srewart - mcgregor

The memoirs of R.A. Stewart, born and raised in McNab Township.
15 March 1995

This is the saga of a meandering passage through childhood, puberty, adulthood, middle age, the silvery years and on into the golden years, made by a son of McNab Township who remained a resident of McNab right up to 1994, and who hopes to spend the balance of whatever time providence allots him in a neighbourhood close by.

The memoir contains over fifty pages of stories from his roots (Stewarts 1792 – McGregor 1820s) to an encounter between John C. Young & Big Bob Carswell at Stewart’s Store in Glasgow in 1994.


Anderson, Agnes
Anderson, John
Anderson, Thomas G.
Barr, William
Breen, Margaret
Cameron, Mary
Campbell, Annie
Campbell, Gladys
Campbell, Lorena
Campbell, Milton
Campbell, Peter J.
Campbell, Sarah
Campbell, Wesley
Chatterton, Emily
Chatterton, John J.
Chatterton, Lindsay
Chatterton, Sarah
Crawford, Mary
Dewar, Alexander
Dewar, Donald
Dewar, Duncan
Dewar, Mary
Gillespie, Edith
Gillespie, George
Gillespie, Margaret
Gillespie, Neil
Gillespie, Vera
Gilmour, Janet
Kennedy, Margaret
Klyne, Earl
Klyne, John
Klyne, Ora
Lindsay, Margaret
Martin, Lavina
McDevitt, Anna
McDevitt, Christine
McDevitt, Dewar
McDevitt, Edward
McDevitt, Edward
McDevitt, Janet (Jennie)
McDevitt, John
McDevitt, Mary
McDevitt, Maude
McDevitt, Robert
McGill, Elizabeth
McGregor, Agnes
McGregor, Alex
McGregor, Annie
McGregor, Archibald
McGregor, Duncan
McGregor, Duncan
McGregor, Erwin
McGregor, Florence
McGregor, Florence
McGregor, James A.
McGregor, Janet
McGregor, Janet
McGregor, John
McGregor, John
McGregor, John
McGregor, John
McGregor, Mary
McGregor, Mary
McGregor, Nina
McGregor, Peter
McGregor, Peter
McGregor, Peter
McGregor, Philip
McGregor, Rachel
McGregor, Robert
McGregor, Robert
McGregor, Robert Jr.
McGregor, Robert
McGregor, Robert J.
McGregor, Robert M.
McGregor, Sarah
McGregor, Steve
McGregor, Stewart
McGregor, Stewart
McGregor, Thelma
McIntrye, Mary
McLaren, Christina
McLaren, Rose
McLean, Martha
Miller, Alexander
Miller, Ellen
Miller, Sarah
Patton, Flora
Phillips, Mary
Pinkerton, Janet
Robertson, Jane
Stevenson, Annie
Stewart, Agnes Mae
Stewart, Alex Jr.
Stewart, Alexander
Stewart, Alexander W.
Stewart, Archibald
Stewart, Archibald
Stewart, Archibald Jr.
Stewart, Archie
Stewart, Charles
Stewart, David
Stewart, David
Stewart, Davy
Stewart, Donald (Danny)
Stewart, Duncan
Stewart, Edith
Stewart, Elizabeth
Stewart, Elizabeth
Stewart, Erneat
Stewart, Ernest J.
Stewart, James
Stewart, Janet Gilmour
Stewart, Janet Gilmour
Stewart, John Anderson
Stewart, Mac
Stewart, Margaret
Stewart, Margaret
Stewart, Mary Ann
Stewart, Mary Anne
Stewart, Mildred
Stewart, Milton Lindsay
Stewart, Neil
Stewart, Nina
Stewart, Peter
Stewart, Richard
Stewart, Robert Alexander ‘R. A.’
Stewart, Sarah (Sadie)
Stewart, Thomas A.
Storie, Ena
Storie, J. Clark
Storie, Robert
Wilson, Elizabeth