family PEEVER

From Ireland to Renfrew County


Joyce Laird

From the family Bible records and baptismal records of Balleyseedy church, Ireland, we know there were four Peever brothers. Thomas, John, Aaron, and James.

Thomas Peever, born 1779, married Catherine Jones.

John Peever married Eliza and their oldest son Thos. was born in 1819.

Aaron Peever married Ann Lynch in 1820, and their oldest son, John was born 1822.

James Peever married Frances Turner in 1824and a son, Samuel, was born 1825

Also listed in the family Bible is a John and Ellen with a son Robert Peever, born 1834, which we think is John Peever & Ellen Farmer, who came to Fitzroy Twp., and son Robert, who married and lived in Northcote, Renfrew Co. Robert and wife, Mary McConnell, buried at Rosebank Cemetery.

Also listed is a David and Catherine Peever with son Wm., born 1829, who I think is the family in 1851 Huntley census that later moved to Cobden district. (Wm. age 23, Thos. age 19, David age 16, John age 13, Catherine age 10, James age 8, Mary age 6.) Wm. and wife Rebecca Graham buried at Haleys Cemetery. Thos. married Jane Lynch and lived at the Sault. David and wife, Mary Wharton buried at Haleys. Catherine and husband Geo Guest buried at Haleys Cemetery Mary married R.M. Campbell.

Also listed is John and Mary Peever with oldest son, Wm. born 1824. The census of Clarendon 1851 lists a John & Mary Peever with oldest son Wm. born in Ireland around 1822 and a later son Aaron born around 1837. The name Aaron could be from an uncle.

On the same census page of Clarendon 1851 is a James Ann Peever (born in Ireland) with Margaret born in Canada age 20. This could be the Peevers that settled in Wolftown, and much later moved to Maynooth area.

The family names in the italicized section above are not included in the Index below but will be added later when the entire family history put into a Gedcom file.


Adcock, Cynthia
Agnell, Craig
Agnell, Jason
Agnell, Michael
Alexander, Lenora Gwendolyn
Allen, Jennie
Anderson, Earl
Anderson, Eunice
Anderson, Melodie
Anderson, Vivianne
Andrews, Geo.
Angus, Marion Thelma
Arbour, Linda
Armstrong, Miriam
Armstrong, Shirley
Atkinson, Roberta
Bachelor, Clifford
Baclars, Linda Loraine
Baird, Eliza
Baker, Jeffery Frank Chas.
Baker, John Gilbert
Baker, Megan Elizabeth
Barber, Roy
Barnes, Ellen
Barry, Catherine
Barry, Margaret Ellen
Barry, Mary Jane
Barry, Wm.
Beach, Doris
Benjamin, Elizabeth (Eliza)
Bennet, Doris Edna
Bennett, Rita
Bentley, Jack
Bentley, Michael Andrew
Bentley, Paula Jayne
Bermel, Mary Loren
Berno, Harry
Berthelsen, Danica Leigh
Berthelsen, Douglas Neils
Berthelsen, Jillian Dawn
Berthelsen, Michael Douglas
Biggs, Eleanor Thompson
Biggs, Elizabeth
Biggs, Evelyn
Biggs, Everett
Biggs, Francis (Frank)
Biggs, James
Biggs, James
Biggs, Joseph
Biggs, Manford
Biggs, Marion
Biggs, Marjorie
Biggs, Maureen
Biggs, Osborne
Biggs, Pearl
Biggs, Reggie
Biggs, Shirley Frances
Biggs, Stephen Croyden
Biggs, Wm. John
Blackwell, Dorothy
Blackwell, Margaret
Blakelidge, Florence
Bowes, Margaret Lillian Eliz
Boyce, Arthur
Boyce, Earl O.
Boyce, Ernest A.
Boyce, Estella M.
Boyce, Irvin James
Bradshaw, Cynthia Louise
Bradshaw, Doris
Brennan, Cora
Brooker, Evelyn
Brown, Alvin
Brown, Carol
Brown, Connie
Brown, Edison
Brown, Garnet
Brown, Heather
Brown, Howard
Brown, John James
Brown, Larry
Brown, Manley
Brown, Marguerite
Brown, Marion
Brown, Mary
Brown, Patti
Brown, Randy
Brown, Ray
Brown, Reid
Brown, Rodney
Brown, Shirley
Brown, Stanley
Brown, Wayne
Brown, Wm. J.
Burns, John Allen
Burns, Kevin Maurice
Burns, Richard Allan
Buzzell, Lori-Ann Elizabeth
Cahill, Ellen Mae
Cameron, Muriel
Cameron, Yvonne
Campbell, R. M.
Caraveggio, Maria Pia
Carpenter, Christopher Shane
Carpenter, Donald
Carpenter, Kelly Anne
Carr, Bri
Carr, Earl
Carr, Keri
Cavanagh, Gordon
Cavanagh, John
Cavanagh, Kevin Lee
Cavanagh, Lee lrwin
Cavanagh, Lloyd John
Cavanagh, Lois Lillian
Cavanagh, Marion Lynn
Charzewski, Meroslawa
Chenier, Daniel
Chenier, Len
Chenier, Melissa
Chenier, Sarah
Childerhose, Alton Lyman
Childerhose, Anne Elaine
Childerhose, Ellen Ada
Clauson, Barbara Ann
Clauson, Harold
Clauson, Robt. Wm.
Clements, Marmion
Clements, Victor
Coburn, Heather Lynn
Cook, Kevin Dale
Cook, Milburn Earl Timothy
Cook, Wm. John
Cook, Wm. John Kenneth
Cornish, Mabel
Coughlin, Lorna Elva
Coulas, Amanda
Coulas, James
Coulas, Kristen Ann
Coulas, Rene
Coulas, Tim
Craig, Art
Craig, Catherine Elizabeth
Craig, Cheryl Anne (Cheri)
Craig, Donald Arthur
Craig, Erin
Craig, Mitchell
Craig, Pamela Jean Craig
Crozier, Andrew
Crozier, Catherine (Katie)
Crozier, Eliza Jane (Jennie)
Crozier, Francis
Crozier, James
Crozier, John
Cuff, Victoria Lyn (Vicki)
Currie, Katherine Enid
Curry, Cheryl Elizabeth
Curry, Harold Wesley
Curry, Krysta Lynn
Curry, Kyle Richard
Curry, Paul Wesley
Curry, Sean Andrew
Curry, Steven Ross
Dana, Mattie
Dana, Myrtle Mae
Davies, Sylvia R.N.
Davis, Dawnalda Margaret R.N
Davis, Jason Guest MacCauley
Davis, Katelyn Anne
Davis, Kristian Alex. McLeod
Davis, Mark McIvor Joseph
Davis, Milton Leslie
Davis, Opal Rae
Davis, Penella O.
Davis, Sheldon Leslie
Davis, Sheldon Leslie McArth
Davis, Thos. Jefferson
Delarge, Connie Gayle
Delarge, Karen Elizabeth
Delarge, Percy Henry Wright
Delarge, Wendy
Deline, Shari
Derraugh, Dorothy
Dolphin, Ian Craig
Dolphin, Janna Elizabeth
Dolphin, Kyle Joseph
Donald, Gertrude
Draper, John D.
Duchesne, Annie Treasa
Duchesne, Donald
Duchesne, Kathryn Janet
Dunbar, Florella
Dunfield, Sally
Durkee, Clara Ellen
Eades, Maria Jane
Eady, Peg
Eaton, David Laurie
Eaton, Jane Elizabeth
Eaton, Jo-Ann Margaret
Eaton, Laurie Donald
Eaton, Lura E.
Eaton, Shawn Thos.
Eckford. Kelly Elaine
Eckford, Kyla Rae
Eckford, Matthew Robt.
Eckford, Pamela Anne Ada
Eckford, Robert Wayne
Eckford, Wm. Ralph
Edwards, Allan
Edwards, Gerald
Edwards, Kevin
Edwards, Milton
Edwards, Paula Rae
Edwards, Sheron
Egan, Catherine
Egan, Ellen (Nellie)
Egan, John J.
Egan, Thos.
Egan, Thos. Jr.
Egan, Thos. Wm.
Elliott, Henry
Emerson, Gayle
Emerson, Gilbert
Emerson, Wm.
English, Clair
Farmer, Ellen
Fawcett, Doris
Ferguson, Elaine
Ferguson, Gail
Ferguson, Harvey
Ferguson, Steven
Ferguson, Stuart
Finch, Daniel Glen
Finch, Donald Graeme
Finch, Eleanor Joanne
Finch, Wilfred
Foley, John
Ford ,Elizabeth
Forgie, Doug
Francis, Earl Samuel
Francis, Lelah Alice
Francis, Marinda (Minnie)
Fraser, Robt.
Fuller, Bessie A.
Fyfe, Marie Jean
Ganley, Cecil
Ganley, Michelle Lynn
Gibbons, Helen
Gibson, Dale Kenneth
Gibson, Ira Ormas
Gibson, Irene Mae
Gibson, James Edward
Gibson, Kenda Joan
Gibson, Kenneth Donovan
Gillan, Art
Gilmette, John
Gould, Alice Marie
Gould, Archie
Gould, Arlene Elizabeth
Gould, Arthur
Gould, Arthur G.
Gould, Barry Ray
Gould, Beattie Daryl
Gould, Bradley
Gould, Caroline
Gould, Christine Edith
Gould, Clarence
Gould, Darrel Robt.
Gould, David Jeffrey
Gould, Elizabeth Marie
Gould, Ernest Alden
Gould, Etta Susan
Gould, Geo. Livingston
Gould, Glenn Gary
Gould, Gregg
Gould, Hazel Isabel
Gould, Isabel
Gould, Isabel Jean
Gould, Iva
Gould, Jeffrey
Gould, John Ellard (Jack)
Gould, John James
Gould, Kimberly Ann
Gould, Lois Evelyn
Gould, Margaret Hazel
Gould, Richard (Dick)
Gould, Robt. A.
Gould, Shirley Pearl
Gould, Sylvia Kathy
Gould, Violet Florence
Gould, Wm. J. (Bill)
Gourlay, Andrea
Gourlay, Barbara
Gourlay, Barbara Dianne
Gourlay, Christine Edith
Gourlay, Colleen
Gourlay, Daryl John
Gourlay, David
Gourlay, Deborrah
Gourlay, Edgar Wilmot
Gourlay, Emerson Francis Rob
Gourlay, Erva Rachel Mabel
Gourlay, Ethel
Gourlay, Eva
Gourlay, Francis Robt. (Frank)
Gourlay, Geo. Harvey
Gourlay, Geo. Kenneth
Gourlay, Gerald Patrick
Gourlay, Glenda
Gourlay ,Goldie Elizabeth Ma
Gourlay, Gracie Ethel
Gourlay, Hazel Edith
Gourlay, Helen
Gourlay Helen Margaret
Gourlay, J.F. Willis
Gourlay, James Harvey
Gourlay, Jane
Gourlay, Jessie Rachel
Gourlay, Joyce
Gourlay, Kenneth Edgar
Gourlay, Laurie
Gourlay, Leanne
Gourlay, Linda
Gourlay, Lorna Elizabeth
Gourlay, Marion A.
Gourlay, Polla Ann
Gourlay, Rachel Lavina
Gourlay, Robt.
Gourlay, Rodney
Gourlay, Roy
Gourlay, Steven
Gourlay, Susan
Gourlay, Theresa
Gourlay, Viola Jean Royetta
Gourlay, Walter Dowd
Gourlay, Wanda
Gourlay, Wendel
Gow, Nadine
Gracey, Edith M.
Graham, Donna Lee R.N.
Graham, John ArguE
Graham, Rebecca
Grainger, Brenda
Granfield, Geo.
Green, Ernest
Green, Grant
Green, Larry Garfield
Green, Moreland
Green, Robt.
Green, Tanya Elizabeth
Green, Wm. Carl
Grey, Shirley
Griffin, Anne Jane
Griffin, Dennis
Griffin, Donald
Griffin, Ellen (Nellie)
Griffin, Eugene Jr.
Griffin, Eugene P. (Sr.)
Griffin, James
Griffin, Jean
Griffin, Katherine Francis B.
Griffin, Merlin
Griffin, Nora
Griffin, Wm. Patrick
Griffith, Vernon
Gross, Mary
Guest, Cathie Ethel
Guest, Catherine
Guest, Eliza Jane
Guest, Ellen Letitia
Guest, Elsie Mildred
Guest, Fern
Guest, Geo
Guest, Hazel Alexandra
Guest, Hettie
Guest, Hilliard
Guest, James
Guest, James Jones
Guest, Jeffrey Thos.
Guest, Joanne Marie
Guest, Marion Ada
Guest, Myrtle Margaret
Guest, Olive Rae R.N.
Guest, Paula Rae
Guest, Rachel
Guest, Rebecca Anne
Guest, Susanna
Guest, Thomas
Guest, Thos. Albert
Guest, Theos. Christopher
Guest, Vida May
Guest, Wilbert James
Guest, Wm. James
Guest, Wm. John
Hamilton, Elizabeth
Hamilton, Sam
Harris, Deborah Susan
Haughton, Peter
Hawes, Audrey
Haywood-Farmer, Francis
Helmer, Lucy
Hemman, Roseabell
Henry, Hugh
Hersam, Joe
Hersam, Robert
Hildebrande, Fern
Hill, Albert Clarke, (AB)
Hill, Allan Edwin
Hill, Audrey
Hill, Bruce David Clarke
Hill, Catherine Eleanor
Hill, Connie
Hill, David
Hill, Gail
Hill, Gladys Muriel
Hill, Gordon Thos.
Hill, John
Hill, John Elson
Hill, Joseph Bertrum Clarke
Hill, Karen
Hill, Kenneth Earl
Hill, Lillian
Hill, Mabel Elizabeth
Hill, Mark
Hill, Mary
Hill, Mary Edna
Hill, Maureen Ruth
Hill, Peter Wm. Olaf
Hill, Peter Wm. Olaf Jr.
Hill, Verla
Hill, Vickie
Hodgins, Armand
Hodgins, Aundrie
Hodgins, Avelda
Hodgins, Beverley
Hodgins, Earl
Hodgins, Edward
Hodgins, Ellen Lulu
Hodgins, Eric
Hodgins, Evelyn
Hodgins, Everett Royce
Hodgins, Frances Elizabeth
Hodgins, Garfield
Hodgins, Garnet Wesley
Hodgins, Geo. Lloyd
Hodgins, George
Hodgins, Hazel
Hodgins, Heather Margaret
Hodgins, Helen
Hodgins, Henry Jones
Hodgins, Isabelle
Hodgins, Janice
Hodgins, Jeffrey
Hodgins, Katie
Hodgins, Margaret
Hodgins, Marion
Hodgins, Maurice
Hodgins, Muriel
Hodgins, Ronald
Hodgins, Ruth
Hodgins, Sheila Anne
Hoffman, Alice J.
Hoffman, Eliza
Hoffman, Lori Ann Marie
Hooligan, Ann
Horner, Marcella
Howitt, Catherine Jane
Howitt, Charlotte Ann
Howitt, Robt. Brodie
Howitt, Rcbt. Worley
Humphries, Francis (Frank)
Humphries, Francis Leonard
Humphries, Griscilda
Humphries, James Emerson
Humphries, Jennie Myrtle
Humphries, Katie Blanche
Humphries, Webster
Hunt, Elizabeth (Patterson)
Hunt, Gerard
Hunt, Gregory
Hunt, Kaitlyn
Hunt, Thos.
Hunter, Freda
Hutton, Helen M.
Hutton, Wm. H.
Hutton, Wm. Keith
Jackson, Della
Jeffrey, Andrew
Jeffrey, Anne Jane
Jeffrey, Barbara Ann
Jeffrey, Blanche
Jeffrey, Brenda
Jeffrey, Catherine Jane
Jeffrey, Cecil
Jeffrey, Clara Rebecca
Jeffrey, Debbie
Jeffrey, Effie Rachel
Jeffrey, Hazel Violet
Jeffrey, Herbert Wm.
Jeffrey, Joan Leila
Jeffrey, Jos. Sr.
Jeffrey, Joseph
Jeffrey, Lennox
Jeffrey, Mary Alice
Jeffrey, Nellie Pearl
Jeffrey, Patrick
Jeffrey, Patsy
Jeffrey, Sam
Jeffrey, Sheila
Jeffrey, Stella Margaret
Jeffrey, Vertie
Jeffrey, Viola
Jeffrey, Wm. Roy
Jodoin, Michael
Jodoin, Nadine
Jodoin, Yves
Johnston, Georgina
Jones, Catherine
Kawken, Benjamin D.
Kawken, Christopher James
Kawken, Donald Wm.
Kehoe, Debbie
Keller, Agnes
Kenny, Ethel
Kerrigan, Christine Theresa
Kingsbury, Gertrude E.
Knight, Agnes
Koerner, Ingrid
Labbe, Mark
Labbe, Raymond
Laird, Adam Jarvie
Laird, Andrew McFarlane
Laird, David Alexander
Laird, Donald Wm.
Laird, Riley Christine
Laird, Robt. James
Laughlin, Beverley Ann
Laughlin, Bradford
Laughlin, Geo. Lester
Laughlin, Melva
Laughlin, Samuel Lester
Laughlin, Steven Grant
Leach, Donna Rae
Leach, Maurice
Leach, Patrick Nathaniel
Leach, Sandra Anne
Leahy, Loretta
Leeck, Margaret Anna
Leeking, Wm H.
Lidell, Ralph
Little, Eric
Little, lan
Little, Larry
Livingston, Clarence
Livingston, John
Livingston, Marilyn
Logan, Daniel Wm.
Logan, Laura Rae
Logan, Lloyd Hall
Logan, Wm. Col Martin
Long, Janice Catherine
Long, Murray
Long, Robt.
Lowell, Daniel
Luloff, Brian
Luloff, Evan
Luloff, Verner
Lynch, Jane
MacHardy, Douglas
MacHardy, Shirley Kim
MacHardy, Valerie Joy
MacKenzie, Elizabeth
MacNeil, Janice, Dr.
Maine, Pearl
Maloney, Mike
Maple, Grace
Marcon, Eileen
Martin, Jack
Martin, Jeffrey Gordon
Martin, Joanna Leigh
Martin, Josua Michael
Martin, Michael
Martin, Todd
Matthews, Phyllis
Mayert, Debra
McArthur, Catriona Mary Elizabeth
McAvoy, Thos. B.
McBride, Alex
McBride, Daisy Ada
McBride, Lloyd Albert
McCloskey, Anne Marie
McConnell, Mary
McCormac, Christopher John
McCormac, James Edward
McCormac, Kevin
McCorriston, Charlotte Mildr
McCracken, Paul
McDonald, Wayne
McFarlane, David Clyde
McFarlane, Evelyn Joyce
McGillis, Sylvia Dawn
McGillis, Wm. Joseph
McGillis, Wm. Roderick
McGregor, Emily Winifred
McGregor, Innis
McGregor, John Robert
McGregor, Kathryn Jane
McGregor, Lana Jean
McGregor, Marjory Gladys
McGregor, Mary Anne
McGregor, Murray George
McGregor, Neil Angus
McGregor, Ruth Irene
McGregor, Sarah Anne
McGregor, Wm. Andrew
McGregor, Wm. Chas. (Bill)
McGregor, Wm. James
McGuire, Shirley
McInnis, Colleen Gail
McInnis, Donald Edward
McInnis, James Edward
McInnis, Marion Ann
McInnis, Suzanne Laura
McIntyre, Anne
McIntyre, Cathy
McIntyre, David
McIntyre, Heather Jean
McIntyre, Sandra Lee
McKibbon, Alton Leslie
McKibbon, Amanda Lee Ethel
McKibbon, Chas. Alfred
McKibbon, Chas. Elmer
McKibbon, David Elmer
McKibbon, Elmer Reid
McKibbon, Gladys Ethel
McKibbon, Harold Thomas
McKibbon, James Edward
McKibbon, Kathy
McKibbon, Keith Alfred
McKibbon, Keith Chas.
MoKibbon, Linda Elaine
McKibbon, Lisa Esther Mary
McKibbon, Lorne
McKibbon, Michele Audrey
McKibbon, Teri Lloyd
McLaren, Valerie Lyn
McLaren, Clara Elizabeth
McLaren, Donald Ian
McLaren, Donald Jeffrey
McLaren, Donalda Mary
McLaren, Donna Jean
McLaren, Jeffrey
McLaren, Kendra
McLaren, Malcolm Jay
McLaren, Malcolm John
McLaren, Malcolm Keith
McLaren, Margaret
McLaren, Peter Angus
McLaren, Samuel
McLaren, Samuel Howard
McLaurin, Dorothy Gail
McLean, Emma
McLean, Margaret Robin
McLennan, Christy Anna
McLennan, Helen
McLennan, Melba
McMillan, Clarence Osborne
McMillan, David Gordon
McMillan, Delbert
McMillan, Eleanor
McMillan, Gerald Edward
McMillan, Harvey
McMillan, Ivan Ellwood
McMillan, James Wm.
McMillan, Jas. Jeffrey
McMillan, Jean R.N.
McMillan, Joan R.N.
McMillan, Marion
McMillan, Robt. Ivan
McNaughton, Gladys
McQuitty, Eliza
McQuitty, Pearl
Menard, Yvon
Merk, Edgar
Millar, Carol Ann
Millar, Heather
Millar, Hubert
Millar, Hugh Andrew
Millar, Kevin Arthur
Millar, Kyle Adam
Millar, Randy
Millar, Stanley
Miller, Hazel
Mills, Andrew
Mills, Bonnie
Mills, Kenneth
Mills, Peter
Mills, Robt.
Mordy, Barry Dalton Jos.
Mordy, Bernice Susan
Mordy, Dalton Andrew
Mordy, Darlene Margaret Cath
Mordy, Debra Anne
Mordy, Doris Catherine
Mordy, Joseph
Mordy, Wm. Stanley
Morrow, Donald
Munro, Faye
Munro, Jason Garry
Munro, John
Munro, John Garry
Munro, Roy Alvin
Munro, Shelly
Munro, Sylvia Lillian
Munro, Wm. Gillis
Murdock, Duncan
Murdock, Garry Duncan
Murdock, Grant Wayne
Murdock, Ronald
Murphy, Conor Linus Spencer
Murphy, Linus
Murray, Newton L.
Napier, Thelma
Naeerella, Geo.
Neff, Randy
Neil, Cecil
Neil, Richard Garfield
Neill, Alice May
Neill, Annie Kate
Neill, Arthur James
Neill, Barbara
Neill, Burton
Neill, Cecil
Neill, Cecil James
Neill, Charles Francis
Neill, Chas.
Neill, Edward E.
Neill, Edward Theron
Neill, Eliza Jane
Neill, Ellen A.
Neill, Eva J.
Neill, Florence T.
Neill, Harold Bernard
Neill, Hattie Mildred
Neill, Herbert James
Neill, James
Neill, James Anthony
Neill, James Jr.
Neill, John
Neill, Joseph Herbert
Neill, Julia Mary
Neill, Kate E.
Neill, Leroy Joseph
Neill, Marion R.
Neill, Mary Ellen
Neill, Nellie Frances
Neill, Pauline E. Neill
Neill, Phillip John
Neill, Robert Joseph
Neill, Thos. Edward
Neill, Thos. Elias
Neill, Thos. Wm.
Neill, Wm. D
Neill, Wm. J.
Nesbitt, Kathryn Lynn
Nesbitt, Peter
Nesbitt, Shelley Anne
Nevin, Alex John
Nevin, Christopher James
Nevin, Douglas Malcolm
Nevin, John Chas.
Nevin, Peter Douglas
New, Lydia Vina
Nobel, Edith Jane
Norris, Ailsa
Nummelin, Maureen
Nuth, Catherine Jane, Dr.
Nuth, Janet Elizabeth, Dr.
Nuth, Peter Robert
Nuth, Robt. Edgar
O’Brien, Esmond
O’Brien, Eva Dawn
O’Brien, Gordon
O’Brien, John Kevin
O’Brien, Lori Beth
O’Brien, Margaret Joyce
O’Brien, Murray
O’Brien, Paul Edward
O’Brien, Sandi Lynn
O’Brien, Steven Murray
O’Brien, Walton
O’Neill, Catherine
Osmond, Martin Dr.
Owens, Blake Randall Owens
Owens, Kyle Nicholas
Owens, Zackary Blake
Palmer, Bradley
Palmer, Bruce
Palmer, Cecil
Palmer, Connie
Palmer, Dean
Paradine, David
Parker, Chas.
Patterson, Bill
Pearson, Linda
Peever, Albert
Peever, Alex
Peever, Alice
Peever, Alice Elizabeth
Peever, Anetta
Peever, Anne Jane
Peever, Archie
Peever, Arlene Sheila
Peever, Asa Mair
Peever, Basil
Peever, Brian Wayne
Peever, Bruce Allan
Peever, Burt
Peever, Callum James
Peever, Catherine
Peever, Catherine
Peever, Catherine Jane
Peever, Catherine, Sr.
Peever, Chas.
Peever, Clarence Alfred
Peever, Clarissa
Peever, David
Peever, David
Peever, David
Peever, David
Peever, Davis Kenneth
Peever, Debra Lynn
Peever, Diane
Peever, Donna
Peever, Dougal
Peever, Edna Isabel
Peever, Eliza
Peever, Elizabeth
Peever, Elizabeth (Lizzie)
Peever, Elizabeth Ann
Peever, Ellard Gerald
Peever, Ellen
Peever, Ellen Louise
Peever, Eric Wilson
Peever, Esther Eliza
Peever, Ethel Vera
Peever, Etta
Peever, Evelyn Eleanor
Peever, Frances Ellen
Peever, Francis Henry
Peever, Gertrude Pearl
Peever, Glen Ellard
Peever, Glenna
Peever, Glenna Alvina
Peever, Glenna Jean
Peever, Gordon
Peever, Gordon A.
Peever, Graham Ronald
Peever, Harold Stewart
Peever, Helen
Peever, Hugh Leslie
Peever, Jack
Peever, James
Peever, James
Peever, James (Big Jim)
Peever, James (Jim)
Peever, James Eric
Peever, James Wilfred
Peever, James, Jr.
Peever, Janet Margaret
Peever, Joan Catherine
Peever, John
Peever, John
Peever, John
Peever, John Eric
Peever, Jordan James
Peever, Kate Anne (Katie)
Peever, Katherine Jane (Kate)
Peever, Katie
Peever, Keith Geo.
Peever, Kenneth James
Peever, Kristie Marie
Peever, Leslie Allan
Peever, Lillian Irene
Peever, Lindsay James
Peever, Lois Beverley
Peever, Lorna
Peever, Lorne M.
Peever, Mack
Peever, Mack Emelton
Peever, Mack, Jr.
Peever, Manford Reid
Peever, Manley G. Dr.
Peever, Margaret Jean
Peever, Margaret Jean
Peever, Marion Evelyn
Peever, Mary
Peever, Mary Ann
Peever, Mary Anne
Peever, Mary Anne
Peever, Mary Ellen (Mae)
Peever, Mary Jane
Peever, Mary Penella
Peever, Mildred O.
Peever, Nellie
Peever, Newel James
Peever, Olive
Peever, Osborne
Peever, Penella Anne
Peever, Phoebe
Peever, Reah
Peever, Richard
Peever, Richard Guest, Rev.
Peever, Richard, Jr.
Peever, Robert
Peever, Robyn Lynn
Peever, Ronald
Peever, Ronnie Wm.
Peever, Samuel
Peever, Samuel
Peever, Samuel
Peever, Sarah
Peever, Sarah Jane (Sadie)
Peever, Scott Eric
Peever, Sharon Anne
Peever, Sharon Mary
Peever, Sheila Marinda
Peever, Thos.
Peever, Thos.
Peever, Thos.
Peever, Thos.
Peever, Thos. A.
Peever, Thos. Geo.
Peever, Thos. Guest
Peever, Thos. Patrick
Peever, Vera
Peever, Winifred Irene
Peever, Wm.
Peever, Wm.
Peever, Wm.
Peever, Wm.
Peever, Wm. Geo.
Peever, Wm. John
Peever, Wm. John
Pickett, Ina
Pierce, Ella
Pierce, Minerva
Pierson, Frank
Pietersma, Sandra
Pilgrim, Harvey
Poff, Alexander Graham
Poff, Clarence
Poff, Peter Wm.
Posnett, Dan
Priaulx, David
Priaulx, Shane
Reiss, Robt.
Rennick, Cletus H.
Robinson, Bruce
Rosar, Adam
Rose, Alvin
Rose, Beverley Margaret
Rose, Evelyn Alice
Rose, Jeffrey Arnold
Rose, Marjorie Jennie
Rose, Mildred Alma
Rose, Sam
Rose, Wm.
Ross, Alvin Cecil
Ross, Anne Louise
Ross, Chas.
Ross, Darrell Edwin
Ross, Ethel Wilma
Ross, Evelyn Francis
Ross, Gladys
Rowe, Clifford
Rowe, Wayne
Russell, Patricia (Pat)
Ryan, Winnie Mae
Ryle, Mary Ellen
Savard, Carol
Savard, Cathy
Savard, Nick
Savard, Sharon
Scheels, Douglas L.
Scheels, Glenn Douglas
Scheels, Lynn Marie
Scheuneman, Viola
Schnapp, Bradley Jarret
Schnapp, Gary Joseph
Schnapp, Jaclyn Christine
Schnapp, Robt. Daniel
Schram, Mary Esther Jane
Schroeder, Don
Scott, Malcolm (Mac)
See, Frank
Seeley, Frances
Seigel, Kerry Ann
Seigel, Terry
Sequin, Paulette
Sharkey, Heather Ann
Sharpe, Jack
Sheedy, Ted
Sheedy, Thos. Andrew
Shewfelt, Ann Marie
Shewfelt, Gordon Ross
Shewfelt, Heather Lynn
Shurtleff, Jeffrey Wm.
Shurtleff, John Phillip
Shurtleff, John Wm.
Slinn, Walter
Sloan, Muriel
Smiley, Iris
Smith, Alfred E.
Smith, Benjamin
Smith, Benson Ivan
Smith, Chas.
Smith, Deborah Karen
Smith, Delbert Wm.
Smith, Don
Smith, Dwain
Smith, Dwight Willis
Smith, Gary
Smith, Gregory
Smith, Karen Rose
Smith, Kenneth Francis
Smith, Kimberly Anne
Smith, Leanne
Smith, Lois Laureen Marinda
Smith, Margaret Ann
Smith, Margaret Jean
Smith, Michael Leonard
Smith, Philip Jeffrey
Smith, Randy
Smith, Rose Mary
Smith, Scott
Smith, Sean
Smith, Shane
Smith, Tasha
Smith, Timothy
Smith, Travis
Smith, Wilfred Reuben
Smith, Wm. Gordon
Smith Wm. John
Smook, Sharon
Snyder, Thos.
Somaini, Robt.
Staddon, C. Daniel
Stewart, Doris Elizabeth
Stewart, James
Stewart, Trevor
Stringer, Carol Ann
Stromberg, Laurie
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, Mary Ann
Sullivan, Thos.
Sullivan, Timothy S.
Sullivan, Wm.
Sutherland, Elson
Sutherland, Glen
Sutherland, Gregor Davis C.
Sutherland, John A. Barrie
Sutherland, Leo
Sutherland, Leo H.
Sutherland, Norman, Dr.
Sutherland, Scott Alexander
Sutherland, Shelly Lynn
Sweezey, Laurie
Symes, Llewellyn
Thayer, Geo.
Thomas, Alice
Thomas, Lillian
Thomas, Richard
Thompson, Edna
Thompson, Graham Francis
Thompson, Jack
Thompson, Laura
Thompson, Lily
Thompson, Marjorie
Thompson, Wm.
Turcotte, Alyson
Turcotte, Bryan Edward
Turcotte, Cheryl
Turcotte, Dale
Turcotte, Douglas Allan
Turcotte, Felix
Turcotte, Karen Elizabeth
Turcotte, Nelson Emery
Turcotte, Rebecca Irene
Turcotte, Sarah Elizabeth
Turcotte, Timothy James
Turvey, Dick
Valade, Bruce
Valade, Lucien
Vandervoot, Elgin Claude
Viggars, Edna
Wade, Bryan
Wade, Sarah Emily
Wainman, Sylvia
Waite, Deborah Louise
Waite, Garry Wm.
Waite, Grant Windle
Waite, James Richard
Waite, Jeffery Harrison
Waite, Jessica Anne
Waite, Katelyn Anne
Waite, Ross Ernest
Wall, Carl Lindsay
Wall, David Elmer
Wall, Elmer
Wall, Florence
Wharton, Mary
Whitcomb, Gene
Whitcomb, Ina
Whitemarsh, Nina Beatrice
Whyte, Eleanor
Whyte, Harry
Williams, Catherine
Wilson, Beverly Anne
Wilson, Janice Isabel
Wilson, John D. (Jack)
Wilson, Kevin John
Wilson, Nancy Lee
Wilson, Sharon Elizabeth
Wise, Meegan Jennifer
Wise, Michael
Wise, Stephen
Wood, James Richard
Worley, Bernice Margaret
Worley, Clara Evelyn
Worley, Dawn
Worley, Francis Eleanor
Worley, James Ernest
Worley,Jill Adell
Worley, Robert Harry
Worley, Robt. Stephen
Worley, Robt. Stephen Borden
Wormington, Alexander Keith
Wormington, Angela Lynn
Wormington, Bruce Richard
Wormington, Cory James
Wormington, John Douglas
Wormington, Pamela Jane
Wormington, Robt.
Wormington, Saundra Lee
Wormington, Shawna Lynn
Yenson, Shirley
Young, Margaret
Yuke, Colleen Gail
Yuke, Jack
Yuke, Terry John
Yuke, Wayne Gary
Yuke, Wendy L.
Zack, Brian Douglas
Zack, Katrina Lyn
Zadow, Eileen
Zavitski, Elizabeth Mary