McNevin, Mae
McNevin, Ronald
McNulty, Janine
Miragliotta, Antonia
Mireau, Alexander
Mireau, Lizzie
Montgomery, Maude
Morrison, Margaret
Oattes, James
Oattes, Shirley
O’Connor, Germaine
Ogley, Butch
Palmer, Alvin
Palmer, David
Palmer, Diane
Palmer, Harvey
Palmer, Janet
Pappin, Gerry
Pettigrew, Allan Willaim
Pettigrew, Gwen
Pettigrew, Mackie
Pettigrew, Ronald
Pettigrew, William
Pitt, Faye
Pitt, Murray
Pitt, Robert
Pope, Ethel
Pope, James
Pope, Muriel
Rankin, Charlie
Rankin, Dorothy
Rankin, Elizabeth
Rankin, George
Rankin, Gladys
Rankin, James
Rankin, John
Rankin, John
Rankin, Samuel
Richardson, Annie
Richardson, Jean E. (Jennie)
Richardson, Lavina
Richardson, Lucinda
Ritchie, Maggie Louise (Peggy)
Roberts, Arnold Wellington
Roberts, Carson Stewart
Roberts, Charles Milton
Roberts, George
Roberts, Mary
Roberts, William George
Robinson, Barry
Robinson, Debbie
Robinson, Kevin
Robinson, Melanie
Robinson, Melville
Robinson, Peter
Robinson, Philip
Robinson, Phyllis
Robinson, Sharon
Robinson, Susanne
Robinson, Terry
Robinson, Timmy
Rougier, Marie
Schembri, Dan
Scobie, Arthur
Scobie, Edith
Scobie, James
Scobie, Jean
Scobie, Lorena
Scobie, Margaret
Scobie, Mary Pearl
Scott, Anne
Scott, Clarence
Scott, Heather
Scott, Jean
Scott, Peggy
Seales, Mary Jane
Seeley, Colin
Seeley, Duncan
Seeley, Edith
Seeley, Elwin
Seeley, George
Seeley, Grace
Seeley, Joseph
Seeley, Wayne
Smith, Minnie Belle
Talbert, Bonnie Marie
Taylor, Bob
Taylor, Carol
Thrasher, Laura
Train, Billy
Train, Gloria
Train, Richard
Train, Wally
Walker, Hilliard
Wall, Clifford
Wall, Connor
Wall, Donald
Wall, Emily
Wall, Ernest
Wall, Gerald
Wall, Harold
Wall, Irwin
Wall, Kenneth
Wall, Lena
Wall, Shirley
Wall, Terry
Wasson, Mary
Zervos, Emma Ckaire
Zervos, Gerasimos Michel Etienne (Gerry)
Zervos, Hannah Renne